The 1st Lip Lock Louder than the Big Bang!

What seemed preposterous, turned into a very beautiful and touching television moment that IMO is just as memorable as Lucy having the baby… Samantha having the baby… and even Wilma Flintstone having the baby. It was so great it didn’t need a baby. No Bazinga.


How hot was this episode? This Thursday (February 6, 2014) the kiss heard round the world garnered a 15 share for CBS in the 7PM (CST) time slot. If not for those pesky Winter Olympics kicking off I believe it is totally possible that the hit show would have picked up an additional 8 share easy. Still, 17 Million viewers felt this monumental moment where Sheldon not only instigates the kiss with Amy Farrah Fowler, for the first time in the brainy couples relationship, Sheldon liked it!

To commemorate and recreate this magical moment (tell me you didn’t tear up a little) get your officially licensed Sheldon Cooper 8-inch, classic style action figure today and pre order the  Amy Farrah Fowler from Bif Bang Pow and Entertainment Earth today!
Big Bang Theory Sheldon w/Vintage Batman Shirt 8-Inch FigureThe Big Bang Theory Amy Farrah Fowler 8-inch Action Figure
You can also pre-order the whole gang! Leonard, Penny, Raj, Howard and of course the cute as a button Bernadette. Plus there are still SDCC Exclusive Sheldon’s featuring the Teen Titans Go bag (ya’ll should know how much I love that show)  as well as another variant Sheldon with Green Lantern and Flash shirts!

If this is your first time to my Toy Box, be sure to bookmark this site… in the very near future I’ve got something to share with you Big Bang Theory fans that you won’t want to miss! Now, Go Play! – Jim 02/08/14

HUGE News in 3 and 3/4 scale!!!!!!!

Just got word from Entertainment Earth that a whole slew of new 3& 3/4 action figures are coming very soon! Check out the list here….

Nightmare Before Christmas Jack ReAction 3 3/4-Inch Figure

Nightmare Before Christmas Sally ReAction 3 3/4-Inch Figure

Terminator T-800 Leather Jacket ReAction 3 3/4-Inch Figure

Escape from New York Snake ReAction 3 3/4-Inch Figure

When Michael Jackson ruled the world

Michael Jackson Thriller Red Jacket Pop! Vinyl FigureOn this day, February 7, 1984 Michael Jackson was awarded a 4-ft-high platinum disc by CBS to celebrate the unprecedented success of his mega hit LP “Thriller”. To this day no one has taken that title away, and I doubt anyone ever will. At this point I’d zing you with a punchline but instead I’ll just play the video to the title track. It’s far more entertaining! Michael Jackson Thriller Werewolf Pop! Vinyl Figure

mj1 mj2

Here’s another fun flashback find: The Michael Jackson Doll… admit it, the Pop Vinyl’s are much cuter.

Advance token to this day in history!

In 1935  The “Monopoly” board game goes on sale for 1st time. And now after all these years they finally made it cute! Sure Rich Uncle Pennybags is quite dapper in his hat and tails but he’s no Pinky Pie!
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Edition Monopoly


Harrison peeps! The Walking Dead Returns Sunday!

This post in particular is for all of my local peeps who like me are limited in our ability to just run out to a local store and snatch up cool “The Walking Dead” tie in merchandise.  And since the odds of a Hastings coming to town are pretty slim I’d thought I’d share some online offerings with you that you may dig and also be the envy of your office or classroom. Plus all of these items are under $20!

Eat with the walkers everyday!


Get Your Drink On with Rick!


Rock out with your Brain Out!

(OK, this one is more than $20 but man is it cool!)


Where are the Erik Estrada T-shirts?

The 80’s live on as Radio Shack rides the nostalgia train…

Obviously, I’m a sucker for nostalgia. And if you’re reading this it’s safe to assume that you are too. But hold on a second, is it really being a sucker when in fact all of the celebrities featured in the new Radio Shack commercial are just too awesome to let go of? We connected with them, formed friendships over mutual interest in them and scheduled our lives around the television schedule to make sure we didn’t miss them. Thank goodness for DVR technology these days. I never did figure out how to program a VCR.

Jumping on the bandwagon (and joining hundreds of others in giving a ton of free exposure to Radio Shack) I thought it would be interesting to see how many of the featured pop culture icons in the commercial have NEW licensed merchandise long after the Nielsen ratings lost sight of their star status. I limited my search to Entertainment Earth because 1. They’re the best source for pop culture merchandise, (Bring Hollywood Home, kids!) and 2. If you buy something through these links I get a commission. What can I say, I’m a 80’s kid and member of the Reagan era capitalist’s. (Still waiting on my jersey by the way.)

I had no idea what I would find and the results were pretty interesting. I was even more surprised with all of the icons who haven’t had their likenesses scooped back up. Still it was fun to shop around and see what was out there. I also found some fitting stand in products to pay tribute to those left behind.

jasonFriday the 13th – 18 items

The boy who wouldn’t die. No matter what.  It should come as no surprise that I offer up this really neat Jason retro Mego style figure from NECA.

Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees 8-Inch Retro Action Figure

HulkHoganHulk Hogan14 items – If you don’t love Hulk Hogan, then you’re simply un-American. I still strive to say my prayers, take my vitamins and be a good American everyday thanks to his adrenaline packed pep talks. Start out a new generation the right way with this too cute onesie, brother!
Hulk Hogan Hulkamania Red Onesie

cliffCliff from Cheers / John Razenberger1 Item There are some other items available (beer mugs and such) but none of those featured the likeness of everyone’s favorite mailman Cliff. This framed presentation however fits the bill nicely.

Cheers 15x17 Framed Presentation

titansowlClash of the Titans- Nothing tied to the original classic property at the moment BUT the legacy remains eternal… just like this ageless beauty, Io

Clash of the Titans Io Tonner Doll

chuckyChucky 8 items: Everyone’s favorite possessed doll will never go away, and not just because of the voodoo curse. And now he can possibly enter your nightmares through osmosis.
Child's Play Chucky Wants a Best Friend 19-Inch Plush Pillow

backtothefutureBack to the Future38 items: This is another property that I’m firmly convinced will never go away. I’m not exactly sure of the appeal but this film series and it’s iconic 80’s  stainless steel, automobile masterpiece (made even more famous by a cocaine bust)  most certainly has staying power.
Back to the Future Trilogy DeLorean Die-Cast Vehicle 3-Pack

s;imerSlimer – 8 items: Does anyone know what exactly Slimer was before he kicked the bucket? I have no clue but he could pass for the love child of Oola and Jabba the Hutt. Anyway, you can have lunch with this gluttonous blob everyday!
Ghostbusters Slimer Retro Style Metal Lunch Box

And here are the childhood favorites who may have been merchandising gold back in the day but are now left out in the licensed property cold but a tribute can still be made:

MaryLouMary Lou Retton – This is a shame. She was an American Olympic and Cereal box icon people! Even Franken Berry and the Monster Cereal gang get love…
Franken Berry Plush

SlimSlim Goodbody – No love for Slim in the merchandising realm either, but considering his pretty gross unitard featuring the inner parts of a human that I’m surprised passed the censors back in those days, I have to pause and give him credit for perhaps in some little way inspiring the look of modern zombies that we see on the Walking Dead. And considering how Michael Rooker became the best damn zombie ever I offer you these tributes.
The action figure –

The Walking Dead TV Series 5 Merle Walker Action Figure

And for the serious fan (you know you need it!)
Walking Dead TV Series Merle Dixon Walker 1:4 Scale Statue

kidnplayKid N Play – Considering all of the House Party movies you’d think there’d be something but alas that’s not the case. But again to show respect for Christopher “Kid” Reid’s gravity defying super high top fade I offer this gravity defying toy…
Cars 2 1:32 Scale Finn McMissile Zero Gravity RC Vehicle

Not to disrespect Christopher “Play” Martin I say this… although “Play” is a take off of “Playboy” I’ll keep it PG and say that everything on this list will serve as a fitting tribute. Play people, Play!

estrada-smErik Estrada – I couldn’t believe that there weren’t any items depicting this man’s world famous smile. To make up for it I offer this affirmation ball to you (and Erik, the licensers will be calling again, I just know it!)
Affirmation Ball

sgtslaughterSgt. Slaughter – I’m not too surprised that the good Sgt.’s giant chin wasn’t found. However the spirit of patriotism should still be applauded even though he did turn heel and violate my sense of trust at a young age. He later redeemed himself but still to commemorate those tough cookies, put this one on your counter…
Uncle Sam Cookie Jar

9327431_DeeSniderDee Snider – Aw come on! This man needs to be a Mego style action figure! No disrespect to Scott Ian, but he isn’t nearly as flashy or hairy for that matter.
Scott Ian 8-Inch Action Figure

raisinsThe California Raisins – While they may be out of vogue at the moment these dehydrated R&B superstars will get their day in the sun again. Come on, the Care Bears keep getting make over after make over and they never even did a cover of “I just want to be your Teddy Bear”. It would’ve easily went gold…
Care Bears Care-A-Lot Friends Plush Wave 1

alfAlf – Dude! He’s on the Hub! His image was on everything back in the day. Revamp this property people! Even this lame character from the equally lame Dark Crystal has a puppet toy at the moment!
Dark Crystal Fizzgig Plush

qbertQ-bert – No. Not again. I’d rather be surrounded by Smurfs.
Smurfs Classic Peel and Stick Wall Decals.

teenwolfTeen Wolf – Nothing at the moment. While the original film with Michael J. Fox was fun, the sequel with Justin Bateman effectively killed the franchise. Still at least our teenage werewolves kept their shirts on…
Twilight Jacob Black Barbie Doll

Of course I would be a poor observer if I didn’t show some love to 80’s rock band Loverboy and their weekend anthem “Everybody’s working for the weekend” that served as the backing track to this 80’s collage. However if the the Radio Shack ad agency folks were wanting to dip their toes into a little bit of controversy and really take this ad viral like the Coca Cola folks got from their multi-language version of “America the beautiful” maybe they should have commissioned  Foreigner’s hit “Hot Blooded” BUT used our pal Apu Nahasapeemapetilon singing his version.


It even seems very fitting to close this article out with a send up to the Simpsons who helped close the door on the 80’s and opened up a giant wave of 90’s (and today’s) merchandising bliss and are celebrating 25 years of animation parody, mirth and merriment this year. Now, Go Play! – Jim 02/04/2014


On a side note, Radio shack has also posted a behind the scenes video where we here from the stars themselves.


Super 1- Day deal on the Re-Action Alien Kenner figure!

One Day Only at Entertainment Earth! Click the pic  to order yours!

Alien ReAction Retro Action Figure

A guy named Dick Buttons had no hope for an endorsement deal.

Today’s Day in History segment features a fellow who never had a shot to get on a Wheaties box despite being a top performer in his sport. On this day in 1951, Dick Button won the U.S. figure skating title for the sixth time. Six time champion and not even one pair of licensed Nike’s. The travesty!

Also on this date in 1927 The Federal Radio Commission (we know and love it these days as the FCC)  was created when U.S. President Calvin Coolidge signed a bill. This act is just one example of why he was so uncool as a president that he didn’t even get a bobble head like our pals Clinton, Carter and EVEN Truman! Coolidge was tool.

But the bigger thing that happened on this day was in 1964  when “Meet the Beatles” album went Gold. Merchandise flowed through the streets forever more capturing the images of the Fab Four. Even today as you can see from the list of items I found at Entertainment Earth.

Beatles Travel Mug

Beatles Travel Mug

The Beatles Signatures Retro Style Metal Lunch Box

The Beatles Signatures Retro Style Metal Lunch Box

Another interesting little factoid I learned while researching this piece was that the Beatles first appeared on American Television before the more famous Ed Sullivan appearance. The appearance came on the Jack Paar show in 1964… it was a filmed appearance but still a first, especially if you would have asked Jack Paar who still seemed a bit peeved that Ed Sullivan got all the credit.


The Beatles On The Ed Sullivan Show Framed Photos

The Beatles On The Ed Sullivan Show Framed Photos
Now, Go Play! – Jim 02/03/2014

Featured Item of the Day just got more interesting than Justin Beiber…

today in historya

I love history. It’s fascinating to me for so many reason’s (hello, nostalgia boy here) but is it fun? Yes, yes it is. And now it’s gonna get a toy or merchandise tie in.

Starting today the “Jim’s Toy Box Featured Item of the Day” is going to offer you more than just a cool item at a great price (powered by Entertainment Earth), it’s gonna teach you something.

“What?!? But Jim, you’re always telling us to ‘go play’ now you’re telling us to ‘go learn’? Yes I am fanboys and fangirls! It’ll make you a better human being and give you great talking points to share with your befuddled and less cool non toy collector co-workers, friends and family. And you’ll be even more fun to talk to at parties! (No guarantees but it beats talking about the weather or Justin Beiber).

Now, Go Learn and Play! – Jim 01/31/14

Bif Bang Pow’s Venture Bros. Henchman 24 – The best Re-Mego yet!

Entertainment Earth


Dear Reader I present to you the coolest Re-Mego yet!

This is it. This is the figure that has really opened my eyes to what is really going on with the Re-Mego movement as far as maintaining my interest as a collector and grown up toy geek. Bif Bang Pow, the folks at EMCE and the creators of the Venture Brothers have master minded a product that not only feeds a nostalgic need but also gives us fanboy types new entertainment. With its Hanna Barbera style and slightly cynical humor the Venture Brothers has very quickly earned a place in my must see TV diet and DVD collection. Plus these figures are an even bigger must have for my collection than even (dare I say it) the Retro Action Super Heroes. There I said it! I’m telling you dear reader; I simply LOVE this show and line of toys. My only regret is that I wish I had got in on this sooner. Regrets are for suckers however so I will simply say that I am glad I am on board now and have something NEW to look forward to with each new action figure release AND new season of shows! Go team Venture!

My introduction to this line came not too long ago as you’ll recall from my review of Brock and the Doc ( ) but ever since I’m telling ya, I’ve became obsessed! And again I must point out that it was indeed a cart before the horse situation. Had it not been for the figures themselves and my fascination with the Re-Mego movement I never would have given the show a shot. Thank you for that BBP and EMCE! In the coming week’s I will be revisiting this line as I continue to round out the first three waves but for now let’s get to the business a hand of nit picking and praising Henchman 24!

Point #1. What it is.

Bif Bang Pow’s Henchman 24 from the Venture Bros. Line of 8-inch action figures

Point #2. Where it came from.

Another ebay buy due to your old buddy Jimbo being no where near the last San Diego Comic Con where this guy along with Henchman 21 were exclusives. For the record I have now signed up with Entertainment Earth to begin receiving the new figures direct from them as they are released. You should too!

Point #3. The Good.

24! Right Face!

The design is brilliant. To have the antennae, mask and eye covers as separate pieces permanently attached to the final product make for a very good-looking representation of the character. Plus even though this particular figure does have a specific designation, without a sound chip sounding like a fairly funny Ray Ramano impersonator, this guy is perfect for army building.

The biggest standout of course has to be the wings. Talk about a brilliant design! I simply love the way they made this happen. Instead of some cheesy snap on wing these are four individual wings that if you were so inclined to, could pose. Again I have to shout “BRAVO!” for this extra touch that shows a dedication to quality and perceived value.

Excellent execution on the wing design!
The 'calm' pose for those non good guy smackdown times.
The 'what is wrong with my wings?' pose. Just because you can!

Another thing that I do appreciate about the figure is that 24 here is sporting traditional Mego hero boots. This is truly the tie that binds this line to the Mego legacy that is now in my opinion truly reborn.

It's all about da' shoes! Or should I say boots?

*On a side note I do want to point out that I am in no way slighting any of EMCE’s previous Star Trek line of new character releases. I understand that line is a magnificent dream come true for Trek and Mego collectors alike but they technically fall into my ‘old news’ category. And that’s only because Paramount is lacking in the new Trek TV and film department. Paul you know I hero worship you!

Point #4. The Bad.

This butterfly isn't coming out of his cocoon easily.

The only things that I would consider a short coming of the figure is that 1.) You can’t take the torso/wing assembly off without cracking it open, 2.) With the leggings being ‘open toed’ taking the boots on and off lead to bunching of the pant legs when you put the boot back on and 3.)

I never knew butterflies had belly buttons. Go figure.

The more traditional Mego body’s limitations in arm pose ability and use of rubber bands can lead to the same problems that have always plagued Mego action figures. And finally 4.) The slightly awkward shorts are just a bit short and leave the figure looking like he’s wearing a belly shirt.

Point #5. Why I like it.

To me this guy really is the perfect example of a 8 inch clothed action figure Renaissance .

As I noted in the Introduction this line of figures is in my opinion the first truly NEW Mego toy on the market. The reason for this distinction is that out of all of the new Re-Mego’s on the market these days this is the only modern license being produced. Dark Shadows, Lost, The Real Ghostbusters, Retro Action Heroes, all of those are technically ‘old news’ and are appealing primarily because of their nostalgic connection to our childhoods. The Venture Brothers however is still in production and from what I’m gathering, in no peril of cancellation anytime soon. Also the show itself really comes off as a cartoon that has grown with and for its intended audience; 30 and 40 something big kids at heart who still love toys, comics and cartoons.

Point #6. Why you should or shouldn’t get one.

Why you should:

A trio of truly terrific toys!

Because these toys are awesome! From their wonderful likenesses to their very clever design, the Venture Brothers line of 8 inch action figures are a perfect fit for the 21st Century toy and cartoon geek. Also considering my points in the “Why I like it” segment I would also dare to speculate that these initial waves (and subsequent) will indeed become highly sought after collectibles with fair to very good aftermarket value.

Why you shouldn’t:

The only reason here has to be that you are a stick in the mud who is far too uptight to enjoy the guilty pleasure that is cartoons and toys that are made for adults. If that is indeed the case I pray for your sad, stressed out, tortured soul. Loser.

In Conclusion

Again I can’t praise Bif Bang Pow and EMCE enough about these figures. This is truly a perfect marriage between property and license. The other items I’ve seen including the bobble heads and 2 inch mini figures are to me nothing more than pop culture dust collectors. They’re fun to look at but loose their humor relatively quickly whereas the 8 inch Re-Mego action figures are something that is not only cool to display loose but also a great carded collection to cherish. To show my sincerity in this claim I am indeed putting my money where my mouth is. This is one line that I will definitely be buying two of each, one to open and one to collect. I’ll prove it with pics as the budget allows! GO team Venture! Now, Go Play! – Jim 06/15/11

I LOVE these Guys!

Jim Bumgardner is a 20 year veteran of the broadcast industry and currently serves as the news director for television station TKO 8 in Harrison, Arkansas. Jim is the a firm believer in the power of toys for both the mind, body and soul. You can contact Jim via email at or visit his website at


All images and products are the sole copyrighted property of it’s respective owners. Specialty photographs and graphic work used for this article were done by Jim at the TKO 8 Studios located at 500 N. Main St in Harrison, Arkansas. “Little Jim” was created by Dawn O’Connell of Little Buddies Action Figures. Learn more about getting your own Little Buddy at

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