Star Ace, Tri Wizard’s Cup Harry Potter from Goblet of Fire. 1:6 scale figure


It’s Harry Potter Thursday at Total Collectables in Harrison, AR where you get five percent off any of out in stock Harry Potter items. Like this incredible premium collectible.

Seriously, this is one impressive action figure! Check it out and swing by from 10a to 6 p all day! Plus don’t forget to register to win our Interstellar 2 Pack, NECA Action Figure giveaway by checking out this link. Now, GO PLAY!


Bif Bang Pow KISS Love Gun 3&3/4 Look 1


Been a long time coming on this one KISS fans. But what can I say, I’ve become WONDERFULLY busy🙂 There’s more coming in regards to the review but I was chomping at the bit to get this part out. Look 1 features the unboxing and diorama set ups.

These things are fantastic and you should totally grab a set NOW from Entertainment Earth using the following link. I do appreciate it! Also if your one of my Harrison peeps be sure to come by Total Collectables and let us know if you want to see more KISS on the shelves. We can totally pull the trigger of that Love Gun!

Now, Go Play!

– Jim 03/23/16


A Tale of Two Ezra’s


On “Star Wars Wednesday” at Total Collectables in Harrison, Arkansas you can a great deal on ALL of our Star wars merchandise. This week we share with you an up close look of the NEW Ezra Bridger that comes with his speeder bike from Hasbro toys.

Not to be confused with the Season 1 Ezra from Disney😄’s “Star Wars: Rebels”, this Season 2 version of Ezra is equipped with not only his side holster but also the scars of his run in with Darth Vader! It’s so cool! If you love him like we do, you can save 5% on this figure as well as any other Star wars item in the shop every Wednesday in March and April. Also don’t forget about our Cosplay Discount! Come in in any costume, ANY DAY and get 15% off your total purchase (discounts can’t be combined). And don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE our review of NECA’s Interstellar Action Figure 2 Pack for your chance to win!

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Jim  03/22/16

NECA Interstellar Action Figure 2 Pack and Giveaway courtesy of Total Collectibles

Image1NECA has once again knocked it out of the park in quality 8 inch, retro style, clothed action figures. To be honest though, I am still scratching my head on the decision to license this particular movie as action figures However, I most certainly won’t complain about the opportunity to add two very cool looking astronaut figures into my toy box and Kaitlynn’s Corner. Yeah, the Anne Hathaway figure was actually the reason I became interested in the set. My buddy Alex had gotten a set last year and Kaitlynn fell in love with “that girl figure”. She loves all the 8 inch, female Mego and Mego style figures; Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Daisy Duke and even Dr. Girlfriend. So of course it wasn’t a surprise that she would really want this figure. To note, Alicia is also pretty keen on having a Mathew McConaughey figure sitting around too. Not exactly sure how I feel about that but I don’t worry too much considering his “failure to launch issues”😉 Now on to the review.

The Good

Image3Everything. The sculpts are excellent likenesses. The paint application is also clean. The costumes are also very well engineered and function nicely. I also appreciate the simple rectangular shaped package. It makes for very easy shelf display. And of course the figures display wonderfully loose as well.

The Bad

Image5The only down side to these figures is the swapping of the heads can be a chore. Not that it’s an impossible task, but it does take effort to go from the standard to the helmeted head. The hard plastic collar is a bit of an obstacle in the swapping process but looks so good when all together it’s hard to complain too much. And even in that, with all of the manhandling that I put the figures through, they held up beautifully. Durability is most certainly not an issue.

In Conclusion

Image6Again I can’t stress to you the quality you can expect from these NECA toys. Great overall quality, sculpts, paint application, pose-ability and durability and an excellent addition to your 8 inch figure collection!.

BUT NOW!!!!!!!!

“How do I win, Jim?” Easy as 1, 2, 3… 1.LIKE Total Collectibles Facebook Page, 2. LIKE this review and feel free to comment and then 3. SHARE this post and review on your page. We will do a random drawing and announce the winner on our “What are you dreaming of Tuesday”, March 29th, 2016. As “Lord of Fun and Games” I assure you, it’s always easy to play and win with Total Collectibles! Enjoy the review and see why you need this set.

Now, Go Play!

Jim 03/22/16

Living the Dream – But I sure could use a hand.

7495_980797191957659_4587297760069137368_nGreetings dear readers! Today I come to you with the most wonderful news in the history of the Toy Box. 6 years in and I can proudly say that a HUGE dream has come true: Not only am I still doing professional toy reviews but I am now the “Lord of Fun and Games” at a real life, honest to goodness, brick and mortar collectible shop right here in my own neck of the woods. PLUS this opportunity is going to give me the chance to FINALLY offer to the general public in my area Mego style toys at retail! This is HUGE for me as many of you, my fellow Mego and Re-Mego lovers understand. While not on the shelves just yet I will be filling the pegs with the incredible action figures from Figures Toy Company, Diamond Select, Bif Bang Pow and NECA! Elated is a word I don’t use much but I assure you it applies here. Now let me back up just a little…

Darrin Gilmore is the owner and operator of Total Collectables in Harrison, Arkansas. He just opened up shop March 12, 2016. By true serendipity I learned of his existence, we met, we hit it off in spades and WAH LAH! Instant friendship and opportunity. Being a marketing and promotions guy by trade and with the real passion of mine being toys, Darrin has officially dubbed me the “Lord of Fun and Games” for his store. As such, I’ve accepted a mission to help promote and grow his business over the span of the next 101 days utilizing my best efforts via toy reviews, write ups and most importantly for you; giveaways!

This is Little Buddy me, Living the dream!

So with my goal and objective for the next 101 days (Tuesday March 22 – June 30) laid out, I am truly in need of your help in spreading the word. So do your old buddy Jimbo a favor and come LIKE and Share the Facebook page, do the same with this blog post. While I know many of you are spread out all over the country and even the planet (Thank you, POLAND!) your support and push on Facebook and Twitter and everywhere else is truly appreciated. And to note, most of our planned contests and specials are also available to YOU no matter where you are. Of course we want to get our local peeps in the know but we also want to be a front of my mind thought when it comes to play. You know me, I’m all about it!

Thank you again to all of you for the support over these years and I can’t tell you how much each and everyone of you mean to me personally for all of the love and support you’ve shown me and my Toy Box. It’s been fun and now it’s getting even better. I truly am thankful to be able to share all of this awesomeness with you, my friends.

Now, Go Play!

Jim 03/22/16

Jim’s Toy Box REVIEW: Figures Toy Company – Classic TV Batman Series 4


Holy Campy Criminals, Batman! That indeed is an understatement, old chum.


The Batman television show continues to come to life in toy form thanks to this gaggle of baddy’s (along with Bruce and Dick’s trusty man servant, Alfred.)  Special thanks to my good pal, Alex Klec Pilewski for serving as the Executive Producer on this series of reviews. I hope you all dig ’em as much as I do. With of course the one law that is found in that wormy fellow…. 

kapowgoodThe grading scale this time around revolves around the big hits from the show. POWS! are great but KAPOWS! show you mean business! This series shows that indeed Figures Toy company does indeed. Enjoy!

Alfred Pennyworth

4 kapows

Image7Worthy of 4 out of 5 “Kapows!”  Alfred Pennyworth from Figures Toy Company’s Series 4 of the Batman Classic TV Collection line. Dig the review and see why you totally need to get one of these now from Figures Toy Company directly. 

Mr. Freeze

5 kapows

3 (1)Mr. Freeze has earned an impressive 5 out of 5 “Kapows!” for some many reasons. Another of the fine figures from Figures Toy Company’s Series 4 of the Batman Classic TV Collection line. You can order this figure today direct from Figures Toy Company,


3 kapows

3Picking up only 3 out of 5 “Kapows!”  Bookworm from Figures Toy Company’s Series 4 of the Batman Classic TV Collection line, is a great figure with the exception of one, kinda tragic flaw.   You can order this figure today direct from Figures Toy Company,

King Tut

6 kapows

3 (2)ALL HAIL THE KING, BABY! Knocking it out of the park with excellent sculpting, a ton of layers with the costume and really cool hidden treats, King Tut from Figures Toy Company’s Series 4 of the Batman Classic TV Collection line, has caused me to go really cheesy but honest in ranking him 6 out of 5 “Kapows!” because of the sheer level of detail that this figure has.  And you KNOW you NEED to order this figure today direct from Figures Toy Company, 


Overall another great line up of figures from Figures Toy Company. The details are worthy of the praise and to be quite frank, all the extra tooling that can be found in these figures alone justify the new MSRP’s that we’ve seen.

And with all that said, be sure to rate this page, join me on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all the rest. I do truly appreciate it!

Now, Go Play!

Jim 03/09/16


Visioncon 2016: Retrospect: Part 1- It was a religious experience.

11025735_871179649595256_885114336284046962_nThat’s a pretty bold and and some may even say a blasphemous claim but it’s the only way I can describe the utter joy, happiness and feelings of being connected to a much larger, normally unseen world. Sure you can find everything online and on social media but nothing compares to actually smelling the air around you. Taking in the sights in real world 3D and interacting with fellow true believers. Stan Lee’s phrase has never rang more true than they do now.

Image2Walking into the Branson Convention Center that fateful Saturday in February, there were a nice handful of people floating around with smiles on their faces and the twinkles of joy in their eyes. That was nice… but then…. after being greeted by the Visioncon staff (aka Apostles) we entered into the main exhibition hall. We immediately knew we were home.

Image1Overlooking the crowd that was rummaging around the well organized vendor area I really felt like Ben Kenobi looking over Mos Eisley with Luke and the droids in tow. Of course Luke was the Mrs. and the droids were perfectly portrayed in one by my daughter. She was as inquisitive as Image6Threepio yet as excited as Artoo. And to note, there was no fear of it being a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Just a wonderful collection of unique and colorful inhabitants that one normally never sees until the haunting season of Halloween, which of course is my family’s favorite time of year and lingers everyday of the calendar year.

Image3Like a true religious experience I feel compelled to share the wonderful good news that is this revelation to the masses. Be it in the face of scoffing looks, ridicule, or even persecution. I do not care in the least about those things. My experience was real, tangible and worthy of praise. And that’s not to mention the overflowing abundance of inspiration that erupted from my very soul. The hardest part right now is accepting that I must remain in the secular world among the modern day posers of the fandom and maintain a steady job versus going on a lifelong pilgrims journey but for now I have found at least one Mecca that we will most certainly be returning to next year. In truth we may very well be taking the ultimate plunge and joining up with the Visioncon crew to do whatever we can to help with next years event.

Image4I’m sure plenty will take offense to this analogy and to you, I sort of apologize. If you find peace, comfort and fellowship in any other brick and mortar standing, I sincerely say to you, God bless you. For me however this experience showed far more love, care and compassion than I’ve ever experienced from any other fellowship. And yes, I am a Christian in faith but I found many more people truly acting “Christ-like” here than I ever have in other places.

Image5Everyone was kind and courteous, helpful and no one was condescending. Be your denomination leaning towards the Federation of Planets or the Empire, there was common respect for all. Oh, if only the “real” religions would show that kind of compassion and understanding to one another then maybe they could learn a thing or two by attending a convention near them. While it won’t be Visioncon 2016 it will be full of people who love life and all of its pop culture creation.

ChristieShot_FINAL_Sml12745691_1039153832797836_4813923266731667111_nCome back tomorrow for Part 2 of my look back at Vision Con 2016 where I’ll be sharing some wonderful insights of the entertainment industry and the work that goes into “making the grade” with special media guests from Visioncon 2016:  “Being Human” star Sam Witwer and the incredibly accomplished and talented author of numerous Star Wars and Star Trek novels;  Christie Golden.

Now, Go Play!

Jim 03/08/16


Throwback Thursday – CTVT Catalog from 2005

Classic TV Toys is still up and running but with much better quality and so much new product, especially accessories!

Once upon a time ago (2005)  Figures Toy Company released figures under the name Classic TV Toys and released a TON of new Mego Style figures featuring some of the most beloved characters that comprise the casts of today’s digital television networks. Seriously this catlog could be a MeTV program guide of sorts.

Beset with horrible quality control issues from the manufactures in India, the lines were plagued with low quality plastic, easy breakage, lackluster paint applications and other shortcomings in production. But that’s all gone now!

Look at where we are today with Figures Toy Company’s MOUNTAIN of Mego’s: KISS, the complete line of DC heroes, that is growing ever deeper and so many more that were never produced including the Super Friends. Plus the Monkees, Harry Potter, Gilligan’s Island and the revisited Three Stooges and so very many more. It really is mind numbing to think of all of the different lines coming.


supergirlPlus my personal favorite to display release to date: The Kresge carded DC Super Heroes. More about that later. For now, enjoy this look back at some really neat TV treasures from Figures Toy Company.

Now, Go Play! Jim 03/03/2016

Visioncon 2016: Retrospect – Overview of a BIG Love Letter!

A truly amazing experience for this old fanboy!

If there was ever a monumental moment in my life it came at Visioncon 2016 in Branson, Missouri the weekend of February 26th thru the 28th. It was there that I finally connected with the reality I’ve only dreamed of. These folks are the dreamers and doer’s. The ones who create and enjoy creation. These are my people. These are my kind. To find this kinship is something that I can not appreciate enough. In the end this is one big ole love letter of appreciation to all the folks that made Visioncon 2016 and an absolute JOY to have attended and EXPEREINCED.

Selfies have never been so much fun for Alicia🙂

I’d seen the pictures. Heard the stories. Longed for the day to experience one myself. My mantra has always been “Now, Go Play!” and I encourage it in everyday life but now I know where my true Mecca is. And the best part is that while I’m sure nothing will replace this first experience in its wild eyed wonderment, I and my family know the pilgrimages that we need and MUST take for the rest of our days. It’s literally like old Ben Kenobi said; “You’ve taken your first step into a large world.”

It gave me focus and direction. Hence ALL of the posts lately. I am in my creative groove and refuse to let it go. Thank you!

Scouting locations for Ghostbusters 4?

As such, it seemed only fitting to share the experience with all of you my dear readers. Many of you have most likely been to Cons so you know what exactly what I’m talking about. The others of you who were like us before Visioncon should make it a point, a goal, a MISSION to go to one. You owe it to yourself and your family.

War Machine was so light on his feet!

The experience was so monumental and overwhelming for my creative process I figure the only way to do it justice in any cohesive way is to break it up into parts that I will release soon in  6 parts. I literally want to savor these moments and share them in a way to 1. Show my appreciation and 2. Properly express the importance I feel for all folks to take advantage of these types of incredible opportunities for PLAY!

The series will folds like this:

Part 1 – It was a religious experience…

Part 2 – The guests of Honor: Sam Witwer and Christie Golden.

Part 3 – The Cosplayers – I finally get it!

Part 4 – The Iron Brothers of Topeka – A family that embodies what I mean when I say; Now Go Play!

Part 5 – The location was superb, the vendor prices were excellent.

Part 6 – The organizers did an amazing job! And the future looks so very bright thanks to the inspiration and the influence.

vaderJuggling the day job duties and getting this “right” is taking me a little time but I assure you the journey will be worth it! Also I want to take this time to give a HUGE shout out to Visioncon’s Andrea Smith and  Karen Schaeperkoetter for the media access to the event. You ladies are my Rock stars!

Oh, and while I have your attention, check out Karen’s 3e0e29054f2fd31ebc4c4aedfbaa191c_originalincredibly creative comic book project “Lame Brains”. There will be more about that soon too… again I’ve met my kindred spirits and we’ve got a LOT of playing to do!


Now, Go Play!

Jim 03/01/2016

I do believe a crush has occurred…

A fun place to play (and learn a little too)!