The Royal Bobble Head Treatment! Plus FREE STUFF for You!

10372584_695084147195633_345647784546670147_nHappy Independence Day my fellow American’s and dear readers from all over the globe who have found it in their surfing routines to pop into my Toy Box on a regular basis! To celebrate I am extremely excited and honored to get another opportunity to review some really sweet stuff courtesy of the great folks at Entertainment Earth and Royal Bobbles! AND the even better part is I get to give it away when I’m done (That’s the part where you cheer really loud). As far as the contest goes… I’ll give you the lowdown on that at the end of this fun little romp through Bobble Head land.

Being that I am a giving guy I also present to you the full line up of Royal Bobble Heads available NOW (and on sale through July 8th, 2014 ) at Entertainment Earth.
Entertainment Earth
To really get into the spirit of the season check out this super sweet line up of our commanders in chief… ( I still think its a travesty that President Taft has gotten the shaft so far. But in fairness I’d bet shipping that big lug would get pricey.)

George Washington Bobble HeadJohn Adams Bobble HeadJames Madison Bobble HeadThomas Jefferson Bobble HeadAndrew Jackson Bobble HeadAbraham Lincoln Bobble HeadUlysses S. Grant Bobble HeadTeddy Roosevelt Bobble HeadHerbert Hoover Bobble HeadFranklin D. Roosevelt Bobble HeadHarry S. Truman Bobble HeadDwight D. Eisenhower Bobble HeadJohn F. Kennedy Bobble HeadRichard Nixon with Campaign Button Bobble HeadJimmy Carter Bobble HeadRonald Reagan Bobble HeadGeorge H. W. Bush Bobble HeadBill Clinton Bobble HeadGeorge W. Bush Bobble HeadBarack Obama Bobble Head

Confession time: Prior to this promotion I didn’t have a terrible amount of interest in bobble heads. I thought they were funny but not exactly my cup of collecting tea. However actually having them in my hands I gotta tell you, these are indeed a lot of fun to have around the house.  I’m actually a little bummed that I am going to be parting ways with these fellow’s and gal but since it’s you dear reader I know they’ll be going to a great home. I am however going to be adding “The Count” to my own collection very soon because he’s just that damn cool!


For this review a lot of the basic points are consistent with each and every one of these. So I’ll start by saying that:

1. The overall quality of each figure is top shelf. Being that my collection consists mostly of plastic items it was a cool change up to have these ceramic marvels in hand. With that said please note, these bobble heads are NOT TOYS and not intended for children under the age of 13. That of course does not in any shape or form take away from these fantastic collectibles.

Having gotten the taste for them I can see they are a lot of fun and can even lead to inspiration!  Think about the ideas that your muse could whisper in your ear once it was  tweaked by the likes of these historical icons….
Edgar Allan Poe Bobble HeadMartin Luther King Jr. Bobble HeadSmokey Bear Bobble HeadAlbert Einstein Bobble Head
It’s like that pondering of “Which five people would you love to have dinner with?” Except in this case it’s not hypothetical, it’s a totally real option!

2. The packaging is colorful, informative and designed so the figures are protected perfectly for storage or for shipping off to someone as a gift. Speaking of which…

3. They make excellent gifts! Seriously. Considering the wide range of personalities available , when your looking for that “fun” gift for someone these are awesome!

RY1020lgThink about it; what better way could there be to playfully torture your favorite dyed in the wool Conservative than with a mini Barack Obama chastising them daily?

RY1007lgOr your raging liberal pals will be driven bonkers by the cool confidence that can only come from the Gipper? But of course these fun bobble heads are not just meant for irony, they’re great conversation pieces and a solid way to help break the ice on those friends and coworkers who up until the point that they get one of these from you, never really understood your collecting hobby.

RY1034lg4. The price point is also good for gifting be it personal or for the office party.  Ranging from a MSRP of $18.99 to $24.99 the price tag stays within the comfort level of good taste and office gift etiquette plus it would be a fun way for you to play without breaking your own budget over that loser in accounting that you actually can’t stand but unfortunately drew his name out of the hat.  Seriously, it’s what Jesus would do.

5. Again I wasn’t a big bobble head fan before but now I totally get it. What a fun way to grab a snapshot of past and current pop culture personalities! Not only do you get to show you are the most tuned in kid around the water cooler, once the fad fades you’ve got a really cool reminder of something that made your life a little brighter. Like those times when you marathon watched American Pickers so you were boned up for yard sale season.
American Pickers Mike Wolfe Bobble HeadAmerican Pickers Danielle Colby-Cushman Bobble HeadAmerican Pickers Frank Fritz Bobble Head

Those are the main points I feel the need to point out as positives. In my normal style I try to point out any negatives that I see or offer up my thoughts on why you shouldn’t buy a particular item. In this instance I can honestly say I got nothing. The price is good, the quality is excellent, the idea is fun and the end result will leave you and anyone you happen to gift one of these to smiling.  To prove my point on the gift aspect I now offer you the chance to get one as a gift from me to you. But this time around I am going to make you work for it a little. Here’s how the game works:

Below you will see 6 videos that feature lots of looks at the Royal Bobbles that Entertainment Earth sent me for the sake of this review. What you have to do is watch them and write down the “Independence Day Code Phrase” when it comes up in the video.

Once you’ve done that jot ’em all down in an email and send them to me at along with your name, mailing address and the six  “Independence Day Code Phrase’s”


In the subject line you have to say which one of the six you want to win. A couple hoops to jump through but come on gang it’s FREE STUFF!

And now for the rules:

No purchase necessary to enter (but feel free to buy as much and many as you want)…

Contest ends August 1st, 2014 at 12:01 AM Central. So get your submissions in and have everyone else you know to play along. I’m actually really curious to see which of the Royal Bobbles is the most and least popular.

The odds of winning are completely determined by the number of entries received. So at this point you truly do have just as good a shot as anybody.

Of course once you’ve collected all of the “Independence Day Code Phrase’s” you could share them with the world, but that would be a terrible douche bag thing to do. So don’t or I will disqualify you, block you and let everyone know it was you. I’m an easy going guy but really loath anyone who wants to ruin it for everyone else.

I will never, EVER share any of your contact information. In fact I don’t even keep a database for my own use. This is a fun place free from annoying marketing outreaches beyond whats on these pages. And I don’t do spammy emails.  You may like that sort of thing but I don’t so I don’t do it. To quote Val Kilmer as the legendary gambler Doc Holliday; “My hypocrisy only goes so far.”

Alright all of that’s out of the way: Happy Independence Day and Now, Go Play!

Jim 07/04/2014

America’s First President and a mighty fine dancer; George Washington!

Order George Washington Bobble Head from Entertainment Earth!

America’s Sixteenth President and a helluva wrestler from what I understand; Abraham Lincoln

Order Abraham Lincoln Bobble Head from Entertainment Earth!

Our current Commander In Chief that has two more years (as of this writing) to do something that will effectively piss off everyone in the country at least once; Barack Obama.

Order Barack Obama Bobble Head from Entertainment Earth!

Every G.I.’s favorite extended family member; Uncle Sam

Order Uncle Sam Bobble Head from Entertainment Earth!

The lady who convinced an entire nation that indeed we could do it; Rosie the Riveter

Order Rosie the Riveter Bobble Head from Entertainment Earth!

And finally America’s one true King, coming at you in his Aloha from Hawaii duds; Elvis Aaron Presley

Order Elvis Presley Aloha Bobble Head from Entertainment Earth!


So there ya go gang, watch ’em,  jot down and email in the “Jim’s Toy Box  / Entertainment Earth / Royal Bobbles – Independence Day Code Phrase’s”  to and be sure to show and tell your friends about this contest .

Celebrate America’s birthday by winning free stuff!

Entertainment Earth

Greetings all! Thanks to the fantastic folks at Entertainment Earth I’m going to be offering up some really neat bobble heads for you to add to your collections. These really are cool as you’ll soon se in the coming reviews. You’ll see even better if you win one of the six different ones I have to give away! Get ready for some All American Independence Day fun, gang! Go like and follow the Jim’s Toy Box facebok page to stay up on the details!

uncle sam



Looking back and forward at the Venture Bros.

Entertainment Earth

Dear Reader I present to you the coolest Re-Mego yet!
At one time Henchman 24 knocked my socks off, the options have only gotten better and better so the top spot is always changing!

While I’m on a pretty hardcore Sheldon Cooper / Big Bang Theory kick at the moment some of you may recall my appreciation for the Venture Bros. line of 8 inch Classic style of action figures. And as some of you may recall that appreciation of the fun and fantastic show came after the discovery of their Mego style action figures from Bif Bang Pow.

This still impresses me; the fact that the merchandise was so so cool I couldn’t help but get lured in. Well played BBP, well played. I really enjoyed talking up these figures in the past and Dr. Orpheus is still my absolute favorite of the line.




The special "magic hand" is simply to die for.
The special “magic hand” is simply to die for.

With the rest of the Triad coming out later this year my collector gene is kicking into high gear.  While they are not a part of the in-stock sale you can Pre-Order Jefferson Twilight and the Alchemist (plus Pete White and Shore Leave) via these links: Order The Venture Bros. Pete White and Jefferson Twilight Figures from Entertainment Earth!Order The Venture Bros. Shore Leave and Alchemist Action Figures from Entertainment Earth!

Microsoft Word - Dexterl022608_approvedfinal.docThis all came to mind again because of the big Bif Bang Pow sale going on now through February 20th at Entertainment Earth. Sadly I had to sell off the majority of my collection last year but 2014 is looking to be much better and brighter. I hope the same is true in your situation whatever it may be. If that is the case do yourself a favor and check out the sale. There are a lot of really good deals on some really GREAT collectibles and toys from BBP.

However if things are still lean for you rest assured that your old buddy Jimbo is gonna keep my eyes peeled for good deals to hopefully help all of us get back on our collecting feet and get our shelves overflowing with fun and merriment that only comes from officially licensed, product tie ins. Now, Go Play! – Jim 02/16/14

8 Inch Venture Bros.
The Venture Bros. Dean Venture 8-Inch Action FigureThe Venture Bros. Series 4 Hank 8-Inch Figure, Not MintThe Venture Bros. Dr. Venture 8-Inch Action FigureThe Venture Bros. Dr. Girlfriend and Hank Action FiguresThe Venture Bros. Dr. Orpheus & Phantom Limb Action FiguresThe Venture Bros. Brock Samson and Killinger Action FiguresThe Venture Bros. Molotov and Billy Quizboy Action FiguresThe Venture Bros. Shore Leave and Alchemist Action FiguresThe Venture Bros. Pete White and Jefferson Twilight FiguresVenture Bros. Monarch & Dr. Mrs. in Tin-Convention Exclusive

3&3/4 inch Venture Bros.
Venture Bros. Dr. Venture 3 3/4-Inch FigureVenture Bros. Hank Venture 3 3/4-Inch FigureVenture Bros. Dean Venture 3 3/4-Inch FigureVenture Bros. Naked Brock 3 3/4-Inch Figure - Con ExclusiveVenture Bros. The Monarch 3 3/4-Inch FigureVenture Bros. Dr. Mrs. The Monarch 3 3/4-Inch FigureVenture Bros. Phantom Limb 3 3/4-Inch FigureVenture Bros. Monarch Unpainted 3 3/4-Inch Figure-Exclusive

Sheldon Cooper REVIEW

Me and Carded SheldonOverview: No other figure (or property) released to date by Bif Bang Pow makes as much sense as this Sheldon Cooper, 8 inch classic style action figure. The former champion of this distinction would easily be the Venture Bros but this one here has something special; Mass market appeal versus a narrow genre and niche. Plus this figure is top shelf on every level but one. Keep reading to find that one thing out.

What it is

BBP17048lgSheldon Cooper 8 Inch Classic Style Action Figure from the Big Bang Theory as produced by Bif Bang Pow




Where he came from

EE_full_logoSheldon was provided by Entertainment Earth for the purpose of this review.

The Pro’s

LikenessLikeness – The stock pictures of this figure that have been released really don’t capture how great this likeness really is. The folks at Bif Bang Pow did a fantastic job of capturing Jim Parson’s “happy moments” as Sheldon. A snarky variant could be fun too.

Shirt coming offBody durability – EMCE toys is the king of the rubber band, classic style body. The plastic is super durable. In undressing and then redressing Sheldon I didn’t hold back in the process. To be honest I was nervous at the stage. There is always the possibility of breakage with this particular type of toy. After my experience with the S-Type body I was really worried that this body was going to let me down. Not only that but if it did break it would do it on camera. Being an honest reviewer I’d have to tell you that, and that would suck.

Thankfully that was the furthest thing from the actual outcome. Again, the king of the traditional Mego style body is the house that Dr. Mego built. And as a fitting tribute of shorts here’s a little video showing the durability test with an homage to EMCE.

Pocket StitchesClothing (feels odd to call it a costume) – I was pleasantly surprised in this department. The decision to make the shirt a solid piece versus a Velcro backing makes for a smooth presentation. The extra step the Bif Bang Pow designers took in throwing in some stitches to simulate pockets was also a nice subtle touch.

The Con’s

Wreck the Card 2The packaging. You have to destroy it to open it. Then again I have gotten spoiled as of late with FTC’s DC World’s Greatest Heroes line of Mego Reproductions.

Why you should

Me and the card backAs a fan – Simply put, it’s a must have. To have a “tiny Sheldon” as Sheldon has a “tiny Spock” is cathartic and damn funny to me. Sure there are bobble heads, cute little Pop Vinyl figures, awkward looking plush’s, mini figures and a new line of 3&3/4 action figures coming soon but to have Sheldon in the style of a toy that the character himself had is almost as perfect a collectible as an officially licensed Darth Vader fire retardant suit. It just makes sense.

Sheldon and Me Out of the packageAs a Mego collector – Everything about this figure captures the “Mego style” perfectly. From his Joker type generic brown shoes to his rubber band constructed body, Sheldon fits right in. Plus with all of the Mego style figures on the horizon it’s only logical to Collect ‘Em All! This most vertainly means YOU to those who have a set of the Walton’s on the shelf.

The Whole GangAs the non-Mego collector – Give this scale and style a shot. You’ll be glad you did. While the Mego style may not be a part of your specific nostalgic recollections once you bite you’ll be hooked and it’s an addiction you won’t regret. Especially considering the resurgence of the style. Not as big and clunky as the 12inch… not as small as the 3&3/4… and no where near the space eater s the 1:4 and bigger scales. It’s just right. Plus with all of the new figures coming out in the scale (more Venture Bros., and the Ambiguously Gay Duo from Bif Bang Pow, and the slew of figures from Figures Toy Company and ZICA/ Castaway) you are going to really be missing out if you shun this scale and format.

Why you shouldn’t

Wreck the Card 1The only thing that would be a slight deterrent in my opinion would be the inability to reseal him on the card. But that’s it.

In Conclusion

SHELDON DONEThe 8 inch Sheldon Cooper is a figure I am more than happy to have in my collection. Not just because he was provided by the good folks at Entertainment Earth, (he was already on the want list), but because this figure fits right in with my love and appreciation of the Big Bang Theory, its cast of characters and its humor. And all of those characters are very near on the horizon. And while their are already variants of Sheldon on the release plate, this particular starting point variant with the Batman shirt will be gone before you know it. Plus the overall quality of this figure makes it totally worth the MSRP. That’s why I’m off now to go buy another one to keep on the card and tack up on “The Wall”. This Sheldon however is going to remain by my side as we patiently wait for the rest of the gang to come over for a night of Chinese food, Dungeon’s & Dragons and the occasional Bazinga worthy prank.

Now, Go Play!

Jim 02/15/14

A milestone, thanks to YOU!

My pal Ted pointed this out to me this morning; the Alexa site ranks have shown some crazy improvements over the past 24 hours and it’s all thanks to you! I appreciate you all stopping by so very much!

Now, Go Play! (just like you already are!)

– Jim 02/08/2014


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