New Year… same inspiration.

Greetings dear readers! Hope 2023 is treating you well. It’s still new so I can’t say I totally trust it yet. 😉 That’s okay though, I’ve got my little doppelgängers to keep me safe and inspired.

And n all pseudo seriousness, me and mine are moving into the new calendar cycle feeling pretty good. Almost as good as Superman living his best life…

If only everyone could be so super chill.

The mad rush that begins Thanksgiving and concludes the day after the new year starts has once again been a whirlwind. Food with the fam, Black Friday at the day job, my birthday where I get spoiled by my girls every year. This one with more gingerbread…

Say what you will but they’re cute!

Then follow that up with my baby girl turning 13 and then of course Christmas where everybody gets some extra TLC (Tendered Loads of Capitalism) from Santa 😉 He stole the show this year with this one…

I must say, while it didn’t fit under the tree, the Christmas magic certainty gleaned from the screen.
And everyone was drawn to the retro pixels.

And no Christmas season would be complete without a final stop of the year to Silver Dollar city where the lights were certainly stunning…

A fun slice of Americana.

Still… not as stunning as my fun loving Mrs.

Yeah. She’s mine 🙂

And now the dust is settling and I get to take this time to sorta relax and observe my gifts and what all they mean to me.

Zorro rounds out my new “A-Team” of Funko Pops. I pity the fool who crosses these law dogs.
So very much more to the story of this figure taking a place on my wall but we’ll save that for later. Much love to you my brotha!
This site here is still one I’m so surprised and grateful that they came to pass. Never have to settle for Horshack again. (Again another story for another time).

On the end of it all, 2022 was what it was and was and despite excuses we can all come up with and blame, in the end every year and more importantly every day is what we make of it. For me, moving forward that will never again be forgotten nor taken for granted.

This toy box isn’t a “business”. It’s a way of life full of opportunity and adventures just waiting to be had.

Now, Go Play!

Jim 01/02/2023

Happy Mego Day? A timeline adventure.

UPDATE!!!!! Want to let you all know that right now (11/20/2022) You can order the new 50th anniversary Mego Superheroes from Movie Posters Etc NOW! I know I stressed the “retail experience” and I do hope to do that BUT more importantly I want what I want and I also would MUCH RATHER see a small business benefit from your purchase. Check ’em out and Collect ‘Em All!

Jim’s note: This post will be updated throughout the day. Check back or refresh the page often.

Introduction: Why it all matters to me. They’re just dolls for God sake. But not really. They’re a life long source of inspiration, entertainment and joy for nearly 50 years. And now we’ve come to a bookend.

Preface/ prelude 11/05/2022: the discovery.

HAPPY MEGO DAY? 11/06/2022

5:50 am: up and at em! Fall back in full effect. Feel pretty good with the “extra” hour of sleep I got. Now for the morning chores with the cats and dogs. Then off to work.

7:11 am: popped into the home base Walmart. Nothing as expected but tried anyway. Now on to work… best word for today: Anticipation!

7:46 am: thinking about it all (which is always my thing anyway), how to make a game of it beyond the silliness of it all, my mind is pondering using these 50th anniversary figures as a reward system. Trade the treat for a bad or non existent habit I want to break or create. In essence treating myself like a kid who needs to finish his vegetables before desert . So silly. Time to do the day job… bet your bippity that my mind will be filled with ideas for the blogs and podcasts to come inspired by this new hunt.

8:35 am: in regards to last point… work tasks are getting done quicker. So much for the passage of time being manipulated by distraction. I

10:25 am: I truly enjoy and appreciate my day job… but man oh man would I like to be able to check those pegs right now! Not completely obsessed as much as I want to see this happen.

But regardless of the days final results… my heart will go on. Just like Celine sang 😉

Going for a better outcome then these two.

The trick is to just focus on the workday stuff. I swear, these posts come at times that are ethical. No slacking here from this fanboy.

1:34 pm: Lunch time but not enough time to run across town. AKA adult problems. “Just call or order online.” How about no. This about the retail experience and showing support at the register for the company. More on all of that later.

2:01 pm: Could it be any slower? As Johnny Cash so intensely sang; “Tome keeps dragging on.” Now, while I’m not stuck in a prison, the clock is certainly an annoying warden at the moment.

Like sands through the hourglass that doesn’t actually have a hole in the middle. Welcome to my Sunday.

3:33 pm: just found out I have dinner plans right after I get off sooooooo…. I broke and called the store. The young man was nice but had no clue even after looking. The tension builds like a Willie Wonka meme.

4:42 pm: So close to quitting time but the dinner plans have taken precedence. Grrrrrr…. But the biggest reveal so fat is how much I’m getting a kick out of these timeline updates. Something to this form of storytelling 🙂

5:07 pm: dinner party is still waiting for the table sooooo….. update shortly. 🙂

5:28 pm: Nevermind . Family first. 🙂

7 pm: Almost done with dinner. Anticipation slightly muted by post pasta grogginess. Honestly though, I’m not feeling that the final stop is going to turn out with a happy ending.

7:59 pm: It appears to be a bust. But I ain’t going without some digging…

Photo credit: Alicia. She totally gets me and I appreciate that more than you know.

8:18 pm: Learning new things. While the system shows that the figures will be here, when is actually an uncertainty.

“not in transit”

So in at the end of the day the anticipation was left unfulfilled, but most certainly not a waste of day or unbearable disappointment. Watch this space for more on this “Happy Mego Day” that wasn’t plus the podcast that will talk more about the true significance of all of this silliness.

Now, go play!

Jim 11/06/2022

P.S. Not a total bust at the CCP Superstore. Found this fun little star of the FNAF universe from Funko for Freddy’s biggest fan. We call her Kaitlynn. 🙂

Kirk is going where no 90 year old man has gone before?!?!

In case you missed it the most epic announcement of the actions of a pop culture icon just dropped: William Shatner is going to space! How amazing is that? Captain Kirk going to space for real?!?! I’m not that big of a Trekkie but I sure do love me some William Shatner!

And while this is awesome in and of itself, this isn’t the first time that the influence of the fictional “Star Trek” has manifested in our real world. For those who may not have known or forgot, once upon a time ago the bridge crew of the Enterprise were the guests of honor when the REAL Enterprise was rolled out for all to see… well, everybody but the Captain…

I guess this is the Shat’s way of making up for that really stupid blunder on his part. As of this writing, I haven’t been able to find an official reason as to why he wasn’t there but ego’s were ego’s back then. Oh well, let the past be the past right? Right!

Being as fanboy as I can be, this announcement gets me stoked about Kirk Merch (plus that sounds kind of cool)… and on that note, I’m thinking to commemorate the moment I just may go aheaad and get my hands on the new 14″ Mego Kirk via my longtime pals at Entertainment Earth. Hmmm……

Hell, I think I may need to give in to more impulse buying and round out the whole old school crew via the Mego way. Also could be a really good time to give the folks at ZLC Collectibles a shot…. I see tribble size trouble on my hands if I give into all this madness.

But what a way to go! I think I’ll start right here…. I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

“Retro” brand teaches modern folks how it’s done. MEGO Corp. CEO impresses and inspires.

“Make mine Mego! ” and not just because I love the toys, but because I’ve grown to truly respect and appreciate the CEO.

“Make mine Mego! ” and not just because I love the toys, but because I’ve grown to truly respect and appreciate the CEO.


They’re HERE! Well, sorta….

Taking a little time to share some thoughts and a little personal stuff with you in lieu of a great thing that has happened in the toy community. That big thing of course is the return of the Mego Corporation. As I’ve mentioned previously, this is an amazing story to me. After over 30 years, the premiere Action figure company of the 1970’s has returned to what they do best and headed by the man who started it all; Marty Abrams. I could wax on and on about how awesome that is to me but right now I want to get to a more important aspect of it all to me personally: This development has been a major inspiration for me personally as well as creating opportunities for my own toy dreams to come true.

You see, dear reader, watching and mindfully observing the return of Mego Corporation has led to a whole lot of learning for your old buddy Jimbo. It got me asking a lot of questions to not only myself, but to people inside the action figure world. Not just collectors but the makers. And those conversations have led to an incredibly exciting opportunity that I look forward to sharing with you all very soon. Ever the tease, I know, but it’s all about timing. Which is another point I’d like to make in this writing.

These 3 along with Jimi Hendrix and Kelli Garrett seemed to be all that was left by noon at Other figures have returned since.

Over the weekend (July 29, 2018 specifically), Mego fans everywhere in the nation were clambering to finally get their hands on the first new official Mego’s at Target stores across the country and online. To say the least, the roll out by Target has been a bit clunky, but it’s resolving itself even as I type. Initially though, some stores didn’t have them in stock, others said they weren’t going to stock them at all and the online extension, sold out of the most popular figures at almost lightning speed. This led to a whole lot of disappointed fans. And rightfully so. Come on, these folks have been waiting on this very moment since the first Regan Administration.

Social sites such as Facebook, started feeling the rumbles and wrath of the angry and disenchanted collector almost immediately after midnight when the online ordering became available and items were showing up “Out of Stock”. Arguments and whining, coupled with apologists and genuinely positive people flooded the trending threads on the matter. It was an emotional outburst that I don’t think any toy brand could ever or will ever match. Seriously, it was impressive to watch. A resurrected toy company just sparked so much emotion that Hasbro, Mattel and whomever else is out there that is considered a “big boy” should take note. And that’s where the question arose in my head; “Why?”

“Why were so many people getting so heated over toys?” One would almost think this was like a Christmas in the 80’s when Cabbage Patch Kids or Tickle Me Elmo became so scarce that fights were literally breaking out in the aisles. Thankfully that didn’t happen (to the best of my knowledge) but still outside of the anticipation that so many had building up for a couple of months, why exactly such a strong response? At around 6PM (EST) Sunday afternoon, the answer came in a very impressive way. Marty spoke.

Mego Corp. President and CEO Marty Abrams talks directly to the fans via LIVE social media announcement. Addressing concerns and calling out the scalpers.

Mego insiders had been monitoring the situation closely throughout the day and began making plans to address the concerns of fans. Not through some generic, cookie cutter press release or Tweet, but by Marty himself going LIVE on Facebook, to look eyeball to digital eyeball to his fans, supporters and customers to explain the situation. While the roll out was completely out of Mego’s control, their response to their brand and fans was. And in true Marty Abrams fashion, he owned it and rocked it. Not only did he clear the air on what can only be considered messy as far as product availability at the moment, he did what I’ve never seen anyone do; Slap down the scalpers.

Sweet Lord do I admire and appreciate that!

Now it’s Monday, July 30th, 2018. Target stores are still working on their major resets in toys. Target online is restocking the Mego figures. Fans are getting their itches scratched and their Toy Boxes filled. And I do hope that Marty knows how impressive his effort in addressing concerns head on, has done in a wonderfully positive way for the toy collecting community. I’d love to see any other CEO man-up like that. That’s; Impressive, Inspirational, Motivational and most importantly for this fan; That’s Mego!

Now, Go Play!

Jim 07/30/18

#Mego #MegoCorp #OriginalActionFigure #WeAreMego

Special treat for my fellow MEGO fans…

Greetings gang! As any reader who has ever been to the Toy Box more than once by accident should know, I’m a HUGE fan of the MEGO line of action figures from the 70’s. They were and still are my first toy love. And while I rave, rabble and rant about the new  retro, Mego style action figures, nothing can top the originals… or their father; Marty Abrams…

I share with you now this fantastic article from January ’99, inside the former go to publication of all things action figures; Tomart’s Action Figure Digest.  See where it all came from Action Figure fans!

Jim 04/13/17


Logan: He is the best at what he does, bub!

Logan7Good morning gang! I know, I know: Why time stamp this post when you never know when exactly someone is going to actually be reading it? Because its morning right NOW, duh. And morning was very crucial to the decision to do this sunrise photo session and quick post about Logan: the Wolverine.

Logan here is from the Diamond Select / EMCE Toys Marvel 8 inch Re-Mego collector set. Well one of two heads and outfits separate from the complete Mego-style Wolverine figure in the set. And on a Type S body from ZICA / Castaway Toys (as constructed by my pal Gregory Harris. Again sir, you are much hoss!). Hopefully this week I can do more of a full on review but right now this post is all about THIS figure and the fun that it inspired on a Sunday morning in August, 2015.

Taking our lovely little Yorkie out to do her morning business, excuse me, be demanded to take out Her Royal Roundness for her morning water blessings of the lawn, everything looked “just right” to bring this guy out and get some pics in natural light that I hoped would show how fantastic this figure is. And I don’t say that lightly at all.

I have been on the fence with these DST/EMCE Marvel 8 inch figures for some time and still have some issues I want to discuss later this coming week but for now I just want to share and celebrate with you this Canadian that means nothing but business. Check out the pics and tell me what you think either here or on Facebook.

Now, Go Play!

Jim 08/02/2015

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ALSO !!!!!! I’ve created a Streaming Channel for the ROKU! It’s much more than toys but I would appreciate it if you would take a look sometime. Plus you never know when I may get more playtime in for the Toy Box that will find it in the Arts&Entertainment section of the channel. Still waiting on the final approval from ROKU to put it in the official channel store (fingers crossed) but in the mean time you can still access the channel using the Vanity Code below. Thank you again to all of you wonderful folks for the encouragement in all of my weird and wacky adventures 🙂 – JB


Anger is a form of passion. See this face? Full of passion!


I treated myself to this little piece of awesome because quite frankly, it was on sale. I had wanted one prior but the price plus the free Prime two day shipping sealed the deal for me. Would I buy it at full regular retail price. Maybe.

Here’s why:

1. The sculpt is a really good likeness of the character…

2. The body is solid as a rock. Being 8 inches I wasn’t sure what body type it would be considering the current waves of Mego style figures that seem to be all over the place these days (Thank you Jesus!) . But no, this is a solid body design with traditional Mego type articulation. All the pose-ability. None of the fear of breakage.

3. It’s funny.

Why I wouldn’t:
The only real gripe I could pose would be the cheap suit. The material is very thin and lightweight. Not see through but feels thin. From a display standpoint it looks okay but not great and pales in comparison to the suits you’ll find on Figures Toy Company’s KISS Dressed to Kill Figures. Same price point and I’m sure licensing fees are gonna be in the same ballpark so quality should be equal in my opinion. Not a deal breaker though.


Get you one of these angry Anchorman’s today and unleash the fury that can only come from someone that is kind of a big deal.

Now, Go Play! – Jim 06/11/14

Get the whole Team!
Anchorman Battle Ready Brick Tamland 8-Inch Action FigureAnchorman Battle Ready Brian Fantana 8-Inch Action FigureAnchorman Battle Ready Champ Kind 8-Inch Action Figure

Spaceman? No, not really no. Excellent figure though but no, just no.

Well. This is odd…


What an interesting reaction I am having to a figure… Tommy Thayer, Sonic Boom series… just don’t like it. Not the figure itself . It’s superb in quality and design.IMG_20140530_202122_616

KISS400The sculpt is dead on and the hair is rooted better than even the Ace from Alive.

But it’s just not right.

Kaitlynn experimented with different stage set ups too.
Kaitlynn experimented with different stage set ups too.

I actually got it on the cheap to give to my daughter to go along with her Dressed to Kill Paul and Peter (which are EXCELLENT by the way)… these were meant for play but even she wasn’t pleased with what she saw.

Ace took it all in stride.

She actually told her mother “It’s not the right one.” Alicia of course assumed she meant that it wasn’t a DTK figure in a suit. Kaitlynn tried to correct her in explaining that the costume was fine but this figure was not Ace and therefore not right.

IMG_20140530_202109_727I keep staring at it. It puzzles me. Such a great figure on every level but still it’s just not right. Even the old KISS Mego’s where Paul shared a head with Darryl Dragon and Peter shared a nogging with Gene Hackman and as such looked nothing like themselves. But this is different. It’s simply not the Spaceman. It’s a guy from either a tribute band OR it’s the Halloween version of my old buddy Albee dressed up like Ace.


So weird.


Now, Go Play (with caution)

Jim 05/30/14

Six Million Dollars? Not today, baby!

BBP15100AAlgSunday, Sunday, Sunday! It’s the big super Six Million Dollar Man sale day at Entertainment Earth and no better time to round out or double up on your Bif Bang Pow, Re-Mego style action figures. Seriously Steve and Bigfoot for $27? Oscar and a Fembot for $31? Dr. Rudy Wells for $20 and Steve pimpin’ his ‘tache and in khakis no less,for only $14? It’s a mighty fine day to be a Six Million Dollar Man Fan. Go check ’em out for yourself, share and tell your friends it’s the right thing to do. Plus if three of you folks order a complete set of these I just may earn my wings!

Ok, maybe not. BUT if three of you order a complete set of these I will know that at least three of you didn’t waster your money on a Wings greatest hits CD?  Oh sure they had a couple of good tunes but they also had crap like this….


Yeah that really happened. BUt here I’ll make it up to you….

See? Wasn’t that a better way to spend some time on the net? Of course it was. Now, go get you some Six Million Dollar Man fun and do it NOW while they’re on sale! Seriously the special prices end tonight at Midnight!

Now, Go Play!

Jim 05/11/14


KISS Alive! The Spaceman Ace Frehley!

IMG_20140409_211336_487Long time visitors to the site will remember I’m a big fan of Ace. Always have been, always will be. No Regrets! Just like his book that I reviewed many moons ago. This figure helps ensure that fanboy happiness remains!

IMG_20140409_190639_923The new sculpt is great! It has a far better resemblance to Ace than the original Mego version. Plus he’s not staring up into the stars. The only thing that takes away from the sculpt is the hair. This is not a huge distraction though. Considering the style of Ace’s real hair I can see where the production process on this scale could be a real bear to capture it properly.

IMG_20140409_202403_786IMG_20140409_202413_964The costume is great. The FTC folks took some liberties with the rhinestones but that’s OK as far as I’m concerned because honestly without them the suit looks very boring. The shoulder rings are also very cool to. I am truly impressed with their design process here. It’s an extra step that really adds so much pop to the whole figure.

IMG_20140409_201825_280The shoes are very good as well all though this particular version of Ace’s garb is my least favorite. Something about a Spaceman wearing high tops just doesn’t work for me. Actually it’s never really worked out. Just ask Michael Jordan when he went on his Space Jam.

IMG_20140409_201807_901Again I can’t stress how much I am impressed with the improvements to the body. Now that the bands are the proper length you can pose Ace in that classic stance with his Les Paul. Mind you the figure doesn’t come with a Les Paul but you can do like I did and make one or I can make you one for $5 shipped to your door. I’m doing the same thing with Paul and Gene’s guitars as well. Order your Ace guitar by clicking here:

Overall this is a fantastic figure that I can easily recommend. Be sure to check out the reviews of Peter, Paul and Gene too! You get back where you came from by clicking HERE.

Now, Go Play!

Jim 04/10/14

Buy via the links below and the      Entertainment Earth                                                      gods will smile upon me.

8 Inch Figures
KISS Retro 8-Inch Action Figures Series 1 SetKISS Alive! 8-Inch Series 6 Action Figure SetKISS Series 5 Dressed To Kill 8-Inch Action Figure SetKISS Series 4 Monster Album 8-Inch Action Figure SetKISS Demon Dressed To Kill Color Suit 8-Inch Action FigureKISS Catman Dressed To Kill Color Suit 8-Inch Action FigureKISS Retro Series 1 8-Inch Spaceman Action FigureKISS Starchild Bandit Mask 8-Inch Action FigureKISS Starchild Series 4 Monster Album 8-Inch Action FigureKISS Demon Bloody Series 4 Monster 8-Inch Action FigureKISS 1st Album Series 2 8-Inch Spaceman Action Figure

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Carrying Case
KISS 8-Inch Action Figure Carrying Case

Show your KISS colors!
KISS The Demon Luv Gun Leather Street JacketKISS The Starchild Leather Street JacketKISS Army Jacket with Removable Leather Sleeves

Fun Stuff
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KISS Uglydoll The Starchild Big Toe PlushKISS Uglydoll The Demon Ox PlushKISS Uglydoll The Catman Babo PlushKISS Uglydoll The Spaceman Wage PlushKISS Love Gun 12-Inch Tall Plush Set

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