Star Wars Prototypes from way back when…

sWith Star Wars Celebration in full swing and the 40th anniversary of the greatest movie of my childhood being celebrated like never before, why not take a look back at some of the fantastic product that never saw retail shelves? Thanks to the January ’99 issue of Tomart’s Action Figure Digest , there are some fantastic pics of on-produced or released prototypes from the Micro Collection line of metal figures and playsets.  And just like the article on Mego’s Marty Abrams, it’s so cool seeing where it all came from, Action figure and toy fans.

Jim  04/13/17

It’s May… Star Wars is the only reason this month exists, so…..

Star Wars Darth Vader Life-Size Kenner Action FigureTo celebrate the original Holy Trilogy for the month of May the Toy Box is going to turn the Today in History bit into a Star Wars Celebration bit. We’ll start today and the weekend by sharing with everyone first off the life size vintage Kenner style Darth Vader action figure. It’s crazy cool but equally crazy expensive. But if you’ve got $2,500 to plunk down I say go for it. But if your like me and don’t just enjoy this video 🙂

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