Daily Update 03/10/14

Credit where credit is due…

I’m all about giving credit where it is due so at this time let me through a HUGE shout out to Mr. Randy Ham. Randy was the organizer of the “Take an action figure to work day” last week. Thank you again good sir for putting the event together and encouraging folks to play!

The S-Type Body giveaway… and the winner is…

Congratulations to Vincent and Zachery Mondano of New Jersey for their winning submission of 8 year old Zachery’s “Multi-Color Man”. I can’t wait to see it!

Future Contest

I was hoping to announce a new contest today but I got a bit busy as…

 I’ve officially returned to TKO 8 Television

Yep after a few months hiatus all is well and good in the local TV hood. As part of the deal I secured a Tuesday night 7PM prime time slot for the new “Jim’s Toy Box” variety show. The first program is scheduled to air March 29th!

And that’s about that. Been a crazy busy day for sure but it is so much more rewarding when you have something to show for your efforts at the end of the day. Too bad I lost an hour. I could have gotten so much more done!

Now, Go Play!

Jim 03/10/14

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