When music gives you the chills and thrills of the greatest time of the year, it’s an inspiring ambiance…

What do you listen to while you work?

With todays prompt from Jetpack via WordPress, I was pretty pumped to share my story… because it’s a SPOOKY one! Bwahahahahaahahahaha!!!

Okay, maybe not spooky enough to warrant all the maniacal laughter but it does had a nice chill and thrill to the day. I’m speaking of my favorite online radio site; Halloween Radio.

More terrific and terrifying tunes than you can shake a tombstone at!

While there are a handful of Halloween themed online radio stations and playlists available, they all pale in comparison to what you will be treated to at Halloweenradio.net . Plus, being working as a traditional radio station, the playlist never stops and you never know exactly what your going to get. So suspenseful! However there are options available via the main page.

You can choose from oldies, the main feed, kid friendly or ambient sounds in regards to the channels they offer. Each and every one of them go far beyond “The Monster Mash” and Michael Jackson’s “”Thriller”. Way beyond!

There are so many tunes from the genre out there that if you’re a fan of the creepiest time of the year, Halloween Radio will most seriously make you scream with delight all year round!

Now, Go Play!

Jim 07/24/2023

Welcome to “Max’s Monster Burger”! Home of 2D and 3D delights :)

The Monster Meal from Max’s Monster Burger… the most fun you can have in this life or the next! For franchise information email Jim today!

Here’s something a little different. A dream of mine would be to have a themed fast food joint. To this end I took some characters I created years ago, mixed in some Showbiz Pizza with a splash of Space Ghost Coast to Coast and pack it all into a location similar to the house that Kroc built and I welcome you to “Max’s Monster Burger” where you can test the menu by trying our decedent and delicious “Monster Meal” with a burger, fries, drink, ghost shaped monster nuggets and of course a toy packed up in a cute box for easy eating on the go. This is of course a tie in to the TV show; “Conspiracy Cinema”. Welcome to the show, foolish mortals!

Let your imagination fly and watch what happens! Jim 03/06/2033

If you can’t laugh about Satanism, what can you laugh about?

“What a shocking header, Jim!?! Are you a Satanist? Pagan? Occultist? Harvester of Sorrows?” No. I have a sense of humor and made an animated show to prove it. Warner Brothers and YouTube however, didn’t. So sensitive.

“What a shocking header, Jim!?! Are you a Satanist? Pagan? Occultist? Harvester of Sorrows?” No. I have a sense of humor and made an animated show to prove it. Warner Brothers and YouTube however, didn’t. So sensitive.

The complete bits from the program Warner Brothers and YouTube said was needed to be banned. But have no fear, you can still watch the Satanic Rites of Dracula via Bobby Gammonster’s channel or rent / buy it from Warner Brothers. However I wouldn’t recommend those asshats for anything… ever. I truly have come despise the WB long before this by the way. They are IMO the most glaring example of what makes corporate entities truly horrible.

But seriously, Warner Brothers had a copyright strike placed on the full presentation that featured the old Hammer films production of “The Satanic Rites of Dracula” within seconds of the upload completed. Only between the time stamps of just after the 16 minute mark to just after the 44 minute mark. I found this odd as this particular film has been in the public domain for quite a long time but it is not worth the fight because 1. I’d never win and 2. My bits are not an issue. Well, not that I’m aware of yet.

I would like to request “Entertainment” be stricken from their moniker as it is fake news. Asshats.

I always do my best to keep any and all of my content “PG” with the hardest stretch being a “PG-13”. That’s not to be righteous or pious, it’s more a matter of respect for the audience. While one can never, ever, ever guarantee that someone, somewhere won’t be offended, I do make it a point to make sure that what I put out is something I don’t have issues with my own daughter watching. It’s just that simple for me.

All the cool ghouls in the test audience loved the show. 😉

I bring attention to that point as after I was notified that the full feature video was banned and blocked, that YouTube dubbed it as “Age Restricted to persons over 18”. In that claim I have no dispute. By general societies standards… sort of. The film does have a couple of scenes were the sacrifice is bare chested on the alter. I’m sure that must be the issue because the Satanic rituals being portrayed are surely fictional, right? Right! (insert wink, wink, nod, nod).

Again that part doesn’t really bother me. If I were to have aired it on traditional broadcast television, the tah tah scenes would have had to be edited in some way, by either blurring or stretching the frame, etc. What got me though was that they made the decision AFTER the video was blocked and banned and unavailable for ANYONE, ANYWHERE to view it. Not a big deal but just an annoyance brought about by the lords of the algorithms that make those decisions.

No matter, the animated bits are what matter to me and so far, the telescoped sizzle reel that features the complete joke hasn’t been deemed evil and or banned. I’ll let you know if that changes. You’ll actually know if it happens if you can’t see the video below.

This is the sizzle reel for “Conspiracy Cinema” an animated creature feature program that is intended for mature audiences. The bits however I would say are pretty standard late night family fair. Well, so long as you aren’t terrified by talking action figures and a cartoon zombie cowboy.

That rant aside, I do have much greater purposes and usage for the program as a whole as it will be a focal point for a new series I am launching now that will better allow for me to share and teach the steps to the content creation pipeline I’ve shared a couple posts back that has actually been very well received by new readers from around the world.

And to all of y’all I offer a sincere, “Thank you!” and look forward to adding to that method and strategy that could very well help you in your endeavors be they professional or personal. We’re all on this human journey together so I pledge to continue doing the best I can with my experiences to encourage, motivate and inspire you to do the same.

Now, Go Play!

Jim 07/25/2022

P.S. I’m working for in house merchandise creations, tips and affiliate sales… so clicks and a drop in the hat are always appreciated

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Customizing your heroes. Even if they are a little bit weird.

The latest creation from Jim and Gar!


Scroll to the bottom to see NEW pics of the subject and his doppelgangers as well as a very nice and appreciated video shout out from the main man!

Custom Secret Squirrel: You know the “Bleh, Bleh” Guy!

Introduction – Greetings gang! In this entry I get the distinct pleasure in introducing you to two separate but equally cool things. The first is my pal Gar Ghoul who is the host of “Horrible Horror” on the web and has been for the past six years. Each week Gar brings you a complete line up of fun and merriment consisting of music, fun and funny banter, lots of “bleh, bleh’s” and of course, a horrible movie. Add to all of that the online broadcasting platform allows you to chat directly with Gar and other members of the audience in real time.

To those who haven’t tried it out yet the best way I can describe the experience is like, being able to talk in the movie theater but no pimply-faced usher is going to try and kick you out for disruptive behavior. Or better yet, its like a movie with subtitles that actually salvage an otherwise crappy movie. Check it out for yourselves Saturday nights at 8PM Eastern / 7PM Central (the rest of you can figure out your own time zones, I’ve got an article to right)..

The second really cool thing that I am introducing to you today is the art of custom figure making known as ‘kit-bashing’. This my friends is an ancient Chinese secret that very few are tuned into. Okay that’s not really true. Kit-bash customizing is actually a fun and relatively easy way to create action figures of characters that have never been produced, using existing parts and pieces in a configuration that captures your heroes in 3 Dimensional form. And the best part is that for this particular 3D art form you don’t need stupid glasses that cost you an extra two bucks and that they expect you to give back at the end of the feature. Sorry about that. But that really does get on my nerves. Back o the fun stuff.

What it is 

Now that I have introduced you to our subject I’d like to share with you some of the insider tips I used to create this custom “Gar Ghoul” 8 inch, classic Mego style action figure that may inspire you to have your own arts and crafts fun day.

First, the character that Gar ‘is’ really lends itself easily to the custom Mego treatment. To me Horror Hosts (the name is a proper noun, show some respect) are cool on so many levels. A few of those being that 1.) They’re great entertainers, 2.) There’s not a terrible amount of money in it (if any really) so these guys and gals are doing it for the love and for the artistry and 3.) The characters created are like real life cartoon characters, super heroes, movie monsters come to life etc… It’s those reasons that toys of the characters are a natural fit.

 *editors note – for more on Horror Hosts from today and days gone by check out the fantastic archive created by Corpse S. Chris at 

Three others that I would like to also recommend (I could go on but for the sake of time I’ll narrow it down to just three)… Ormon Grimsby…Dr. Gangrine and MeTV’s  very own Svenghoulie. 

Ormon Grimsby

Dr. Gangrene

Back to the custom…

The Gar custom consists of two parts – the packaging and the figure itself. I list the packaging first in this case because honestly my customizing skills ain’t what they used to be so the packaging is crucial to the final products effectiveness.

The packaging 

Card Front

Card Back

If the old saying “imitation is the greatest form of flattery” is true than you folks at Bif Bang Pow should be blushing brighter than a red, ripe tomato. For the packaging I used Adobe Photoshop, stills captured from the Horrible Horror show(Thanks Tammy)  and the layout is a direct copy of the one used on the later issued Venture Bros action figures. The outer shell was recycled from a EMCE Toys/ Diamond Select Star Trek action figure. *astute readers will notice that the name on the card art says “Secret Squirrel” … to learn about why that is come on over to the Horrible Horror facebook page and find out why.

The figure

The figure is actually really simple. The base used is the Companion character from the Space 1999 series of figures released by Classic TV Toys. The only thing I really had to do was slap a little black and white paint on and “WAH LAH!” instant Gar Ghoul. The nose of the base figure was the real deal maker actually. It looked just similar enough to help add to the overall likeness needs.

I only made three of these (1 for Gar, 1 for him to use as a giveaway and 1 for my own personal collection.) but more are always possible thanks to the ability to kit bash.

Now the bigger question some of you may be asking;

“Why do I care?”

The main one being that the art of kit bashing is a great way to make some really neat gifts for those you love. The creations could also be used for unique marketing promotions or simply just for fun!. And while you can customize and kit bash pretty much any toy line out there, something about the Mego style just seems to mesh better with the final products “fun factor”. So what are you waiting for? Pick a subject, gather your supplies and get to creating! You can even work on it while watching “Horrible Horror with Gar Ghoul”, Saturday nights at 8PM EST / 7 PM CST on Vaughn TV!

Now, Go Play! – Jim 6/30/2012 (Updated 02/05/2014)

“So, it’s Bleh, Bleh,Bleh”?
“No,just  Bleh, Bleh. The 3rd is over kill. 

Entertainment Earth

8 Inch KISS Goodness from Figures Toy Co. (CTVT)

My very first
featuring the greatest band in the world!

And now there’s even MORE to choose from!

KISS: Debut Album
8 inch
KISS 1st Album Series 2 8-Inch Spaceman Action FigureKISS Starchild Bandit Mask 8-Inch Action FigureKISS 1st Album Series 2 8-Inch Action Figures Set

12 inch
KISS 1st Album Series 2 12-Inch Demon Action FigureKISS 1st Album Series 2 12-Inch Catman Action FigureKISS 1st Album Series 2 12-Inch Starchild Action FigureKISS Starchild Bandit Mask 12-Inch Action Figure

Hotter Than Hell
8 inch
KISS Demon Hotter Than Hell 8-Inch Action Figure

12 inch
KISS Demon Hotter than Hell 12-Inch Action Figure

Love Gun
8 inch
KISS Retro Series 1 8-Inch Spaceman Action Figure

Dressed To Kill
8 inch
KISS Series 5 Dressed To Kill 8-Inch Action Figure SetKISS Demon Dressed To Kill Color Suit 8-Inch Action FigureKISS Catman Dressed To Kill Color Suit 8-Inch Action Figure

12 inch
KISS Series 5 Dressed To Kill 12-Inch Action Figure SetKISS Demon Dressed To Kill Color Suit 12-Inch Action FigureKISS Catman Dressed To Kill Color Suit 12-Inch Action Figure

Sonic Boom
8 inch
KISS Series 3 Sonic Boom Starchild 8-Inch Action FigureKISS Series 3 Sonic Boom Spaceman 8-Inch Action Figure

8 inch
KISS Catman Series 4 Monster Album 8-Inch Action FigureKISS Starchild Alt. Series 4 Monster 8-Inch Action FigureKISS Series 3 Sonic Boom Catman 8-Inch Action FigureKISS Demon Series 4 Monster Album 8-Inch Action FigureKISS Spaceman Series 4 Monster Album 8-Inch Action FigureKISS Starchild Series 4 Monster Album 8-Inch Action FigureKISS Demon Bloody Series 4 Monster 8-Inch Action FigureKISS Series 4 Monster Album 8-Inch Action Figure Set

12 inch
KISS Demon Bloody Series 4 Monster 12-Inch Action FigureKISS Catman Series 4 Monster Album 12-Inch Action FigureKISS Starchild Series 4 Monster Album 12-Inch Action FigureKISS Starchild Alt. Series 4 Monster 12-Inch Action FigureKISS Spaceman Series 4 Monster Album 12-Inch Action FigureKISS Series 4 Monster Album 12-Inch Action Figure Set

Carrying Cases
KISS 8-Inch Action Figure Carrying Case

Mattel’s Retro Action: The Real Ghostbusters aka The Gangs all here (well, almost)

I call this one, "Ghostbusters under glass". Er, I mean plastic. Whatever. I've got the set so there!


Once again I turn your attention to the guys who chase down the bumps in the night. Well actually, these Ghostbusters went to work all hours of the day and night, but primarily on Saturday mornings. And the fiends that struck terror were actually very brightly colored more reminiscent of a Rainbow Bright doll than say Pinhead from Hellraiser. Oh well, they’re still fun.

Having touched on Egon already… (http://jimstoybox.com/2011/05/24/mattel%E2%80%99s-retro-action-the-real-ghostbusters-egon-spengler-great-stuff/ ) I’m going to do my best to avoid any unnecessary redundancies in this review. The bodies are still greatly improved from earlier Retro Action Assortments and the Velcro fasteners on the back of the jumpsuits still please me more so than the snaps found on the Retro Action Super Heroes. With those two main commonalities pointed out let’s get down to the business of reviewing this terrific trio of tortured soul terminators. It’ll be fun!

Point #1. What it is.

Mattel’s Retro Action: The Real Ghostbusters Ray, Winston, Peter and Egon

Point #2. Where they came from.

You've seen one RA Ghostbusters backer card, you've seen 'em all.

Again this line is a Toys R Us Exclusive however I acquired all of mine through ebay by way of my now good pals at Page 3’s Game Zone (http://www.page3sgamezone.com/toys/) and another fine e-tailer Kokomo Toys (http://kokomotoys.com/). I offer up both if them as very reputable dealers. And I also direct you to their personal websites versus their ebay listings so you can get what YOU want without these fine folks getting jacked on the latest round of ebay fee increases. I may be a great example of “a fool and his money” but I do know when enough is enough when it comes to sellers fees on ebay.

Point #3. The Good.

Along with the Standard Issue Proton Pack, Ray also comes with this... um.... super dooper turkey baster?

Nothing beats a complete set. Well the set as it stands so far (we’ll get to my gripe in a second). The cartoon accurate look along with the accessories really adds a great deal of value to these toys. And I would be remiss in not pointing out the fact that all but one of these figures have a really cool, cartoon accurate accessory outside of the standard issue Proton Pack. And while Dr. Venkman does not come with any extra special gadget, the fact that this one doesn’t suck body wise (as compared to the SDCC exclusive) is  good enough for me.

Mr. Zeddemore here is the only Ghostbuster to come with a trap so I hope he never takes a weekend off.

Another thing about the accessories is that they do fit well in the hands of these Real Ghostbusters. There is a slight drawback but I’ll get to those points in a moment. For now though I want to stress that it is really cool to see that Mattel has went the extra mile to offer up 8 inch scale accessories that really do augment this line greatly.

Venkman is so cool he needs no extra accessory. Unless of course you count his charm and smarmy attitude.

The head sculpts for Peter and Ray are also nice interpretations of the 2 D characters. Winston’s likeness is lacking but in all actuality I’m just glad he was made at all. Still I do have to admit that when I look at these guys lined up and compare them to the images from the cartoon, Winston here looks more like a guy playing Winston more so than the real deal. I’ll consider him Winston’s stunt double Carl. While they don’t really look alike, through the cameras lens during the fast action shots, he’s close enough.

Point #4. The Bad.

Of all the GB's Winston's sculpt is lacking in the likeness department.

To show that I am a fair review and not always “Yay Mattel!” I’m going to do a bit more complaining than what your used to reading from me dear reader. The reason isn’t that I’m wanting to improve my “street cred” and show you that I really am an “old school thug that will slap you down when called for” it’s really just a matter of what I believe is poor planning / consideration Mattel took with this line.

To really make the collection complete we MUST HAVE Slimer. Janine would be nice but the Ghostbusters without Slimer is like peanut butter without jelly. Considering the kick that Mattel has been on with the whole “build-a-figure” concept I think they really missed a great opportunity here for a Do it yourself Slimer. One arm with Egon, one with Ray, The Lower body with Peter and the Upper Body and Head with Winston.

For those out of the toy loop real quick 411- “Build –a- Figure” refers to the way Mattel has included different body parts with different figures in a particular wave to create a complete figure. Great marketing concept considering you have to buy each figure in the Wave to complete this super exclusive figure or pay through the nose for the bits and pieces on ebay.

I also mentioned that the line is lacking Janine. Honestly this really isn’t that big of a deal to me. Sure she was an important character on the cartoon but not as important as Slimer. Considering she is pictured on the back of the card I would almost bet that she will be a Matty Collector Exclusive. That would make sense to me. The same think with Mr. Stay Puft. He really had no role in the cartoon series anyway.

Another thing that I have to comment about is the “retro” art style they have applied to this particular backer card. Why? This show is from the 80’s not the 70’s. The off center layouts really doesn’t work. If anything they wanted to stay true to the “Retro” feel they should have used photos of the toys instead of the animated images. That’s the way it was done in the 80’s. I’m just saying.

And finally my last gripes, The body improvements are nice, but posing is a bit limited. When taking some of the group shots I had an idea to actually have the guys zapping the CTVT Ghost but to pose them with their Proton Shooters was next to impossible. Also while the accessories are great to have the plastics used on the ghost trap and the super doper turkey baster/ thermometer is too stiff to adjust. Still not a “bring me their heads” foul but a bit of a n annoyance.

Point #5. Why I like it.

The likeness to the cartoon image is good but should be a bit chubbier in both face and body IMO.

After all of that how can I possibly say I like these figures? Simple. For me these figures are a great throwback to the final days of major network Saturday morning dominance. In 1986 the networks hadn’t lost their market share to Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, The Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, etc, etc, etc.

Exactly the same head sculpt as the SDCC exclusive.

And even though the cartoons were quickly and

cheaply made with numerous corners cut in the animation process, those once a week offerings were golden. “What are you talking about Jim?” It’s nostalgia, but not just for the show and characters but for an entire pop culture genre that really doesn’t exist anymore. For Pete’s sake you can even buy the complete series of the Real Ghostbusters cartoons fro back to back viewing versus once a week. I guess the affection I feel (and perhaps you too) for pre 90’s cartoons may be because they were rare so to speak. And the weekly wait between installments made the heart grow fonder. Pardon me while I wipe away my tears of nostalgia that are coupled with sighs of old age. And yes I meant “sighs” and not “signs”.  I guess Mattel’s marketing isn’t as lacking and misguided as I thought. Damn you Matty. Damn you.

Point #6. Why you should or shouldn’t get one.

Why you should:

I was wanting more of an action pose for this shot but honestly it was a bit tough to get the hands, arms and proton packs to cooperate.

These guys are a colorful assortment of fun. They also meet with every other reason as to “why you should” that I’ve mentioned with other reviews of the Retro Actions. The only thing that I can really had for these guys specifically is that they are a team and regardless of a personal favorite one without the other three just seems off balance and wrong.

Why you shouldn’t:

"Oh Crap!"

From a quality standpoint there is no reason whatsoever that I can really point out. The only concern might be that the line end here and no factory made Mattel Slimer gets made. That really would be a bummer.

In Conclusion

With my list of gripes I can’t honestly say that this complete line is a true out of the park homerun for Mattel. I will however say it is a pretty fair “bases loaded with Matty at the bat” offering. Now let’s just hope that Matty doesn’t strike out and leave us all hanging with no Slimer or Janine. Still though it is a fun looking line that for me fills up some of my Nostalgia cup. It’s just not quite enough to make it “runeth over”. Now – Go Play! – Jim 06/08/11

The RA Ghostbusters a re bright and welcome addition to the Toy Box crew and collection.


* Extra note slash plug… If you are by chance interested in picking up one of the CTVT Gruesome Ghosts for your Ghostbusters to kick the crap out of may I recommend my pal Vini in OKC. He’s a very upstanding seller and a very nice guy too. The figure is what it is and not his or my fault. But Vini does have the best price around on all of the CTVT stuff that he has in stock. Check him out… http://cgi.ebay.com/Gruesome-Ghost-Loose-Mego-Reissue-Action-Figure-/360304339416?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item53e3cfe9d8 Tell him Jim sent ya!


Jim Bumgardner is a 20 year veteran of the broadcast industry and currently serves as the news director for television station TKO 8 in Harrison, Arkansas. Jim is the father of two the husband of one and firm believer in the power of toys for both the mind, body and soul. You can contact Jim via email at jimstoybox@gmail.com or visit his website at www.jimsmegos.com


All images and products are the sole copyrighted property of it’s respective owners. Specialty photographs and graphic work used for this article were done by Jim at the TKO 8 Studios located at 500 N. Main St in Harrison, Arkansas. “Little Jim” was created by Dawn O’Connell of Little Buddies Action Figures. Learn more about getting your own Little Buddy at www.littlebuddiesactionfigures.com

Mattel’s Retro Action: The Real Ghostbusters Egon Spengler… Great Stuff!

Mattel Toys Sucks. Period. They cancel lines blaming lack of fan base support while they themselves offer the products o market in the most piss poor manner possible. I went out on a limb with these reviews as a fan trying to push the product. In the end Mattel showed that they are not worthy of mine or your accolades or MONEY. I’m not editing the reviews however. At the time of their writing I meant what I said and in regards to the figures themselves I feel the same way, however the emotional connection is gone – Signed, Jim 01/14/12


Is that a giant, fat "orb" on your chest or is your Proton Pack happy to see me?

“Who ya gonna call?” That was rhetorical. We already know. This latest addition to the Toy Box is one that I was very reluctant to pick up. Not because it was to be a purchase for the sake of it being another new “Re-Mego” but because of a bad experience from an earlier Ghostbuster run in. My first experience with this particular property came in the form of a San Diego Comic Con exclusive Peter Venkman. Frankly, he sucked. Lot’s of reason for that vague statement but let me direct you to an earlier review I did of that figure via the Mego Museum’s EMCE toys forum thread… (http://megomuseum.com/community/showthread.php?t=47379) I am glad to say however that I didn’t just judge a book by its preceding cover. Egon here makes up for all of those shortcomings. I feel I can lurk in the shadows now with absolutely no fear of the things that go bump in the night with this Ghostbuster in the house!

Point #1. What it is.

Mattel’s Retro Action: The Real Ghostbusters Egon Spengler

Point #2. Where it came from.

Like all other Mattel Retro Action’ this fellow is a Toys R Us exclusive. Still with no local TRU to browse I again purchased him on ebay.

Point #3. The Good.

 This is going to be a fun review considering that it gets to be a positive one. For the sake of formatting problems I’ve been experiencing I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves with the cutlines handling the text that should be in magazine format. Anyway there is a whole lot of good going on here.

With the accessories and the detailed costume these Ghostbusters really give a little bit more to the perceived value.

Cartoon faithful colors and design make this Proton pack an excellent accessory.

The PKE meter is also another perfect accessory. But it could be easily lost.

To be able to hold his Proton Shooter proper is also another nice aspect of the body design.

The glasses are also a wonderful accent piece. Beign that you could remove them with a little effort versus them being a part of the sculpt goes a long way in my quality book.

While some may say the torso being black plastic versus being an actual under garment, I say BAH! The move keeps the cost down. And if you MUST have the black under clothing go buy and extra Black Manta and strip him down and use his body suit to complete your perfect vision.

The velcro is a very nice change from the snaps found on the Super Heroes. Makes for a much more streamlined look when fastened.

In the Mego tradition: Re purposed boots ala Black Manta. They work. 'Nuff said.

Point #4. The Bad.

 The only negative I can throw at Egon is that there is nowhere to put his PKE meter when he is holding his proton rifle. That of course leads to the possibility of it being easily lost. Always a bummer. Plus I’m a little worried with the longevity you can expect out of the Ghostbusters logo.

While I can't be 100% certain I'll bet the logo could have cracking issues over time. I didn't work him over that hard though.

Point #5. Why I like it.

Standing tall and proud on the fixed Mattel Retro Action body!

The Real Ghostbusters cartoon came out just on the teetering point when I was supposed to stop watching cartoons (late sixth grade if I remember correctly). I still did secretly though. Anyway with that little skeleton out of the closet I really liked the cartoon. Especially since the Filmation Ghostbusters had been out for a while and I simply thought they were too silly. Mind you I had no historical connection with the original live action show from the 70’s. Now that I understand the context of that show I appreciate it more now. Still the REAL Ghostbusters are still tops in my book. Sorry Mr. Scheimer, but you did have me with He-Man and Bravestarr.

Back to another of the many reasons why I like this figure; He looks just like the cartoon! That is a giant thumbs up in my book. For the creators of this Egon to have put the effort into perfectly capturing and rendering this guy in 3 dimensions from his original 2 dimensional existence I must tip my hat to you. That really is no easy task. Certainly not for me. I really do appreciate the fact that no matter which angle you observe this fellow you never loose the fact that this is indeed Egon from the cartoon. Add to that the colors! I love that the colors pop! Just like a fun toy should.

Point #6. Why you should or shouldn’t get one.

Such a colorful and fun egghead. But if you were a ghost you'd be scared out of your mind if you saw him coming. You would, seriously.

Why you should:

As an 8 inch action figure collector you owe it to yourself to add this guy and his pals (I’m working on that by the way, thank you page3auc http://shop.ebay.com/page3auc/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=25 ) even if your not a particular fan of the show. Standing along side the Retro Action Heroes the overall scope of the line and its possibilities really takes shape. With all of these truly compatible figures you can see the world that was Mego playtime coming back into existence. And of course with all the other super sweet figures on the market now from EMCE, Bif Bang Pow, Castaway and of course ZICA, your 8 inch world of collectibles can become a wonderfully diverse display that still takes up less room then 12 inchers and look a lot more fun than the super articulated and detailed 6 and 7 inch figures.

Why you shouldn’t:

After all of the good I honestly can’t come up with a reason for you not to. Actually considering the normal pattern of the nostalgia train I would bet that these figures will increase in popularity more so than their Super Hero counterparts as more late 80’s kids become aware of them.

In Conclusion

 Egon Spengler is an excellent action figure and toy thanks to the efforts of Mattel. Period. They’ve corrected and improved this line every step of the way and do truly appear to be listening to the fans (aka consumers) and doing right by the same. Egon here really does giv me hope and makes me anxious to see what else Mattel has in store for us fanboys and girls of all ages. Now Go Play! – Jim 05/24/11

Dear Reader, Egon. Egon, Dear Reader. Ya'll should get to know one another better. I'm glad I know both of you.

Jim Bumgardner is a 20 year veteran of the broadcast industry and currently serves as the news director for television station TKO 8 in Harrison, Arkansas. Jim is the father of two the husband of one and firm believer in the power of toys for both the mind, body and soul. You can contact Jim via email at jimstoybox@gmail.com or visit his website at www.jimsmegos.com


All images and products are the sole copyrighted property of it’s respective owners. Specialty photographs and graphic work used for this article were done by Jim at the TKO 8 Studios located at 500 N. Main St in Harrison, Arkansas. “Little Jim” was created by Dawn O’Connell of Little Buddies Action Figures. Learn more about getting your own Little Buddy at www.littlebuddiesactionfigures.com

Saturday Morning Funnies: Episode 6- CTVT strike back!

“Saturday Morning Funnies” Episode 4: What Roscoe could never do…

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The game is set kids! Now, Go Play! Jim 04/30/11

“The Wall” Chapter 16 – Classic TV Toys – The Demonic Devil

Dancing with the devil? Only in toy form kids. Only in toy form.

“The Devil made me do it.” Actually this guys look did indeed influence my decision to give the CTVT Mad Monster Series 2 a shot in the first place. This really is a cool looking toy. Then again that statement is coming from an old 80’s metal head who still finds Iron Maiden’s ‘Eddie’ and Motley Crue’s ‘Allister Fiend’ truly beautiful works of art. This guy is by far my favorite CTVT Mad Monster and I can honestly say that I really seeing this dude hanging out on “The Wall”.









Point #1. What it is.

Classic TV Toys Man Monster Series 2: The Demonic Devil

Point #2. Where it came from.

HULK over at Megoville again provided me such a great deal on this one that I still can't thank him enough. Go check out his site http://www.megoville.com and ask for the Hulk brothers. Tell 'em Jim sent ya.


Point #3. The Good.

The heald sculpt is quite impressive. It just screams evil.

This is by far the best head sculpt and paint application that Classic TV Toys has done on any of their releases. Period. The mean expression, the detail lines, the snarl, all of these elements make for one truly demonic looking toy.

The details are aweome on this one.

No devil can be complete without a tail.

I also like the fact that they did go the extra mile in adding a tail to the suit, which appears to be based on the original Mego Green Arrow unitard just color swapped. I also like the shiny cape. Would the Devil wear a shiny cape? I don’t know for sure but I’d bet the Lord of Darkness is indeed so evil that he would gladly wear shiny pleather and dare anyone to say something. And if they did he would stab ’em in the throat with the really cool trident that he’s packing. This guy is evil I tell ya.

The trident: When you absolutely positiviely want to torture human souls in the most painful fashion. Accept no substitutes.














Point #4. The Bad.

How scared can you be of a guy in pointy shoes really?

Again see Chapter 7 for the exact same quality issues that this guy has. The only thing specific to the Devil here would have to be the shoes. I mean red pointy slippers? Sure it works for the devil on that particular brand of potted meat I guess but considering how evil this guy looks you would think the CTVT folks could chosen a more “hardcore” looking footwear selection. Of course it’s all about repurposing in the world of Mego but Robin’s booties looked silly on him and King Arthur no matter what color you cast them.

I guess they ran out of red dye. Probably used it all up on the goofy shoes.

Also the glow in the dark hands (they don’t by the way) take away from this figure’s overall presentation even more so than the shoes. It’s almost like he’s wearing white gloves to test for dust in Hell. Considering it’s Hell I’m sure there’s plenty of dust all over the place.






Point #5. Why I like it.

"We are legion."

Again the look of this figure rocks! Plus there is still a little bit of rebel/non conformist in me that likes the idea of having a toy in my collection that can indeed freak people out. One of these days I am going to build a diorama featuring this guy surrounded by black candles and a serpent style dagger at his feet and place it on my mantle at home. Image the fun it will be when the Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormon’s pop in and catch a glimpse of this conversation starter. When they gasp in horror I’ll let ’em know that the shrine serves as my reminder of who really is to blame for all of my shortcomings. Oh what fun next Wednesday will be!

Sure I'll take the latest copy of "Watchtower". Set it next to the Devil's feet would ya?













Point #6. Why you should or shouldn’t get one.

Why you should:

I still can't believe the CTVT folks would put out this much effort and not go the extra mile to ensure better quality in their final products.

This is a perfect addition to your Halloween Decor collection. Plus they can be found so cheap that you can have a bunch of ’em all over the house considering most demons and devils like to travel in packs. Plus for the customizers who happen to be Adam Sandler fans have a great starting point for making figures based on the gold toned devils in ‘Little Nicky’. Grab some Krylon and a CTVT Friar Tuck cloak and Wah Lah! Instant bunny munching custom!

Why you shouldn’t:

Again it’s all about the quality of the bodies or lack there of. And of course I wouldn’t recommend this one for kids, especially if they’re the timid type considering how mean this guy really does look.




In Conclusion

CTVT’s were really on the verge of doing something really neat with this line but sadly completely dropped the ball. Still I do dig having this devil around the collection and on “The Wall”.

Well dear reader the past 16 chapters have been a wonderful learning experience for me and I hope entertaining reads for you. The future of the ‘Jim’s Toy Box’ blog is actually looking very bright. Coming soon I will be expanding the scope of this blog to include more interviews and inside looks at the makers and players in the 8 inch action figure market as well as other fun action figure features and funnies. I will also be working on incorporating more video as well for those of you who prefer the click and watch approach. It looks to be a lot of fun. So do me a solid if you will, go back and rate the chapters that made up “The Wall” leave a comment where you feel compelled to and please, please, please, subscribe. So long as I know that you’re out there I will continue to steal away time from the “real world” to bring you entertaining and informative articles that are geared toward you, the action figure collector. So until next time. my sincerest thanks to each of you for reading the 16 chapters of “The Wall”. Now,  Go Play! Jim 04-13-11

Get behind me Satan! I do enjoy saying that.

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