K-2S0 : A well balanced hero!

k2s0Impressive. Most impressive. Big shout out to Hasbro’s designers on this K-2S0 figure. While many seem to be underwhelmed by the limited 5 points of articulation, I for one appreciate the design being so well balanced. I was really surprised when I put the zipline accessory in his hand and on his arm, how surprisingly easy it was for him to stand. I was sure he would topple over. But not our hero!

Bravo, Hasbro!

Now, Go Play!

Jim 01/08/17

Entertainment Earth

Lame Brains Issue #2. A project so good I’m putting my Toy Box where my mouth is!


Kickstarter and other crowd funding projects are a dime a dozen these days. Everybody and their brother has some brilliant idea they want to bring to life but ideas cost money, and most artists don’t have that. And truthfully I don’t feel many should. Now before you think I’m cold hearted and cruel, let me explain: When I say they shouldn’t have the funds to bring a project to life via mine and your money, I mean many of them haven’t either put in the work and effort or they simply don’t have as much talent as they think they do. Cold hard truth, dear reader, but it is what is.

 In this instance however, “Lame Brains Issue#2” and it’s creators most certainly do! “But why, Jim?”  I’m glad you asked…

Max Marx…. my old zombie cowboy with a refreshing new look thanks to Anthony’s pen.

I think the concept is so incredibly unique! And then add in the fact that I LOVE the artwork so much, I personally commissioned Anthony Hunter to do a revamp of my “Maxwell Marx:Zombie Cowboy” Character that I hope ONE DAY to get around to bringing to life via some animated shorts (stay tuned for that one). I may even explore the possibility of producing a comic book first. We shall see. And the biggest thing about that is it shows how this work has inspired my own creativity. That my friends is quite the accomplishment and is, in my opinion the biggest reason to support the project. Karen and Anthony are really doing it right, even if they didn’t realize they were.

See? Fun couple!

And if you visit Karen’s Facebook page, you can see she is working HARD promoting the book at numerous conventions around the country. She’s in it to when it kids, all the while maintaining a real world job and life with her equally fun and cool husband, Gary.


Anthony Hunter: Gifted pen even with lack of Gary.

The same can be said about Anthony although he’s not married to Gary.




Back to Lame Brains Issue #2…..

lb2bI’ll be honest, the pretty pictures are what first caught my eye. I truly love the artwork and style (obviously since I rave about it so much), but also the story is incredibly unique! Frankly, I’ve been burned out on the zombie trend for years but Karen’s spin is so wonderfully refreshing. I love that she addresses the question; “Okay, zombies… but what about the spirit?” That is fantastic to me! I mean really, I’ve never seen anyone play with that concept before and it’s brilliant! And then when you take that dynamic between the two aspects of the character and having them discussing their plight, you have the former girlfriend show up as a zombie killer, that’s an amazing concept to me! And of course funny! Which is even better. And add to all of that, I’ve had the opportunity to meet both Karen and Anthony personally and find them both genuinely GREAT people. I like GREAT people. And I really like GREAT people with talent and ambition.

Here’s the call to action: I don’t want you to just kick in a ten spot, instead, click on the links to Karen and Anthony’s respective pages and get to know them and see why you should go for the whole Box of Twinkies for $29. And if you’re in need of advertising your own swag, shop, site or other such thing, do it inside a platform that is lined with the blood, sweat and tears of creators that care about their creation and are bold enough to put out there on the world stage.

PLUS I’ll even kick in a little something extra…. If you back the project at the Corporate Box of Twinkies level, I’ll give you an ad button/ banner/ link right here on the Toy Box for a FULL YEAR! Yep, putting my Toy Box where my mouth is on this one because I believe in the project and the people behind it.

Now, do some digging for yourself and see why I’m so fired up about my favorite “Lame Brains” , Karen and Anthony.


Jim –  01/05/17

P.S. – You can pick up a copy (or 12) of Issue #1 right now via Anthony’s Etsy shop. You can even get it autographed! 

She was OUR princess. The passing of an icon – Carrie Fisher 12/27/2016


Words are hard to say yet easy to find in discussing the loss of Carrie Fisher. And millions from all over the world are doing so at this very moment (12:47 PM 12/27/2016), so pardon me if I ramble. But I can’t help it we lost OUR Princess.

carrie-fisher-d54648ab-445c-4b53-adb3-4e99365bd04fOf course Carrie Fisher was far more than a fictional character, and no life should ever be trivialized in such a way. But the particular fictional character she brought to life is one that changed the world.

leiacell2187-xlargeThe character of Princess Leia was so incredibly important on so many levels. She was the damsel in distress that wasn’t actually helpless. She was just stuck at the moment Ben, Luke and Hon went to save her. That broke the mold. But not in an in your face way. She was one of the boys but at the same time a lady that captured the hearts of many, many young boys before we even knew what “the girl next door” meant. And frankly I can’t think of any other character that has done that since. Seriously, I can’t.

We saw this coming… but the sting remains.

carrie_fisher_2013When it was announced that she had the cardiac arrest episode, all we could do was hope… and we all did. Even if most of us knew that the odds of survival were minimal, and quality of life was most certainly not going to be at the levels she had lived up to that very moment on the plane in L.A. But we had hope. Damn it.

Why are we so affected?

download-1For all of the obvious reasons as stated above but if I may add, she was also the first person / actor to be brought into all of our homes in the form of toys and merchandising. This is not to sound cold, in fact the complete opposite is true. We knew her. We held her in our hands. Some of us even WERE her at Halloween for decades
and now as cosplayers at conventions. Her image and creation were a part of our everyday lives for almost all of our lives. Literally. For nearly 40 years, Carrie Fisher’s lovely face was with us. And while those images will remain til the end of time, the spark behind those bright brown eyes is forevimageser extinguished.

But what about Star Wars?The giant Dewback in the middle of the room.

While writing this I’ve unplugged from the social world but I’m sure there are millions folks asking that same question. And I’m sure there equally as many arguments about motivations in making such assumptions at this time. But as far as I’m concerned it’s a fair argument and just concern. Again, for all the same reasons I’ve listed above. Princess Leia is OUR Princess, from OUR Star Wars, without her, it simply can’t be the same. And this isn’t just fanboy raving, it’s fact.

mark-hamill-denies-fumble-in-1977-star-wars-did-luke-skywalker-call-princess-leia-carrie-fisherWithout Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford’s agreement to return to the galaxy far, far away, there would have been no “Episode VII – The Force Awakens”. Well, I’m sure Disney still would have made one but without Han, Luke and Leia it simply wouldn’t or couldn’t have been the same for fans. Even the new “Rogue One” acknowledges that by bringing the Princess back, if only briefly (but to great effect with those dazzling brown eyes and giant buns).

It’s not petty … it’s reality

paul-walker-cgi1We saw how well the makers of ‘Fast and Furious’ handled the death of Paul Walker. And no disrespect to Paul or his fans, but this isn’t the same.

How will Lucasfilm and Disney explain the loss of OUR Princess? I know that will be the toughest job any writer, producer, director has ever had to face. And that’ just for Episode VIII. Her shadow and spirit will carry on to Episode IX as well. And even more so than Han Solo.

Because this is real.

This is finite.

hqdefaultThis is the end of Princess Leia. CGI can only go so far and there’s a big difference in the hearts and minds of fans when it comes to a legendary actor in a legendary role, receiving post life props like Peter Cushing just received than the Princess that came back into our lives, aged and with more stories to tell. But how can you tell them without Carrie Fisher? You can’t.

The takeaway….

In the end, no one is immune from death’s grasp. No one. But we can learn a whole lot from the lives that death takes and the reminder that it gives us all that every second is precious and they are numbered but we can’t see the clock.

So let us mourn.

Let us celebrate the life and legacy of Carrie Fisher and Princess Leia.

hologramAnd more importantly let us do the same for ourselves, our friends and our family. Embrace them NOW for in life that is truly our only hope.

God Bless You, Carrie Fisher and may you rest in peace, Princess.

Jim 12/27/2016


The Metal Earth model challenge – Submission 1 from the Unbox Boys! D-E-D-C-A-T-I-O-N!

7 accepted the challenge... and I salute them all. And as the submissions come in I can say that these folks are dedicated… and nuts! These Metal Earth construction / model kits ain’t no joke but in our first submission from the Unbox Boys they handled it like true, toy lovin’ pros!


Dig the video and share your thoughts on their process and video, oh, and be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel AND like their Facebook page. Great guys simply having fun.

Stay logged into to see our next submission in this insane challenge very soon and see which if this master manipulators of tinee tiny things wins a super cool prize from the Jim’s Toy Box Vault of Awesome! !

Now Go, Play! – Jim 09/18/16

And if YOUR patient or just crazy enough to dive into these little marvel’s of metal machinery, do your old buddy JImbo a favor and get yours from Entertainment Earth via the incredible selection below!
Transformers Optimus Prime Metal Earth Model KitTransformers Megatron Metal Earth Model KitStar Wars Darth Vader TIE Fighter Metal Earth Model KitBatman v Superman Bat Signal Metal Earth Model KitFord 1965 Mustang Coupe Car Metal Earth Model Kit

I, we and Bo Duke need your social media muscle!

I can’t say this is a dream come true… because I never dreamed I’d ever being doing anything like this.

14030608_1079814535389257_1019167084_nOn Sunday night at the Starlite Theatre in Branson , Missouri, I will be heading up the video crew of Artistry Entertainment Agency as we will be a part of John Schneider‘s benefit concert that will go to help those affected by the recent floods in Baton Rouge. This opportunity and privilege to help came about pretty unexpectedly and as such it’s been a rush and flurry of activity and action getting everything in place and ready to rock n roll. Nothing better than a stressful rush to get the old blood pumping. But I wouldn’t miss this for the world.

As I’ve mentioned throughout numerous reviews and posts over the years, I’ve always been a fan of the Dukes of Hazzard. And while I appreciate all of the cast and many of their various pre and post Dukes endeavors, John Schneider has truly been involved in so many different projects that have fueled my entertainment needs. From his music career to his work on Smallville and now his efforts in promoting and creating independent films, I just can’t help but love the guy.

410YH4ZF04LJohn’s music career has been pretty far on the back burner of his to do list these days but the string of hits he put out in the 80’s are pure honky tonk gold. As a country music disc jockey and then later program director in the 90’s, I got myself in numerous bouts of trouble when I would “break format” and drop a few of those into my show. That was back when the world revolved around Garth Brooks and just as Tim McGraw was starting to screw things up. Consultants were pushing music and program directors far and away from the “old stuff” and since the sales department (who can’t dance or hold their liquor by the way) agreed and the music muzzle was applied.

Well, I was never know to follow the rules too terribly well. Sure I did what I was supposed to as far as formatics and all but there is something in my DNA that simply could stomach playing McGraw’s “Don’t take the girl” twice in one day everyday for month’s on end ( don’t even get me started on “Indian Outlaw”). So, I didn’t and filled that hole with something that was a helluva lot more fun or nostalgic. John’s music definitely fit the bill. And to note, once I became a program director, his stuff became regular in my rotations. And in both of those roles, the audiences loved me for it. So bite me Jay and Mark, wherever you are.

JonathanKentAs the years rolled by and I got out of the radio business for good, caught the film bug and then of course the blogging bug, I embraced my “inner geek”, John showed up again in the role of Jonathan Kent on “Smallville”. This to me was an absolutely perfect fit. I can’t think of any better actor, in regards to his presence, character and charisma to help mold the young man that would become Superman. And if you watch the Smallville series finale you’ll see how right that choice was…

And if you didn’t tear up during those scenes between Clark and his Dad, you really should just go back to your cliff overlooking Whoville, Mr. Grinch.

Like-Son-Cover-CSince that time John has been actively working on his own independent films and projects which are really quite good. I must admit, I haven’t seen them all but from what I have seen, I’ve enjoyed. Also his interactions and outreaches on social media, especially Facebook, have been very cool to connect with. It’s also had the opportunity to be heartbreaking as we all watched his studio get washed away by Louisiana flood waters, not once but twice. Cruel hand of fate for just a good ole boy. But, just like Bo Duke or Jonathan Kent, it’ll take more than that to lick him. And not only is he recovering he’s coming back to help out those who were also bullied by the treacherous Boss Flood. And in my own little way, I and my awesome and amazing crew get to be a part of this slug fest, and you can too actually.

14067611_10209024412739968_4843223742866564317_nAs I mentioned, the benefit concert is coming up this Sunday night August 28th , 2016 at the magnificent Starlite Theatre in Branson, Missouri on the legendary Highway 76 strip. Doors will open at 6P and the show will begin at 7P. Adding to the night of fun and entertainment John will be joined by another legend of the 80’s music scene; Johnny ‘Picking up strangers / Looking for love in all the wrong places” Lee and rising star Jason Pritchett. Admission is by donation, but we would truly appreciate a minimum of $20 per person. Plus there will also be a silent auction held with all of the proceeds going back to help the folks affected* by the floods.

*To note I don’t use the term “victim” because that would give the appearance of weakness when the exact opposite is true. I’ve been watching the PEOPLE of Baton Rouge doing some wonderful and incredible acts of human kindness for one another. That’s not a victim, that’s a survivor. That said, it doesn’t take away the needs these folks have. A 1,000 year flood obviously washed away lifestyles that he took a lifetime to build and in that they do need a hand.

Before I wrap up and get back to working on the stuff for the show I want to send a shout out to some folks who aren’t looking for recognition but deserve at least a tip of the hat:

Branson, MO Mayor Karen Best. Talk about a proactive mayor. Bravo and kudos on al the work you’ve been doing in bringing Branson back to it’s “best” (pardon the pun, I couldn’t help myself)

Linda Merkling and the crew of the Starlite Theater. You are simply the best. In the few months that we at Artistry Entertainment have been working with you, it’s been fun and a little challenging but that’s what makes the stars shine extra bright in our efforts and work.

John Scheider, Johnny Lee and Jason Pritchett – Kudos for stepping out and stepping up on stage to share your talents to help folks out. That’s exceptional character personified and may no-one miss how incredible that truly is.

Derek Usery Sr., Toinette Madison and Kim Rosson – You guys are stepping up in a huge way to make the production process happen on this one and I truly appreciate it. Word’s really aren’t enough but still THANK YOU!

Artistry Entertainment – Matt Duncan, you’ve opened doors that I never had the chance to walk through before, thank you for that. And we aren’t even close to the end of this long hallway 😉 My wife, best friend and partner; Alicia Bumgardner. You my love, are my rock and without you I couldn’t keep pushing so hard. With you in the field with me, I can relax (okay, a little).
And of course YOU dear readers. Without you all this would just be a journal entry that no one would ever see, and that would kind of suck right now since I need, request and kinda sorta beg all of you to share the information about the concert with everyone you know. Regardless whether or not you can make it to the show, the live stream will be able to bring the show to you. I’ll get you the final official that info ASAP.

I know I can count on all of you and I do truly appreciate you all. Back to work for me and as always I strongly encourage you to Now, Go Play! – Jim 08/26/2016now-go-play-large-72dpi_zpsad0f6755

We have a winner…..

Okay gang! It’s time to announce the winner of our 8 inch Retro style Harry Potter figure set courtesy of Entertainment Earth! Everyone give a huge shout out, CONGRATULATIONS to Jeff Viets! He played along, crossing his “t’s” and dotting his “i’s” for this fun and magical contest! But don’t be sad if it wasn’t you, Potter fans… you can get a set today from Entertainment Earth and get FREE SHIPPING plus a free gift as they celebrate their 20th Anniversary!
Again I say thank you to everyone for playing at Jim’s Toy Box! –
Now, GO PLAY! Jim 04/14/16


Greetings gang! Today, Entertainment Earth is offering up the Alive II convention exclusive, deluxe box set for $120 with free hipping! Plus it’s their 20 year Anniversary event so you get a free gift when you order anything from them all month long. I don’t have this one but may be considering how much I dig the individual figures. Take a look at the deal http://www.entertainmentearth.com/prodinfo.asp?number=BBP29100&id=JI-206284882 and then my review if your on the fence …. the figures really are cool, retro fun set 🙂



Figures Toy Company 8 inch Harry Potter Series 1 Review and Contest Courtesy of Entertainment Earth!

Potter Contest Button

It was a magical day when these three fella’s showed up at the Toy Box! Check out the review and then keep reading to find out how YOU can win a set of these fun figures from Entertainment Earth who is celebrating their 20th Anniversary throughout the entire month of April by giving you a free gift with every order! How sweet is that?!?!?!


It was a magical day when these three fella’s showed up at the Toy Box! Check out the review and then keep reading to find out how YOU can win a set of these fun figures from Entertainment Earth who is celebrating their 20th Anniversary throughout the entire month of April by giving you a free gift with every order! How sweet is that?!?!?!
Order your set today via this link – http://www.entertainmentearth.com/prodinfo.asp?number=FIGHP0800AA&id=JI-206284882 and get your FREE GIFT from Entertainment Earth today!

Now, here’s how you enter to win…

Go to the Jim’s Toy Box Facebook Page  . Look for this video review that’s pinned to the top of the page, LIKE and then in the comments section, name your favorite Harry Potter character. THEN copy and paste @jimstoybox #entearth20 #HarryPotter to your Facebook wall and / or twitter page. Doing both will double your odds! The contest will run from NOW til April 14th where we will once again chose a random player to be our winner! WORK SOME MAGIC!!!!

NOW GO PLAY! – Jim 04/07/16

By entering this contest you agree to allow up to 12 weeks for delivery, accept the fate of packages getting lost, stolen or damaged (neither Entertainment Earth nor the host of the contest are responsible for replacement or compensation either in product, credit or currency) and a correct, valid physical address must be provided (wrong address provided, unfortunately no shipment). US and Canada only

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. You understand that you are providing your information to the owner of this Facebook page and not to Facebook.

Bif Bang Pow KISS Love Gun 3&3/4 Look 2 Loose and Up Close


This second look at the Series 1 Love Gun era KISS retro action figures is pretty unflinching in some flaws, with the main one being that the Paul / Star Child I have has one leg that’s shorter than the other making it a bear to get him to stand without a stand. Otherwise the set is a lot of fun and I easily recommend them.

BBP29101ALTlgThe set now rests on the mantle at my house and have really grown on me. Also to note in between Look 1 and this post, Bif Bang Pow announced a variant, Blood Spitting Demon that you can add to the collection.Click the pic to get hum!

And remember, ordering in the month of April gets you a FREE GIFT from Entertainment Earth as part of their 20th Anniversary celebration! How incredibly cool is that! So get the full set or the deluxe Alive II stage set today and Rock N Roll all night and party everyday with my favorite online retailer Entertainment Earth!

One more thing…. be sure to check out my KISS tribute page on the extended, fresher designed extension of the Toy Box. I forgot how much KISS raving I’ve done over the years 😉

Now, Go Play! Jim 04/05/16

Star Wars Rebels, Season 2 Finale – ANTICIPATION!


Good morning, gang! Today is an extra special Star Wars Wednesday at Total Collectables! We kick off our two week celebration of The Force Awakens coming to BluRay/DVD on April 5th by offering you 20% off ALL IN STOCK Star Wars collectables! it’s EXTRA SPECIAL because tonight marks the season 2 finale of Star wars Rebels on Disney 😄 where we are chomping at the bit to see a couple of highly anticipated moments including the “possible” return of Darth Maul AND a showdown between Darth Vader and Ahsoka Tano! Plus the teasers make it look like Ezra may get his first temptation from the Dark Side. How can you NOT love this show?!?!?! In an effort to celebrat this special day check out the review of the Season 2 Ezra Bridger action figure with Speeder, available NOW at Total Collectables, normal prices $24.95 on sale now for $19.99! https://www.facebook.com/totalcollectables/videos/954438844604725/ And be a pal would ya, and SHARE our page with ALL of your fellow Force sensitive friends! May the Force be with you! https://www.facebook.com/totalcollectables/ #StarWarsRebels #EzraBridger #ToySale #StarWars

Now, Go Play!

Jim 03/30/16

A fun place to play (and learn a little too)!