“You can pick one.”

A story of self control and making connections 🙂 https://jimstoybox.com/2023/03/29/you-can-pick-one/ #MakeMineMego #walmartfinds #dccomics #greenlantern #aquaman #Shazam #TheFlash #Mego #jimbumgardner #jimstoybox

Collecting nostalgia in a nostalgic way (and it’s as tough now as it was then).

How does one choose a favorite friend? Today I figured it out.

Act 1 – The Challenge

If you were like me back in the golden age of going to the store with your Mom and Dad, I know you faced this challenge while standing in front of them with an armload of toys; “You have to pick one.” They delivered it in a way that made it sound so easy. Of course it wasn’t but you had to do what you had to do or be a brat about and loose the negotiation completely. Nobody wanted that.

It’s with that perspective and memory, I challenged myself as a parent now, to treat my collector habits like they did then. I could only pick one. Considering the choices it was just as tough now as it was then. Even though it was MY money! Still, it was a fun idea and would be a practice in self control. “What could warrant such a highly dramatic approach to buying a toy, Jim?” Four letters that followers of my online exploits know very well:


Having went a little crazy on picking up the first series of 50th anniversary Worlds Greatest Superhero’s (Superman, Batman and Robin), the second series arrived at my local Walmart and I promised myself (and wife and daughter) that I would be a little more restrained in my impulses. But come on! There were now faithful reproductions of Aquaman and Shazam joined by new offerings (as if Mego made them back in the days of disco) of The Flash and Green Lantern to add to my block o’ nostalgia and collectors dream come true. It’s with that in mind that the challenge was born. And today was the day that I had to face the challenge.

Act 2 – What are the factors?

With the self imposed restrictions of my purchasing power agreed to, I walked into the Walmart here with a bunch of determining factors to consider:

So which one do I go with? What will the final decision be based on?

A. A faithful reproduction? Aquaman or Shazam

B. The new and exciting? The Flash or Green Lantern

C. The short packed? This was interesting too as it was a split between one of each classic vs new (2each Aquaman and The Flash’s and 4 each of Shazam and Green Lantern)

It was a serious dilemma I was facing but I was determined to make a logical (by my definition of logic that is) decision as to which one it was. One factor that was starting to come to the forefront of my selection process was to make it easier on myself by going chronologically. To go with which came first in the old days: Aquaman or Shazam. The newbies could wait. And as I was looking at them all and reverting back to my 6 year old self in 1979, something happened that was completely unprecedented in my neck of the woods:

John showed up.

Before I get to who John turned out to be, I must share the background and why his appearance had to be of some sort of dimensional enigma wrapped in a quagmire. You see dear reader, I am pretty much if not the only dyed in the wool, hardcore Mego fan in this neck of the world. I can prove this by point you back to earlier on this article of how I went a wee bit overboard with the series 1 assortment. I literally bought them all. Not at one time though. I spread the purchases out over several weeks as to not be one of “those guys” who hoards things. Sure it may look like it if you don’t know the story, but I don’t care. Those were fair shipping terms as far as I’m concerned. Plus, literally no one else was buying them here. Not one. To me that was a disrespectful shame and not an Afro t to the things I love to be allowed for too long. Hence my surprise when John walked up and politely asked me if I had grabbed the ones I wanted.

“What is happening here?” was the first question that popped into my head. “I’ve never seen this guy before. Is he a reseller? Is he looking to snatch away my precious plastic memories? What was this guys deal?!?” My rational journalistic mind snapped back into play and decided to just ask him. His answer was one for me that was of a serendipitous and maybe even divine intervention.

He was a fan.

Not only that but he was also a really good dude. I told him about my challenge and asked him if it was cool that I interview him for this most monumental encounter. He agreed and not at all awkward. You see, dear uninitiated to the collector world, we fanboys and fangirls share a kinship that knows no labels or limitations. It’s a wonderful thing.

Along with sharing his story of being from out of town but making it a point to pop into Walmarts along the way in search of these little prizes, he also shared so much about his connection to the toys and his hopes for kids to discover them as well. So many times his answers sounded like my own thoughts, words and deeds. I’m telling ya, gang, it was a fantastic exchange. That is until he posed the question back to me that I had started this journey off with; “So, which one are you going to pick?”

I had to pause due to this new x-factor which came in the form of John and the figures in his hands. I shared with him my points of consideration to which he completely understood. He also understood how the scale was now tipped with his selections. I’m not aging this was like a scene in a movie where the camera cuts into an extreme close up of the heroes eyes and we see the one bead of sweat appear and slide down his eyes… but it was close.

Scarcity. That would be my determining factor! But… it is MY money and this challenge is dumb and I might miss out on the one if I pick the other… damn it! So I grabbed them both. There was no shaming glance from John as it appeared my will power fell through and I put both Aquaman and The Flash into my handcart and we both headed toward the registers.

Before we made it all the way up though, I did need to touch base with my wife to see if there was anything else I did need to pick up before I left. Perhaps it was in this moment of responsibility, I made the internal judgement call to put one back. And I did.

*To note, John saw his three selections all the way to the end.

Act 3 The decision

So what did I do?

Who did I choose?

Why did I choose this one?

What is the moral of the story?

As I walked away from the collectibles section having returned The Flash to his spot amongst the remaining Shazam’s and Green Lantern’s, I looked down at the Aquaman in my hand basket and smiled. I had practiced self control and used (once again) my own form of collectors logic and justification in making this choice. I decided to proceed forward by staying chronological in my selection. Way back when, Aquaman was one of the original four including Superman, Batman and Robin so that made sense and also set the order of operations for my next pick ups in the coming days or weeks. I still want to give other fans a shot at them although, jumping ahead of the four Shazam’s to get to the now one lonely The Flash will be a chore I’m sure.

So the moral? Self control is still possible in an on demand, I want it now and not only that, it’s incredibly satisfying to know that in the most unexpected ways and at the most unexpected times, we all have opportunities to connect with like minded folks and share stories and moments so long as we’re willing to accept a challenge.

Now, Go Play!

Jim 03/28/2023

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“You can pick ONE!”

A story of self control and making connections 🙂 https://jimstoybox.com/2023/03/29/you-can-pick-one/ #MakeMineMego #walmartfinds #dccomics #greenlantern #aquaman #Shazam #TheFlash #Mego #jimbumgardner #jimstoybox

50th Anniversary MEGO World’s Greatest SUPERHEROES Shipping NOW!

Jim’s Toy Box isn’t getting any kickback on these links at all. I’m doing this shout out solely for the purpose of celebrating a small business that earned my business the old fashioned way: AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Late night heads up thanks to my brother from another mother, Tom. Movie Posters Etc has the new Mego reproduction figures of Superman, Batman, Robin, Aquaman and Shazam and the wish list figures they missed of Green Lantern and The Flash in hand and shipping now! Needless to say, I got my order in! Anyway, when you click on any of the picture links below you’ll see that their price is incredibly good even with shipping figured in and is better than a certain mega retailer that doesn’t need the free advertising.

To note, the Toy Box isn’t getting any kickback on these links at all. I’m doing this shout out solely for the purpose of spreading the Mego heads up and giving a shout out to a small business that earned my business the old fashioned way: AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE! I’ll share more about that story soon but for now, go Collect ’em All!

Jim 11/19/2022

All are officially-licensed, approximately 8″ Classic action figures released to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of MEGO’s release of the DC super hero characters. The figure is produced by MEGO and remains new and sealed in MEGO’s original NEAR MINT window box-style packaging.

Happy Mego Day? A timeline adventure.

UPDATE!!!!! Want to let you all know that right now (11/20/2022) You can order the new 50th anniversary Mego Superheroes from Movie Posters Etc NOW! I know I stressed the “retail experience” and I do hope to do that BUT more importantly I want what I want and I also would MUCH RATHER see a small business benefit from your purchase. Check ’em out and Collect ‘Em All!

Jim’s note: This post will be updated throughout the day. Check back or refresh the page often.

Introduction: Why it all matters to me. They’re just dolls for God sake. But not really. They’re a life long source of inspiration, entertainment and joy for nearly 50 years. And now we’ve come to a bookend.

Preface/ prelude 11/05/2022: the discovery.

HAPPY MEGO DAY? 11/06/2022

5:50 am: up and at em! Fall back in full effect. Feel pretty good with the “extra” hour of sleep I got. Now for the morning chores with the cats and dogs. Then off to work.

7:11 am: popped into the home base Walmart. Nothing as expected but tried anyway. Now on to work… best word for today: Anticipation!

7:46 am: thinking about it all (which is always my thing anyway), how to make a game of it beyond the silliness of it all, my mind is pondering using these 50th anniversary figures as a reward system. Trade the treat for a bad or non existent habit I want to break or create. In essence treating myself like a kid who needs to finish his vegetables before desert . So silly. Time to do the day job… bet your bippity that my mind will be filled with ideas for the blogs and podcasts to come inspired by this new hunt.

8:35 am: in regards to last point… work tasks are getting done quicker. So much for the passage of time being manipulated by distraction. I

10:25 am: I truly enjoy and appreciate my day job… but man oh man would I like to be able to check those pegs right now! Not completely obsessed as much as I want to see this happen.

But regardless of the days final results… my heart will go on. Just like Celine sang 😉

Going for a better outcome then these two.

The trick is to just focus on the workday stuff. I swear, these posts come at times that are ethical. No slacking here from this fanboy.

1:34 pm: Lunch time but not enough time to run across town. AKA adult problems. “Just call or order online.” How about no. This about the retail experience and showing support at the register for the company. More on all of that later.

2:01 pm: Could it be any slower? As Johnny Cash so intensely sang; “Tome keeps dragging on.” Now, while I’m not stuck in a prison, the clock is certainly an annoying warden at the moment.

Like sands through the hourglass that doesn’t actually have a hole in the middle. Welcome to my Sunday.

3:33 pm: just found out I have dinner plans right after I get off sooooooo…. I broke and called the store. The young man was nice but had no clue even after looking. The tension builds like a Willie Wonka meme.

4:42 pm: So close to quitting time but the dinner plans have taken precedence. Grrrrrr…. But the biggest reveal so fat is how much I’m getting a kick out of these timeline updates. Something to this form of storytelling 🙂

5:07 pm: dinner party is still waiting for the table sooooo….. update shortly. 🙂

5:28 pm: Nevermind . Family first. 🙂

7 pm: Almost done with dinner. Anticipation slightly muted by post pasta grogginess. Honestly though, I’m not feeling that the final stop is going to turn out with a happy ending.

7:59 pm: It appears to be a bust. But I ain’t going without some digging…

Photo credit: Alicia. She totally gets me and I appreciate that more than you know.

8:18 pm: Learning new things. While the system shows that the figures will be here, when is actually an uncertainty.

“not in transit”

So in at the end of the day the anticipation was left unfulfilled, but most certainly not a waste of day or unbearable disappointment. Watch this space for more on this “Happy Mego Day” that wasn’t plus the podcast that will talk more about the true significance of all of this silliness.

Now, go play!

Jim 11/06/2022

P.S. Not a total bust at the CCP Superstore. Found this fun little star of the FNAF universe from Funko for Freddy’s biggest fan. We call her Kaitlynn. 🙂

Special treat for my fellow MEGO fans…

Greetings gang! As any reader who has ever been to the Toy Box more than once by accident should know, I’m a HUGE fan of the MEGO line of action figures from the 70’s. They were and still are my first toy love. And while I rave, rabble and rant about the new  retro, Mego style action figures, nothing can top the originals… or their father; Marty Abrams…

I share with you now this fantastic article from January ’99, inside the former go to publication of all things action figures; Tomart’s Action Figure Digest.  See where it all came from Action Figure fans!

Jim 04/13/17


Robot Chicken DC Special – A final rant about Saving the Retro’s

In commemoration of the Robot Chicken crew debuting their RDC Comic special I thought this would be a great time to revisit the Retro Action line from Mattel. Or more importantly what didn’t come to pass and why now I’m getting a bit angry about it.

You see when word was released that Mattel was going to be bringing back the 8 inch Mego style action figures I was completely stoked. How cool was it for a long time lover of Mego World’s Greatest Super Heroes of which I obviously am, was finally going to get the figures that Mego never got around to. Hal Jordan green Lantern, The Flash, The Marian Manhunter and of course Superman’s #1 foe, Lex Luthor! Oh how my collectors heart and inner child was all a flutter. But then they dropped the hammer.

Long story short Mattel cancelled the line due to lack of retail and customer support. While I could go on a serious rant about that excuse I’ll just say this, everyone makes mistakes and Mattel you made plenty of them here so quit passing the buck on retailers and fans. It’s unbecoming of you as one of the leaders in the toy industry.

For me with the line being cancelled it was quite disheartening to see one gapping whole in my collection. There was no Robin to pal around with Batman. The house that Barbie built could crank out four different Green Lantern figures as exclusives (who really cares about Kyle Rayner anyway) but no other half of the Dynamic Duo? Stupid. Just stupid. Anyway the rumbling from the fans of this line went on a crusade to “Save the Retro’s” and one fine person started a petition that would hopefully change Mattel’s mind. In wanting to help the campaign I created the PSA you see below…

Well the petition didn’t go viral and even if it did I don’t believe it would have changed Mattel’s mind. In the end our best efforts could not make any difference or help one lonely Dark Knight. But that isn’t what angers me.

The anger comes from recent discoveries of “web exclusive “ Green Arrow’s showing up at discount chain stores around the country. While this had happened with Wave 2 of the original line up, to see this “Sold Out” hard to get, limited edition figure popping up for half the price Mattel was charging is just ludicrous to me as a fan. It also shows me that my suspicions of incompetence about Mattel execs who were in charge of the line were indeed correct. They simply didn’t know what they were doing with the line and fns are left cold.
In a world with real problems like war, starvation and poverty matters such as this are trivial for sure. However to dash the hopes of fans who were seriously enjoying what was happening from the company that made the “swell” toys is just crap. Period.

Why am I still ranting about this? Mainly because with the Robot Chicken crew’ new special coming out Sunday September 9th and the majority of the characters and costumes are from the Retro Action line I believe that interest for the toys will be hot. Which in a way is good for the dealers out there who are still sitting on cases of the figures. Finally they will get marketing support for the line. Had Mattel tied I with the Robot Chicken guys from the start things perhaps things wouldn’t have had to go south. And maybe the tears in Batman’s pupil-less eyes could have been of joy with the arrival of young ward Dick Grayson finally being able to stand by his side in the toy boxes of many collectors around the world.

With that said I’ll chill out and move on with my collecting and playing. Yep I’m taking my own orders in the fact that I shall Now, Go Play. – Jim 09/08/12

Time Traveling through Toyfare: Charlie Flatt’s Super Soldier Tutorial.

Once upon a time (actually Spring 1997) Charlie Flatt was the most well renowned Mego Customizer on the planet. The reason for this “super” distinction is that for all intents and purposes he was the only customizer at the time getting national press by way of the fledgling Toyfare magazine. In fact his article is what inspired me to get into the habit of customizing. So much so I ran out and bought a Dremel the day after I read the article. I never made a Super Soldier but I did do a lot of cool stuff with that handy little tool. That’s a reflection we’ll get to on another day.


With all the recent discussions about Flatt’s work at the Mego Museum (www.megomuseum.com ) I figured I should get this out here for everybody. Plus customizing Mego’s (and Re-Mego’s) is one of the more fun things about the hobby. Below is the high rez scans of Charlie’s article for your viewing and inspiring pleasure. Click on the pic to get the “Super Soldier” sized image.

And there you have it, the complete Charlie Flatt method of making Mego’s. Of course now days you can buy body’s from Dr. Mego and Castaway but if your up for an extreme, gettin’ back to basics challenge, here ya go.

Now, Go Play! – Jim 07/07/11

A too quick morning at the World’s Largest Toy Museum – Branson, MO.

Greetings and good morning, noon, or night dear readers I figured I’d cover all bases on the salutation considering I never know when you guys and gals may be reading this. Call it Southern Hospitality. Another great place to find not only awesome hospitality but also an incredible amount of toys is my good buddy Tom Beck’s place; “The World’s Largest Toy Museum” in Branson, Missouri.

The pictures you will see below are from the first weekend in May of 2011. This was the first opportunity the wife and I had to take the baby to this must stop destination for the toy collector and kid at heart. In a perfect world where time is in abundance I would love to go into super detail about every square inch of this marvelous museum. Unfortunately it’s not so the best I can do is share with you a very large handful of pictures that we took during our far too brief visit.

For the sake of freshening up the blog this one is gonna be one of those “check back often” blogs. But i promise you it will be worth it. We took some great shots and a ton of ’em. And even then didn’t really scratch the surface of this wonderful place for oogling.

Again I don’t recommend places and businesses without serious consideration. The museum however is one of those spots however that I can do so with no reservations. So if your in the – or traveling through the -middle of America take a detour down the Highway 76 Music strip and look for the big top. You’ll be glad you did. And tell ’em Jim sent ya!

This is Tom Beck owner of the "W.L.T.M." He's a super nce fellow if you can't tell by the pic. Here he is posing with the latest addition to the museum, Buck Rogers and Tiger Man from ZICA Toys graciously donated by Mr. Craig Owen.

These two soldiers stand waiting to great you every Monday thru Saturday. Sure they're there on Sundays but they won't let you in no matter how much you beg.

It's really tough to get the whole building in one shot. I love the way the old school DC heroes logo's are used on this far right side of the front of the building.

It's amazing how much Superman stuff you can fit on one shelf!

The T2 Mego Superman sitting down is actually one I donated a few years back. Tom insisted I put my business card with it so I said okay. The numbers changed since then so don't call it.

A whole bunch O' Batman stuff under glass.

This display just screams "Creepy" but the wife and baby loved it. Almost looks like their colection. Almost.

Some REALLY old school Buck Rogers toys from the late 30's early 40's.

This is just one of the scenes from a "Christmas Carol" window display that came from a department store circa.1948. This display alone is worth the price of admission.

The family that geeks out together stays together!

Lot's O Barbies to be found!

See? 🙂

They never end!

Not a great shot but still cool to see Mego Trek represented.

A Christmas Carol Pic 2. The detail is wonderful and charming.

Christmas Carol Pic 3

Christmas Carol Pic 4

Christmas Carol Pic 5

Jim Bumgardner is a 20 year veteran of the broadcast industry and currently serves as the news director for television station TKO 8 in Harrison, Arkansas. Jim is the father of two the husband of one and firm believer in the power of toys for both the mind, body and soul. You can contact Jim via email at jimstoybox@gmail.com or visit his website at www.jimsmegos.com


All images and products are the sole copyrighted property of it’s respective owners. Specialty photographs and graphic work used for this article were done by Jim at the TKO 8 Studios located at 500 N. Main St in Harrison, Arkansas. “Little Jim” was created by Dawn O’Connell of Little Buddies Action Figures. Learn more about getting your own Little Buddy at www.littlebuddiesactionfigures.com

“Saturday Morning Funnies” Episode 4: What Roscoe could never do…

What does your imagination have in mind? Submit your rescue ideas to me at jimstoybox@gmail.com the best submission as chosen by me and my lovely wife Alicia will not only see their dream scenario acted out in next weeks Saturday Morning Funnies but you’ll also receive this carded Luke Duke for your own collection! Sure he’s got a bum knee but a free Mego is still a free Mego!

So what are you waiting for dear reader? Start flexing your imagination and help free Luke Duke!

Email submissions to jimstoybox@gmail.com please include a contact email address and your name. DO NOT SEND your address or any info at this time. I will contact the winner via the provided email address and request the info at that time. I’m not a spammer and have no intentions of becoming one. You have until Monday May2nd to get your ideas in so get to it!

The game is set kids! Now, Go Play! Jim 04/30/11

“The Wall” Chapter 2: 1950’s Commander X from Nemo Publishing

“Stand by for ADVENTURE!”

For this review I must warn you that this is going to be one of the toughest for me to stay focused on just the toy. This 8 inch rendering of one of Jay Piscopo’s creations has a very special place in my heart and imagination. The reason’s may sound corny or even cheesy to some but so be it. I’ve never once claimed to be non-corny or non-cheesy.

1950's style Commander X from Jay Piscopo and Nemo Publishing


This 1950’s Commander X is actually so much more than just a toy. He is to me, the embodiment of creative expression that embraces “branding” in an almost Disney style outreach that is if given the chance, a wonderful vehicle for today’s kids to get introduced into not only the fun that comes from playtime with action figures but also the adventures your mind can go on thanks to the pages of a comic book.

The mysterious, time traveling hero known as Commander X is actually a secondary character from Jay’s “Undersea Adventure’s of Capt’n Eli” graphic novels. In those books the Commander serves as a mentor of sorts to this remarkable young boy who spends his days under the sea fighting the good fight for both the sea dwellers and land lubbers alike. See it’s far too easy for me to get off track here because what this one action figure represents. Do yourself a favor and learn more about Capt’n Eli at Jay’s official website www.captneli.com and also check out the interview I did with Jay discussing the many facets of this wonderful world at via these links

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axy9Qe0aPFc

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4hwTQc2Tj8

Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaaSj6kPDiw

Once you visit Jay’s site or watch the interview you’ll see why not only is this a cool comic book world but also the workings of an artist and creator that deserves applause for his outstanding efforts to create a comic for kids that is fun and exciting. Oh yeah, and you can also learn more about the Commander’s pal “Sea Ghost”. You’ll be glad you did.

Now back to “The Wall”

Point #1. What it is.

This my friends is a HERO!

This particular version of the Commander is definitely my favorite of all the versions that are available. With his Retro 50’s hero look along with his real world hero accessories (the gun and knife) are just too cool for school. And probably wouldn’t be allowed on the playground these days anyway. “A gun and a knife?!?! Call the ATF!”

Point #2. Where it came from.

All of the Commander X Limited Edition action figures are the product of “Dr. Mego” himself, Paul Clark. The good

The Commander is created with plastic, rubber bands, real cloth costume, and lots of LOVE!

Doctor actually puts these fellows together one by one using factory made Mego reproduction parts as created by himself. To those who don’t know Dr. Mego is also one half of the people that make up EMCE Toys which is indeed the 21st Century reincarnation of Mego. As for my figure he along with the Western Knight version (also a top ten favorite of mine) were sent to me as a review copy for the interviews that I mentioned above. So while I didn’t shell out the $19.99 for him this figure is truly priceless to me and Lord willing I hope to never have him leave my collection.

Point #3. The Good.

Being that Commander X here is made up of the most authentic Mego parts out there I dare to say that he is the first *NEW Mego produced on a large scale basis. Sure EMCE re- released both the Star Trek and Planet of the Apes lines wonderfully, Commander X however is to the best of my knowledge, the first original character to come from the Dr.’s lab.

*EDIT – I need to clarify a timeline goof on my part. The first actual NEW Mego’s produced by EMCE were the Night of the Living Dead Figures of Ben and the Zombie. Check those really cool 1st NEW Mego’s and a whole lot more New Mego Goodness at EMCE’s official site  via this link… http://www.fourthcastle.com

Dressed for ACTION! (and adventure)

Another very good point is the clothing. The jacket, pants, and shirt are all factory made and hold up very well under normal playtime conditions. Mego fans will note that the Jacket and Pants are actually a Clark Kent Alter Ego reproduction suit, but with the way the lapels have been flattened and the pants legs are tucked in, the novice may over look this point.

Ready to stomp a mudhole in all evil doers. And then "stick 'em" if need be.

The cache of accessories that Commander X comes with is also awe-inspiring. Not only do you get a gun and a knife, you also get really cool boots, a belt emblazoned with the “X” logo and a matching hat. All of this for only $19.99? Crazy I tell ya, Crazy!

And one final touch that can be easily overlooked is that the Commander (like most EMCE toys) comes in a resealable package that is perfect for display and storage as well as making the figure easily accessible for play. The card art is nothing to overlook either but that you can see for yourself when you order one..




Point #4. The Bad.

The only negative I could find and it occurred on picture day*.

In all fairness and as an unbiased reviewer I hate throwing out the negative but, it’s part of the gig. With that said my biggest concern came from the knife. The handy dandy dagger comes positioned in the Commander’s boot and looks super cool. The problem came when I pulled the knife out for the photo shoot. It came out fine, the Commander held it fine, but when I went to put it back… it snapped where the blade meets the hilt. Ouch! There’s nothing worse in my opinion then a toy that breaks easy. It appears the knife was cast in a resin where if had been done in a rubber this type of breakage wouldn’t be an issue. (*Edit- Nemo Publishing has offered to replace the knife. Mind you in this review I am not complaining in the least and I applaud them for their stand up customer service!)

The only other “Bad” point that I can find is the stiffness in the shoulders. Being a true Mego style Type 2 body overall poseability is excellent but the shoulders are just a smidge too tight to raise his arms up above his head. But then again Commander X is not one to surrender so how often would you need to do that anyway?

Point #5. Why I like it.

So smooth. So very smooth.

Commander X is a great comic book character. His look is so traditional when it comes to what my mind says a hero should look like. The squared jaw, the sharp features, the pupil less eyes… now that’s a hero!

It also doesn’t hurt that at his base his head is a re-purposed Mego Superman head with the eyes whited out and a black mask and mustache added. To me that is exactly what Mego would have done had they had the Commander X license back in the day.

"Superman you say? I get that a lot."

And while some may poo-poo this aspect, I say;” Read the books and check out the art. This sculpt looks more like Commander X than Superman anyway.” And for those who know me, know that I don’t say that lightly considering the Mego Superman is my favorite toy EVER.

Point #6. Why you should or shouldn’t get one.

Why you should:

"Bring it!"

Not wanting to sound redundant here but come on, he is simply a cool looking toy. This guy SCREAMS action and adventure! Add to that, with the web and comic book tie-in’s it is a great way to introduce kids into a total package concept that doesn’t involve a video game.

Why you shouldn’t:

With the exception of the knife issue I honestly can’t think of any real reason why you shouldn’t order this fellow or one of the other versions today. Simply put there is nothing that I can fault here. Not even the price. Considering all that you get, you will never find a better bang for

Not all versions have been released but of the one's that have you will not be disappointed in any of them.

your buck when it comes to an 8 inch action figure. If you disassembled the Commander down to his individual parts and priced them at Dr. Mego’s site ( www.drmego.com )  and you’ll see that this effort is a true labor of love with playtime being the biggest winner.


In Conclusion:

Like I said at the start, this was a tough review to stay focused on for just the toy considering how much more is

He'll even let you wear his hat! What a guy!

involved with this heroes back story. I sincerely hope that each and everyone of you who read this will take the time to visit Jay Piscopo’s site, watch the interview, study up on all the great things that Commander X and his pals offer and allow yourself the chance to enjoy perhaps for the first time, how much fun a comic book character can be.

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Jim Bumgardner is a 20 year veteran of the broadcast industry and currently serves as the news director for television station TKO 8 in Harrison, Arkansas. Jim is the father of two the husband of one and firm believer in the power of toys for both the mind, body and soul. You can contact Jim via email at jimstoybox@gmail.com or visit his website at www.jimsmegos.com

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“The Wall” Chapter 1 – Mattel’s Retro Action DC Super Heroes: Superman.

How cool is this? Thanks to Dawn O'Connell I can stand side by side with my favorite super hero!

Mattel Toys Sucks. Period. They cancel lines blaming lack of fan base support while they themselves offer the products o market in the most piss poor manner possible. I went out on a limb with these reviews as a fan trying to push the product. In the end Mattel showed that they are not worthy of mine or your accolades or MONEY. I’m not editing the reviews however. At the time of their writing I meant what I said and in regards to the figures themselves I feel the same way, however the emotional connection is gone – Signed, Jim 01/14/12


Despite hundreds of artist’s and numerous actors’ degrees of difference, the Man of Steel is perhaps the most recognized icon on the planet. The Red, Blue and Yellow costume emblazoned with the big red “S” for me and millions of other fanboys that spans several generations including my father and grandfather, has been the definitive image of the term hero.

In this review I’d like to introduce you to this latest incarnation of the World’s Greatest Super Hero and share with you my take on this “throw back” to a simpler time that has led some purists to “throwing up”. With that said I want to address this matter first and foremost. This is NOT a Mego WGSH Superman, was never intended to be and never will be although a side by side comparison shows some wonderful similarities. The main one being the 8 inch scale.

So with that fact pointed out let’s move forward with this review looking at this modern toy from the fact that this is a NEW toy that will have to be judged on its own merit in today’s toy buying world which is flooded with competitors that Mego never had to contend with.

While these two "Supermen" share a lot of the same characteristics the fact remains that the nearly 40 year age gap between the two shows how the passing of time can both enhance and skew ones view through the nostalgic rearview mirror.

Point 1.) What it is; Retro Action Superman, produced by Mattel – Released 2010.

The Man of Tomorrow, based on THEN, living in the NOW.

Point 2.) Where it came from.

This particular carded figure came from T.J.Maxx for only $9.99 as part of the Wave 2 Assortment. The loose figure used for this review was actually purchased on ebay. While I can’t recall the exact price I paid I do know that it was a couple bucks more than the MSRP of $19.99 and I also had to pay shipping which was at least $9.00.

3. The Good.

The return of the 8 inch clothed action figure for me sparks a wonderful feeling of sentiment. I just wish I could get my son to care as much.

Despite what will seem like a laundry list of complaints this “toy” is still fun and does have real play value. In a world were playtime is dominated by the video game industry this throwback to an era long since passed is a great way to show young boys the fun that comes from action figures. So in that respect I see this as a great opportunity for fathers to play with their children in a way that is familiar to them.

Also the construction is overall pretty sturdy. Having seen what customizers have had to do to cannibalize the heads and hands of this figure, tearing the body a part is no easy task.

4. The Bad.

Loosey goosey body style… has since been fixed for Waves 3 and on.

Cracked emblem with very minimal play

The Red is a bit pale, almost pinkish. I only use the Mego Superman to show the contrast in the red's.

Limited Retail availability. Being a Toys R Us exclusive item isn’t as great as it once was. Mind you I live in an area where the nearest TRU location is over an hour away so  this definitely doesn’t help the situation. Add to that the TRU locations that I have visited (3 hours away in Little Rock) seem to have never updated their stock since the first wave.

5. Why I like it.

Outside of the obvious…

And the biggest deal maker for me is the Yellow "S" Shield on the back of the cape. Truly a wonderful finishing touch that adds to the Super Friends feel.

On the nostalgia scale I have to give this toy a “10”. It is so remarkably cool to see this version of the Man of Steel that I myself relate to best from my childhood.

6. Why you should or shouldn’t get one.

You should because…

It’s a very fun display piece. The retro card art along with the style itself is very fun from a nostalgic point of view.

You shouldn’t because….


With an M.S.R.P. of $19.99 it may be a bit of a tough impulse purchase.


Along with the “Bad” comments above… Price is a consideration. With an MSRP of $19.99 it could be considered a higher end price for a toy however if you browse the action figure isles you’ll see that the average prices of plastic figures are considerably higher all across the board. Considering over Toys R Us prices it is actually a bargain. At last check in a store new retro vintage carded Star Wars Figures were retailing for $9.99 and they are a lot smaller, with no cloth clothing. So in the end the budget minded parent may find it a tough “Try me” toy if a kid isn’t truly into Superman. And considering that there is no direct toy, movie or video game tie in, kids today don’t have such a strong connection to Clark’s alter ego.

In conclusion

Overall: As is the case of every review I write, I leave the final conclusion to you the individual consumer. For me however this was a must have toy. From the initial announcement of the line I had a strong feeling that I myself would get hooked. I was right. Of the four waves released so far I’ve picked up all but three of them (Shazam, Black Adam and Darkseid). But those last three will eventually make it into my collection but considering there non connection to the “Challenge of the Super Friends” I’m not as inclined as I was with the previous releases.

And to the purists, don’t hate, appreciate. While this fellow can never be a Mego, with the improvements that Mattel has been making to the bodies I do see these Re-Mego’s as a great addition to an action figure collection.

Play time is still fun time for me and my "Supermen"

Jim Bumgardner is a 20 year veteran of the broadcast industry and currently serves as the news director for television station TKO 8 in Harrison, Arkansas. Jim is the father of two the husband of one and firm believer in the power of toys for both the mind, body and soul. You can contact Jim via email at jimstoybox@gmail.com or visit his website at www.jimsmegos.com


All images and products are the sole copyrighted property of it’s respective owners. Specialty photographs and graphic work used for this article were done by Jim at the TKO 8 Studios located at 500 N. Main St in Harrison, Arkansas. “Little Jim” was created by Dawn O’Connell of Little Buddies Action Figures. Learn more about getting your own Little Buddy at www.littlebuddiesactionfigures.com

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