30 Day Content Creation Strategy Guide


This is the workbook from my “3 Keys to Content Creation” Service Package that is offered as service or training and consulting outreach.

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Daily social media content is vital for businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs as it fosters consistent engagement with audiences, enhances brand visibility, and builds lasting relationships. Regular posts demonstrate industry expertise, maintain relevance, and facilitate real-time communication, driving growth and establishing a strong online presence.

“Jim Bumgardner’s AMP Multi Media,” is your dedicated partner in bolstering social media influence. Our efficient process commences with strategic consultation, shaping ideas. We curate 30 days of content, ready for scheduling or manual release. With our holistic approach, clients fortify engagement, amplify brand presence, and leave an enduring impact.

Ours is a very hands on approach working with you directly. While we are professional content creators, it is still your message and voice that we are determined to capture and share. The following 3 Keys will ensure that is the end goal of our efforts and service for you.