#AFWD2017 has arrived, and Dante and Randall ARE supposed to be here today!

Couldn’t think of two better slackers to spend #AFWD2017 with 🙂

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You can get your own from Entertainment Earth via the links below PLUS the NEW Mallrats Series! Brodie is on the way to me now and I am so stoked to review him! – Now, Go Play! – Jim  03/03/17


Clerks Black and White Series 2 Action Figure SetClerks Black and White Action Figure SetClerks Silent Bob Black and White Action FigureClerks Dante Black and White Action FigureClerks Jay Black and White Action FigureClerks Randal Graves Black and White Action FigureClerks 20th Ann. Minimates Black-and-White Figure SetMallrats Select Brodie Series 1 Action FigureMallrats Select Jay Series 1 Action FigureMallrats Select Renee Series 2 Action FigureMallrats Select Silent Bob Series 2 Action FigureMallrats Select Series 2 Action SetMallrats Minimates Series 1 Box Set

GREAT DEAL ALERT! Jay and Silent Bob’s “Cock Knocker” from Hastings

Look kids! It’s Mark Hamill!


The only thing better for me than doing a review is doing a review where there is a good deal to offer up to you all. This is one of those times. Inspired by my recent review of Dante from Diamond Select that I purchased from Entertainment Earth, I got the View Askew bug again and started surfing around. Low and behold I found a scratch for my itch in this Diamond Select / EMCE Toys, Retro style action figure of the ole ball buster himself; Cock Knocker from Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back and for only $12.99 with Free Shipping!
I have been wanting to pick these up for a while now but never got around to it. But with this figure I’m pretty sure that Bluntman and Chronic will be taking up residence soon enough. This is really a great figure all around but there are a few shortcomings that I point out in this unboxing video

As you can see, Diamond Select almost had the perfect retro, Mego style action figure in this one. But still, there’s so much m,ore good going on with only the smallest smidge of bad being the stand. And I still think the big cock knocker fist should pop off to recreate the scene IMO. And considering it is a unique piece of the body I couldn’t see this being a far step BUT I do concede for it to be a pop off piece it would require the extra casting which is of course would be a hefty expense to add.
Image2Overall I gotta say, I love the sculpt and costume. The paint application is also very good. And I do truly appreciate the credits given to the artists behind the figure. Plus we get the closest thing to a Luke Skywaker Mego in this one. And of course you can’t beat the price and as of right now they are still available for only $12.99 with free shipping via Hastings listing on Amazon.

And as I bid you ado, mere mortals, take advantage of this great deal and I’ll keep looking for more to share with you and would appreciate it if you would do the same in kind.

Now, Go Play!

Jim 03/01/2016

Scott Schiaffo, so much more than gum…

I’m actually working up a few cool reviews in regards to everyone’s favorite Chewlies Gum Representative Scott Schiaffo (hence some of the new drop down menus you see up at the top). But as I feverishly type away and pop pictures I figure right now would be the best time to give you a heads up on some of the really cool projects Mr. Schiaffo has going on… so much more than inciting riots at the Quick Stop.

Since everyone is looking after the debut of the latest episode of Comic Book Men on AMC, peep this! Clerks alumni Scott Schiaffo has a TON of really cool things going on right now!Dig all this cool stuff that has more flavor than Chewlies Double Dip Mint!

His music which is also going for a GREAT cause!


His latest film role that is looking to be something indeed to behold!


And then there is this really cool send up project to the chubby boy from Jersey who did good! Seriously, this looks like a lot of fun.

shooting clerks

Come back soon for my take on all of these things. Or just go straight to the source yourself and check out his book of poetry … the titles too long to type so just click on the pic…


Now, Go Play!

Jim 02/24/14

That winning lottery ticket needs to hit!

What a year for 8 inch Mego style action figures! Between the Figures Toy Company reproductions, the full lineup from the Big Bang Theory and the customizing possibilities with the S-Type body I only thought I was going to have to get a third job to pay for my hobby. Well I guess I gotta start looking for the fourth job now thanks to Bif Bang Pow and EMCE toys…


I just pre ordered my set and hope you will be so kind to do the same via the links I have up here (and share this posts link too). Actually if enough of you do I won’t have to find that fourth job. Oh who am I kidding? The way this is going I’m probably going to need a fifth.

Now, Go Play (and Pre-Order!)

Jim 02/23/14

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