Last chance to enter for the S-Type body giveaway!

S-Type GiveawayThe clock is ticking and I gotta tell ya, I am so pleased that so many have decided to play along! Remember you’ve got until 11:59 PM, CST tonight (Saturday March 8, 2014) to get your entry in.

Again thanks to everyone who has submitted and I really wish everyone could win but alas it is a contest and I’m far from being a rich guy… for now 😉 (Order More Bluntman, BatmanSheldon Cooper and Dukes )
Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back Bluntman Chronic Figure SetBatman Classic 1966 TV Series 1 Batman 8-Inch Action FigureBig Bang Theory Sheldon 8-Inch Figure - Convention ExclusiveDukes of Hazzard 8-Inch Series 1 Action Figure Set
I will announce the winner on Monday and perhaps a new contest.

Now, Go Play!

Jim 03/08/14

It’s Walking Dead day!


Now that Sunday is once again “The Walking Dead Day” around my home it seems only fitting to offer up things that enhance the celebration of everyone’s favorite group of Georgia based heroes since the Dukes. You know that’s actually an interesting thought… did the Duke farm get over ran by Zombies or did Bo and Luke ward them off with their flaming bows and arrows Darryl Dixon style? Hmmmmmmmm…. What a crossover / mash up idea. Quick somebody get CMT on the phone!

Enjoy this new day of the dead with these Little Dead darlings:
Living Dead Dolls Scary Tales Little Bo Creep Series 5 DollLiving Dead Dolls Child's Play Chucky and Tiffany Doll SetLiving Dead Dolls Snow White and Evil Queen Dolls SetLiving Dead Dolls Frankenstein Black-and-White Previews DollLiving Dead Dolls Rotten Sam and Sandy Set
And if you actually want to play out the aforementioned scenario AKA the greatest cross over hit since “Hee Haw meet’s Scooby Doo” then get you some all new Mego style Dukes!
Dukes of Hazzard 8-Inch Series 1 Action Figure SetDukes of Hazzard 12-Inch Series 1 Action Figure Set

Daily Update 02/26/14


Pop culture notes

022614dukesThe 8 inch Dukes of Hazzard Toys are shipping from Figures Toy Company…. This one made me a little giddy. I’m not terribly impressed with the Luke and Boss sculpts versus the original Mego but the Bo looks so much better and for the first time ever we get Roscoe P. Coltrain!

New to the Toy Box

ebayOrdered and downloaded Scott Schiaffo’s “Music for film: ‘The Shoestring Serenade’” – Really digging  a lot of the tracks. “Pinching Alfred” is perfect for a project I’ve had in mind for a long time. If you are a film or video maker you would do well in giving the album’s sample a listen. While it’s normally easier to work with custom created music for a project, building a library of stock music is never a bad idea especially when it’s GOOD production music. PLUS you might be surprised what the music inspires in you. Full review coming soon to the Toy Box and Amazon.

S-Type body giveaway contest –

S-Type GiveawayDon’t forget gang the contest ends March 8th 11:59PM CST… do something to make this bad boy not nekkid.

Phase 3 Television Show – After looking at the camera, light and sound test it is quite obvious; your old buddy Jimbo needs to break some habits and get away from being a Jumbo.

And that’s a wrap for today. Got to get going. My father in law is buying dinner and so the new and improved Jimbo on a diet can wake up fresh in the morning.  Thanks for checking in!


Jim – 02/26/14

The Dukes are back!

Just saw that the 8 inch Dukes of Hazzard Mego style figures are shipping from Figures Toy Company! No better time than now to get them dang Dukes, Bo and Luke, and of course Boss Hogg BUT the even cooler aspect of this series is for the first time ever get an 8 inch Roscoe P. Coltrain! Good on you FTC for coming in under the expected release date of April! YEE HAW!


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