Daily Update April 2, 2014

toy box copyHowdy gang! Sorry for the in and out for those that are following me everyday. I’ll be honest with you, it’s been some crazy rockin’ and rollin’ going on back stage and not always in the good way. But I won’t trouble you with that pity party because this is a fun place, and by golly I’m going to keep it that way.

standbyAs mentioned before I have decided to scrap the broadcast television show (for now) but I’m far from not throwing stuff out into the ether. What I’m doing is creating some 60 second mini featurettes that I will be posting here as well as broadcasting on TKO 8 television where you’ll find me doing the day job stuff. I really want to introduce more folks to the things you see here but I don’t want to kill myself doing it. Plus I enjoy the various mediums available these days and as such I want to play with them all. Multi media Jim in progress J

imagesOne thing that I do feel like sharing with you at the moment is my process. I’m a Henry Ford kind of guy when it comes to production. The efficiency I find in an assembly line structure really works for me. Feds my analytical side and I’ve found as I do the steps (photo’s / video. Writing, graphics etc…) in this way my creativity flows better. I mention this only because coming back to this realization has helped me tremendously in getting back into the groove again.

FIGKS860AAlgAnother thing I am extremely stoked about is the coming additions to the Toy Box: The Figures Toy Company 8 inch Alive series of KISS Mego style action figures. Recently my good buddy Tom got me plugged back into some of the fantastic branches of the KISS Army and I can’t thank him enough. I’ll go more into all of the “why’s” that makes this so important to me once I get to the review. In a nutshell though I’ll say that reconnecting with one’s earliest influences and inspirations does a mind, body and soul good.

Looking at the clock on the wall I gotta scoot to get back to work on some voice tracks for another fun project I’m working on. In the meantime thank you all again for stopping by and showing your support and love for me and the Toy Box. Below is a gallery of pics from some things to come very soon. It was the best picture day ever!

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Now, Go Play!

Jim 04/02/14


(Not So) Daily Update 03/25/14

miceThe best laid plans of mice and men, often go awry. I can relate. Well, at least with the Daily Updates. But with good reasons. I’ve been too busy planning, creating and executing!

As the countdown calendar shows, the first broadcast program is getting incredibly close and let me tell you sister there’s a whole lot of work that must be done. So please forgive me for my lack of consistency on this feature at the moment. I’ve got segments stacked up and running out my ears as I work out the final particulars of the broadcast version of the Toy Box. As such my curiosity is growing in regards to what the audience reaction will be.

I’m not terribly concerned with the love it or hate it aspect but just the reaction in general. As I’ve mentioned before dear reader my interests are pretty niche when it comes to the market that I live in. Not that either side is good or bad, just different. One things for sure, this show will most certainly be different than anything else that’s been done around here.

Anyway I just wanted to drop a quick line and say howdy to you all but now I must get back to work. Excuse me I must get back to play. The day any of this becomes “WORK” I’ll walk away and slap myself for taking the fun out of my happy spot. Believe that.

Now, Go Play!

Jim 03/25/14

Daily Update – 03/17/14

Good evening gang! I do hope your St. Patrick’s Day went well. Overall ours went smooth, no pinching, green beer or leprechauns to speak of but all in all a good day.

The days on the calender seem to be getting in a hurry as I get closer to the launch of the TV version of the Toy Box. No pressure though, it’s all about play and a variety of it so stress is most certainly not allowed. Plus I’m having a ton of fun!

The day job kept me busy as the chief was out of the tepee today and I was left to man the village. Not a bad thing really. It gives me the opportunity to go into super multi-tasker mode. Honestly I liked that. Wouldn’t want to do it every day but its a nice change up and keeps me sharp. The only real difference between today and any other day is that I plop my posterior back in the air chair to spit out the local headlines. which you can see here:

Playing “news guy” is fun but not something I would ever want to do for the rest of my life. Too depressing. Thankfully the chief will be back tomorrow and I can comfortably kick back at master control. Plus after watching the playback it’s simply too much “Jim” for a good broadcast. Between the rip and read with the news my pipes are heard on all of the commercials. One must know overkill when you spot it.  Ego be damned. Plus the uploaded version looks like all of the blacks in the video were hit with  bleach bomb. Terrible.

One thing that I did get to have a lot of fun with today was the article on a CD I picked up over the weekend. As I try to get the “Thrift Store Flipping” segment back on track the family and I made the rounds at the area thrift shops this past Saturday. Tomorrow I’ll talk about one of the unseen perils of this project, bit of a bummer really but I’d rather keep this one on a positive note.

edwards_0001 Pickin’s were very slim but I did score some cool books and a CD for personal consumption. More about the books later but the CD was a winner on so many levels. You can read all about it HERE. It also gave me the motivation to get another segment of the Toy Box in place; the Listening Room.

Well, the clock is ticking and the sandman is calling my name. So off to bed for your old buddy Jimbo. One last tip for you before I wrap this one up. As you have probably figured out I’m pretty easy to amuse and I love a good deal. The Mrs. introduced me to an experience that satisfied both of those needs; a shopping trip to Rue 21. Dude, if you have never been there, pop in.

lrg_logo_rue21We just recently had one come to town and I figured 1. it was a girl’s store and 2. I am way too old to be in there. I was wrong on both accounts.  Not only did I find a pair of high top sneakers that make me giggle a little (they’re black, shiny and faux snakeskin with white soles) but they were crazy cheap. $5 bucks later and I’ve got shiny shoes. Plus another Lincoln later I picked up a couple of belts, a hat and two watches. Do the math gang, that’s a buck a piece for brand new stuff! I dig it.

Again, thanks for stopping by, catching up or just being nosy. Now, Go Play!

Jim 03/17/14

Daily Update 031414

Good evening gang!

Good golly Ms. Molly it’s been another productive day. I didn’t get a chance to get to my review that I teased you with yesterday but I’ll share with you what the subject matter is:

SW Group 1These Star Wars Mission Series action figures are awesome. Again I’m working on a full review which I hope to have to you by Monday. But don’t wait on me. Go get your self a set or just the ones that catch your eye. They are totally worth the price.

The reason as to why I wasn’t able to get to the review is a very good one. Along with the Toy Box web content and TV show I’m also working on a pilot with a pal of mine Ted Bergman. He developed a fantastically funny idea called Dog’s and Cats Go Hollywood. Not only is fun and funny, it also has a heart of gold for the animals. Be sure to check it out. I’ll share more of my role in the project in the near future. I know, ever the tease but whatcha gonna do. It’s my thing.

At the end of the day my brain is totally mushy but completely worth it. Now, Go Play!

Jim 03/14/14

Daily Update 03/13/14

Boy has it been busy so please forgive me for my in and out lately. It’s been a really productive time though. Here’s a quick run down:

standbyDid a lot of tests for the internet broadcast show yesterday. Many thanks to Gar Ghoul for the tip on a video capture device. It was a huge help and most certainly the hub that everything is centered around. Also special thanks to Ben and Tom for bearing with me and being my eyes and ears as I pushed buttons and flipped switches. It’s coming together nicely and once I perfect my method I’ll share the process with all of you potential broadcasters out there.

S Type Winner ZachOn the S-Type body giveaway I am so tickled to have received pictures of our young winner and an example of his “Multi Color Man”. The future of the 8 inch format rests in his imagination. Thank you so much for playing and sharing Zach!

question-markThe review front finds a pair of fellows that most certainly took me back to my childhood. Being a slave to the tease aspect of things I won’t tell you who or what they are but I will say the Force is most certainly with them.

shat tzThe biggest thing on the toy front that really knocked my socks off occurred yesterday when it was officially announced the partnership between Bif Bang Pow and ZICA Toys. My two favorite toy makers have partnered up to bring us all into the Twilight Zone. Love these figures!
The Twilight Zone Invader 3 3/4-inch Action FigureThe Twilight Zone Henry Bemis 3 3/4-inch Action FigureThe Twilight Zone Gremlin 3 3/4-Inch Action FigureThe Twilight Zone Kanamit 3 3/4-inch Action FigureThe Twilight Zone Talky Tina 3 3/4-inch Action Figure
There is so much going on that I can’t wait to share with you but I must. Time has most certainly become a precious commodity for me these days but thankfully I have you and the Toy Box to help me slow down long enough to write this and play a little. I appreciate that gang. Now, Go Play!

Jim 03/13/2014

Daily update 03/11/2014

So, daylight savings time, we meet again. Let me cut straight to the chase. I don’t like you. Seriously. But you know what? I’m gonna whip you. Sure the past two days the victory’s have been yours. Enjoy them. They are your last.

Off to lick my wounds and regain my footing, gang. Imma go sleep but you? Fight on! Now, Go Play!

Jim 03/11/14

Daily Update 03/07/14

Been another great day! Of course being take an action figure to work day probably helped. Not that it was much different for me BUT the good vibes around the world cast a soft glow of love from the hearts of all that participated. Okay, that was a little reaching but still, it was fun. Lighten up.

Otherwise been plugging away as the TV show keeps getting closer and closer. This is really going to be interesting to see what it evolves into.  In its raw form its a true variety show, like Forest Gump and his box of chocolates viewers are never gonna know what they are gonna get from week to week.  From animations and toys to music and interviews to sketch comedy and local interest stories and commentary, the sky is the limit. I do hope you all get the chance to check it out.

Now the weekend has arrived and it’s time for me to settle in for some family time. Nothing on the slate this weekend but to chill out, play Barbie’s with my daughter, cook for my wife and occasionally escape to my Toy box. Yeah, life is pretty sweet when you take the time to play despite what the world wants to throw at you that ain’t a ball. Have a great weekend everybody!

Now, Go Play!

Jim 03/07/14

Daily Update 03/06/14

Hey gang! Another long day around these parts. Had to tend to some “real world stuff” so I didn’t get to play nearly as long as I wanted to today. BUT I did get to play a little 🙂

Running with the Throwback Thursday mindset I dug up the review I did back in 2011 on the Mattel Retro Action Batman… it’s amazing how many people came over to check it out. Everybody loves the Bat even when he can’t stand up straight.

Also dug up my review of the FX Exclusive Greatest American Hero. I love that figure and recently it was announced that another run was being released. That sounded great but the discussions at the Mego Museum show that the greatness may not be so great after all.

That’s pretty much a wrap for today. With the exception of a strange occurrence at my home this evening. For the sake of record I’ll note that it felt like a little bitty earthquake shook my house.  Weird.

Casablanca - Sea GhostAny way, I gotta get some shut eye. I hope you all have a fantastic evening. Three things I want to remind you about: 1. Pre-Order your 1966 Batman figures… 2. Pre-Order your Sea Ghost.. and 3. Don’t forget about the free S-Type body that I will be giving away this Saturday night!

Now, Go Play!

Jim 03/06/14


Daily Update 03/05/2014

frostyOh winter 2014 how I loathe thee. But I won’t let you whip me! Hey gang, been slightly “blahed” out by the most recent round of frozen precipitation we received over the weekend here in the Ozarks.  About an inch of ice buried under three inches of snow. Yeah, Frosty the Snowman may dig this pattern but I for one can live without it. Thankfully one really bright thing came across my radar today that made things a lot better and warmer.

batman heads66 robin ftc2Figures Toy Company released more pics from the factory of the new 1966 Batman figures coming really soon! I boosted the pics from their Facebook page and I hope they don’t mind. If you all make a pre-order or two I don’t think they’ll care.  Actually the pics make want to pre-order another set! They are looking that good!


On a side note, I did get a little creative on the promotion front and launched the first television commercial for the site. Simple and to the point. I’m looking forward to seeing the response that it generates. Let’s find out exactly what kind of power the broadcast airwaves have shall we?

And the Alexa growth continues!

jtb alexa 030514
S-Type GiveawayThe entries are still pouring in for the free S-Type body giveaway. This makes me so crazy happy getting this type of interaction with you all! Don’t forget you’ve got until Saturday night at 11:59 PM CST to get your entry in. I’m really impressed with the ideas you all are coming up with that you want to use this body for.

spr14I guess that sums up the past couple of days. The weather really did put a “blah” on the productivity but such is life and no one has a gun to my head over deadlines. I like that feeling. One more thing I did put up on the web was a bunch of books on eBay. Looking to take care of some Spring cleaning and raising some funds for some software I’m needing so feel free to take a look and throw in a bid. They all are starting out cheap.

And on that note I’m going to wrap this one up and get back to some more backstage stuff. Plus the wife found a recipe online to help unclog the sink so it’s back to the grocery store and the “Honey Do List”. Catch you hep cats tomorrow!

Now, Go Play!

Jim 03/05/14

Daily Update 03/03/2014

Boy what a productive day! Not outside mind you… Northern Arkansas was in a deep freeze for the past 24 hours and looks to stay that way for another day at least. Oh well I had a ton of fun getting some things done around the house. Early Spring cleaning if you will.

$(KGrHqN,!hEF!lU1Hun6BQSNweU41Q~~60_3Another fun thing today was the creation of the Mego-TV Schedule and YouTube playlist. I’ve been “tuned in” all day and I gotta tell ya, it’s some mighty fine programming with a good balance in its makeup. At the time of this writing I’m watching the Mirror. Mirror episode of Star Trek (11P CST) and it just seems right. As I have time I do believe I will flush out the other 6 days worth of playlists just for the heck of it. Modern technology rocks!

Also had the most wonderful call this early evening from my pal Ben. He and I became friends by way of the Forum over at the Mego Museum. Such a super nice guy that is great for giving and receiving a laugh or two or three. Thanks for calling buddy, I really enjoyed our chat.

Been a fantastic and full day but have a handful of other things I want to wrap up before the day is through. But before I go don’t forget 1. Enter to win a free S-Type body and 2. Go pre-order your Sea Ghost now!

Now, Go Play!

Jim 03/03/2014