I love the Big Bang Theory… but for the next 3 years?

Me and the card backJust finished watching the Big Bang Theory’s latest episode and once again the show delivered. Funny, clever, Wil Wheaton… wins all the way across the board. But then I got to thinking about their recently renewed contract for three more seasons. Can they do it?

Me and Sheldon 2Will they jump the shark and bring in a baby? Will one of our favorite of the three couples split up causing factions in the fan base: Team Sheldon vs. Team Amy? Only time will tell but one things for sure… tiny Sheldon and I will watch religiously with baited breath. I have a feeling he already knows but doesn’t want to ruin it for me. Dang you Mr. Cooper, you snarky tease.

What do you think? Can the writers pull it off or will we be seeing Howard on a rocket powered tricycle jumping over a pool of sea monkeys? Actually I think that would be kind of cool 😉

Now, Go Play?

Jim 05/08/2014

Entertainment Earth

The 1st Lip Lock Louder than the Big Bang!

What seemed preposterous, turned into a very beautiful and touching television moment that IMO is just as memorable as Lucy having the baby… Samantha having the baby… and even Wilma Flintstone having the baby. It was so great it didn’t need a baby. No Bazinga.


How hot was this episode? This Thursday (February 6, 2014) the kiss heard round the world garnered a 15 share for CBS in the 7PM (CST) time slot. If not for those pesky Winter Olympics kicking off I believe it is totally possible that the hit show would have picked up an additional 8 share easy. Still, 17 Million viewers felt this monumental moment where Sheldon not only instigates the kiss with Amy Farrah Fowler, for the first time in the brainy couples relationship, Sheldon liked it!

To commemorate and recreate this magical moment (tell me you didn’t tear up a little) get your officially licensed Sheldon Cooper 8-inch, classic style action figure today and pre order the  Amy Farrah Fowler from Bif Bang Pow and Entertainment Earth today!
Big Bang Theory Sheldon w/Vintage Batman Shirt 8-Inch FigureThe Big Bang Theory Amy Farrah Fowler 8-inch Action Figure
You can also pre-order the whole gang! Leonard, Penny, Raj, Howard and of course the cute as a button Bernadette. Plus there are still SDCC Exclusive Sheldon’s featuring the Teen Titans Go bag (ya’ll should know how much I love that show)  as well as another variant Sheldon with Green Lantern and Flash shirts!

If this is your first time to my Toy Box, be sure to bookmark this site… in the very near future I’ve got something to share with you Big Bang Theory fans that you won’t want to miss! Now, Go Play! – Jim 02/08/14

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