Power Comics

Power Comics is an exciting company headed by Austin Hough that features some of the most talented writers and artists in the comic book industry. I have had the privilege of serving Austin and Power Comics as a the producer and editor for a motion comic project for his inaugural series “The Masters”.

Power Comics’ “The Masters” is a five-issue comic book story drawn by some of the most notable and talented Bronze Age comic book artists.

Prior to this, I have worked with Austin for many years in creative hobby projects including his “Custo-Mego” Hall of Fame” presentations as well as some very creative works that feature a series of “What if?” fan fiction creations.

A fun “What if” featuring custom Mego style action figures and playset.
The X-Men action figures had they been created in 1976 by the Mego Corporation

Austin can be reached for a reference and to learn more about Power Comics via his Facebook page.