When playtime gets serious…

Greetings Dear Readers, today has truly been an interesting one for your old buddy Jimbo. And if you happen to be one of the hundreds of folks who have now visited the blog in lieu of the situation that has erupted over the weekend you probably know what I’m talking about. For those of you who have dodged all of the controversy let me quickly get you up to speed…

Back in April I wrote the following blog entry:


On Saturday I became aware that Mr. Anthony Jeff of Day2Day Trading found my statements inflammatory and one sided. He is absolutely correct in that assumption. They were and still are. And now it’s Monday and oh what a Monday it has been. Pardon the lack of pics or image kids, this topic doesn’t warrant Mini Me parading around.

Since all of this has broke out I’ve been made privy to some very interesting information from both sides of the coin. This is information that I, who came into this situation as a fanboy first and journalist a very distant 50th place, have dissected, digested and am now passing on.

Now before you get to saying, “Hey man, what the hell is this all about? You leaving us hanging?” Fear not dear reader! That is not the case at all. However my purpose is now better focused and actually gets back to the root of why I wrote my initial blog in the first place; Changing the course of how the toy ship sales.

You see, in my initial post I honestly had no clue as to who Day2Day trading was outside of Castaway’s claims. Again I point out that I’m a fanboy first so I simply expressed my opinion from that general direction. Now however I’ve learned quite a bit more and in the end what I could bring you dear reader would still be nothing more than my opinion. And while the national news circuit and many other bloggers are prone to carry on in such a way, I myself am not of that ilk. The jury is literally still out on this case. And until it is officially concluded in a court of law, I personally feel there is no story.

Sure there are many and I do mean many issues involved here that go far beyond the simple example that has been touched on, to discuss it further would simply add to discussions that would be defamatory, full of conjecture and in the end, result in social media lynching by a highly uninformed public that could leave truly innocent party’s damaged unfairly. As a journalist I will not partake. That my friends is responsible journalism.

Now, one thing that I will stand by without any regrets, remorse and with unflinching diligence is the fact that things do need to be done that will alleviate similar problems in the future. That change was and is my original point; Manufacturing must be returned to American soil. Period.

The fact remains that America is in need of economic recovery. You don’t get that through printing more money that has no backing. You don’t get that through wishful thinking. You DO get that through how we got it in the first place; Work. And QUALITY work at that. Plus lots of it.

Through certain avenues of  this investigation I have learned that steps are indeed being taken to see that goal achieved. It is that goal that I will be reporting on as more information becomes available. And fear not Dear Reader the time of that Good News, isn’t as far off as you might think. The Fall of 2011 looks to be a very exciting time for the American Toy Industry. (That’s called a tease by the way. Oh yeah!)

Now as for Mr. Jeff of Day2Day and Mr. Lee of Castaway I offer this to both of you on equal footing for all of the world to see: Best of luck!

I openly admit that your fight is not mine. I also openly apologize to both of you if an unfair bias has been shown in either direction. Do I have an opinion in the matter? Yes, yes I do. Will I tell either of you or the Dear Readers of this blog? Nope. Sure won’t. Why? Because this blog is intended to be a playground for fun and positive vibes. Not a pit for back and forth name-calling and hearsay. Add to all of that these matters are of a legal nature that need to be handled in the courtroom and not on the stage of public opinion.

I will close with this final suggestion to both sides and as very important food for thought for you too Dear Reader: Always read the fine print and never forget a bird in hand is better than two in the bush.

Now – Go Play! Jim 06/20/11