Minions, seriously; What the F@%!?

Watch your mouth! Or perhaps just your ears?

They’re cute and all the rage these days but do Dreamworks Minions found inside McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys also have rage issues of their own? I took the caveman Minion to task to see if the rumors were true and was actually surprised at what I found: somebody needs to get the soap!


When I first heard about the Minions and their filthy little mouths my mind flashed to two points: 1. The Teletubbies gender and sexuality issues of the 90’s and 2. People are once again going overboard in the world of being offended. Either way I decided to walk away from this topic and let it fade away. That is until I picked up a Happy Meal for my daughter and the bright orange, loin clothed caveman Minion started ranting before the first chicken McNugget was consumed.

Before I go any further with this I want to point out a couple of things. This piece is not to bash, blame or complain. In fact my wife and I found this kinda funny. These days I steer pretty clear of the crass humor for the sake of my five year old who picks up on everything. To each his or her own but I really don’t find it cute for my daughter to quote a line from a Kevin Smith flick. Love the View Askewniverse but, no. Moving on…

buttersAs I mentioned at the start I thought all the social media ramblings were once again much ado about nothing, that is until I heard it myself. To which my wife and I giggled as this little voice that sounds surprisingly like Butters from South Park saying what does indeed sound like “What the f@%#?”. But wait there’s more! The second bump to the creature produced what sounded like; “Why, I’ll be damned!” To which I was. So perhaps it isn’t so much that the Minion has a potty mouth as it is a mind reader because I indeed was.

A release from McDonald’s Inc says that it’s all a misunderstanding and the Minions speak nothing but gibberish so anything “heard” is merely a coincidence. Same thing was said about Tinky Winky way back when. While that sounds like a plausible explanation because the human mind has no choice but to try and process something logical out of the illogical I gotta call BS on this one. Before we get to the video examples of our suspect let’s take a look at the instruction sheet that came with this little fella.

Pointing out text

On the sheet it shows, in quotes the gibberish that the little fellow is allegedly saying. Problem is the syllables and phonetics obviously don’t add up. “para la bukay” sounds nowhere near what comes out of this little fella’s mouth. Okay semantics police, para la bukay” sounds nowhere near what comes out of this little fella’s speaker hole found on the back of his head… Are we done now? Thank you. Read the text and listen to the clip….

Not even close. Did you hear what I (and a whole bunch of other folks) hear? Maybe yes, maybe no but I do know after you watch the clip again with subtitles, you most certainly will. It’s merely how the brain works.

So was this an intentional Easter egg planted by the toy makers? Or is it a very ironic and shocking coincidence? Or is it really much ado about nothing and doesn’t really matter? I’ll let you be the judge on that one. Personally I think who ever programmed the sound knew exactly what they were doing and in fairness it’s kinda funny. But then again it’s not. I really don’t want my daughter spitting out either of the phrases. Kids are funny like that, mimicking sounds and all. But then again I wouldn’t mind kicking back and watching Clerks this evening in the family room. Maybe with a cheeseburger Happy Meal in tow. Why not? Seriously, “What the f@%#?” 😉

Seriously, what say you? Drop a comment below.

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Jim 07/15/15

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