How does the champ prepare for the main event? A big bowl of MegO’s cereal of course!

Recently I received a really cool gift from a buddy of mine; the ZLC Collectibles exclusive Rocky Balboa “training variant”. It’s a fun figure with sweat suit outfit, black beanie and shoes and athletic taped hands.

Overall it’s a nice and solid Mego action figure but the greatest part about it to me is the fact that it’s an exclusively produced figure. It’s nice to see a company that obviously loves the brand and product enough to go all in and working a deal like this. Real teeth in the game. As such I hope you consider ordering one today.

Another thing I really like about this figure is that it gave me the opportunity to put to some kind of use to an idea I turned into reality a couple months back.

One October morning I challenged myself to do something for the the sake of doing something fun and funny graphic wise. What popped into my head was a parody cereal box. Long story short, I have a real appreciation for the art that goes into cereal boxes. If you think about it, the makers put a lot of thought into adding value to that packaging. The old school days of a “prize inside” was great but it was also cool to be able to spend breakfast time reading the box.

With that top of mind I decided to apply my general love and inspiration that comes from the Mego style toy to this project. What you see here is the final culmination of that. Silly and kind of pointless in general, my efforts popped into a practical use when I got the Rocky. So now I share with you the pics as well as a version to print and make for yourself.

Right now you can finish your day just like the Italian Stallion starts his, with a big ole bowl of MegO’s cereal and imagination.

Now, go play!

Jim – 12/10/21

P.S. Here’s another fun little project I’m working on you might want to take a look at… we’ll, so long as you’re not scared of being “red-pilled” 😉

Click here to order the sample.

How y’all doing tonight?

Been a minute since I posted so I thought I’d drop a quick note about my most recent pick up. Loved this flick since it was first released all those years ago. And I guess I didn’t really heed the warnings.

Walmart may be evil but they suckered me in again!

I understand there is a black and white chase figure available but 1. I’m not dropping another $9 for a Pop and 2. That’s what filters are for anyway 🙂

I highly recommend the photo editing app Pixlr. I use it for pretty much all photos on the site over the last 5 or 6 years. Great on Android and iPhone.

And to prove the point on Pixlr, I slapped this one together as fast as Roddy can run out of chewing gum.

You can call me crazy… but only if you aren’t paying attention.

Keep your eyes on the sky and off the television and Facebook kids. Your soul will thank you for it.

Now, Go Play!

Jim- 11/20/2021

Kirk is going where no 90 year old man has gone before?!?!

In case you missed it the most epic announcement of the actions of a pop culture icon just dropped: William Shatner is going to space! How amazing is that? Captain Kirk going to space for real?!?! I’m not that big of a Trekkie but I sure do love me some William Shatner!

And while this is awesome in and of itself, this isn’t the first time that the influence of the fictional “Star Trek” has manifested in our real world. For those who may not have known or forgot, once upon a time ago the bridge crew of the Enterprise were the guests of honor when the REAL Enterprise was rolled out for all to see… well, everybody but the Captain…

I guess this is the Shat’s way of making up for that really stupid blunder on his part. As of this writing, I haven’t been able to find an official reason as to why he wasn’t there but ego’s were ego’s back then. Oh well, let the past be the past right? Right!

Being as fanboy as I can be, this announcement gets me stoked about Kirk Merch (plus that sounds kind of cool)… and on that note, I’m thinking to commemorate the moment I just may go aheaad and get my hands on the new 14″ Mego Kirk via my longtime pals at Entertainment Earth. Hmmm……

Hell, I think I may need to give in to more impulse buying and round out the whole old school crew via the Mego way. Also could be a really good time to give the folks at ZLC Collectibles a shot…. I see tribble size trouble on my hands if I give into all this madness.

But what a way to go! I think I’ll start right here…. I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

#AFWD2017 has arrived, and Dante and Randall ARE supposed to be here today!

Couldn’t think of two better slackers to spend #AFWD2017 with 🙂

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You can get your own from Entertainment Earth via the links below PLUS the NEW Mallrats Series! Brodie is on the way to me now and I am so stoked to review him! – Now, Go Play! – Jim  03/03/17


Clerks Black and White Series 2 Action Figure SetClerks Black and White Action Figure SetClerks Silent Bob Black and White Action FigureClerks Dante Black and White Action FigureClerks Jay Black and White Action FigureClerks Randal Graves Black and White Action FigureClerks 20th Ann. Minimates Black-and-White Figure SetMallrats Select Brodie Series 1 Action FigureMallrats Select Jay Series 1 Action FigureMallrats Select Renee Series 2 Action FigureMallrats Select Silent Bob Series 2 Action FigureMallrats Select Series 2 Action SetMallrats Minimates Series 1 Box Set

Star Wars REBELS Jedi Temple Guard scored but a question has arisen… How do you like to collect?

My latest “Holy Grail” piece. We love him and perhaps he can submit us for the trials. Cuz we’re ready. Oh yeah, we are ready!

I got him! The phantom that made a man out of Kanan. Well, a Jedi Knight in a Star Wars Universe where that didn’t seem possible at that point in the story-line, which is pretty awesome in and of itself. You can watch a scene from that epic episode right here….

*For those who want to get a better understanding of who and what the Jedi Temple Guards were, check out this video from YouTube User the StuppendousWave, by clicking HERE. Tell ’em Jim sent ya 😉 

I remember seeing him on the shelves in 2014 but was unplugged at the time. BIG mistake on my part, but corrected now.

Now… isn’t that the most bad ass piece of Star Wars you’ve ever seen? Well, outside of the showdown with Darth Vader between Kanan, Ezra and Anakin Skywalker’s former apprentice Ahsoka Tano. That was simply incredible. Oh, and Kanan’s battle with Maul. And… you know what.. I could go on and on … but I won’t. I’ve raved about the REBELS show for a long time now and it’s for these reasons. Great story with great characters. And with that said I will repeat myself on this one point: This is IMO the first new Star Wars in a very long time. I’m in no way knocking Episode 7 at all and most certainly not Rogue One which I find to be the BEST Star Wars movie to date, in regards to it being a fantastic MOVIE that HAPPENS to be set in the Star Wars Universe. But back to my point:

One day I’d like to see Ralph McQuarrie make it to the animated universe that his concept designs inspired for the show.

With REBELS, in my eyes, being the first NEW Star Wars in some time, I really connected with this show as a fan. And being a product of the original merchandising golden age of the 70’s and 80’s, I had to have the figures and ships. Too bad I was late to this party and revelation because the first issues get pretty pricey on the secondary market. Which is cool. I have no issue with supply and demand dictating price when it comes to vintage or out of circulation collectables. Now in regards to toy scalpers and hoarders, I still say they should be executed in a hardcore Darth Vader manner. Which leads to my next point and question:

How do you and how do you like to collect?

For me, the thrill was always in the hunt, pre-internet. Flea Markets, random junk shops and thrift stores, regular retail when the new stuff came out and before the “greedy toy mongers” raided everything and of course local comic book shops, when they still existed. But nowadays, it’s so easy to just “go buy it” online. Well, if you have the cash of course, but if you do, you can. I’ve done that plenty times over the past few years but it wasn’t very fun. It was a bit of a bummer really. So what I’ve opted to do is create a set of guidelines for my online hunting. The main one being price. It’s no secret to anyone who’s followed this blog at any point over the past decade that I’m a cheap guy who is a sucker for a sale. You can see that in my blind bag obsession series.

The Grand Admiral shall be mine! (And hopefully in the wild.)

What this has done though, has put a challenge back into my collecting. And I like it. I do admit it took some time to develop the patience but thankfully, a line such as the Star Wars REBELS series has given me something to focus on and want. This Jedi Temple Guard has actually been on the list for a long time but there was no way I was going to pay the crazy money people were asking. So in the end I scored this guy via an eBay auction for $10 less than the best price I had ever seen. And that thrills me. Now there’s only one figure left of the existing releases I need: Grand Admiral Thrawn. And now I face the same old situation of figuring out where to buy him.

So thrilled when I found her hanging on a peg. The joy of a successful hunt.

Thrawn if you don’t know, is part of the most recent wave of Rogue One figures that have been released, along with the REBELS version of Princess Leia. I’ve held out from just buying him and Leia online even though she was pretty cheap. Right at or just under MSRP with free shipping in many instances. My patience paid off however, as I did score Leia in the wild at a Walmart out of town from where I live. There was only one left and no sign of the Grand Admiral but it has encouraged me to keep looking, although the reality is It’ll probably never happen due to the really spotty releases from Hasbro and the apparent reluctance of retailers from ordering more Star Wars products since most places still have a glut of Force Awakens and Rogue One toys on the shelves. So, I’m going to hold out a little bit longer.

Picked these two up in a trade solely for the purpose of making THIS meme. A fanboy can dream.

Now I pose the question to you; How and where do you buy your favorite little playthings? Ebay, Amazon, from a Facebook group or other online source. Or are you like me and establish guidelines for your purchases or trades? Speaking of trades, what’s your thoughts? I’ve made some fun one’s just for the sake of it. Like anyone I could use and would prefer cash but at the same time it’s nice to freshen up a collection AND make someone else really happy. Isn’t that one of the biggest aspects of this hobby? I know I think so. But more importantly I want to hear what your take. My inquiring mind wants to know.

Now, Go Play! Jim 02/16/17

P.S. If you do like to collect via online retailers (or don’t have many local options like me) do me a favor and click around the links here at the Toy Box and check out the cool stuff that Entertainment Earth has to offer. They have some really cool exclusives you can’t get anywhere else. Plus there’s always some cool sale going or free shipping offers. And when you do make a purchase it helps me earn some brownie points and hopefully do some more reviews for them. I do appreciate it a lot! 


The Metal Earth model challenge – Submission 1 from the Unbox Boys! D-E-D-C-A-T-I-O-N!

7 accepted the challenge... and I salute them all. And as the submissions come in I can say that these folks are dedicated… and nuts! These Metal Earth construction / model kits ain’t no joke but in our first submission from the Unbox Boys they handled it like true, toy lovin’ pros!


Dig the video and share your thoughts on their process and video, oh, and be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel AND like their Facebook page. Great guys simply having fun.

Stay logged into to see our next submission in this insane challenge very soon and see which if this master manipulators of tinee tiny things wins a super cool prize from the Jim’s Toy Box Vault of Awesome! !

Now Go, Play! – Jim 09/18/16

And if YOUR patient or just crazy enough to dive into these little marvel’s of metal machinery, do your old buddy JImbo a favor and get yours from Entertainment Earth via the incredible selection below!
Transformers Optimus Prime Metal Earth Model KitTransformers Megatron Metal Earth Model KitStar Wars Darth Vader TIE Fighter Metal Earth Model KitBatman v Superman Bat Signal Metal Earth Model KitFord 1965 Mustang Coupe Car Metal Earth Model Kit

Logan: He is the best at what he does, bub!

Logan7Good morning gang! I know, I know: Why time stamp this post when you never know when exactly someone is going to actually be reading it? Because its morning right NOW, duh. And morning was very crucial to the decision to do this sunrise photo session and quick post about Logan: the Wolverine.

Logan here is from the Diamond Select / EMCE Toys Marvel 8 inch Re-Mego collector set. Well one of two heads and outfits separate from the complete Mego-style Wolverine figure in the set. And on a Type S body from ZICA / Castaway Toys (as constructed by my pal Gregory Harris. Again sir, you are much hoss!). Hopefully this week I can do more of a full on review but right now this post is all about THIS figure and the fun that it inspired on a Sunday morning in August, 2015.

Taking our lovely little Yorkie out to do her morning business, excuse me, be demanded to take out Her Royal Roundness for her morning water blessings of the lawn, everything looked “just right” to bring this guy out and get some pics in natural light that I hoped would show how fantastic this figure is. And I don’t say that lightly at all.

I have been on the fence with these DST/EMCE Marvel 8 inch figures for some time and still have some issues I want to discuss later this coming week but for now I just want to share and celebrate with you this Canadian that means nothing but business. Check out the pics and tell me what you think either here or on Facebook.

Now, Go Play!

Jim 08/02/2015

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ALSO !!!!!! I’ve created a Streaming Channel for the ROKU! It’s much more than toys but I would appreciate it if you would take a look sometime. Plus you never know when I may get more playtime in for the Toy Box that will find it in the Arts&Entertainment section of the channel. Still waiting on the final approval from ROKU to put it in the official channel store (fingers crossed) but in the mean time you can still access the channel using the Vanity Code below. Thank you again to all of you wonderful folks for the encouragement in all of my weird and wacky adventures 🙂 – JB


America’s Top Models aren’t fake, they’re plastic!

Star Wars Darth Vader TIE Fighter Snaptite Model Kit As a kid I absolutely LOVED model kits. Didn’t matter if it was cars, characters or Star Wars ships, each one was so much fun to me. Not that I was terribly good at them but I really enjoyed putting them together. I was good at putting them together, but it was the details where I got lost. Painting was never my forte and the wet and slide decals always seemed problematic. But I didn’t care, I still had a ball with them. And I really enjoyed it when my dad would step into help on the ones he knew I really wanted done just right.

xxxxgeneralleeOne that comes to mind the most is the big honkin’ General Lee that came out around ’81. It was a massive model kit and just close enough to scale to my 8 inch Mego Bo and Luke Duke. He worked on that thing for almost two weeks getting every part and piece just right and of course the decals of the now infamous Confederate Flag applied just right. Man, I love those memories.

Elvira Mistress of the Dark Model KitRecently I got into watching episodes of Monsterama hosted by Elvira Mistress of the Dark and came across one that featured the monster kits from once upon a time ago.


That got me the itch back but I haven’t pulled the trigger just yet on picking up a new kit. Frankly because; 1. I know my detail work will still be lacking. 2. I’m really crazy busy with work stuff and 3. Dad’s not here to fix it. But then again maybe he is.

Those memories I mentioned truly mean a lot to me and now with my daughter turning into quite the crafty little girl (in the skill area not the powers of persuasion, but then again she is getting good in that realm too) I think it would be neat to let her take a crack at these. I just wish the price tag was the same as it was then.

I noticed a few years back that the prices of model kits had went up significantly from when I was a kid. I’m not talking about inflation, I mean overall. These buggers aren’t cheap, even for the exact same styles and kits, be it snap together or basic glue together kits. The digging I did at the time blamed the higher cost for petroleum and in turn the plastics used. Stupid OPEC, sucking the fun out of everything, right? And that’s when I get really happy to see sales, like the one going on at Entertainment Earth now through July 21st (2015, if you show up way late).

Batman 1966 TV Series Batman 1:8 Scale Model KitBrowsing through the selection the temptation is growing to go for it again. I’m realy digging the ’66 Batman kit….

Mars Attacks! Martian Figure Model KitThe Mars Attacks! Is pretty sweet too but I know there is NO WAY I could ever get the paint scheme right. Not a negative Nancy, just a realist. Seriously, look at that beautiful creature!

Battlestar Galactica Viper MKII 1:72 Scale Model Kit 2-PackBattlestar Galactica Original MKI Viper Model KitOne that I did have when I was a kid that I really enjoyed was the Battlestar Galactica Vipers. Star Wars rip off or not that ship hands down kicks the X-Wing’s posterior.

The ones though that are really, really, really, pushing me to the “Add to Cart” button are the Munsters kits. The residents of 1313 Mockingbird Lane were so influential on me as a kid that for them I would like to take a really dedicated crack at them to do them justice. Probably take me the better part of a year for sure but man they are sweet.
Munsters House Model Kit The Munsters Grandpa Munster 1:9 Scale Model Kit The Munsters Herman Munster 1:10 Model Kit

The Munsters' House HO Scale Preassembled Model KitOr I could just cheese out and go the Pre-Assembled route … but that really isn’t very much fun and no one would ever believe me if I tried to pass it off as my own creation. Not that I’d do that but, well… you know 😉

Chrysler C300 Model KitIn all actuality though I will most likely go back to the basics. A simple car kit. Although not exactly “simple” The exhaust systems were always problematic for me. Getting the completed engine back in the chassis with the manifolds attached was always a real squeeze and one almost always popped off despite the Testors glue that stunk up a room like no other. Dad, where are ya when I need ya? Well perhaps your granddaughter can help me out a little. She’s developing your skills and sense of humor so I think there may be hope for me yet.

Now, Go Play!

Jim 07/15/15