Q: “Where have you been young man?” A: Working. A lot.

Hey gang! Sorry it’s been so terribly long since I’ve posted anything with any really awesome and good substance. Forgive me but I’ve had a lot of good reasons. Lets do the list:

First up is a new animated / live action show I’m producing at my day job. It’s call “Critter Connection” and it’s gonna be a really informative and hopefully equally entertaining. It also has been fully endorsed by the Ozark Humane Society which is the local shelter here in my area. Good for them, good for the animals, good for the station, good for the viewing audience and good for me as I get to do some serious creating. Stay tuned…

critter connection

Next up is the next big contest from the Toy Box courtesy of Entertainment Earth. Those fine folks called me a couple weeks back and said; “Hey Jim! Wanna do some reviews of bobble heads for us and then give them away to your super cool sight visitors?” To which I promptly replied; “You bet your bippy sister!” So all total I have six really cool All American themed bobble heads that I will be giving away during the month of July. Sure Independence Day is on the 4th but by golly I’m stretching the celebration out for the whole month. Why? Because I’m American! And it’s more fun that way. Reviews and how to win are coming on July 4th so stay tuned.


Also I’m getting caught up on a bunch of reviews I owe you from way back. From super sweet Captain Actions sent to me by my fantastic pal Gar Ghoul to other neat things from View Askew alumnus Scott Shciaffo and some other neat toys I’ve picked up along the way that are just too cool for school. But wait there’s more! But first another picture…

It's like a swimming pool of fun.
It’s like a swimming pool of fun.

Work is drawing to a close on the show I’m working on with the legendary television writer Ted Bergman called “Dogs and Cats Go Hollywood.” I do believe you are going to really dig the funny that’s coming from the mind of one of televisions greatest writers. If you don’t have time to check him out on IMDB (slackers) Ted was writer on numerous programs including the Munsters, The Smothers Brothers and Sanford and Son. Plug in to stay up to date 🙂

Ted Lgoo copy 2

So as you can see it’s been really busy around this box and beyond. I’m looking really forward to sharing all this stuff with all of you. Again thanks to all of you for the continued love and support.

Now, Go Play! – Jim 06/26/14

P.S. Thanks to Dave LePage and Ted Souppa for hooking me up with my own and very first IMDB credit for my voice over work in their incredible short film “Ten Minutes”.  Let’s see if I can fill that sucker up!

Daily Update 031414

Good evening gang!

Good golly Ms. Molly it’s been another productive day. I didn’t get a chance to get to my review that I teased you with yesterday but I’ll share with you what the subject matter is:

SW Group 1These Star Wars Mission Series action figures are awesome. Again I’m working on a full review which I hope to have to you by Monday. But don’t wait on me. Go get your self a set or just the ones that catch your eye. They are totally worth the price.

The reason as to why I wasn’t able to get to the review is a very good one. Along with the Toy Box web content and TV show I’m also working on a pilot with a pal of mine Ted Bergman. He developed a fantastically funny idea called Dog’s and Cats Go Hollywood. Not only is fun and funny, it also has a heart of gold for the animals. Be sure to check it out. I’ll share more of my role in the project in the near future. I know, ever the tease but whatcha gonna do. It’s my thing.

At the end of the day my brain is totally mushy but completely worth it. Now, Go Play!

Jim 03/14/14

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