Spaceman? No, not really no. Excellent figure though but no, just no.

Well. This is odd…


What an interesting reaction I am having to a figure… Tommy Thayer, Sonic Boom series… just don’t like it. Not the figure itself . It’s superb in quality and design.IMG_20140530_202122_616

KISS400The sculpt is dead on and the hair is rooted better than even the Ace from Alive.

But it’s just not right.

Kaitlynn experimented with different stage set ups too.
Kaitlynn experimented with different stage set ups too.

I actually got it on the cheap to give to my daughter to go along with her Dressed to Kill Paul and Peter (which are EXCELLENT by the way)… these were meant for play but even she wasn’t pleased with what she saw.

Ace took it all in stride.

She actually told her mother “It’s not the right one.” Alicia of course assumed she meant that it wasn’t a DTK figure in a suit. Kaitlynn tried to correct her in explaining that the costume was fine but this figure was not Ace and therefore not right.

IMG_20140530_202109_727I keep staring at it. It puzzles me. Such a great figure on every level but still it’s just not right. Even the old KISS Mego’s where Paul shared a head with Darryl Dragon and Peter shared a nogging with Gene Hackman and as such looked nothing like themselves. But this is different. It’s simply not the Spaceman. It’s a guy from either a tribute band OR it’s the Halloween version of my old buddy Albee dressed up like Ace.


So weird.


Now, Go Play (with caution)

Jim 05/30/14

They let the cat out…

IMG_20140409_225046_375May 17, 1980 – Peter Criss left KISS to pursue a solo career.  Truth be told it had more to do with Peter’s drug addictions than musical aspirations. Thankfully Peter did get clean, rejoined the group in the late 90’s for a farewell tour and then joined the gang one more time to be inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame. And despite it all he is still the Catman, an entertainment legend and another reason why my Toy Box is the coolest place to hang out.  God bless you, Peter. 

KISS Alive! You wanted the best, you got the best!


Figures Toy Company has done something that I can’t help but applaud loudly:

They Improved!

While their first series of KISS action figures made me all giddy as you may recall these new figures blew me away. All of my complaints except for one has been addressed and corrected. In a totally backwards fashion I’ll go ahead and start with that one gripe just to get it out of the way.

Holy preposterous packaging, Batman!That gripe? The packaging. Still huge. Takes up too much real estate and the card art is far from inspired. And the reproduction album jacket is still pretty lame.  But honestly I could care less about those things because these bad boys demanded to be freed from their giant plastic prisons! I was more than glad to oblige.

Kiss_alive_album_coverThe “Alive” series of KISS classic Mego style 8 inch action figures have improved heads and shoulders above the first series I reviewed back in 2012. New sculpts from the incredibly talented Farrow; the wonderfully stylized costumes that capture the essence of the “Alive” stage show; and last but most certainly not least the improvement in the stringing of the bodies. No longer are they twisted and tough to pose. These figures are most certainly ready to Rock N Roll all night and party every day!

Considering each character is its own personality it seems only fitting to devote time to each one Solo album style….Click on the corresponding Solo Album to get to the individual review.

Ace_frehley_solo_album_cover cover_paul petersolo PHOTO_9867063_120635_23211722_main








The stress test – These things are TOYS.

In my Sheldon Cooper review I put the Bif Bang Pow body to the test by manhandling the figure. It passed with flying colors all to the Kid’s Bop version of “Can’t touch this”. This time however I had a much better stress tester; my 4 year old daughter. Actually I didn’t have a choice. She really wanted to play with these figures. Being that I’m not an over the top IT MUST REMAIN MINT CONDITION collector these days (and I love watching my daughter play) I said, you know what? Go for it baby! And she did.

The figures held up wonderfully. I’ll be honest I held my breath for the first few poses but by golly they took the playtime like true toys should. And that really, really impressed me. Not only was I pleased with the looks of the figures and felt that those positives alone justified the retail price, seeing my daughter actually PLAYING with them made my purchase completely satisfying.


How much do I like these new figures? So much now I and Kaitlynn want ‘em all! Except the Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer figures. Thanks to Paul I could really care less about those two. They are now scrubs and impostors in my eyes. I will say though that the sculpts do look really good and I’d venture to guess that the quality is up to par overall. For me though the characters have no nostalgic connection. If I want a spaceman I’ll buy another Darth Vader. If I want a Catman I’ll just do a gender swap and get a Catwoman.

Seriously though these figures are excellent and I will most certainly be saving my pennies to pick up the Dressed to Kill figures. Probably some extra sets actually so I can trade out the Love Gun and Hotter than Hell with these new sculpts. Still need the first album figures too. I also hope that Figures will continue the line with at least Dynasty. Sure it was a lack luster album but the costumes were sweet.

Be sure to click out all of the individual reviews including the review of Paul’s new book as well as my take on the KISS / Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Debacle.

Now, Go Play!

Jim 04/ 10/14

Buy via the links below and the      Entertainment Earth                                                      gods will smile upon me.

8 Inch Figures
KISS Retro 8-Inch Action Figures Series 1 SetKISS Alive! 8-Inch Series 6 Action Figure SetKISS Series 5 Dressed To Kill 8-Inch Action Figure SetKISS Series 4 Monster Album 8-Inch Action Figure SetKISS Demon Dressed To Kill Color Suit 8-Inch Action FigureKISS Catman Dressed To Kill Color Suit 8-Inch Action FigureKISS Retro Series 1 8-Inch Spaceman Action FigureKISS Starchild Bandit Mask 8-Inch Action FigureKISS Starchild Series 4 Monster Album 8-Inch Action FigureKISS Demon Bloody Series 4 Monster 8-Inch Action FigureKISS 1st Album Series 2 8-Inch Spaceman Action Figure

12 Inch Action Figures
KISS 1st Album Series 2 12-Inch Starchild Action FigureKISS 1st Album Series 2 12-Inch Spaceman Action FigureKISS Starchild Alt. Series 4 Monster 12-Inch Action FigureKISS Starchild Series 4 Monster Album 12-Inch Action FigureKISS Series 4 Monster Album 12-Inch Action Figure SetKISS Alive! 12-Inch Series 6 Action Figure SetKISS Demon Bloody Series 4 Monster 12-Inch Action FigureKISS Catman Series 4 Monster Album 12-Inch Action FigureKISS Starchild Bandit Mask 12-Inch Action FigureKISS 1st Album Series 2 12-Inch Demon Action Figur, Not MintKISS Demon Dressed To Kill Color Suit 12-Inch Action FigureKISS Catman Dressed To Kill Color Suit 12-Inch Action FigureKISS Spaceman Series 4 Monster Album 12-Inch Action Figure

Carrying Case
KISS 8-Inch Action Figure Carrying Case

Show your KISS colors!
KISS The Demon Luv Gun Leather Street JacketKISS The Starchild Leather Street JacketKISS Army Jacket with Removable Leather Sleeves

Fun Stuff
KISS Mount KISSmore Full Scale Polystone StatueKISS Mount KISSmore SDCC 2012 Exclusive 5-Inch StatueKISS Inflatable Tongue

KISS Uglydoll The Starchild Big Toe PlushKISS Uglydoll The Demon Ox PlushKISS Uglydoll The Catman Babo PlushKISS Uglydoll The Spaceman Wage PlushKISS Love Gun 12-Inch Tall Plush Set

KISS Alive 8 Inch Action Figures from Figures Toy Company Pt.1

I wanted the best and I got the best! These figures are simply amazing in their detail for this format. There is so much more I want to say and share about these but time is not my friend today. I will share these pics to tie you over. But don’t wait for my “final word” to go order yours today! 

When You Wish Upon a Star… Gene shows up.

1940 – Frances Langford recorded “When You Wish Upon a Star”. But as KISS Fans will recall Gene Simmons did a cover of the tune on his Solo album. When I first heard his version I found it pretty odd but now I so get it and even appreciate. With the advent of reality TV and all Gene all the time in the media and social media circles, I do believe this was a glimpse into the truly grateful fellow I believe him to be.

Continue the celebration by bringing a little Gene to your home today!




KISS-tory lesson Thursday!

1976 – KISS placed their footprints on the sidewalk outside the Grauman Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

So many options but here are my favorites!




‘Ace Frehley – No Regrets’ – Amen, Spaceman.

Introduction: You wanted the best you got the… oh wait this isn’t a KISS thing… it’s better, it’s an Ace thing! Ace Frehley’s new memoir “No regrets” is the most recent addition to the box shelf here at the Toy Box and I gotta tell ya, it is perhaps one of the new top five titles in my non fiction library. And yes I have been a fanboy of the Spaceman for as long as I can remember. From being a five year old kid in 1978 who wanted nothing more from Santa than an Ace Frehley Mego to 1987 when I started getting serious about playing guitar to 2011 where I find myself ‘living the dream’ of doing what I always knew I would be doing from a very early age (mind you I’ve got some tweaking to do), Ace Frehley has been a constant influence on me. And with ‘No Regrets’ Ace is again helping inspire me to dream big and play hard. Now let’s get down to the business of learning more from the mind of a man who for four decades has perfectly personified a true guitar hero and rock star. And even better has done it with a few apologies but no regrets. Let’s rock…

What it is

Ace Frehley’s – No Regrets… By Ace Frehley (with Joe Layden and John Ostrosky)

From Simon and Schuster – Released nationwide in hardback November 1st, 2011.

Purchase your copy today at Amazon via a link from the Mego Museum.

Where it came from

I actually bought this book at retail (Target). Seriously. For those that know me in the real world, the fact that I broke my habit of being very patient (and cheap) when it comes to buying most things, especially books know that it takes something very special to talk dead presidents out of my pocket. Case and point, if there is a title that I really, really, really want to read I at least wait for the paperback. Otherwise it’s rolling through used bookstores or surfing around Amazon or ebay for a super cheap used copy (sure there are things called libraries but I have a problem with late fees, believe me when I say I’m better off just buying a used copy. It averages out). This title however wouldn’t allow my frugal nature override my desire to imbibe these 305 pages of Ace Frehley insight and reflection. I will admit that the 30% off that Target offered didn’t hurt but I honestly would have paid the full pop for this hardbound, dust jacket wrapped trip through the Spaceman’s archives.

The Good

The greatest ‘good’ that I come away with from this book is that it really feels like a conversation between the reader and Ace. And I’m sure that comes from the style in which Ace dictated to the co-authors and if so bravo anyway. It really works on that level. This particular style makes it an easy page-turner for me. Plus with the ‘conversation’ flowing I wouldn’t want to walk away and be rude.

Another thing that is a top five ‘good’ thing when it comes to the book is that for once and for all Ace has put his side of the KISS story on the record forever locked on the printed page. That in my most humble opinion is a textbook example of balls. The reason I feel that way in regards to this book, is that no one on the planet would know better than Ace the possibility of libel lawsuits from the Simmons / KISS camps if there were misleading information. I’ll cover this more in a few.

And one of the other really big things that makes this book so cool to me is that in reading between the lines you easily see what the book really is; a thank you letter to the fans and also it serves as a middle finger directed very pointedly. Ace is no punk kids. This man is the real deal calling out those that need it. But in doing so Ace doesn’t come off as trying to pick a fight but if the need arose I don’t think he would have any bones about ‘settling’ the problem the old fashioned way. Again more on that aspect in a few.

The Bad

This is going to sound stupid but it is an honest observation; Ace doesn’t cuss well. I’m serious, in the instances where profanity is used (there’s really not very much by the way) it almost seems forced. I would sight specific examples but considering the normal PG content of the Toy Box I don’t care to go all shock jock now. But for example sometimes it seems like the ‘F’ word is used where the ‘S’ word would fit better. But than again it could simply be a regional thing. Having never been to the Bronx, NY area what the s*** do I know about proper regional dialect?

Another thing that does leave me a little cold is the way the later chapters seem to thin out on details and go into a ‘fast forward’ pace. This aspect makes the book feel a little lopsided. Overall I’d say it takes away a little from the overall title but not enough to leave the reader dissatisfied. Still the last few chapters seem so rushed which is a disservice to this otherwise well paced tome. .

Why I like it

Honesty. As a guy who can only read the written words and take them at face value versus being able to strap Ace to a lie detector, I really believe he’s shooting straight from the hip. I really believe him and truly don’t see any reason as to why he would lie about any of these recounts from his personal and professional life. Also I love the fact that Ace doesn’t pull punches. Literally. Avoiding being an a-hole I don’t want to give away anything but I gotta say that the tale of Ace punching a wannabe (he’s named in the book) in the jaw made me smile wide and even giggle.

I also truly appreciate Ace’s honesty when it comes to drugs, alcohol, and women. I love that he doesn’t go all preachy now that he’s sober. Considering most reformed folks turn into a sappy, weakling. Not our man Ace! While he doesn’t endorse or promote his particular quirks for other folks to do he doesn’t apologize for simply being a guy. That’s very refreshing in this watered down, politically correct society. .

Another thing I really appreciate in his reflections is that from the cradle to the present Ace has a way of ‘keeping it real’ as far as his roots go but also appearing down to earth while at the same time acknowledging his celebrity and accomplishments. Sort of like the wise old sage who has seen so very much from the mountain-top but when he came down the lack of oxygen at the peak didn’t damage his brain and turn him into a ‘better than you’ a-hole..

Why you should or shouldn’t get one

Why you should – A KISS fan would be insane to no read purchase and this book. I point out purchase because I feel it is very important to show your favorite entertainers your real support where it counts, from the pocketbook. Plus I think it would a nice gesture to help Ace see his book out sell Gene’s two to one (or more).

Why you shouldn’t – For the non-Ace or non-KISS fan you’ll probably be left a little cold. But then again if your not a Ace or KISS fan why would you care about this book in the firs place? And while Ace does do some moderate name-dropping, the tell-all aspect isn’t inflammatory enough to draw in the gossipy types.


Being that I am a fanboy of Ace one would think that my credibility in offering an objective review would be in jeopardy. I hope by this part of the process you see that is not the case. I recommend this book (seriously go BUY it) no matter what level of fan you may be. I can also confidently say that after you do, you won’t be disappointed. So pardon me guys while I go order my copy of ‘Anomaly’ and also replace my copies of Trouble Walking and Second Sighting. This has been a regular ‘Rocket Ride’ gang so until next time… Go Play! – Jim 11/16/11

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