Sea Ghost – A fantastic voyage to the bottom of the sea and top of the imagination.

sg01logoGetting children involved in oceanic preservation is crucial to the long term success and legacy that you are working towards. One way to get them interested and involved is to help them fall in love with the sea. One way to do that is through fun and fantastic tales and adventures. For that I have a suggestion that: Captn’ Eli and his amazing friends.

images (1)Hearkening back to the days of Saturday morning cartoons and super heroic fun, young Eli saves the seas with his pal Commander X. While the Commander is a formidable hero on his own his efforts are more than amplified thanks to his pal, the Sea Ghost.

74c18514d8770790834e7ddae1e83823I can not stress who incredibly clever and fun these comics are. Adventure, excitement, mystery is all there plus the 2D and 3D artwork created by artist and writer Jay Piscopo is beautiful. And a long with the comics and cards Jay has also put together a series of action figures based on Commander X that helps kids get into the action and create their own adventures. And now Sea Ghost is joining the ranks of playtime and collector fun.

Sea Ghost - 3 PrototypesSea Ghost is currently up for Pre-Order now at the discount price of $16 which is an incredible value considering the quality that comes from it’s maker Paul “Dr. Mego” Clarke of EMCE toys. Not too big, not too small, these toys can stand up to play and collectability. Considering how much you all love the sea feel free to get an extra one for you too.

download (1)The way we play is a reflection of how we live. Introduce your kids to this fascinating undersea world today and help deepen their sense of importance in saving the seas and all of its inhabitants while enjoying some fascinating fun and adventures with Capt’n Eli, Commander X and the Sea Ghost!

Now, Go Play!
Jim 02/27/13

Daily Update 02/24/2014

Wonderful tribute pic created by Jarret Kruse. Check out this mighty fine Action Figure Junkie and writer on facebook by clicking on the pic.

Harold Ramis Passed away. – Total bummer. As a kid (I was born in December ’73, you do the corresponding math) I grew up with his influence from films and television. As I got older and really began studying his body of work I came to truly respect this man on so many levels. Quick flashback to the kid days though… when ‘Ghostbusters’ first came out I was immediately drawn to Egon because like me, he wore glasses. That means a lot to a ten year old. I felt the same way about Harold Lloyd too. And this just now hit me, my Dad’s name is Harold. Lot’s of Harold’s have made me the man I am today. I miss them all so much.

1964283_10152259740898678_1602521995_nJay Piscopo has something really cool cooking. A few years back now I chatted with Joe about his Commander X and Capt’n Eli comics and toys. The video is still up on YouTube via these LINKS ONE... TWOTHREE. I can’t stress how impressed and inspired I was and am with this fellow’s talent. The new news however comes after many years in the making but his Sea Ghost character is fixing to be a Mego (finally)! I hope to bring you more on this soon but for now here’s the press release. Oh wow, I just realized I need to turn my lovely wife’s shark friends on to Capt’n Eli and the Sea Ghost. They will love it! See kids, blogging is good for you.

thrift store flippingThrift Store Flipping is getting interesting results. Haven’t come across the holy grail of collectibles or made a huge return on my initial investment but some folks are getting some neat stuff on the cheap, I’m playing on eBay again and the charities that I’m shopping at are getting some exposure. Win win all around… now I gotta get back to Round 3’s stuff.

partly cloudyWeather was nice in Arkansas today. A little cool but more normal for an Ozarks winter. The doom and gloom forecasters are wanting to throw a chink in the day but it I’m hoping for the best.

51emrbtNszLAnother reason I’m doing this is following the advice of numerous teachers I’ve had in regards to keeping a journal. One in particular being another huge influence, Robert Rodriguez. His day by day recounting of the film El Mariachi “Rebel without a crew” was and is a huge influence on me. If you haven’t read it you most certainly should. It’s very inspiring how to see notes he made back then eventually turned into films such as the Spy Kids series of films and many others. Remember kids a goal not written down is only a dream.

On the horizon…

S-Type GiveawayUpdates on the S-Type body giveaway- Getting some GREAT submissions. Be sure to get yours in!


Reviews of some awesome works from Scott Schiaffo

My interview with Creature from the Black Lagoon’s Julie Adams

toy box copyThe Story behind the trunk that became the Toy Box thanks to my super pal Gar Ghoul

The development of the Television show as it goes… been rehearsing a voice over script. I’d tell you more but it’ll be much more fun to show you the end result 😉

Neat things that happened that mean more to me than you. Examples being I got the chance to help a young man who is hungry to get into this wild and wacky world of multimedia content creation with a college class project. Logan Amos is his name. I note this for history because I’m telling you gang, this fellow wants it and I believe he’s gonna get!  Also got to help a pal of mine with a speed typing session for a class assignment he is working on. Kelly Scott no one has “better” timing than you pal. And also getting a call from another good pal of mine who’s a Boy Scout den leader who is needing some audio post production magic for an event he recently recorded.

Daily UPDATENow to build a graphic for this feature, set up the page on here and of course share it with the world that may be interested in the workings of my brain.

Wow, it’s really been a busy day!  Follow your bliss…. yeah, I’m loving it. Thanks Gar!

Now, Go Play!

Jim 02/24/2014


Julius Destructus: Destroyer? Sure. Inspiring? Oh brother, are you in for a treat!


Next to Julius my head doesn’t look so big. But then again the way he inspires, mine may just get bigger. No, really.

There comes a time in a collectors life that an item comes on the block that brings out the most intense desire of “must have” determination to acquire a particular item. These moments actually come and go considering that times and tastes change however in this instance this particular flutter found in my hoarders heart was so profound that I had no choice but to give in or risk having those flutters carry me all the way to South America for the winter. “What could possibly cause such a stir in a normally mild manner dork such as yourself, Jim?” you ask. Keep reading fellows and girls and find out more about this latest, unique and one of the more exciting acquisitions that has actually taking a spot in the Toy Box as well as on the reading shelf and inside my now ignited imagination.

Point #1. What it is.

A whole lot of Tim Baron goodness right here!

Julius Destructus: A custom rendering of Tim Baron’s creation by the artist himself.

Point #2. Where it came from.

The card art really flows with the overall packaged product. Seamless even.

Tim offered up a very small run of these handmade Classic Style action figures on the Mego Museum Forums; Marketplace Thread at the end of October 2011.

Point #3. The Good.

Only a mother or a comic book artist could love this mug. Or your old but Jimbo!
Right face!

The head sculpt is very impressive to me not just because it is a dead on likeness but more

importantly because it really captures the art style. And while I’m no artist by any stretch of the imagination I do appreciate good art when I see it. The way Tim captured his gritty, heavily detailed artwork in 3 Dimensions is very impressive. I’ve got more on that in a few.

Nothing says Mego style like “Oven Mitts”!

Another thing I really appreciate about what Tim has done here is that he has done a more than fine job in giving Julius the Mego treatment in a way that I’m sure would have passed Marty Abrams approval for what makes a Mego. The black oven mitt Mego style gloves are an especially great aspect of this styling. Anyone can paint hands to match a gauntlet to look like a glove, but only a Mego can get the same basic effect and also be able to snatch cookies out of the oven.

Also Tim’s use of a simple white “V” line to bring out costume detail is very much appreciated. It’s amazing how a couple of well placed lines can do so much. And of course I

would be remiss to not mention the wonderfully crafted skull belt buckle. IN this piece Tim has once again translated his 2D style perfectly in 3D. Love it!

Point #4. The Bad.

There is no bad. Only good. Move along.

You may be ‘bad’ but only in the good ways!

Point #5. Why I like it.

There’s a lot more than plastic. resin and cloth here folks… keep reading!

I love this figure for many different reasons and it’s my pleasure to share all of them with you! J

1.) First off the character and story of Julius Destructus is brilliant. Thanks to the graphic novel “The life and times of Julius Destructus” by Tim with scripting duties provided by the incredibly talented Ben Avery the life that is breathed into these pages is awesome. While those of you who have remained plugged into the comic book / graphic novel world, stories and art such as this will not come as a surprise to you (though you will find some wonderful, “Nice! I like how they did that” moments) for those such as myself who are in and out of same said world you will be treated to one heck of an adventure. Get the book here.

2.) Those who are members or visitors of the Customs Forum at the Mego Museum are already privy to this next impressive point: Julius here is Tim’s first foray into sculpting, casting and painting. And while the final product in and of itself is impressive the message in between the lines to me is something that I think is even more impressive.

When I look at this most impressive figure I not only see the character but I also feel the passion the creator has for the creation. There is something magical going on here folks. You see it’s one thing to create a character, another to draw a character, and a totally higher level of talent to express the characters thoughts, feelings and emotions through the written word. And now Tim has shown exactly how important this character is to him. In this 8-inch form we find that the creator has a true knowledge of the character that you can’t simply ‘crank out’. The level of details and nuances in the head sculpt and paint applications in this 3-D rendering in my opinion shows that Tim Baron and his creation are on a level that goes much deeper than a simple drawing on a sketch pad. Another big stand out factor for me is that Tim has shown the world (by example) that a ‘great and terrible dream’* can come true.

3.) I also appreciate the fact that with this effort Tim has given me a great platform to point out another fun and fascinating aspect about Mego and Mego-like figure collecting, and that my friends is the ability to create your own character in this perfect 8 inch scale. In a part by part break down here’s how you can begin to make your own custom figure:

The body and belt is from the guy who I will always credit as the leader in the resurrection of all this Mego style goodness, Dr. Mego himself Paul Clarke  The good doctor is also responsible for the super cool Commander X line of figures for Jay Piscopo’s “Capt’n Eli comics character and all of his variations. Those are still available by the way at

The suit, boots and oven mitts are from the folks at Classic TV Toys. While these guys get a bad rap from me for their figures (look for the Mad Monster reviews) they actually do a pretty good job when it comes to their accessories.

The resealable clamshell (which is super sweet by the way, it means you can play with it and then put it back on the card kids!) comes from Castaway toys. These guys are another great source for parts and pieces as well as some other really cool vintage Mego items at insanely low prices.

The head of course could be yours too; that is so long as you could beg Tim to make you one. These were a limited run but who knows? Tim may get the itch again and need to scratch it… or even better some wise publisher sees what I see in Julius and pays Tim a million dollars to mass market the book and this fellow. (I’m rooting for ya Tim!)

*The Great and Terrible Dream’ was the first compilation of Tim’s work he released in graphic novel form in 2009

Point #6. Why you should or shouldn’t get one.

Why you should:

Unless he makes more or the buyers of the original release decide to part with theirs, you can’t. Sorry about that.

Why you shouldn’t:

Why you should pretty much covers this one too.

In Conclusion

Your in excellent company Julius. Excellent company.

Passion. Talent. Entertainment. Fun. Four words that go a long way in describing what Tim Baron has created here in his Julius Destructus 8 inch Classic Style Action Figure. And while it is true that there are no more available at this writing, the tale of Julius is still available at . I do highly recommend the book because I promise you the time spent reading this very impressive graphic novel and studying the masterful pen strokes that creates this world will leave you with a since of contentment that only comes from quality entertainment. Plus if we move some books, Tim may get inspired to crank out some more of these excellent figures or even better, he may decide to churn out some of his other characters. But be warned, if he does go the route of the latter I will be throwing elbows all the way to the checkout to ensure I get mine. Now – Order the book and Go Play! – Jim 11/06/11

All of this 8 inch goodness due in part to the creative minds that comprise the Mego Museum website and community. How sweet it is!

Jim Bumgardner is a 20 year veteran of the broadcast industry and currently serves as the news director for television station TKO 8 in Harrison, Arkansas. Jim is the father of two the husband of one and firm believer in the power of toys for both the mind, body and soul. You can contact Jim via email at or


All images and products are the sole copyrighted property of it’s respective owners. Specialty photographs and graphic work used for this article were done by Jim at the TKO 8 Studios located at 500 N. Main St in Harrison, Arkansas. “Little Jim” was created by Dawn O’Connell of Little Buddies Action Figures. Learn more about getting your own Little Buddy at

“Saturday Morning Funnies” Episode 4: What Roscoe could never do…

What does your imagination have in mind? Submit your rescue ideas to me at the best submission as chosen by me and my lovely wife Alicia will not only see their dream scenario acted out in next weeks Saturday Morning Funnies but you’ll also receive this carded Luke Duke for your own collection! Sure he’s got a bum knee but a free Mego is still a free Mego!

So what are you waiting for dear reader? Start flexing your imagination and help free Luke Duke!

Email submissions to please include a contact email address and your name. DO NOT SEND your address or any info at this time. I will contact the winner via the provided email address and request the info at that time. I’m not a spammer and have no intentions of becoming one. You have until Monday May2nd to get your ideas in so get to it!

The game is set kids! Now, Go Play! Jim 04/30/11

“The Wall” Chapter 2: 1950’s Commander X from Nemo Publishing

“Stand by for ADVENTURE!”

For this review I must warn you that this is going to be one of the toughest for me to stay focused on just the toy. This 8 inch rendering of one of Jay Piscopo’s creations has a very special place in my heart and imagination. The reason’s may sound corny or even cheesy to some but so be it. I’ve never once claimed to be non-corny or non-cheesy.

1950's style Commander X from Jay Piscopo and Nemo Publishing


This 1950’s Commander X is actually so much more than just a toy. He is to me, the embodiment of creative expression that embraces “branding” in an almost Disney style outreach that is if given the chance, a wonderful vehicle for today’s kids to get introduced into not only the fun that comes from playtime with action figures but also the adventures your mind can go on thanks to the pages of a comic book.

The mysterious, time traveling hero known as Commander X is actually a secondary character from Jay’s “Undersea Adventure’s of Capt’n Eli” graphic novels. In those books the Commander serves as a mentor of sorts to this remarkable young boy who spends his days under the sea fighting the good fight for both the sea dwellers and land lubbers alike. See it’s far too easy for me to get off track here because what this one action figure represents. Do yourself a favor and learn more about Capt’n Eli at Jay’s official website and also check out the interview I did with Jay discussing the many facets of this wonderful world at via these links

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Once you visit Jay’s site or watch the interview you’ll see why not only is this a cool comic book world but also the workings of an artist and creator that deserves applause for his outstanding efforts to create a comic for kids that is fun and exciting. Oh yeah, and you can also learn more about the Commander’s pal “Sea Ghost”. You’ll be glad you did.

Now back to “The Wall”

Point #1. What it is.

This my friends is a HERO!

This particular version of the Commander is definitely my favorite of all the versions that are available. With his Retro 50’s hero look along with his real world hero accessories (the gun and knife) are just too cool for school. And probably wouldn’t be allowed on the playground these days anyway. “A gun and a knife?!?! Call the ATF!”

Point #2. Where it came from.

All of the Commander X Limited Edition action figures are the product of “Dr. Mego” himself, Paul Clark. The good

The Commander is created with plastic, rubber bands, real cloth costume, and lots of LOVE!

Doctor actually puts these fellows together one by one using factory made Mego reproduction parts as created by himself. To those who don’t know Dr. Mego is also one half of the people that make up EMCE Toys which is indeed the 21st Century reincarnation of Mego. As for my figure he along with the Western Knight version (also a top ten favorite of mine) were sent to me as a review copy for the interviews that I mentioned above. So while I didn’t shell out the $19.99 for him this figure is truly priceless to me and Lord willing I hope to never have him leave my collection.

Point #3. The Good.

Being that Commander X here is made up of the most authentic Mego parts out there I dare to say that he is the first *NEW Mego produced on a large scale basis. Sure EMCE re- released both the Star Trek and Planet of the Apes lines wonderfully, Commander X however is to the best of my knowledge, the first original character to come from the Dr.’s lab.

*EDIT – I need to clarify a timeline goof on my part. The first actual NEW Mego’s produced by EMCE were the Night of the Living Dead Figures of Ben and the Zombie. Check those really cool 1st NEW Mego’s and a whole lot more New Mego Goodness at EMCE’s official site  via this link…

Dressed for ACTION! (and adventure)

Another very good point is the clothing. The jacket, pants, and shirt are all factory made and hold up very well under normal playtime conditions. Mego fans will note that the Jacket and Pants are actually a Clark Kent Alter Ego reproduction suit, but with the way the lapels have been flattened and the pants legs are tucked in, the novice may over look this point.

Ready to stomp a mudhole in all evil doers. And then "stick 'em" if need be.

The cache of accessories that Commander X comes with is also awe-inspiring. Not only do you get a gun and a knife, you also get really cool boots, a belt emblazoned with the “X” logo and a matching hat. All of this for only $19.99? Crazy I tell ya, Crazy!

And one final touch that can be easily overlooked is that the Commander (like most EMCE toys) comes in a resealable package that is perfect for display and storage as well as making the figure easily accessible for play. The card art is nothing to overlook either but that you can see for yourself when you order one..




Point #4. The Bad.

The only negative I could find and it occurred on picture day*.

In all fairness and as an unbiased reviewer I hate throwing out the negative but, it’s part of the gig. With that said my biggest concern came from the knife. The handy dandy dagger comes positioned in the Commander’s boot and looks super cool. The problem came when I pulled the knife out for the photo shoot. It came out fine, the Commander held it fine, but when I went to put it back… it snapped where the blade meets the hilt. Ouch! There’s nothing worse in my opinion then a toy that breaks easy. It appears the knife was cast in a resin where if had been done in a rubber this type of breakage wouldn’t be an issue. (*Edit- Nemo Publishing has offered to replace the knife. Mind you in this review I am not complaining in the least and I applaud them for their stand up customer service!)

The only other “Bad” point that I can find is the stiffness in the shoulders. Being a true Mego style Type 2 body overall poseability is excellent but the shoulders are just a smidge too tight to raise his arms up above his head. But then again Commander X is not one to surrender so how often would you need to do that anyway?

Point #5. Why I like it.

So smooth. So very smooth.

Commander X is a great comic book character. His look is so traditional when it comes to what my mind says a hero should look like. The squared jaw, the sharp features, the pupil less eyes… now that’s a hero!

It also doesn’t hurt that at his base his head is a re-purposed Mego Superman head with the eyes whited out and a black mask and mustache added. To me that is exactly what Mego would have done had they had the Commander X license back in the day.

"Superman you say? I get that a lot."

And while some may poo-poo this aspect, I say;” Read the books and check out the art. This sculpt looks more like Commander X than Superman anyway.” And for those who know me, know that I don’t say that lightly considering the Mego Superman is my favorite toy EVER.

Point #6. Why you should or shouldn’t get one.

Why you should:

"Bring it!"

Not wanting to sound redundant here but come on, he is simply a cool looking toy. This guy SCREAMS action and adventure! Add to that, with the web and comic book tie-in’s it is a great way to introduce kids into a total package concept that doesn’t involve a video game.

Why you shouldn’t:

With the exception of the knife issue I honestly can’t think of any real reason why you shouldn’t order this fellow or one of the other versions today. Simply put there is nothing that I can fault here. Not even the price. Considering all that you get, you will never find a better bang for

Not all versions have been released but of the one's that have you will not be disappointed in any of them.

your buck when it comes to an 8 inch action figure. If you disassembled the Commander down to his individual parts and priced them at Dr. Mego’s site ( )  and you’ll see that this effort is a true labor of love with playtime being the biggest winner.


In Conclusion:

Like I said at the start, this was a tough review to stay focused on for just the toy considering how much more is

He'll even let you wear his hat! What a guy!

involved with this heroes back story. I sincerely hope that each and everyone of you who read this will take the time to visit Jay Piscopo’s site, watch the interview, study up on all the great things that Commander X and his pals offer and allow yourself the chance to enjoy perhaps for the first time, how much fun a comic book character can be.

Now, Go Play!



Jim Bumgardner is a 20 year veteran of the broadcast industry and currently serves as the news director for television station TKO 8 in Harrison, Arkansas. Jim is the father of two the husband of one and firm believer in the power of toys for both the mind, body and soul. You can contact Jim via email at or visit his website at

All images and products are the sole copyrighted property of it’s respective owners. Specialty photographs and graphic work used for this article were done by Jim at the TKO 8 Studios located at 500 N. Main St in Harrison, Arkansas. “Little Jim” was created by Dawn O’Connell of Little Buddies Action Figures. Learn more about getting your own Little Buddy at

Day 1 of “The Wall” – The Overview

Our stars of the show.
These 16 action figures are so chock full of fun it’s amazing that they can fit in one small area!

And so it begins!

Welcome to Day 1 of “The Wall” blog where I will be giving you a rundown and review of the “Re-Mego’s” that adorn my wall at home and have earned a special place in my heart. As this is the very first day of this little goal of mine I’d like to stop and pause a moment to give a huge shout out to all my pals at the Mego Museum. This collection of fellow lovers of all things Mego has welcomed me in with open arms and has become like a second “cyber-family”. Plus without this wonderful community and it’s members I never would have scored most of these wonderful additions to my collection. It was also their encouragement that has boosted up my drive to do this blog and hone my skills as a marketer and reviewer. So to all of my “Mego Buddies” I say thank you! Now let’s get to “The Wall”

"The primary Suspects"
With a cast like this who needs TV? Oh wait.

This morning started out with a round of Photoshopping that finds me getting even more excited about this endeavor.  Seeing that in the end of everyday I get to work on this blog I’ll be taking a little time away from the “real world” I’ll actually be doing numerous things that I love. From writing to designing the layout of this blog I can see why so many people have flocked to this form of communication. It truly is a blast to write about the things that mean so much to you. Thank you Word Press!

Now without further ado may I introduce you to this blogs starting line up and the order in which they will be tackled.

#1. Mattel’s Retro Action DC  Super Heroes : Superman.

Retro Action Superman
The Man of Steel returns to 8 inch plastic form.

#2. 1950’s Version Commander X

1950's Commander X
While the Commander may look a little familiar to Mego collectors he is a hero in his own right.

#3. The Greatest American Hero

The Greatest American Hero
Oh, what could have been. However what is, is actually better!

#4. Mattel’s Retro Action DC Super Heroes : Batman


Retro Action Batman


#5. Flatt World’s Bela Lugosi as Dracula


Bela Lugosi Dracula


#6. Castaway Toys Creepy Classics : Zombie


Castaway Toys Zombie


#7. Classic TV Toys : Mego Mad Monsters Dracula Reissue


Mad Monsters Dracula


#8. Classic TV Toys : Mego Mad Monsters Frankenstein Reissue

Mad Monsters Frankenstein
He was only looking for a friend. Ignorance and intolerence is so so wrong.

#9. Castaway Toys Creepy Classics : Mr. Hyde


Castaway Toys Mr. Hyde


#10. Jim’s Mego’s Retro Action DC Super Heroes : Robin (sort of)


Custom Robin


#11. EMCE Toys, Mego Star Trek Reissue: Captain Kirk


Captain James T. Kirk


#12. EMCE Toys/ Specter Toys; Dark Shadows: Chris Jennings


Dark Shadows Chris Jennings


#13. Classic TV Toys; Mad Monsters Series 2: The Salem Witch


CTVT Salem Witch


#14. Classic TV Toys; Mad Monsters Series 2: The Gruesome Ghost


CTVT Ghost


#15. Classic TV Toys : Mego Mad Monsters Mummy Reissue


CTVT Mummy


#15. Classic TV Toys; Mad Monsters Series 2: The Demonic Devil


CTVT Devil


Okay fellow’s and girls there is the starting line up! I am looking so very forward to sharing with you my take on these wonderful figures. In a perfect world these reviews would come one day after another but sadly I do not get paid to do this (yet) and I do have a full time gig, loving wife, and a beautiful Toddler so it may take 16 weeks instead of 16 days to complete. But you know what? It’ll be worth it!

So until next time when Retro Action Superman say’s;


Now, Go Play!



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