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This is the home page for all of the lessons that will be taught from the series “lessons from the clock”. As of today (3/6/2023) it is a work in progress. If this taste appeals to you and you can see the value that is to come, please follow the page

In the modern age, every member of society is governed and ruled by the clock. In many ways this makes sense. Time as a construct is a handy tool. Like any tool, it is neutral in its state of being. It can be positive or negative which is decided by the intentions of its user. I for one prefer to have as much positive control over it as Natural Law will allow. One of those positive ways as I see it is the way I was taught to use it in the broadcast industry where every second has an intent in its usage. It is with that intention I have put this course together.

Before we go deeper into this study I want to set the premise of the three types of clocks that we all choose from every day. All share the same structure that is governed by natural law: 24 hours constitute one day. Inside each of those hours are 60 minutes constituted of 60 seconds in each. While most don’t break it down to such a minute perspective, I do and have ever since I was first introduced to the broadcast radio industry. I am forever grateful for that as it has taught me time and again the importance of each of those seconds and how they can be filled with noble purposes as to inform and entertain. Before we get into that and more, I’d like to first share with you my perspective on the reality that there are three clocks that we all choose from every day of our lives.

First: The neutral hour – this is the natural state of being. The construct of time simply is there. Ticking by, uninterrupted as it has since the dawn of time this marking time. It will continue to do so barring a shift in the machinations of reality as we understand it.

Second: the controller clock – This one is the schedule that is made for you. Be it by school, work, hours of operation, etc, that dictates to you when you can do what. Structure and order are fine things, yet if this is the only way time is perceived personally, I know it can get to be a burdensome and frustrating thing leaving one feeling as if there “isn’t enough time”.

Third: The clock you dictate. – This is the time in which one has made a conscious effort to be mindful of the first and second as listed above and made it a point to use those not controlled as they see fit. For me, this is where the magic of life can be weaved into amazing things. It is for this need that we all share, I lean back onto the concept and tool that is the broadcast clock.

Each chapter contains lessons I’ve learned and the stories of how they came to be after working for me. You will also be able to listen to the podcast associated with the chapter as well download a FREE PDF version of the resource that is featured in the lesson as well as any videos that are associated with the chapters lesson .

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