The Ronmy! If the GOP really COULD dig him up…

Mr. President welcome to the Toy Box!
Mr. President welcome to the Toy Box!

Talk about a great toy for an 80’s kid! Ronald Reagan as a mummy. The irony of course is looking back and seeing how so many considered the president well past his prime long before he was even elected the first time in 1980. And despite your politics Ronald Reagan was a perfect snapshot representation of the greatest time to be a kid in the early 80’s. Capitalism was in full swing. Cartoons with toy tie ins where all over the place and over all, it was just a lot of fun!

Mr. Reagan is just a shade taller than our other Re-Mego friends.
Mr. Reagan is just a shade taller than our other Re-Mego friends.

The figure from Heroes in Action is also quite an impressive piece of work. While if you stand one of there figures next to a standard Mego figure from the 70’s or one of the new figures they are a little bit taller. But not enough to throw it into the awkward 9 inch category. Something about that extra inch just throws those types of toys off for me. Anyway, the figure is solid from tip to top. While not held together in the traditional rubber band fashion of a Mego or Re-Mego, it’s body design fits right in with the style.

The head sculpt is terrific. The talk was that Heroes in Action would be releasing a normal version of each of their presidents but as of this writing that hasn’t come to light or even been mentioned that I’ve seen. Perhaps the market for old dude action figures isn’t all that great but I for one would love to have a normal version of Reagan, Clinton, Kennedy, Nixon and even Bush the First (well I wouldn’t go out of my way for that one, I’d still pick one up on the cheap. Not for politics mind you but because he was a pretty boring character). They have released a regular version of President Obama but good luck in tracking one of those down.Seriously though, this toy is fun, clever and made really well.

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The silk screened mummy wrappings are fantastic. The age worn and tattered suit is such a wonderful touch to this tongue and cheek parody figure.

P1000037 P1000039

The only down side to this figure for me is that now my collector OCD is kicking in hardcore but the $24.99 MSRP is keeping the other figures just out of reach. But that’s only temporary. Also to note the next wave which have been shown but not released are even more brilliant and fun. Teddy as a Yeti? Oh yeah, sign me up!

Well I better get back to the day job so I can make the bucks to round out this collection. So until next time kids, remember to show that patriotism can have a sense of humor stock up on all of these presidential monsters TODAY! Now, Go, Play! – Jim 02/18/13

This shot is one more for the road for my world traveling Mego pal, nayrbgo. Click on the pic to see where all in the world Mego’s indeed do go! Tell him Jim sent ya!

Now with more nudie pics!

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Brick Returns!

You know sometimes people are simply wonderful.


As many of you may recall, towards the end of the year last year I went all in on raising funds for my film / documentary “Now, Go Play!”. In doing so I sold of the majority of my own personal collection to raise funds for HD camera and other equipment needs. While the film is on a temporary hiatus (more on that later) the love that has been generated from it continues to grow.


You see as part of the big sell off of 2012 I parted ways with one of my favorite pieces Brick Mantooth. He was taken into the home of a very swell fellow by the name of Jason Shackleford (jshack to my fellow MegoMuseum peeps). I could go on and on about Jason and more of his other more than generous contributions to the project but for the sake of your time and attention let me just say he’s an amazing giver. Note the Executive Producer Credit on all of the new Toy Box videos. Moving on…


This past Saturday I walked to the mailbox a bit late in the day not expecting to see anything short of perhaps another regular monthly bill. Image my surprise when I opened the door and saw a cardboard box from none other that Jason. I smiled. Once I got inside the smile grew even larger when I peeled back the tape and the layers of air packing to see none other than my dear old pal Brick Mantooth. He was back. The smile began to hurt it was so big.


So here I am, a 39 year old man as overjoyed as an 8 year old on Christmas morning staring at this long lost friend who was now smiling back at me in all his 70’s catalogue model charm, oozing with cheesy charisma. Of course I had to snap a picture. It was a monumental occasion. Truly worthy of a Kodak moment and a facebook posting.


You see, the time that has passed since the original inception of “Now, Go Play!” has been one of the most life altering times of my life. First up, it was the first time I exposed myself and my passions to the world in such an open and needy manner. Follow that with my first opportunity to experience faith and generosity to what at the time appeared to be a cold and uncaring world. People that I had never met or had only known through cyber relationships were actually showing support both moral and financial to me and my cause. Humbling and encouraging all at the same time. Those feelings served as a springboard into an adventure into personal and professional growth that I have never before known. Real confidence. Determination to break out of my rut and belief that life as I knew it was all that there was. Indeed the air had shifted and the change was coming. Again more on that a little later but for now let me again focus back on my now returned pal, Brick.


This charismatic hunk of plastic will forever represent to me the love and belief that comes from others when they are given the opportunity to share, care and support a fellow true believer as Stan Lee would say. This fantastic piece of plastic now goes from being a toy with mucho heart (click here for the full scoop) to being a symbol of inspiration and determination to follow ones dreams and trust that the world is indeed on your side and not fighting against you. I’m sure that Brick’s creators Brian Heiler and Scott Adams had no idea that their creation could transcend to such a highly regarded position, but I’m here to tell you he has. Thanks guys (and to all the others who made Brick possible) and to all of my supporters of “Now, Go Play!” Ben Peterson, Aaron Ber, Douglas Tooley, Dawn O’Connell, Russ Dould my lovely wife Alicia, Kathy Tarochione, and of course all my peeps at the MegoMuseum (forgive me if I left your name out, it was far from intentional just freeflowing thought at the keyboard at the moment). I love and appreciate you all.


The future is looking very, very bright for me, mine and the film. I could go on and on but instead I just want to enjoy this moment of reflection and love that all of these folks have brought to me. And rest assured that at the end of the day I will work diligently to not let you down. Just like Brick, I aim to spread the joy and fun that comes from imagination, passion and the spirit of fun for all of the rest of my days on this planet. Thanks for reading my ramble. Now, Go Play! – Jim 01/28/13

You can get a Brick too… Click HERE… and also check out some other cool swag at Plaid Stallions including Brian’s new book that is a fantastic collection of incredibly crappy toys by clicking HERE and see what al the guff is abotu by watching the videos below…



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