Celebrating 50 Years of Super Hero Pajama Parties

Going full fanboy today. Click the pic for the updates.

This is my loving online tribute to the Mego Corp and their return to retail shelves, especially with near exact reproductions of the DC Comics super heroes that have mattered the most to me over the last 50 years.

This page will be my own personal celebration of this milestone over the next few weeks. Bookmark it for some reflections on Mego, it’s connection to this blog and many other points of passion, learning and stories from their impact on my life both professionally and personally. In the meantime, take a look at the toys that truly played a part in what made me.

Throughout this celebration I am going to offer up some outlets for your consideration in regards to purchasing some for yourself, your friends, or for those that you want to be your friend (don’t be ashamed to buy your friends, kids. The big guys do it all the time {cough,cough, Mr. Beast cough,cough}. Just kidding {sorta} but still, you gotta know where to get em to get em, right? I’ll also be offering up some pretty in depth reviews once I get ’em in my hands.Now back to the options and why I’m recommending them…

The online outlets listed below are the ones I’ve personally purchased from or recieved items from as gifts over the years. The only retail location I’m aware of that will be selling these are Walmart stores, but I don’t care to post a link for that monster however I will encourage you to take a look at your local location periodically. I’m truly not a fan of that corporation BUT the opportunity they are giving Mego and Mego fans is appreciated but my endorsement comes with the caveat that you walk in their doors. The online folks deserve a crack at earning your business now and in the future.

Entertainment Earth

ZLC Collectibles

Absolutely Retro

Big Bad Toy Store

MEGO Company Store on AMAZON

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