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Entertainment Earth

Dear Reader I present to you the coolest Re-Mego yet!
At one time Henchman 24 knocked my socks off, the options have only gotten better and better so the top spot is always changing!

While I’m on a pretty hardcore Sheldon Cooper / Big Bang Theory kick at the moment some of you may recall my appreciation for the Venture Bros. line of 8 inch Classic style of action figures. And as some of you may recall that appreciation of the fun and fantastic show came after the discovery of their Mego style action figures from Bif Bang Pow.

This still impresses me; the fact that the merchandise was so so cool I couldn’t help but get lured in. Well played BBP, well played. I really enjoyed talking up these figures in the past and Dr. Orpheus is still my absolute favorite of the line.




The special "magic hand" is simply to die for.
The special “magic hand” is simply to die for.

With the rest of the Triad coming out later this year my collector gene is kicking into high gear.  While they are not a part of the in-stock sale you can Pre-Order Jefferson Twilight and the Alchemist (plus Pete White and Shore Leave) via these links: Order The Venture Bros. Pete White and Jefferson Twilight Figures from Entertainment Earth!Order The Venture Bros. Shore Leave and Alchemist Action Figures from Entertainment Earth!

Microsoft Word - Dexterl022608_approvedfinal.docThis all came to mind again because of the big Bif Bang Pow sale going on now through February 20th at Entertainment Earth. Sadly I had to sell off the majority of my collection last year but 2014 is looking to be much better and brighter. I hope the same is true in your situation whatever it may be. If that is the case do yourself a favor and check out the sale. There are a lot of really good deals on some really GREAT collectibles and toys from BBP.

However if things are still lean for you rest assured that your old buddy Jimbo is gonna keep my eyes peeled for good deals to hopefully help all of us get back on our collecting feet and get our shelves overflowing with fun and merriment that only comes from officially licensed, product tie ins. Now, Go Play! – Jim 02/16/14

8 Inch Venture Bros.
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3&3/4 inch Venture Bros.
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Bif Bang Pow’s Brock Samson and Doctor Venture

Entertainment Earth

I know nothing of the show but truly appreciate these Re-Mego’s.

1. What it is.

Just two guys hanging out, waiting on their next 2D adventure.

Perhaps I should say Who THEY are. Brock Samson and Doctor Venture from Bif Bang Pow’s line of Venture Brothers 8 inch action figures,

2. Where they came from.

Again these came from ebay and I got ’em on the cheap.

I love the way the cartoon look is captured perfectly.

3. The Good.

These toys are simply fun to look at. The designs are perfect and really nail the 2D cartoon likenesses perfectly. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves :

First up Doctor Venture;

If Lex Luthor was a beatnick.
The clear plastic used so that the Doctor has lenses is a really nice touch.The silk screened pens are another really simple but neat detail.Belt loops! That’s just cool to me.What time is it? 4:30! Sorry, I just thought about the Spin Doctors. I wonder whatever happened to those guys?The form molded shoes are different for 8 inch style figures but really work for these guys.

And now Brock Samson;

This guy could easily break your face.
The communicator/watch thingy doesn’t come off but then again who else could wear it?A little crooked for photo day but not a big deal. Easy fix for nimble fingers.When you just gotta gut someone, ya know?The sheath is simply a cool touch.A loose thread, but again not a big deal.

4. The Bad.

I got nothing. The likenesses are perfect. The bodies hold thier poses very well. The uniqueness of Brock’s body is something I can’t help but praise. The only thing even remotely ‘bad’ is that the Doctor’s shoulders are a bit touchy when it comes to poseing.

5. Why I like it.

These dudes are simply fun! I haven’t ever really watched the show and I am now hooked on these characters. To see a 2D cartoon captured so well in 8 inch plastic form simply impresses me.

6. Why you should or shouldn’t get one.

I know nothing of you but must insist on hanging out with you.

You should because…

These toys are great to look at. The bright colors and true representation scream 1960’s and 70’s Hannah Barbera cartoon fare. What’s not to love?

You shouldn’t because….

The only thing I could say here is that if your broke or have no room maybe then you should avoid them. Otherwise go for it.

In Conclusion

These two figures from Bif Bang Pow are so much fun to me I am going to have to give the show another shot. Mainly because I know I will be rounding out the set which so far consists of 2 more regular figures and 2 San Diego Comic con exclusives. Entertainment Earth is also taking pre orders now for 2 other figures. Mind you these are on the lower end of my must have list but they are indeed a must have. In alloif this I guess the moral of the story is, don’t be scared to Venture out into different avenues to add spice to your collection. What’s funny is I really had no intention for that pun, really. Anyway, take the moral of this story to heart and go looking for things outside of your normal Toy Box and have some fun. Seriously… Go Play!        – Jim  05/01/11

My life as a cartoon keeps having more characters added to the cast. And I like it!

Jim Bumgardner is a 20 year veteran of the broadcast industry and currently serves as the news director for television station TKO 8 in Harrison, Arkansas. Jim is the father of two the husband of one and firm believer in the power of toys for both the mind, body and soul. You can contact Jim via email at jimstoybox@gmail.com or visit his website at www.jimsmegos.com


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