Liquidation Outlet

Liquidation Outlet located in Harrison, AR is one of my most favorite clients that I had worked with for many years. Owners Roger and Robin Jones have provided “The best deals that you can get” for over a decade to folks all around the Ozark region of North Central Arkansas and South Central Missouri. And with Roger and his team, we created some incredibly fun and engaging commercials that led to their social media followers clamoring for more every time they came into the store.

Here are some of my personal favorites:

We had so much fun on every shoot. Lot’s of improv and spontaneity made for awesome and engaging results!

For a reference you can reach Roger via this link and also ask him about how he can help you have an incredible vacation excursion at the place he considers to be the most fantastic place on Earth: the Buffalo National River

Screenshot from Roger 04/12/2023