DAY 1 – Jim’s Toy Box’s Blind Bag “experiment”

Greetings gang! Recently I wrote a blog entry discussing how blind bags are evil. I can prove it now. Well sort of. Okay fine. They sucked me in and I’ve gotten hooked! But, I’m not going blindly into this (pun totally intended). As you mat recall in my un-bagging video that accompanied the blog post, I found the Transformers that were featured, for a mere, and dangerously easy to snatch up, $.50 a piece on clearance at Walmart. Well, I went back for more with the understanding that this was to be a scientific endeavor (yeah, yeah, it’s my world. Let me play.)

But seriously, I was really curious to see if I could put together a full set of the two main series that I scored: Batman vs. Superman and Guardians of the Galaxy. So that’s my intent and I figured it be fun to share this wacky, suspenseful journey. I can’t encourage you to play if I myself don’t do it right? Right! But time is still not always playtime so I had to break up the un-bagging to accommodate the daily duties of the day job and some other fun stuff I am doing such as my early spring cleaning.

That too can be fun for you as I am putting up a bunch of stuff on ebay with low starting bids. Hey, I’m all about the free market doing it’s thing with the final price. And to be honest, I do get a kick out of watching bidding wars. Even the one’s I get caught up in.

So be a pal, have some fun and check ’em out after digging this latest installment of my blind bag obsession, er, um, EXPERIMENT for the benefit of science and all MANKIND! Oh and join me on Facebook YouTube and the regular ole web too for some archived fun.

Now, Go Play!

JIM 02/20/17


Star Wars REBELS Jedi Temple Guard scored but a question has arisen… How do you like to collect?

My latest “Holy Grail” piece. We love him and perhaps he can submit us for the trials. Cuz we’re ready. Oh yeah, we are ready!

I got him! The phantom that made a man out of Kanan. Well, a Jedi Knight in a Star Wars Universe where that didn’t seem possible at that point in the story-line, which is pretty awesome in and of itself. You can watch a scene from that epic episode right here….

*For those who want to get a better understanding of who and what the Jedi Temple Guards were, check out this video from YouTube User the StuppendousWave, by clicking HERE. Tell ’em Jim sent ya 😉 

I remember seeing him on the shelves in 2014 but was unplugged at the time. BIG mistake on my part, but corrected now.

Now… isn’t that the most bad ass piece of Star Wars you’ve ever seen? Well, outside of the showdown with Darth Vader between Kanan, Ezra and Anakin Skywalker’s former apprentice Ahsoka Tano. That was simply incredible. Oh, and Kanan’s battle with Maul. And… you know what.. I could go on and on … but I won’t. I’ve raved about the REBELS show for a long time now and it’s for these reasons. Great story with great characters. And with that said I will repeat myself on this one point: This is IMO the first new Star Wars in a very long time. I’m in no way knocking Episode 7 at all and most certainly not Rogue One which I find to be the BEST Star Wars movie to date, in regards to it being a fantastic MOVIE that HAPPENS to be set in the Star Wars Universe. But back to my point:

One day I’d like to see Ralph McQuarrie make it to the animated universe that his concept designs inspired for the show.

With REBELS, in my eyes, being the first NEW Star Wars in some time, I really connected with this show as a fan. And being a product of the original merchandising golden age of the 70’s and 80’s, I had to have the figures and ships. Too bad I was late to this party and revelation because the first issues get pretty pricey on the secondary market. Which is cool. I have no issue with supply and demand dictating price when it comes to vintage or out of circulation collectables. Now in regards to toy scalpers and hoarders, I still say they should be executed in a hardcore Darth Vader manner. Which leads to my next point and question:

How do you and how do you like to collect?

For me, the thrill was always in the hunt, pre-internet. Flea Markets, random junk shops and thrift stores, regular retail when the new stuff came out and before the “greedy toy mongers” raided everything and of course local comic book shops, when they still existed. But nowadays, it’s so easy to just “go buy it” online. Well, if you have the cash of course, but if you do, you can. I’ve done that plenty times over the past few years but it wasn’t very fun. It was a bit of a bummer really. So what I’ve opted to do is create a set of guidelines for my online hunting. The main one being price. It’s no secret to anyone who’s followed this blog at any point over the past decade that I’m a cheap guy who is a sucker for a sale. You can see that in my blind bag obsession series.

The Grand Admiral shall be mine! (And hopefully in the wild.)

What this has done though, has put a challenge back into my collecting. And I like it. I do admit it took some time to develop the patience but thankfully, a line such as the Star Wars REBELS series has given me something to focus on and want. This Jedi Temple Guard has actually been on the list for a long time but there was no way I was going to pay the crazy money people were asking. So in the end I scored this guy via an eBay auction for $10 less than the best price I had ever seen. And that thrills me. Now there’s only one figure left of the existing releases I need: Grand Admiral Thrawn. And now I face the same old situation of figuring out where to buy him.

So thrilled when I found her hanging on a peg. The joy of a successful hunt.

Thrawn if you don’t know, is part of the most recent wave of Rogue One figures that have been released, along with the REBELS version of Princess Leia. I’ve held out from just buying him and Leia online even though she was pretty cheap. Right at or just under MSRP with free shipping in many instances. My patience paid off however, as I did score Leia in the wild at a Walmart out of town from where I live. There was only one left and no sign of the Grand Admiral but it has encouraged me to keep looking, although the reality is It’ll probably never happen due to the really spotty releases from Hasbro and the apparent reluctance of retailers from ordering more Star Wars products since most places still have a glut of Force Awakens and Rogue One toys on the shelves. So, I’m going to hold out a little bit longer.

Picked these two up in a trade solely for the purpose of making THIS meme. A fanboy can dream.

Now I pose the question to you; How and where do you buy your favorite little playthings? Ebay, Amazon, from a Facebook group or other online source. Or are you like me and establish guidelines for your purchases or trades? Speaking of trades, what’s your thoughts? I’ve made some fun one’s just for the sake of it. Like anyone I could use and would prefer cash but at the same time it’s nice to freshen up a collection AND make someone else really happy. Isn’t that one of the biggest aspects of this hobby? I know I think so. But more importantly I want to hear what your take. My inquiring mind wants to know.

Now, Go Play! Jim 02/16/17

P.S. If you do like to collect via online retailers (or don’t have many local options like me) do me a favor and click around the links here at the Toy Box and check out the cool stuff that Entertainment Earth has to offer. They have some really cool exclusives you can’t get anywhere else. Plus there’s always some cool sale going or free shipping offers. And when you do make a purchase it helps me earn some brownie points and hopefully do some more reviews for them. I do appreciate it a lot! 


Blind bags are EVIL!!!!! (But brilliant)


*Jim’s note: At the bottom of the page is the unbagging video and a link to the ebay auction where you can take a shot at winning my doubles.

Blind Bags and boxes. I know you’ve seen them. Even if you’re not a collector, these little mysteries are all over the place. And a ton of different licenses to tempt you with too. From today’s latest pop vulture fad to numerous, nostalgic roads…. one can be hard pressed not to give into the temptation.. at least once. Or twice. Or a million times.

My first introduction to them came by way of my daughter. She became fascinated with the unboxing videos of surprise eggs on YouTube. And apparently MILLIONS of other folks have too. Honestly, I still don’t get the appeal and fascination of watching someone else opening these things but I’m not judging, I just don’t get it. Still, I gotta admit I am fascinated by the culture and some of the prizes inside are pretty darn cute or neat or both.

My daughter really got hooked into the My Little Pony blind bags that led to various other ones targeted to little girls including Puppy and Kitty in my pockets. And now the Animal Jams line from National Geographic. That one I’m much cooler with since it is tied into an interactive online game as well as being a little bit educational. And it’s fun. And that is what it’s all about, right? Right. Oh and the incredible amount of money these companies are making by a brilliant strategy I have to applaud.

Doing the math, with an average MSRP of $2.99 (some much higher of course) and a collection of at least 10 figures in a series (or more) you can see how quickly that covers the cost of a license. But then factor in the odds of getting one of each in one shot are pretty astronomical so multiplies are a given. But of course this leads to lots of opportunities for kids to swap and play that way but man does that get pricey. Bravo to the marketers and makers on that one. My wallet isn’t as enthusiastic though. But then again, I am a sucker for a good clearance deal.

At 50 cents a piece these mini, Generation 1 Transformers blind bags pushed me over the edge. I had to snatch all five that were there. It was only $2.50 right? I mean come on they were like $3 a piece! Heckuva deal! Of course they would also serve as research for this write up and an unboxing video to see how far it could go. Yeah, justifying an addiction is a terrible thing but come on it’s for research right? Right! Plus I NEED a mini Megatron in my life!

As of this writing I haven’t done the unboxing video that is posted below. Non-linear creation, so weird but interesting in a time travel sort of way. And before I get to that let me pose these questions to you all: Are you into the blind bags and boxes? Why or why not? Also if you are what do you do with your doubles? Let me know, I’m truly fascinated with this subject for some odd reason. Perhaps it’s another part of this brilliant design.

Now, Go Play! – Jim 02/15/17

Get my doubles from this post by clicking here! 


Visioncon for Valentine’s: Memories are made of this.

Lmemorieset’s be honest….. Flowers are great but they wilt and go away. Candy, sweet but think of the calories. Memories… now that’s a way to show and grow your love. That’s where an event like Visioncon is so wonderful. I know Alicia, Kaitlynn and I can testify to that. I’m no Dr. Love but I do know that the fun we had sure cured any blues we had. So yeah, I’m recommending them hard to all of you. The clock is ticking on getting your discounted pre-registration savings on tickets but frankly it’s worth the full pop after Wednesday. Seriously consider Visioncon 2017 for a weekend full of memory making moments. No thorns or toothaches… just fun, memories and kinship that will last a lifetime. – Now, Go Play! – Jim 02/14/17


40 years in the making: Super Friends fans come play!

16473061_1389714071049078_4293688920886081024_nMeanwhile at the Hall of Justice…. Your old buddy Jimbo here and I’d like invite you over to grab a bowl of Honeycomb and join me at Jim’s Toy Box where we’ll hang out with the greatest Super Heroes in the galaxy! Figures Toy Company’s Super Friends, 8 inch Mego style figures have finally made it from 1978 Christmas lists to our grubby little mitts! We’ll also take a look at one of the coolest custom Hall of Justice playset’s from the talented David Gunn! PLUS we’ll hang out and watch some great Super Friends clips and vintage commercials! Click the link and come play!

Macabre Mayhem is ALIVE!

Greetings dear readers! Got something I want to share with you. Many of you long time visitors have caught a glimpse of another of my passions: spooky, kooky FUN! I’m incredibly excited to let you all about a new “division” of the Toy Box that is allowing me to once again play with this passion and gaggle of characters that I’ve created over the past two decades.


max-1Out of the box is the first episode of this new version of Macabre Mayhem. It’s all about voodoo! And who doesn’t love a little of that hoodoo from time to time? Hey, if not for voodoo we wouldn’t have zombies now would we? Of course not!

So give a click and check out this first episode that’s full of FUN, MUSIC and a trip through my video archives from some equally spooky, kooky goodness! Oh, and be a dear and tell your friends!

Now, Go Play!

Jim 01/31/17

Different Takes on Threepio

c-3po_droidJust playing around with the most famous goldenrod of all; a vintage C-3PO from Kenner Toys, circa 1978. While today’s collectors demand minute details and multiple points of articulation, this charming fellow actually has a lot more detail than you would think at first glance. Add to that, his golden glow that you won’t find in today’s action figures, which is truly a shame. To note, when shooting these little snippets I got a tiny taste of the nightmare it had to have been for Lucas and the crew to actually shoot the real Threepio on set. It would take a lot of effort to “stay out of the shot”. Such a fantastic toy and memories in this one.

Now, Go Play!

Jim 01/27/17

Get your Goldenrod Fix!
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Figures Toy Company wholesaler changes… get ’em while they’re hot.

In light of the recent news from FTC about their wholesaler policies of not allowing them to sell their products on ebay and Amazon, I would highly recommend scooping these up today (last day of sale) if you’re wanting them. I think prices this low are going to be few and far between in the future….


It’s wrapping up gang, don’t miss some incredible deals!

Good morning, dear readers. I wanted to give you a reminder and heads up about the final shot at the really , really , REALLY good deals going on for Entertainment Earth’s End of Year Clearance sale. Prices on 100’s of items are extremely low (up to 95% on some things), there’s lots of FREE SHIPPING offers. I can’t think of a better way to start a Monday off. And if you feel a little guilty about spoiling yourself, don’t! Plus what better way is there to start stocking up on Birthday and other gifts. And lets be honest, for the collectors on our shopping lists, nothing goes out of style and Christmas 2017 will be here before you know it (yeah, yeah…. boo, hiss).

Below are some of my personal picks that I think you may dig OR could be turned into those Christmas 2017 gifts I was referring to. What? I like presents too ya know? 😉

Now, Go Play and SAVE!

Jim 01/09/17

55% off KISS
KISS Alive II Stage & Action Figures - Convention Exclusive

57% off the Millennium Falcon
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Millennium Falcon Vehicle

75% off Star Wars BLING!
Star Wars Han Solo's Blaster Golden Pendant Necklace

55% off Jabba costume… you KNOW you want it.
Star Wars Jabba the Hutt Inflatable Costume

Holy 68% off AND FREE SHIPPING on an Exclusive set, Batman!
Batman 1966 TV Series 8-Inch Action Figure Set EE Exclusive

K-2S0 : A well balanced hero!

k2s0Impressive. Most impressive. Big shout out to Hasbro’s designers on this K-2S0 figure. While many seem to be underwhelmed by the limited 5 points of articulation, I for one appreciate the design being so well balanced. I was really surprised when I put the zipline accessory in his hand and on his arm, how surprisingly easy it was for him to stand. I was sure he would topple over. But not our hero!

Bravo, Hasbro!

Now, Go Play!

Jim 01/08/17

Entertainment Earth

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