Happy Birthday Dino! Memories are indeed made of… you!

me and deanOne of my most favorite entertainers of all time was born on this date in 1917. To celebrate I’d like to share with you links back to a few of the nods I’ve give to the King of Cool over the years as well as my most favorite movie from the Martin & Lewis collection; Scared Stiff. Also check out some really neat Dean Martin stuff I just found on ebay. I had never seen any of that stuff before but man oh man has my list to Santa just gotten longer!

I just wish I had more time to really show my appreciation for this remarkable entertainer and to help educate the younger generation on the incredible talent that this man had. Thankfully we have his legacy captured forever in various spots around the web. A good place to start is at the official Dean Martin website as well as his daughter Deana’s page who is quite the entertainer herself. Tell her Jim sent you…. she has no clue who I am of course BUT she will if you do 😉 Anyway Happy Birthday and Thank You, Dean.  Memories are indeed made of…. you!

Now, Go Play!

Jim 06/07/14

Dean as a booster

Dean’s Influence

Really NEAT stuff, pally!




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