“You can pick one.”

A story of self control and making connections 🙂 https://jimstoybox.com/2023/03/29/you-can-pick-one/ #MakeMineMego #walmartfinds #dccomics #greenlantern #aquaman #Shazam #TheFlash #Mego #jimbumgardner #jimstoybox

Collecting nostalgia in a nostalgic way (and it’s as tough now as it was then).

How does one choose a favorite friend? Today I figured it out.

Act 1 – The Challenge

If you were like me back in the golden age of going to the store with your Mom and Dad, I know you faced this challenge while standing in front of them with an armload of toys; “You have to pick one.” They delivered it in a way that made it sound so easy. Of course it wasn’t but you had to do what you had to do or be a brat about and loose the negotiation completely. Nobody wanted that.

It’s with that perspective and memory, I challenged myself as a parent now, to treat my collector habits like they did then. I could only pick one. Considering the choices it was just as tough now as it was then. Even though it was MY money! Still, it was a fun idea and would be a practice in self control. “What could warrant such a highly dramatic approach to buying a toy, Jim?” Four letters that followers of my online exploits know very well:


Having went a little crazy on picking up the first series of 50th anniversary Worlds Greatest Superhero’s (Superman, Batman and Robin), the second series arrived at my local Walmart and I promised myself (and wife and daughter) that I would be a little more restrained in my impulses. But come on! There were now faithful reproductions of Aquaman and Shazam joined by new offerings (as if Mego made them back in the days of disco) of The Flash and Green Lantern to add to my block o’ nostalgia and collectors dream come true. It’s with that in mind that the challenge was born. And today was the day that I had to face the challenge.

Act 2 – What are the factors?

With the self imposed restrictions of my purchasing power agreed to, I walked into the Walmart here with a bunch of determining factors to consider:

So which one do I go with? What will the final decision be based on?

A. A faithful reproduction? Aquaman or Shazam

B. The new and exciting? The Flash or Green Lantern

C. The short packed? This was interesting too as it was a split between one of each classic vs new (2each Aquaman and The Flash’s and 4 each of Shazam and Green Lantern)

It was a serious dilemma I was facing but I was determined to make a logical (by my definition of logic that is) decision as to which one it was. One factor that was starting to come to the forefront of my selection process was to make it easier on myself by going chronologically. To go with which came first in the old days: Aquaman or Shazam. The newbies could wait. And as I was looking at them all and reverting back to my 6 year old self in 1979, something happened that was completely unprecedented in my neck of the woods:

John showed up.

Before I get to who John turned out to be, I must share the background and why his appearance had to be of some sort of dimensional enigma wrapped in a quagmire. You see dear reader, I am pretty much if not the only dyed in the wool, hardcore Mego fan in this neck of the world. I can prove this by point you back to earlier on this article of how I went a wee bit overboard with the series 1 assortment. I literally bought them all. Not at one time though. I spread the purchases out over several weeks as to not be one of “those guys” who hoards things. Sure it may look like it if you don’t know the story, but I don’t care. Those were fair shipping terms as far as I’m concerned. Plus, literally no one else was buying them here. Not one. To me that was a disrespectful shame and not an Afro t to the things I love to be allowed for too long. Hence my surprise when John walked up and politely asked me if I had grabbed the ones I wanted.

“What is happening here?” was the first question that popped into my head. “I’ve never seen this guy before. Is he a reseller? Is he looking to snatch away my precious plastic memories? What was this guys deal?!?” My rational journalistic mind snapped back into play and decided to just ask him. His answer was one for me that was of a serendipitous and maybe even divine intervention.

He was a fan.

Not only that but he was also a really good dude. I told him about my challenge and asked him if it was cool that I interview him for this most monumental encounter. He agreed and not at all awkward. You see, dear uninitiated to the collector world, we fanboys and fangirls share a kinship that knows no labels or limitations. It’s a wonderful thing.

Along with sharing his story of being from out of town but making it a point to pop into Walmarts along the way in search of these little prizes, he also shared so much about his connection to the toys and his hopes for kids to discover them as well. So many times his answers sounded like my own thoughts, words and deeds. I’m telling ya, gang, it was a fantastic exchange. That is until he posed the question back to me that I had started this journey off with; “So, which one are you going to pick?”

I had to pause due to this new x-factor which came in the form of John and the figures in his hands. I shared with him my points of consideration to which he completely understood. He also understood how the scale was now tipped with his selections. I’m not aging this was like a scene in a movie where the camera cuts into an extreme close up of the heroes eyes and we see the one bead of sweat appear and slide down his eyes… but it was close.

Scarcity. That would be my determining factor! But… it is MY money and this challenge is dumb and I might miss out on the one if I pick the other… damn it! So I grabbed them both. There was no shaming glance from John as it appeared my will power fell through and I put both Aquaman and The Flash into my handcart and we both headed toward the registers.

Before we made it all the way up though, I did need to touch base with my wife to see if there was anything else I did need to pick up before I left. Perhaps it was in this moment of responsibility, I made the internal judgement call to put one back. And I did.

*To note, John saw his three selections all the way to the end.

Act 3 The decision

So what did I do?

Who did I choose?

Why did I choose this one?

What is the moral of the story?

As I walked away from the collectibles section having returned The Flash to his spot amongst the remaining Shazam’s and Green Lantern’s, I looked down at the Aquaman in my hand basket and smiled. I had practiced self control and used (once again) my own form of collectors logic and justification in making this choice. I decided to proceed forward by staying chronological in my selection. Way back when, Aquaman was one of the original four including Superman, Batman and Robin so that made sense and also set the order of operations for my next pick ups in the coming days or weeks. I still want to give other fans a shot at them although, jumping ahead of the four Shazam’s to get to the now one lonely The Flash will be a chore I’m sure.

So the moral? Self control is still possible in an on demand, I want it now and not only that, it’s incredibly satisfying to know that in the most unexpected ways and at the most unexpected times, we all have opportunities to connect with like minded folks and share stories and moments so long as we’re willing to accept a challenge.

Now, Go Play!

Jim 03/28/2023

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“You can pick ONE!”

A story of self control and making connections 🙂 https://jimstoybox.com/2023/03/29/you-can-pick-one/ #MakeMineMego #walmartfinds #dccomics #greenlantern #aquaman #Shazam #TheFlash #Mego #jimbumgardner #jimstoybox

This is the toy line we needed and it’s cheap!

Final Faction Action Figures from Dollar Tree

The Little Known, Underappreciated Action Figure Line You Didn’t Know You Needed!

You ever find yourself drawn to something but refuse to give in but eventually you do and you’re glad you did but then get mad at yourself for not following your instinct sooner? Yeah, that was me with the Final Faction line of action figures found exclusively at Dollar Tree. I know, right? Dollar Tree. It’s that type of toy stereotyping I must say I’m ashamed of. However in fairness to myself, I’ve picked up all sorts of cheap rack toys there for my daughter because it looked cute or funny and I thought she might get a kick out of. She did but in the end it was crap. Fun for the moment though. That was not the case with these bad ass action figures that comprise Alpha Force 1.

Long story short, I had seen these figures on the pegs for about a year now and thought about snatching one or two up “just cuz”. They were only a buck so why not? “Because you have enough random crap already, Jim.” I would say to myself. That of course is a true statement but still. Anyway, last night while grabbing some stuff I spotted a new figure that made me giggle; the pair of Churro & FD-O. Funny and cute and more importantly, the giggle. In that I figured Kaitlynn would enjoy that giggle too so I grabbed it. Got home. She giggled. Mission accomplished. But then the burn and yearn of my curiosity wouldn’t let up. So… I grabbed one for myself today. And to use a phrase from days gone by: It’s off to the races!

After breaking the duo free from the blister bubble encasement, I quickly discovered that they were nowhere near as cheap as said bubble made them out to be. To note the card art is fun, but something about the blister bubble cheapens the presentation. Quite the opposite actually. Admittedly stunned I decided I needed to check out the others… so I did. A quick trip back while running another errand, I grabbed Torn and the brother / sister characters of Scope and Shift. Got ‘em home, freed ‘em and was absolutely blown away with the quality and coolness of the toys. Soon I’ll do a full on review of them but for now just trust me on it. The accessories WORK. They’re not cheap flimsy plastic. They intensified the spark of curiosity so much I scanned the QR code on the back of the card to check out their self serving hyped cartoon and was so very very pleased and surprised at what I was led to.

I’ll be honest my expectations were low so I guess the bar wasn’t all that high. Yet when I watched the video I found that I was smiling and completely drawn into what I was seeing. Took a second or 3,000 but it finally hit me what had just happened: what I had just experienced was the thrill that comes from a fresh idea, great overall concept and most importantly, property that touched and rekindled that aspect of the imagination that can only come from one thing: play! “Someone finally made a unique and fresh line of action figure toys that instill the spirit of creative, imaginative, PLAY!”

I’m going to stop right here because I know I’m rambling. I’m not ashamed of that either. This line has got me that hyped up! I’ll show you what my imagination is going to do with all that soon enough but for the time being I want to highly encourage you to give this line a shot for your self. Take $5 to $10 and run by your local Dollar Tree or visit their website and just order ‘em.

For the toy collector, you’ll appreciate them. As a gift for a kid, you’ll really be pleased for all the reasons I listed above. This line hits on so many fantastic levels to encourage play in kids that I can’t endorse it enough. I’ve got brainstorming to do so I’ll sign off as I normally do but this time with a bit more gusto and urgency when I say,

Now, Go Play!

Jim 01/11/2022

Star Wars REBELS Jedi Temple Guard scored but a question has arisen… How do you like to collect?

My latest “Holy Grail” piece. We love him and perhaps he can submit us for the trials. Cuz we’re ready. Oh yeah, we are ready!

I got him! The phantom that made a man out of Kanan. Well, a Jedi Knight in a Star Wars Universe where that didn’t seem possible at that point in the story-line, which is pretty awesome in and of itself. You can watch a scene from that epic episode right here….

*For those who want to get a better understanding of who and what the Jedi Temple Guards were, check out this video from YouTube User the StuppendousWave, by clicking HERE. Tell ’em Jim sent ya 😉 

I remember seeing him on the shelves in 2014 but was unplugged at the time. BIG mistake on my part, but corrected now.

Now… isn’t that the most bad ass piece of Star Wars you’ve ever seen? Well, outside of the showdown with Darth Vader between Kanan, Ezra and Anakin Skywalker’s former apprentice Ahsoka Tano. That was simply incredible. Oh, and Kanan’s battle with Maul. And… you know what.. I could go on and on … but I won’t. I’ve raved about the REBELS show for a long time now and it’s for these reasons. Great story with great characters. And with that said I will repeat myself on this one point: This is IMO the first new Star Wars in a very long time. I’m in no way knocking Episode 7 at all and most certainly not Rogue One which I find to be the BEST Star Wars movie to date, in regards to it being a fantastic MOVIE that HAPPENS to be set in the Star Wars Universe. But back to my point:

One day I’d like to see Ralph McQuarrie make it to the animated universe that his concept designs inspired for the show.

With REBELS, in my eyes, being the first NEW Star Wars in some time, I really connected with this show as a fan. And being a product of the original merchandising golden age of the 70’s and 80’s, I had to have the figures and ships. Too bad I was late to this party and revelation because the first issues get pretty pricey on the secondary market. Which is cool. I have no issue with supply and demand dictating price when it comes to vintage or out of circulation collectables. Now in regards to toy scalpers and hoarders, I still say they should be executed in a hardcore Darth Vader manner. Which leads to my next point and question:

How do you and how do you like to collect?

For me, the thrill was always in the hunt, pre-internet. Flea Markets, random junk shops and thrift stores, regular retail when the new stuff came out and before the “greedy toy mongers” raided everything and of course local comic book shops, when they still existed. But nowadays, it’s so easy to just “go buy it” online. Well, if you have the cash of course, but if you do, you can. I’ve done that plenty times over the past few years but it wasn’t very fun. It was a bit of a bummer really. So what I’ve opted to do is create a set of guidelines for my online hunting. The main one being price. It’s no secret to anyone who’s followed this blog at any point over the past decade that I’m a cheap guy who is a sucker for a sale. You can see that in my blind bag obsession series.

The Grand Admiral shall be mine! (And hopefully in the wild.)

What this has done though, has put a challenge back into my collecting. And I like it. I do admit it took some time to develop the patience but thankfully, a line such as the Star Wars REBELS series has given me something to focus on and want. This Jedi Temple Guard has actually been on the list for a long time but there was no way I was going to pay the crazy money people were asking. So in the end I scored this guy via an eBay auction for $10 less than the best price I had ever seen. And that thrills me. Now there’s only one figure left of the existing releases I need: Grand Admiral Thrawn. And now I face the same old situation of figuring out where to buy him.

So thrilled when I found her hanging on a peg. The joy of a successful hunt.

Thrawn if you don’t know, is part of the most recent wave of Rogue One figures that have been released, along with the REBELS version of Princess Leia. I’ve held out from just buying him and Leia online even though she was pretty cheap. Right at or just under MSRP with free shipping in many instances. My patience paid off however, as I did score Leia in the wild at a Walmart out of town from where I live. There was only one left and no sign of the Grand Admiral but it has encouraged me to keep looking, although the reality is It’ll probably never happen due to the really spotty releases from Hasbro and the apparent reluctance of retailers from ordering more Star Wars products since most places still have a glut of Force Awakens and Rogue One toys on the shelves. So, I’m going to hold out a little bit longer.

Picked these two up in a trade solely for the purpose of making THIS meme. A fanboy can dream.

Now I pose the question to you; How and where do you buy your favorite little playthings? Ebay, Amazon, from a Facebook group or other online source. Or are you like me and establish guidelines for your purchases or trades? Speaking of trades, what’s your thoughts? I’ve made some fun one’s just for the sake of it. Like anyone I could use and would prefer cash but at the same time it’s nice to freshen up a collection AND make someone else really happy. Isn’t that one of the biggest aspects of this hobby? I know I think so. But more importantly I want to hear what your take. My inquiring mind wants to know.

Now, Go Play! Jim 02/16/17

P.S. If you do like to collect via online retailers (or don’t have many local options like me) do me a favor and click around the links here at the Toy Box and check out the cool stuff that Entertainment Earth has to offer. They have some really cool exclusives you can’t get anywhere else. Plus there’s always some cool sale going or free shipping offers. And when you do make a purchase it helps me earn some brownie points and hopefully do some more reviews for them. I do appreciate it a lot! 


Now CLICK Play – Podcast #1 – Wacky Western Adventure


Click Play LOGOWelcome to the very first podcast from the Toy Box. It’s gonna be a fun adventure as I learn more about this new and wonderful platform.  I promise you though, it’ll be fun… warts and all 🙂 – Jim

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The Music

12571016_946668225370556_1912536567_nBefore there was MP3 or YouTube playlists or Pandora to collect all of your favorite tunes together there was K-TEL records. The original “As seen on TV” pushers, K-Tel records had a great knack for finding just the right mix of tunes for pretty much any genre and taste. And these 24 tunes perfectly capture some great and kooky country and western and sometimes cowboy flavored tunes. Plus the cover art, which was a shrunken reproduction of the also available vinyl LP record set, was equally charming and fun.

Amazingly the acetone tape was able to pack these 24 tunes into four separate programs in the cartridge. Perfect for the car or the home Hi Fi the 8 track was the for runner to the equally convenient cassette but the faulty nature of its design led to it falling to the smaller, more compact tapes. The biggest problem however was an effect known as “print through” where songs on other programs would “bleed” through on to other songs. But still for the time it was a fascinating piece of audio technology, allowing you to take music with you where a record player simply couldn’t go.

On this week’s show I hand picked some of my favorites from the collection to share with you now. But be sure to check out all of these fantastic tunes!


The Toys – Part 1

12527922_946668275370551_2140115089_nMego’s line of World’s Greatest Super Heroes is best known for the DCV and Marvel heroes but one would be remiss to overlook the excellent public domain characters they released including Robin Hood, the Mad Monsters and today’s featured guests; The American West assortment. You can get the full skinny on the complete assortment at the mecca of all things Mego, The Mego Museum. 

My collection of these figures is limited but contain some fantastic specimens. Wild Bill Hickok, Sitting Bull and my crown Jewel, a boxed Buffalo Bill Cody.

12511959_946668318703880_817487033_nBoth Wild Bill and Sitting Bull were acquired from my great pal from across the pond, Alex. Featuring the T1 body style with metal rivets these are simply fun. Mind you they can’t hold their weapons terribly well but then again there’s no need for fighting fella’s.

Buffalo Bill was a true eBay score. I was blown away when I actually picked him up for a closing price of only $30, shipped no less! Of course the figure is amazing in and of himself the box art is completely breath taking. Painted by legendary artist, Gray Morrow one can’t help but smell the log cabin surroundings that old Bill camped out in during his time taming the wild frontier. Rustic and beautiful.


In 2004 Figures Toy Company, who have found renewed fame in the world of Mego reproduction with their new (and massively growing) line of Mego style figures, reissued the American West series. Sadly though quality issues due to the manufacturers in India really hurt the line. You can still pick some of them up at their website. I’m still holding out hope that they will take the plunge in doing another run but with the new and improved quality standards that they now have. The Mad Monsters got a second shot, why not these awesome icons too? A cowboy can dream.

Toys Part 2 – NECA’s “Hateful 8”

NC14933AlgBeing a huge fan of the cowboy / western action figures my excitement went all gaga when I heard about the new line of 8 inch figures from NECA for the latest Quentin Tarantino flick “The Hateful 8”. I gushed about it here and will be placing my pre order soon at Entertainment Earth. It’s a bit pricey for the set but considering the quality of NECA’s previous releases in the style and format I have no doubt that they will most certainly be worth it.

The Inspiration – My Dad

12571185_946668292037216_1358955291_nI try not to get too gushy about my Dad. It’s a bit of a Southern Pride thing but also if he were still with us he would give me that “look” if he were to read this post. So while male machismo may be out of fashion in our modern age I can’t help but continue to hold on to a lite bit of the old ways. He came from the old school of “cowboys don’t cry and heroes don’t die” and I appreciate that but I’ll be honest when I look at the picture of him at about 6 years old riding his pony on my great grandparents farm I can’t help but tear up a little. That little cowboy gets me every time and why these songs and toys and the mountain of old John Wayne movies he left me with make me smile. A part of my make up that will always be a part of his legacy. Even his granddaughter has a natural love of horses that we’ve yet to take to the next level with a real ride in the saddle but her simple dollar store herd really puts a twinkle in her eye. Even more so than the My Little Ponies. I know he’d be pleased with that for sure.

Well, he IS wearing a cowboy hat.
Well, he IS wearing a cowboy hat.

Well this was a fun gallop through the Toy Box is in this inaugural Podcast / multi media experience and experiment. I thank you all so very much for taking the time to stop by and I hope you enjoyed the read and the listen. And if you haven’t taken the time to listen just, by all means….

Now CLICK play!

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Daily Update 02/28/14

New to the Toy Box – 12 Inch Hasbro Darth Vader – What a fun TOY, not collectible but a TOY.


S-Type body giveaway contest – Last Day of February! March 8th is fast approaching…. Keep those entries coming gang!

S-Type Giveaway

Weather – Looks like there’s another Winter Weather Beat down coming. Batten down the hatches Missouri and Northern Arkansas peeps!

And that’s about that… a couple of other things are cooking backstage but I’ll let those simmer till next week. For now I’m gonna chill out, relax for the evening and then get ready for a night of Mid States Wrestling tomorrow and an ice Monster on Sunday. Have a great weekend gang!


Now, Go Play!


Jim 02/28/14

Thank God for toys and toy pals on tough days.

Some days it just seems like the world is not only on your shoulders but also your head and neck region too. I’ve been having one of those.  Mountain after mountain, glitch after glitch, annoying humans… I’m sure you can all relate. But thankfully I have my toys and my toy pals.

IMG_20140210_141635_387While there have been some annoyances going on lately, when the burden gets so heavy I turn to my Toy Box and take a look inside. At the moment Sheldon Cooper from Bif Bang Pow and Entertainment Earth helps me smile a little. Then I get on facebook and a conversation begins between myself and my toy pal Tom Hagar about the possibilities of doing custom Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis Mego style action figures. The wheels start turning.



8 and 12 inch versions of my all time favorite comedy team would be so much fun to have around the house, office, car, everywhere. I have a vintage two sided hand puppet that could be cast or 3D scanned and worked into separate heads. Hmmmm. And then use the S-Type bodies from Castaway / ZICA. And then create or have the very talented Anthony Durso create custom card backs, individuals and of course a two pack. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. And then seal ’em up in a clamshell for display. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  AND THEN (let’s dream really big shall we, get the lickeness / license rights and release them world wide!  HMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!

deanjerry1Sure it’s just a pipe dream but still its a fun daydream that really took my mind off the pressures of the real world. Imagination. Conversation. Inspiration. They all happened thanks to my toy pals and real pal Tom.

Thanks buddy for helping me stop, dream and breath. At this juncture I shall take my own advice and order myself to : Now, Go Play!

Jim 2/12/14

“Time Traveling Through Toyfare” – Introduction.

Can you believe it's been 11 year's? I'm old. Don't laugh. You are too.

Can you believe it’s been 11 years since the year 2000? It’s amazing how it seems like only yesterday we in the action figure collecting world were partying like it was 1999 (actually it was) in what now appears to the heyday of the hobby. It was a time when action figures were being cranked out for almost every property you could think of i.e. music, television, movies, books, comic books, random intellectual properties etc. And the greatest part was that you could learn about all of these collectibles between the covers of Toyfare Magazine.

The "Life" magazine for fanboys everywhere!

For those who may have missed out on this recently canceled mag, here’s a brief rundown… Once upon a time “Wizard” was the premiere if not the only regular monthly magazine that spotlighted the latest in comic book news. As the interest in action figures continued to grow (thank you Star Wars Special Edition) the publishers of “Wizard” added a feature to the magazine spotlighting the latest action figures coming to fanboys everywhere. Long story short, the feature became so popular after two one shot specials the simple section grew into it’s very own title in 1998.

Charlie Flatt's awesome customs teased us all with many great things to come from the new magazine.

“Toyfare” was the source for action figure news. Rather it was Star Wars, video game based or comic book inspired, the staff of Toyfare brought all of the info and snazzy photo’s to us in a manner that was informational but more importantly fun to read. These guys and gals were “us”, the twenty something toy collectors and loved playing with their toys. Plus the gaggle of writers/collectors offered each month an updated price guide so we could be reassured that the hunks of plastic we were buying would one day easily fund our retirements. To help further the cause of adding perceived secondary market value the crew would also offer up a “Market Watch” report to show what was really moving and shaking in the action figure isles. Also to note this was at a time when ebay was still new and not everyone and their brother was selling “Ultra Rare” action figures on the site in the ven of becoming their very own “cyber” toy store.

Before the name change and lack of Mego's which made the strips in my opinion. Call me biased.

The best part for me was their original “Twisted Mego Theater” (later changed to Twisted Toyfare Theater). Every month I was quick to snatch up the latest copy to see what all Mego Spiderman and Mego Hulk (along with almost every other Mego WGSH and Mego 8 inch action figure released in the 70’s and early 80’s) were up to. The comic paneled adventures were always a hoot. Some funnier than others and some bordering on outright rude. This platform eventually evolved into the Cartoon Network program “Robot Chicken”.

A pile O' pleasurable reading!

Sadly this year (2011) “Toyfare” came to an end. While I can only speculate as to its true demise I would bet that they found themselves in the same boat as many other print publications… the Internet killed it. Production costs for magazines versus on-line articles is like apples to oranges in the economic world. Plus ebay has indeed changed the way value is perceived when it comes to collectibles, so the formally practical price guide is pretty much irrelevant in the 21st Century. As the old saying goes “All good things must end”. However, it doesn’t mean they shall be forgotten. And thanks to the magic of the internet and fanboys like me, Toyfare’s legacy will live on thanks to blogging and a never ending fascination with nostalgia and taking funny pictures of action figures doing absurd things.

As a way to offer a send up to the memory of Toyfare as well as feed my toy history buff hunger, I’ve created this sub section of the blog to revisit the pages of the mag and see where exactly the once HOT item is today.

Thank you for the memories and the "geek food"! You'll be missed Toyfare.

Considering how much information was packed into each monthly magazine I will only be covering the particular items that jumped out at me when revisiting these historical toy archives. In a nutshell I hope to offer interesting insights into the current status of what was once HOT and or COLD as well as doing some follow-ups on what the Toyfare staff thought at the time would surely be the future of toys. So dear reader won’t you join me as we hop in the Toy Box’s Time Machine to revisit the pages of Toyfare Magazine? It’s looking to be a very interesting journey!

Let’s play! Jim 04/21/11

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