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Been a minute since I posted so I thought I’d drop a quick note about my most recent pick up. Loved this flick since it was first released all those years ago. And I guess I didn’t really heed the warnings.

Walmart may be evil but they suckered me in again!

I understand there is a black and white chase figure available but 1. I’m not dropping another $9 for a Pop and 2. That’s what filters are for anyway 🙂

I highly recommend the photo editing app Pixlr. I use it for pretty much all photos on the site over the last 5 or 6 years. Great on Android and iPhone.

And to prove the point on Pixlr, I slapped this one together as fast as Roddy can run out of chewing gum.

You can call me crazy… but only if you aren’t paying attention.

Keep your eyes on the sky and off the television and Facebook kids. Your soul will thank you for it.

Now, Go Play!

Jim- 11/20/2021

Commander Adama from Bif Bang Pow!

Watch the video for the short take and then read on for the long drawn out review you know and love me for

(rate and comment if you would so kind as well)

Who it is

adama carded
Old Man Action Figure? Maybe. But he’s still cooler than Flash Gordon.

Commander Adama from Bif Bang  Pow’s Battlestar Galactica line of 8 inch classic style cloth costumed action figures.

Where it Came From

Yeah I grew a beard, but I’m better now.

This particular specimen came as a gift from my Mego Museum Secret Santa. Man I love that place.

Why I’m writing this:

me and carded adama
When your feeling old, hang out with an old guy.

I loved this show as a kid. It was Star Wars but better because it was on TV every week! The toys had already gotten a bad rap because of the one kid who just had to choke on a missile but what ya gonna do? Plus outside of the ships which were not in scale with the figures, Mattel really created some boring and bland looking toys. But honestly, had Mego gotten the license I don’t think we would have seen anything much better.

The company had already moved away from the magical 8 inch format and was focusing on the new more cost effective, but poorly detailed, 3 and three quarter inch line as well. But that was then this is now.

Bif Bang Pow has once again fixed this gaff in my childhood by picking up the 8 inch retro ball and running with it. And while all 4 figures released so far (I consider the variant cylons as one figure) the leader of the pack is simply awes

Why it is I have a strange fascination with “Old Guy” figures is beyond me but I dig ‘em. And this particular figure is really sweet. Not only is he the heroic leader of the colonists, with the weight of his entire civilization on his shoulders, it’s also Lorne Greene man, in 8 inch form! But that doesn’t come without some critiques of the final product. But as always I like to look at the positive side of life first…ome to me.

The Good.

Layers, layers, layers! And accessories!

Moving away from my fan boy gushing I would like to draw your attention to the costume. If anything Bif Bang Pow does remarkably well is the layered look. As I pointed o

ut in my review of Dr. Orpheus from the Venture Bros. line I really appreciate what all is going on here in regards to really adding value for your buck. With a retail price tag of $22.99 it’s nice to get more than just a hunk of plastic. Let’s break him down shall we?

The Bad

adama nekkid
Pale, Nekkid Old People. Yeah, I got issues.

My biggest gripe is the flesh tone. Commander Adama was never this pale. Watching clips from the show you see that Poppa Joe still had his radiant tan that was earned while riding the range at the Pondarosa Ranch, despite being sealed up on Galactica. This pale face look is what I believe takes away from the likeness of the sculpt. Also to note the paint for the hair color is wrong. But then again if the hair was the proper shade of white versus the grey that was used this Adama would look more like a Jedi ghost and we wouldn’t want to open up that copyright can of worms now would we?

The Ho-Hum

he card art is cool but honestly it bores me to tears. Each of the figures uses the exact same card back with the only deviation being the name and UPC sticker applied over the bottom corner. While I understand the need to cut costs to keep these dollies affordable I still feel just a little cheated here. Not enough to not buy the figure but the sameness of the cards doesn’t enforce my compulsive need to purchase two of each (one to keep carded and the other to open). Again this is more of a ho hum gripe than a real problem. One thing I do like however is that the card is compact in size like the latter series of Venture Brothers figures.

name sticker
Front name sticker

Back UPC stickerT

My Suggestion
How I would have preferred the card to be. Back to Front.

During the Shoot

As I was taking the pictures and video for this review a few things popped out. Well actually needed to be popped in. I thought the figures head looked a little odd in the packaging. As if Adama was trying to bury his chin deeply into his pimpin’ turtleneck. During the strip down I quickly noticed that the head was actually not all the way in the body. It was a quick fix and added a lot for the figures presentation.

adama no boots
Dig them threads. Or not.

Also to note there are a lot of threads hanging bout on the sleeves and pant legs of the now exposed cuffs on the body suit. Of course these are well hidden when the figure is fully assembled. Speaking of which, it was a bit of a bear in layering him back up. The sleeves and pant legs were quick to bunch up when booting the boots and overcoat back on.

I did like that you could adjust the cape to lay over the shoulder. Observing the figure from in the package I assumed that it was held in place with Velcro tabs. I’m happy to report that’s not the case. There is actually a strand of the silver ribbon / piping serving as the tie. Nice touch if you ask me.

In Conclusion

me and loose adama
I got your mic. Now what papaw?

This line has taken some hard pot shots on the web and in some cases rightfully so. With that said however I won’t say that you shouldn’t buy this figure. If your like me you can appreciate what all is going right with it. However if you haven’t been bitten by the 8 inch classic style bug then I think you’d be much happier avoiding this line and cutting your teeth on a much more visually pleasing line such as the Venture Bros.  Now, Go Play! – Jim 1/2/2012

Get yours today straight from the source at Entertainment Earth! Be sure to tell ‘em Jim sent ya!



Now, Go Play!

Jim 01/02/13


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Robot Chicken DC Special – A final rant about Saving the Retro’s

In commemoration of the Robot Chicken crew debuting their RDC Comic special I thought this would be a great time to revisit the Retro Action line from Mattel. Or more importantly what didn’t come to pass and why now I’m getting a bit angry about it.

You see when word was released that Mattel was going to be bringing back the 8 inch Mego style action figures I was completely stoked. How cool was it for a long time lover of Mego World’s Greatest Super Heroes of which I obviously am, was finally going to get the figures that Mego never got around to. Hal Jordan green Lantern, The Flash, The Marian Manhunter and of course Superman’s #1 foe, Lex Luthor! Oh how my collectors heart and inner child was all a flutter. But then they dropped the hammer.

Long story short Mattel cancelled the line due to lack of retail and customer support. While I could go on a serious rant about that excuse I’ll just say this, everyone makes mistakes and Mattel you made plenty of them here so quit passing the buck on retailers and fans. It’s unbecoming of you as one of the leaders in the toy industry.

For me with the line being cancelled it was quite disheartening to see one gapping whole in my collection. There was no Robin to pal around with Batman. The house that Barbie built could crank out four different Green Lantern figures as exclusives (who really cares about Kyle Rayner anyway) but no other half of the Dynamic Duo? Stupid. Just stupid. Anyway the rumbling from the fans of this line went on a crusade to “Save the Retro’s” and one fine person started a petition that would hopefully change Mattel’s mind. In wanting to help the campaign I created the PSA you see below…

Well the petition didn’t go viral and even if it did I don’t believe it would have changed Mattel’s mind. In the end our best efforts could not make any difference or help one lonely Dark Knight. But that isn’t what angers me.

The anger comes from recent discoveries of “web exclusive “ Green Arrow’s showing up at discount chain stores around the country. While this had happened with Wave 2 of the original line up, to see this “Sold Out” hard to get, limited edition figure popping up for half the price Mattel was charging is just ludicrous to me as a fan. It also shows me that my suspicions of incompetence about Mattel execs who were in charge of the line were indeed correct. They simply didn’t know what they were doing with the line and fns are left cold.
In a world with real problems like war, starvation and poverty matters such as this are trivial for sure. However to dash the hopes of fans who were seriously enjoying what was happening from the company that made the “swell” toys is just crap. Period.

Why am I still ranting about this? Mainly because with the Robot Chicken crew’ new special coming out Sunday September 9th and the majority of the characters and costumes are from the Retro Action line I believe that interest for the toys will be hot. Which in a way is good for the dealers out there who are still sitting on cases of the figures. Finally they will get marketing support for the line. Had Mattel tied I with the Robot Chicken guys from the start things perhaps things wouldn’t have had to go south. And maybe the tears in Batman’s pupil-less eyes could have been of joy with the arrival of young ward Dick Grayson finally being able to stand by his side in the toy boxes of many collectors around the world.

With that said I’ll chill out and move on with my collecting and playing. Yep I’m taking my own orders in the fact that I shall Now, Go Play. – Jim 09/08/12

Playtime is to marketing as friendship is to encouragement and success!

The story of how my Toy Box has become a playground where I’ve been able to reconnect with old friends and remind them how to play too.

“Ladies and gentlemen may I now introduce to you my pal, and chairman of the drink cooler, ol’ brown eyes himself, ‘The Donfather’ Don Urgo!”

One of the coolest things for me about the internet is the ability to reconnect with friends that you haven’t seen in years, and distance and time in the real world would never allow for the two of you to cross paths again. Such was the case with me and my pal Don Urgo.

I originally met Don in 1999 in Harrison, Arkansas. I was running movie theaters for Carmike Cinemas and Don was a pastor with a heart of gold and an entrepreneur’s spirit. Together the two of us paired up to raise funds for the fledgling women’s shelter in the area. That initial project helped us create a fast friendship that also gave life to our individual visions for more than simply what was around us.

As fate and life would have it, a few years after meeting Don headed back to his original hometown in New Jersey and I went back on he road “up and down the dial” in radio. Oh yeah, WKRP style baby! From time to time I would think about Don and some of the discussions we had on reaching for the stars if you will, but figured those days were long gone. And they very well could have been if not for that social media juggernaut that Zuckerburg built; facebook.

On one of those reflective nights where you find yourself being bombarded with memories from days gone by I got to thinking about Don again. Well this time I took a bit of a more proactive step and searched for him on facebook. Having a rather unique name it was very easy to find him and send a message to say ‘hi’ just for the heck of it. Let me tell ya, that was a very fortuitous couple of lines!

As fate would have it Don was now a SUCCESSFUL entrepreneur with his online drop ship business and was just getting ready to expand into something a little more personal. (Here’s the fortuitous part I was talking about) Don was going to release an energy drink, branded with his likeness, to help spark interest and buzz at a few clubs and restaurants that he was involved with in New Jersey and Florida. After seeing the things here at the Toy Box as well as some of my TV stuffs Don approached me to create a label for the drink. I did and I gotta tell ya, there is something really cool about seeing your work going from on screen pixels to a physical item being held in someone’s hand.

After the drink label I followed up with a couple of posters to promote the beverage. This led to where we are today… the makings of Little Don…

“A drink you can’t refuse and a rush you can’t deny, come on, order a case today!”

Don had gotten such a kick out of what was happening with mini me and the Toy Box he wanted to see what a Little Buddy Don could do for his marketing. And while there is so much more to come in the near future, I can say now that this is going to be one of the most fun campaigns I’ve ever been privy too.

With a guy like Don, everything is larger than life… even i he only stands 8 inches tall!

“Why exactly are you sharing all this frilly, fluffy, warm and cozy stuff with us Jim?” you ask? Because the whole thing boils down to one beautiful truth for me that I hope you too will grasp. My passion for toys and collectibles isn’t about escapism to a time gone by that will never be back. It’s about keeping that youthful mindset fresh and available when grown up life needs a break. I’m not saying everyone should sit on the floor for a couple of hours every day playing pretend with your toys, but what I am encouraging you is to find something be it old or new that reconnects you with the child like innocence that we were all born with that gets faded, jaded and scarred with age. Whether that’s an actual toy, or a DVD of your favorite movie or TV show or scheduling mandatory time to catch every single football game your favorite team plays, is irrelevant… just so long as its something that reminds you that life isn’t all about ‘adult stuff’. It’s about living, loving and laughing too.

“So how ya been pal?”

By holding on to this belief and passion I’ve created a playground for myself where old friends were able to come and play at too. And while they (read Don) may have been caught up in the grown up world he’s now been able to loosen up a bit, sit back and smile at the Little Don sitting on his desk and let loose his imagination again to where he can share his passion with those that may also benefit from the playgrounds he creates.

So what about you; Do you still have a playground you can escape to? And if not, why not? Do yourself and he world a favor – Go Play! Jim 07/08/2012

It such a crazy surreal world sometimes. Mini me created by Dawn, flanked by cans labeled by me. This must be how the Taco Bell Chihuahua felt or something.

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8 Inch KISS Goodness from Figures Toy Co. (CTVT)

My very first
featuring the greatest band in the world!

And now there’s even MORE to choose from!

KISS: Debut Album
8 inch
KISS 1st Album Series 2 8-Inch Spaceman Action FigureKISS Starchild Bandit Mask 8-Inch Action FigureKISS 1st Album Series 2 8-Inch Action Figures Set

12 inch
KISS 1st Album Series 2 12-Inch Demon Action FigureKISS 1st Album Series 2 12-Inch Catman Action FigureKISS 1st Album Series 2 12-Inch Starchild Action FigureKISS Starchild Bandit Mask 12-Inch Action Figure

Hotter Than Hell
8 inch
KISS Demon Hotter Than Hell 8-Inch Action Figure

12 inch
KISS Demon Hotter than Hell 12-Inch Action Figure

Love Gun
8 inch
KISS Retro Series 1 8-Inch Spaceman Action Figure

Dressed To Kill
8 inch
KISS Series 5 Dressed To Kill 8-Inch Action Figure SetKISS Demon Dressed To Kill Color Suit 8-Inch Action FigureKISS Catman Dressed To Kill Color Suit 8-Inch Action Figure

12 inch
KISS Series 5 Dressed To Kill 12-Inch Action Figure SetKISS Demon Dressed To Kill Color Suit 12-Inch Action FigureKISS Catman Dressed To Kill Color Suit 12-Inch Action Figure

Sonic Boom
8 inch
KISS Series 3 Sonic Boom Starchild 8-Inch Action FigureKISS Series 3 Sonic Boom Spaceman 8-Inch Action Figure

8 inch
KISS Catman Series 4 Monster Album 8-Inch Action FigureKISS Starchild Alt. Series 4 Monster 8-Inch Action FigureKISS Series 3 Sonic Boom Catman 8-Inch Action FigureKISS Demon Series 4 Monster Album 8-Inch Action FigureKISS Spaceman Series 4 Monster Album 8-Inch Action FigureKISS Starchild Series 4 Monster Album 8-Inch Action FigureKISS Demon Bloody Series 4 Monster 8-Inch Action FigureKISS Series 4 Monster Album 8-Inch Action Figure Set

12 inch
KISS Demon Bloody Series 4 Monster 12-Inch Action FigureKISS Catman Series 4 Monster Album 12-Inch Action FigureKISS Starchild Series 4 Monster Album 12-Inch Action FigureKISS Starchild Alt. Series 4 Monster 12-Inch Action FigureKISS Spaceman Series 4 Monster Album 12-Inch Action FigureKISS Series 4 Monster Album 12-Inch Action Figure Set

Carrying Cases
KISS 8-Inch Action Figure Carrying Case

Julius Destructus: Destroyer? Sure. Inspiring? Oh brother, are you in for a treat!


Next to Julius my head doesn’t look so big. But then again the way he inspires, mine may just get bigger. No, really.

There comes a time in a collectors life that an item comes on the block that brings out the most intense desire of “must have” determination to acquire a particular item. These moments actually come and go considering that times and tastes change however in this instance this particular flutter found in my hoarders heart was so profound that I had no choice but to give in or risk having those flutters carry me all the way to South America for the winter. “What could possibly cause such a stir in a normally mild manner dork such as yourself, Jim?” you ask. Keep reading fellows and girls and find out more about this latest, unique and one of the more exciting acquisitions that has actually taking a spot in the Toy Box as well as on the reading shelf and inside my now ignited imagination.

Point #1. What it is.

A whole lot of Tim Baron goodness right here!

Julius Destructus: A custom rendering of Tim Baron’s creation by the artist himself.

Point #2. Where it came from.

The card art really flows with the overall packaged product. Seamless even.

Tim offered up a very small run of these handmade Classic Style action figures on the Mego Museum Forums; Marketplace Thread at the end of October 2011.

Point #3. The Good.

Only a mother or a comic book artist could love this mug. Or your old but Jimbo!

Right face!

The head sculpt is very impressive to me not just because it is a dead on likeness but more

importantly because it really captures the art style. And while I’m no artist by any stretch of the imagination I do appreciate good art when I see it. The way Tim captured his gritty, heavily detailed artwork in 3 Dimensions is very impressive. I’ve got more on that in a few.

Nothing says Mego style like “Oven Mitts”!

Another thing I really appreciate about what Tim has done here is that he has done a more than fine job in giving Julius the Mego treatment in a way that I’m sure would have passed Marty Abrams approval for what makes a Mego. The black oven mitt Mego style gloves are an especially great aspect of this styling. Anyone can paint hands to match a gauntlet to look like a glove, but only a Mego can get the same basic effect and also be able to snatch cookies out of the oven.

Also Tim’s use of a simple white “V” line to bring out costume detail is very much appreciated. It’s amazing how a couple of well placed lines can do so much. And of course I

would be remiss to not mention the wonderfully crafted skull belt buckle. IN this piece Tim has once again translated his 2D style perfectly in 3D. Love it!

Point #4. The Bad.

There is no bad. Only good. Move along.

You may be ‘bad’ but only in the good ways!

Point #5. Why I like it.

There’s a lot more than plastic. resin and cloth here folks… keep reading!

I love this figure for many different reasons and it’s my pleasure to share all of them with you! J

1.) First off the character and story of Julius Destructus is brilliant. Thanks to the graphic novel “The life and times of Julius Destructus” by Tim with scripting duties provided by the incredibly talented Ben Avery the life that is breathed into these pages is awesome. While those of you who have remained plugged into the comic book / graphic novel world, stories and art such as this will not come as a surprise to you (though you will find some wonderful, “Nice! I like how they did that” moments) for those such as myself who are in and out of same said world you will be treated to one heck of an adventure. Get the book here.

2.) Those who are members or visitors of the Customs Forum at the Mego Museum are already privy to this next impressive point: Julius here is Tim’s first foray into sculpting, casting and painting. And while the final product in and of itself is impressive the message in between the lines to me is something that I think is even more impressive.

When I look at this most impressive figure I not only see the character but I also feel the passion the creator has for the creation. There is something magical going on here folks. You see it’s one thing to create a character, another to draw a character, and a totally higher level of talent to express the characters thoughts, feelings and emotions through the written word. And now Tim has shown exactly how important this character is to him. In this 8-inch form we find that the creator has a true knowledge of the character that you can’t simply ‘crank out’. The level of details and nuances in the head sculpt and paint applications in this 3-D rendering in my opinion shows that Tim Baron and his creation are on a level that goes much deeper than a simple drawing on a sketch pad. Another big stand out factor for me is that Tim has shown the world (by example) that a ‘great and terrible dream’* can come true.

3.) I also appreciate the fact that with this effort Tim has given me a great platform to point out another fun and fascinating aspect about Mego and Mego-like figure collecting, and that my friends is the ability to create your own character in this perfect 8 inch scale. In a part by part break down here’s how you can begin to make your own custom figure:

The body and belt is from the guy who I will always credit as the leader in the resurrection of all this Mego style goodness, Dr. Mego himself Paul Clarke  The good doctor is also responsible for the super cool Commander X line of figures for Jay Piscopo’s “Capt’n Eli comics character and all of his variations. Those are still available by the way at

The suit, boots and oven mitts are from the folks at Classic TV Toys. While these guys get a bad rap from me for their figures (look for the Mad Monster reviews) they actually do a pretty good job when it comes to their accessories.

The resealable clamshell (which is super sweet by the way, it means you can play with it and then put it back on the card kids!) comes from Castaway toys. These guys are another great source for parts and pieces as well as some other really cool vintage Mego items at insanely low prices.

The head of course could be yours too; that is so long as you could beg Tim to make you one. These were a limited run but who knows? Tim may get the itch again and need to scratch it… or even better some wise publisher sees what I see in Julius and pays Tim a million dollars to mass market the book and this fellow. (I’m rooting for ya Tim!)

*The Great and Terrible Dream’ was the first compilation of Tim’s work he released in graphic novel form in 2009

Point #6. Why you should or shouldn’t get one.

Why you should:

Unless he makes more or the buyers of the original release decide to part with theirs, you can’t. Sorry about that.

Why you shouldn’t:

Why you should pretty much covers this one too.

In Conclusion

Your in excellent company Julius. Excellent company.

Passion. Talent. Entertainment. Fun. Four words that go a long way in describing what Tim Baron has created here in his Julius Destructus 8 inch Classic Style Action Figure. And while it is true that there are no more available at this writing, the tale of Julius is still available at . I do highly recommend the book because I promise you the time spent reading this very impressive graphic novel and studying the masterful pen strokes that creates this world will leave you with a since of contentment that only comes from quality entertainment. Plus if we move some books, Tim may get inspired to crank out some more of these excellent figures or even better, he may decide to churn out some of his other characters. But be warned, if he does go the route of the latter I will be throwing elbows all the way to the checkout to ensure I get mine. Now – Order the book and Go Play! – Jim 11/06/11

All of this 8 inch goodness due in part to the creative minds that comprise the Mego Museum website and community. How sweet it is!

Jim Bumgardner is a 20 year veteran of the broadcast industry and currently serves as the news director for television station TKO 8 in Harrison, Arkansas. Jim is the father of two the husband of one and firm believer in the power of toys for both the mind, body and soul. You can contact Jim via email at or


All images and products are the sole copyrighted property of it’s respective owners. Specialty photographs and graphic work used for this article were done by Jim at the TKO 8 Studios located at 500 N. Main St in Harrison, Arkansas. “Little Jim” was created by Dawn O’Connell of Little Buddies Action Figures. Learn more about getting your own Little Buddy at

Brick Mantooth / Super Colleector: The first 8 inch action figure with heart.


Well,sort of. I’m not getting paid for the placement of this video, I just want to help every Mego and Re-Mego fan to enjoy the goodness that comes from the world of Plaid Stallions and Brick Mantooth! Check it out!


Dear reader the two coolest fellows on the planet have arrived in the Toy Box!

Greetings dear readers! It seems like forever since I’ve had a new item to add to the Toy Box but I promise you this one was more than worth the wait. Today I am introducing you to a figure that needs no introduction if you’re a fan of the Mego Museum or Plaid however if your not (I’m glad I can help remedy that for you) you’re in for a real treat. Ladies and gentleman I present to you Brick Mantooth aka the Super Collector.

I know the title makes for a bold and perhaps seemingly crazy statement as to this figures significance in the grand scheme of toy collecting but from my point of view it is the closest combination of words I can find at the moment to express my sentiments towards this guy(s). In an effort to pull back a little bit from what could easily turn into a “Brick Praise-A- Thon” I am doing a lot of self censoring and editing along the way to the bottom of the page. It’s a rather difficult task considering that this guy encompasses pretty much everything that I appreciate in pursuing one’s passions. Let me explain;

This action figure is the final product of lord knows how many years of development from the mind of Brian Heiler who is the mastermind behind the Mego Museum and it’s sister site where you will find a boat load of fun at the expense of 70’s fashion sense or lack thereof. I encourage you to visit both sites to educate yourself on a much better back-story and understanding of Brick and Super Collector. In a nutshell though what the characters and sites mean to me are that they serve as perfect example of a hobby being shared with the world but done so in a remarkably professional yet fun way.  Moving on…

With this final real world rendition of the characters, I now have in my possession a trinket that serves as a real, physical item from a gift shop from the greatest place I’ve ever been to that doesn’t really exist. Sounds crazy I know but so what? It’s my world and how I choose to enjoy it. Again I am pulling back on the reins of what could become far too much of a suck-up-a-ppalooza for Mr. Heiler and the crew. Just know this guys if you ever read this; I truly admire your talents and your dedication to providing your fans something more than what any other site has or could ever do. And for such an insanely affordable price. Thank you.

Okay, enough with the Valentine to Brian, Scott, Sean, Steve, Dr.Mego and EMCE Toys. Let me break it down to you what all my gushing is about.

Point #1. What it is / they are.

Super Collector comes with everything you see here. And what more could you possibly ask for?

Sorry for butting into the shot but I feel cooler hanging with the Brick. Inferior, but cool.

Brick Mantooth / Super Collector 8 inch Classic Style action figure.

Point #2. Where it came from.

The Mego Robin style belt gets a little sideways but that's okay. He's keeping it "Mego Real".

Calm down ladies and certain gentlemen. Calm down.

This first 100 piece run “do it yourself 2 pack” was offered exclusively to members of the Mego Museum. The list of the credits on the side of the box read like this: © 2010 Brian Heiler, Scott C. Adams,: Sculpting- Sean Sansom, Costume Prototyping- Steve Moore, Design and Illustration – Scott C. Adams, Manufactured by: EMCE Toys. That handful of folks made these figures a reality. Brian did a better than yeoman’s job in getting them from his pad in Canada to my grubby little fanboy hands in Arkansas USA.

Point #3. The Good.

A hero never looked so smooth.

Where to begin? There’s really nothing about this figure(s) that I don’t like. The head sculpt is a perfect representation of the characters, the new swivel arm body from EMCE is an excellent example of what could have evolved from the original Mego Corporation, the costuming is again dead-on to the characters likenesses and the packaging is beautiful. In a moment I will point out some “Bad” points only for the sake of balance to this review. Honestly I’m pretty much going to simply be nitpicky in those points as you’ll soon see. But before all of that I have to share with you the thing that is the absolute coolest part of this Brick Mantooth / SC puzzle: The Mego Museum play set that SC uses “to acquire rare Mego artifacts in the 1970’s for citizens of the future to enjoy at the Mego Museum.”

The SC's Mego Museum accessory is simply too clever.

HUGE props to Brian for the decal work. These hand applied stickers must have been a nightmare to execute.

The swivel biceps are very nice update to the standard 8 inch EMCE body.

This solid resin, real world representation of the Mego Museum is beyond cool. It’s also a mind numbing difficult sticker application that Brian had to do by hand. While I was really taking it in I couldn’t help but imagine how much of a real pain in the *fingers* these stickers were to apply. But rest assured Mr. Heiler your efforts are truly appreciated. As an afterthought, these would also make for cool key chains. Well at least for me.

Point #4. The Bad.

There's really nothing bad about Brick or SC. Except perhaps laziness on the collectors part.

In this section the only really “Bad” that I can note is from a lazy man’s standpoint. If your not a customizer by nature this kit could be a bit frustrating. However I will say that if you are not of the customizing persuasion this would be a perfect opportunity to try your hand at this psuedo kit-bash. The heads are a little bit of a chore to get on the body. It’s recommended to boil them and soften the plastic. I on the other hand simply got them into the slot by doing sort of like you would when putting a tire on a rim; I positioned the head at a 45 degree angle, getting one point started and then used a blunt object to push along and down the plastic ridge into the torso cavity. Worked like a charm.

The body suit is also a bit snug to get onto SC. It’s been explained that the suit was originally designed for a regular Dr. Mego body versus the new LJN style swivel arm body. In the end the struggle is worth it as the broader shoulders really set this guy above and beyond his hero counterparts. Another thing to point out is that the fabric used is much sturdier than a traditional spandex or the flimsy material found on Mattel’s Retro Action Super Heroes, so don’t be afraid to tug on it. It can take it.

The only other two would be gripes involve SC’s emblem and Bricks belt. This however has little to do with their quality as much as it does with my own personal skill. You see the emblem in this kit is indeed separate and must be applied by you the consumer. Not really a difficult task but as you can see in my pics I didn’t get mine exactly squared up. The other point with Brick’s belt is that for it to look right you need to trim. Again not difficult to do, you just need to ensure you have a steady hand when you make the clean cut. I haven’t trusted myself enough for that yet.

Point #5. Why I like it.

If I could only be such an awesome collector and collectible.

Outside of all of the gushing I’ve already dome what more can I say? Plenty actually. A couple of points that I would like to mention here would be the price and the quality. Brick and SC came into my collection for the insanely low price of $23. You can bump that up to $30 if you got the extra, new LJN style Dr. Mego body. I had recently acquired a regular Dr. Mego body and used it for Brick so I didn’t drop the extra $7 bucks but still everything else for about the same price as one Retro Action hero is unbelievable to me. What a deal! The other point with quality  is also an opportunity for me to take another swing at Mattel. Each piece of this Brick / SC puzzle is first rate. I see absolutely nowhere that corners were cut. You can rest assured that your money is very well spent on this figure. Honestly even these bodies are superior to my beloved Venture Bros. figures from Bif Bang Pow. So Mattel, with all of your years of experience in the toy industry and with the council of Dr. Mego at your beck and call how could you possible drop the ball so horribly? Losers.

Point #6. Why you should or shouldn’t get one.

Why you should:

See everything I listed above. If that doesn’t sell you nohing will.

Why you shouldn’t:

The only reason being would be that you suck. Seriously there is no reason for any toy fan, marketing fan, 70’s pop culture junkie or modern pop culture enthusiast shouldn’t get a set of these guys (or two).

In Conclusion

Dear reader the two coolest fellows on the planet have arrived in the Toy Box!

No more gushing I promise. The Brick Mantooth / Super Collector as created and produced by Brian Heiler, Scott C. Adams, Sean Samson, Steve More and EMCE Toys is a must have for me and should be for you too. Consider owning this guy the same as the 21st Century version of a pet rock except in this case you get a much cooler “pet Brick”.Now – Go Play! – Jim 08/01/11

Jim Bumgardner is a 20 year veteran of the broadcast industry and currently serves as the news director for television station TKO 8 in Harrison, Arkansas. Jim is the father of two the husband of one and firm believer in the power of toys for both the mind, body and soul. You can contact Jim via email at or visit his website at


All images and products are the sole copyrighted property of it’s respective owners. Specialty photographs and graphic work used for this article were done by Jim at the TKO 8 Studios located at 500 N. Main St in Harrison, Arkansas. “Little Jim” was created by Dawn O’Connell of Little Buddies Action Figures. Learn more about getting your own Little Buddy at

Brick poses beside this vintage bus/RV that would be an awesome shag mobile for the Mantooth.

The great Canadian Amassador Mantooth poses for a shot with President Ronald Reagan.

SC is pondering whether or not he should slap the monkey off the roof. I say Monkey because "King Kong" is a registered trademark these guys didn't get the rights to use.

Time Traveling through Toyfare: Charlie Flatt’s Super Soldier Tutorial.

Once upon a time (actually Spring 1997) Charlie Flatt was the most well renowned Mego Customizer on the planet. The reason for this “super” distinction is that for all intents and purposes he was the only customizer at the time getting national press by way of the fledgling Toyfare magazine. In fact his article is what inspired me to get into the habit of customizing. So much so I ran out and bought a Dremel the day after I read the article. I never made a Super Soldier but I did do a lot of cool stuff with that handy little tool. That’s a reflection we’ll get to on another day.


With all the recent discussions about Flatt’s work at the Mego Museum ( ) I figured I should get this out here for everybody. Plus customizing Mego’s (and Re-Mego’s) is one of the more fun things about the hobby. Below is the high rez scans of Charlie’s article for your viewing and inspiring pleasure. Click on the pic to get the “Super Soldier” sized image.

And there you have it, the complete Charlie Flatt method of making Mego’s. Of course now days you can buy body’s from Dr. Mego and Castaway but if your up for an extreme, gettin’ back to basics challenge, here ya go.

Now, Go Play! – Jim 07/07/11

Bif Bang Pow’s; Scott Ian – Classic Action Figure – “Why Not?”

UPDATE: Scott Ian’s New Speaking Words DVD and crowd funding drive…

Just saw on facebook that Scott has some big news in regards to his latest project. This is the coolest opportunity to interact with one of the coolest dudes in rock! Check it out HERE

To add to, celebrate and commemorate this latest project be sure to get your Scott Ian action figure from Bif Bang Pow today!



Chillin’ with a Metal Master! Yeah, it really is good to be me.

When I first heard about this figure I was like “Cool!” Then I thought; “Why Cool? I’m not a huge Anthrax fan and honestly I haven’t followed what all Scott Ian’s doing since his time on the VH1 Reality Show “Supergroup”, so why do I care?” Simple answer; because its another 8 inch “Re-Mego”. Better answer; It is just oddball enough to have to have. Plus in doing this review it inspired me to dig through the “Jimbo Archives” for a dummy track that a friend of mine were working on a few years back to share. (We actually have recently decided to revisit that project and will be returning to the studio soon to flush out that album. More on that at another time though.) So sit back dear readers and get ready to rock out with the latest addition to the Toy Box – BBP’s Scott Ian – Classic Action Figure!

Point #1. What it is.

Bif Bang Pow’s; Scott Ian – Classic Action Figure

Point #2. Where it came from.

Mini Scott seems a little bored with the whole thing. Too much smoke perhaps?

This specimen was acquired by way of a trade with my good buddy livinxxxl at the Mego Museum ( aka greatest place on the planet ).

Point #3. The Good.

The EMCE body is perfect for guitar thrashing. Well at least posing properly.

Creativity goes along way with this guy. Considering that not everyone knows who Scott Ian is ( I know. Insane, right?) I find it a very bold move that Bif Bang Pow would be out the cost to produce this figure. Seriously, to mass-produce a figure like this is no inexpensive endeavor especially the extra touches that make Scott Ian here really cool. We’re start at the bottom and work our way up.

Penguin shoes. Yet made cooler by Rock -N- Roll.

First up notice the shoes. They are nothing more than standard issue Mego Penguin shoes with brown stripes. Still that’s cool on the creative front. EMCE continues the Mego tradition of re-purpose, re-purpose, re-purpose. And of course this means that with no unnecessary new tooling to be done, production money can be spent in other areas such as our next point: The Ink.

The tatoo applications are a really nice, long lasting touch.

Sure these are nothing more than well-applied stickers/ decals but you know what, they look excellent! And instead of paint that can chip and scratch this applications I believe will last a very long time.

Another thing that I do appreciate about Scott here is that he is

Without the Jackson at his side this figure would be far too boring, but six strings later and he’s cool.

packing his trademark Jackson Guitar. This six string is also not something to brush off as just another hunk of plastic. Not only is it sculpted well it also is a licensed item. And that again my friends ain’t cheap. Add to that the super sweet EMCE licensed body and you’ve got your self a figure that can rock out in all the classic rock star poses.

Point #4. The Bad.

Bland. Beady eyed. Strange growth on his chin. Life of a rock star takes a toll ya know?

Just nothign exciting about this head sculpt at all.

Bluntly I have to point out Scotty’s noggin. He’s a bit on the bland and pale side. Personally I would have preferred a more “Scott Ian- Angry” expression such as what is featured on the cardback, but that wasn’t my call. Since I am nit-picking I also have to point out that his eyes are beady and nose is really narrow and long. But then again you see one skinny bald white guy, you’ve seen ‘em all.

Point #5. Why I like it.

I recommend, but only for the Anthrax/ Scott Ian fan or hardcore 8 inch collector.

As I mentioned early on I’m not a super-die hard Anthrax or Scott Ian fan but I do like their music. The old metal head in me refuses to give up completely. And to be even more honest to have a 8 inch scale Jackson guitar is simply too cool. Now Little Buddy me can rock out! (Stay tuned for music kids! Your only a few paragraphs away!)


Point #6. Why you should or shouldn’t get one.

Why you should:

It’s the creativity and attention to detail that makes this figure work for me.

The uniqueness of the character in concept is worth the bucks. And although he is most likely going to go back on the card and resealed, only to come out again when a silly gag comes to mind. With that said have no fear Dear Reader and hardcore collector, this resealed version will not be for sale anytime soon. That would be lame and Scott Ian is anything but lame. Plus I’ve commandeered the guitar. Nootch!

Why you shouldn’t:

With no interest in the band or the guy ( he really is an old school geek like the rest of us btw) or a tattooed action figure, I can’t see where you would want to break out the credit card and load up at Entertainment Earth. So unlike other release this fellow I feel is a truly specialized and feeds the most narrow of niches.

In Conclusion

My new Castaway body really adds to Mini Jim’s rockin’ moves.

Scott Ian 8-Inch Action Figure Bif Bang Pow’s Scott Ian – Classic Action Figure ( I love how that sounds. Like a cool formal title: Yes I’m Scott, Scott Ian- Classic Action Figure) is a really neat addition to the modern Mego movement. For me he’s a fun addition to the collection and an interesting conversation starter. Plus thinking about Scott and Anthrax flashes me back to the old days of when I was then had long hair and KNEW that I’d be long dead by 28. While I was wrong in all of those assumptions (no, the hair didn’t look cool, I admit that now) I know my take on this figure is dead on the money. Speaking of ‘dead’ check out this really rough dummy track from my really good pal Albee Munyon and I. Albee wrote it, I crunched it. He’s singing and again I’m crunching it, old school style. The tracks called “Evil Dead” and we’ll be returning to the studio very soon to flush out this and many other old school metal sounds for a long overdue album. I’ll keep you posted. Now – Go Play! – Jim 06/21/11

Jim Bumgardner is a 20 year veteran of the broadcast industry and currently serves as the news director for television station TKO 8 in Harrison, Arkansas. Jim is the father of two the husband of one and firm believer in the power of toys for both the mind, body and soul. You can contact Jim via email at or visit his website at


All images and products are the sole copyrighted property of it’s respective owners. Specialty photographs and graphic work used for this article were done by Jim at the TKO 8 Studios located at 500 N. Main St in Harrison, Arkansas. “Little Jim” was created by Dawn O’Connell of Little Buddies Action Figures. Learn more about getting your own Little Buddy at

Mini – Jim’s New Body is the product of Castaway Toys!` Check out their hot bods and so much more at

Bif Bang Pow’s Venture Bros. Henchman 24 – The best Re-Mego yet!

Entertainment Earth


Dear Reader I present to you the coolest Re-Mego yet!

This is it. This is the figure that has really opened my eyes to what is really going on with the Re-Mego movement as far as maintaining my interest as a collector and grown up toy geek. Bif Bang Pow, the folks at EMCE and the creators of the Venture Brothers have master minded a product that not only feeds a nostalgic need but also gives us fanboy types new entertainment. With its Hanna Barbera style and slightly cynical humor the Venture Brothers has very quickly earned a place in my must see TV diet and DVD collection. Plus these figures are an even bigger must have for my collection than even (dare I say it) the Retro Action Super Heroes. There I said it! I’m telling you dear reader; I simply LOVE this show and line of toys. My only regret is that I wish I had got in on this sooner. Regrets are for suckers however so I will simply say that I am glad I am on board now and have something NEW to look forward to with each new action figure release AND new season of shows! Go team Venture!

My introduction to this line came not too long ago as you’ll recall from my review of Brock and the Doc ( ) but ever since I’m telling ya, I’ve became obsessed! And again I must point out that it was indeed a cart before the horse situation. Had it not been for the figures themselves and my fascination with the Re-Mego movement I never would have given the show a shot. Thank you for that BBP and EMCE! In the coming week’s I will be revisiting this line as I continue to round out the first three waves but for now let’s get to the business a hand of nit picking and praising Henchman 24!

Point #1. What it is.

Bif Bang Pow’s Henchman 24 from the Venture Bros. Line of 8-inch action figures

Point #2. Where it came from.

I love the "build a H.E.L.P.e.R" papercraft concept. One day soon I hope to have all the pieces!

Another ebay buy due to your old buddy Jimbo being no where near the last San Diego Comic Con where this guy along with Henchman 21 were exclusives. For the record I have now signed up with Entertainment Earth to begin receiving the new figures direct from them as they are released. You should too!

Point #3. The Good.

24! Right Face!

The design is brilliant. To have the antennae, mask and eye covers as separate pieces permanently attached to the final product make for a very good-looking representation of the character. Plus even though this particular figure does have a specific designation, without a sound chip sounding like a fairly funny Ray Ramano impersonator, this guy is perfect for army building.

The biggest standout of course has to be the wings. Talk about a brilliant design! I simply love the way they made this happen. Instead of some cheesy snap on wing these are four individual wings that if you were so inclined to, could pose. Again I have to shout “BRAVO!” for this extra touch that shows a dedication to quality and perceived value.

Excellent execution on the wing design!

The 'calm' pose for those non good guy smackdown times.

The 'what is wrong with my wings?' pose. Just because you can!

Another thing that I do appreciate about the figure is that 24 here is sporting traditional Mego hero boots. This is truly the tie that binds this line to the Mego legacy that is now in my opinion truly reborn.

It's all about da' shoes! Or should I say boots?

*On a side note I do want to point out that I am in no way slighting any of EMCE’s previous Star Trek line of new character releases. I understand that line is a magnificent dream come true for Trek and Mego collectors alike but they technically fall into my ‘old news’ category. And that’s only because Paramount is lacking in the new Trek TV and film department. Paul you know I hero worship you!

Point #4. The Bad.

This butterfly isn't coming out of his cocoon easily.

The only things that I would consider a short coming of the figure is that 1.) You can’t take the torso/wing assembly off without cracking it open, 2.) With the leggings being ‘open toed’ taking the boots on and off lead to bunching of the pant legs when you put the boot back on and 3.)

I never knew butterflies had belly buttons. Go figure.

The more traditional Mego body’s limitations in arm pose ability and use of rubber bands can lead to the same problems that have always plagued Mego action figures. And finally 4.) The slightly awkward shorts are just a bit short and leave the figure looking like he’s wearing a belly shirt.

Point #5. Why I like it.

To me this guy really is the perfect example of a 8 inch clothed action figure Renaissance .

As I noted in the Introduction this line of figures is in my opinion the first truly NEW Mego toy on the market. The reason for this distinction is that out of all of the new Re-Mego’s on the market these days this is the only modern license being produced. Dark Shadows, Lost, The Real Ghostbusters, Retro Action Heroes, all of those are technically ‘old news’ and are appealing primarily because of their nostalgic connection to our childhoods. The Venture Brothers however is still in production and from what I’m gathering, in no peril of cancellation anytime soon. Also the show itself really comes off as a cartoon that has grown with and for its intended audience; 30 and 40 something big kids at heart who still love toys, comics and cartoons.

Point #6. Why you should or shouldn’t get one.

Why you should:

A trio of truly terrific toys!

Because these toys are awesome! From their wonderful likenesses to their very clever design, the Venture Brothers line of 8 inch action figures are a perfect fit for the 21st Century toy and cartoon geek. Also considering my points in the “Why I like it” segment I would also dare to speculate that these initial waves (and subsequent) will indeed become highly sought after collectibles with fair to very good aftermarket value.

Why you shouldn’t:

The only reason here has to be that you are a stick in the mud who is far too uptight to enjoy the guilty pleasure that is cartoons and toys that are made for adults. If that is indeed the case I pray for your sad, stressed out, tortured soul. Loser.

In Conclusion

"You say so many nice things, Jim. I'm tearing up."

Again I can’t praise Bif Bang Pow and EMCE enough about these figures. This is truly a perfect marriage between property and license. The other items I’ve seen including the bobble heads and 2 inch mini figures are to me nothing more than pop culture dust collectors. They’re fun to look at but loose their humor relatively quickly whereas the 8 inch Re-Mego action figures are something that is not only cool to display loose but also a great carded collection to cherish. To show my sincerity in this claim I am indeed putting my money where my mouth is. This is one line that I will definitely be buying two of each, one to open and one to collect. I’ll prove it with pics as the budget allows! GO team Venture! Now, Go Play! – Jim 06/15/11

I LOVE these Guys!

Jim Bumgardner is a 20 year veteran of the broadcast industry and currently serves as the news director for television station TKO 8 in Harrison, Arkansas. Jim is the father of two the husband of one and firm believer in the power of toys for both the mind, body and soul. You can contact Jim via email at or visit his website at


All images and products are the sole copyrighted property of it’s respective owners. Specialty photographs and graphic work used for this article were done by Jim at the TKO 8 Studios located at 500 N. Main St in Harrison, Arkansas. “Little Jim” was created by Dawn O’Connell of Little Buddies Action Figures. Learn more about getting your own Little Buddy at

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