Brodie Bruce Volume 1: Dante’s a Nazi

Hey gang! REVIEWS COMING SOON but this guy was too cool not to play with already! – Jim

P.S. You can get any of these fine ViewAskew alumni by clicking via Entertainment Earth, on any of the comic panels. 


Scott Schiaffo, so much more than gum…

I’m actually working up a few cool reviews in regards to everyone’s favorite Chewlies Gum Representative Scott Schiaffo (hence some of the new drop down menus you see up at the top). But as I feverishly type away and pop pictures I figure right now would be the best time to give you a heads up on some of the really cool projects Mr. Schiaffo has going on… so much more than inciting riots at the Quick Stop.

Since everyone is looking after the debut of the latest episode of Comic Book Men on AMC, peep this! Clerks alumni Scott Schiaffo has a TON of really cool things going on right now!Dig all this cool stuff that has more flavor than Chewlies Double Dip Mint!

His music which is also going for a GREAT cause!


His latest film role that is looking to be something indeed to behold!


And then there is this really cool send up project to the chubby boy from Jersey who did good! Seriously, this looks like a lot of fun.

shooting clerks

Come back soon for my take on all of these things. Or just go straight to the source yourself and check out his book of poetry … the titles too long to type so just click on the pic…


Now, Go Play!

Jim 02/24/14

That winning lottery ticket needs to hit!

What a year for 8 inch Mego style action figures! Between the Figures Toy Company reproductions, the full lineup from the Big Bang Theory and the customizing possibilities with the S-Type body I only thought I was going to have to get a third job to pay for my hobby. Well I guess I gotta start looking for the fourth job now thanks to Bif Bang Pow and EMCE toys…


I just pre ordered my set and hope you will be so kind to do the same via the links I have up here (and share this posts link too). Actually if enough of you do I won’t have to find that fourth job. Oh who am I kidding? The way this is going I’m probably going to need a fifth.

Now, Go Play (and Pre-Order!)

Jim 02/23/14

A great day thanks in part to Chewlies Gum!

What a wonderful day I am having thanks in no small part to Clerks alumni Scott Schiaffo… Thank you kind sir, you know what you did…  Everyone else,  you gotta wait a little bit 🙂 – Jim 01/27/14


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