Evolution led to this combination of my careers and hobbies. Jim’s Toy Box is a blog that features articles and reviews that in many cases have deserved to be grown into multi media productions for television. Hence the multiple media outlets that  Jim’s Toy Box represents. From the blog to tthe podcast to the streaming channel available via the ROKU platform, Jim’s Toy Box is full of fun and entertaining content that is designed to entertain, inspire, encourage and motivate you to live your best life RIGHT NOW. The world can be a dark place unless you make the conscious effort to shine your brightest light. That’s the mission here… and one we take very seriously because life is too short not to play.

Your host, Jim Bumgardner is a 30 year broadcaster dedicated to faith, family and fun. Stick around and you’ll see that for yourself. And to note he is for hire for speaking and teaching engagements as well consultation services.

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