Organizing and enjoying your collection through journaling

This journal page is the ultimate tool for toy collectors! Designed specifically to help organize and document collections, it features a collection tracker, display planning, wish list, toy history & trivia, and toy maintenance & care. Perfect for both beginner and seasoned collectors, it allows you to keep track of your toys, plan displays, and learn more about your collection. With ample space for images, sketches, and notes, this journal page is the perfect way to document and enhance your toy collecting journey.

By Jim Bumgardner 02/05/2023

Greetings fellow overflowing collectors! Today I want to share with you an idea that will help you better enjoy your collection and perhaps help you get even more enjoyment out of what you have. Not only that, in following this method it can help you thin out the things you may not want, rediscover hidden gems that have slipped from mind and perhaps even land yourself a small fortune letting go of the things that don’t mean as much do you anymore. Funny how those “grail” pieces can equally become a dust collector just as well as those well meant gifts you received because you love Star Wars and everyone in your circle kept giving you any and everything related to the denizens of a galaxy far, far away as gifts over the years and decades. It’s the thought that counts but when you need a Death Star sized house to store them all, it can be a challenge to not want to drop a photon torpedo down the ventilation shaft.

With that in mind, I came up with an idea that can prevent that most extreme and radical solution mentioned above: Journaling. It actually serves many purposes. Along with all the aforementioned benefits, it can also help you create an inventory that you can use to get your collection insured with either a special insurance policy or for use in adding the most valuable pieces to your existing home owners policy. Plus, in creating this journal, along with the memories you will be revisiting, you’re also creating a scrapbook and record for future generations of your family to enjoy. More than a journal, you can create a historical document that helps inform, educated and entertain those who may want to get the rest of the story.

“But isn’t that “blogging”? Yes. Yes, it is. But this is meant for creating something in the physical world, at your own pace but also in a manner that gets you into a routine that will do all the above but also help you develop and maintain a healthy relationship with your hobby. It will force you to come face to face with the questions: “What is this? Why do I have it? Do I still want it? And why do I still want it?” Why is this important? To help break the habit of hoarding that we collectors find ourselves in if we’re honest with ourselves.

Caravaggio's Saint Jerome Writing (1606)
“Why oh why must I hold on forever to this plastic skull? It stares at me constantly in the most judgemental ways. Quite the rude one this skull. Off to the donation box for sure!”

Now that the lecture part is over let’s get back to the fun side of this project. Below you will find an outline for what I believe is a great way to do all of the above and at the end of the day have a collection of stories to share if only with yourself that will make every day you do it a little bit brighter and happier with your collection.

I. Cover Page:

A. Title of Series: “Toy Collection Organizer”

B. Subtitle: “Documenting Your Journey as a Collector”

C. Image: A colorful illustration of vintage and modern action figures

II. Introduction:

This journal page is designed specifically for toy collectors looking to organize and document their collection. With features such as a collection tracker, display planning, wish list, toy history & trivia, and toy maintenance & care, this journal page is the ultimate tool for collectors looking to take their passion to the next level. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned collector, this journal page will help you keep track of your collection, plan your displays, and learn more about your toys. With ample space for images, sketches, and notes, these journal pages are the perfect way to document and enhance your toy collecting journey.

A. Brief overview of the purpose of the journal

B. Explanation of how the journal can help collectors keep track of their collection

C. Explanation of how to use the tracker to keep track of your collection

D. Importance of documenting the journey of collecting toys

III. Collection Tracker:

A. Table with columns for:

  1. Toy Name
  2. Manufacturer
  3. Original Year of Release
  4. Date Acquired
  5. Condition
  6. Notes

B. Space for adding images of each toy

IV. Display Planning:

A. Space for sketching display ideas and planning the arrangement of toys

B. Explanation of the importance of displaying toys and how it can enhance the collecting experience

V. Wish List:

A. Space for listing toys that you would like to add to your collection

B. Explanation of how a wish list can help you focus your collection and plan your next purchase

VI. Toy History & Trivia:

A. Space for documenting the history and background of each toy in your collection

B. Trivia and interesting facts about the toys and the manufacturers

C. Explanation of how learning more about your toys can enhance the collecting experience

VII. Toy Maintenance & Care:

A. Space for documenting maintenance and care instructions for each toy

B. Explanation of how proper care and maintenance can protect the value of your collection

VIII. Conclusion:

A. Recap of the purpose of the journal and how it can help collectors organize and document their collection

B. Encouragement to continue documenting and sharing your collecting journey

And there you have it, a journal / scrapbook outline that if you take the time to make the time, your collection and space will be a far happier place. And yes, I totally meant for that to rhyme. Over the next little while we’ll be talking more about the individual points so be sure to subscribe to Jim’s Toy Box to get deeper into this discussion and who knows, if you need a little help I can build a page or even a book for you to print and use. I’m all about helping you help yourself in making this a truly great and enjoyable hobby.