Problem/ Reaction/ Solution… but what was The Fuse?

I became aware of the thought and reality of “problem/ reaction/ solution (PRS)” from David Icke. This simple three word equation is quite profound really. I gauge it’s profundity by the fact it is so simple and obvious once you think about it. It is even easier once you take the time once you’ve addressed the PRS to look at it’s prequel. That prequel is where we discover the root of the matter I term as “The Fuse”.

“The Fuse: Spotlighting the Prequel to a Problem, Reaction, Solution Scenario”

What started the Problem/ Reaction/ Solution? A Fuse was necessary.

I became aware of the thought and reality of “problem/ reaction/ solution (PRS)” from David Icke. This simple three word equation is quite profound really. I gauge it’s profundity by the fact it is so simple and obvious once you think about it. It is even easier once you take the time once you’ve addressed the PRS to look at it’s prequel. That prequel is where we discover the root of the matter I term as “The Fuse”. Example:

Problem: “(Insert whichever ethnic, religious, sexual orientation of person), ruined/ attacked/ destroyed our way of life!”

Reaction: Become fearful, angry and hateful of (Insert whichever ethnic, religious, sexual orientation of person)

Solution: Shun (Insert whichever ethnic, religious, sexual orientation of person) and demonize them for “the greater good”.

The Prequel: Special interest lobbyists decided they needed to advance a particular thing to add to their wealth and power so they worked with easily manipulated and corrupted government officials to make changes to the existing system not for the greater good but instead for those personal ambitions. How is it done? Through writing, producing, directing and distributing a narrative that will get people emotionally charged over time that will in term lead both “sides” to be programmed to carry out and perform record-able actions that can then be used to “prove” how their solution is the ONLY one.

In thinking about all of this, I’ve dubbed this prequel step as “The Fuse” because without a fuse the “bomb” can’t go off. And to define and defuse that point where true progress, change and dare I say enlightenment can actually come to life. What I found even more profound in all of this line of thought is that when you examine pretty much any situation you will find at its start that the true solution is very simple, so long as you can address the reality that it stems from societal programming that is ingrained to the point that it seems to be a deep seeded belief based on a “right” when in fact it is a bastardization of a principle of natural law.

In this discussion I see natural law as a belief that is based in two factors: survival and love. Perhaps it would be best to swap those around as love and survival in its order of importance but the reality of perceived need places them in the aforementioned order.

As living, thinking, feeling organisms. we all have to survive. It’s a must if we are going to continue on our plights and journeys through this thing we call life. The problem there however is that the survival instinct can (and often does) reflect in a negative manner if LOVE is not placed first in the order. Without love in the drivers seat, we loose sight and connection with faith and hope. And without those two the experience of being human gets muddy and depressing and can be overcome by a negative energy. This is where my mind goes to a HUGE point that Jesus made in regards to his two commandments for the human race: Above all put God first and secondly, love your neighbor as yourself.

Side track thought: It just struck me how many of the modern “liberals” will take the second commandment and run with it as a tool to be used to instill guilt. That my friends is hypocrisy at its finest. But stepping back, once you realize that with the lack of the first commandment, and the programming of a narrative that says God’s dead or doesn’t exist, it’s easy to see how this happens in regards to the negative outcome of their actions.

With all that said I’d like to share my understanding and point of view on the first commandment aspect that is putting God above all.

Over the decades and years I have finally come to understand, believe and embrace the reality that in that commandment when truly accepted, embraced and applied, we learn the most important lesson of living a full life in this experience: There IS something far greater than ourselves. A “something” that has at its very core the ability to exist free from biased emotions. To see everything, and I mean EVERYTHING simply as “It is”. Completely free from good or bad but instead a perfect balance of what WE as humans perceive as “good or bad”. Perspective is everything and that perspective is the one thing that as humans we have a hard time getting past because by the very nature of this human experience, we can’t without lots of effort at the start, to comprehend and accept this completely neutral yet extremely powerful point of view.

With all of that said, I offer to you my perception to the PRS example and fuse that I started this article out with.

The Real Solution: Before you get enraged by this narrative of a particular (Insert whichever ethnic, religious, sexual orientation of person), seek out for yourself a PERSON that fits into that label. Have a cup of coffee with them or do anything for that matter that can allow for a conversation to come about. Ask them how they feel about that PRS. DO they believe it? Is it true? Why or Why not? Share your opinion and perception of said PRS. How do those two perspectives line up? While I wouldn’t be so arrogant to say that you will find an absolute answer, I will say that you will have invited a conversation and possible debate between two PEOPLE that can and will encourage free thought, debate and an EDUCATED ground for further growth, progress and potential resolution.

Applying this line of thought to my appreciation and dedication to PublicSq’s mission and platform.

With times as they are, and how we have arrived at this point, I would like to put myself to this test and standard. So here goes:

The Problem: Media and Government “suggestions”, protocols and narratives have led to businesses (both small and large) having to fall in line with methodologies that violate their core values

The Reaction: Many if not most fell in line dies to FEAR of being “cancelled” or shamed out of existence due to their “lack of compassion”.

The Solution: Accept said “Suggestions”, protocols and narratives as the “only way” they can survive this particular moment in time.

Now let’s take a look at “The Fuse” that led to that:

*Another note about the term “the fuse”. I chose the word fuse over trigger as a fuse works slower than a trigger. That’s not to discount that there are fast burning fuses, but at the same time, it still takes longer for a fuse to burn than a trigger and its reaction to action is far quicker. *

The Fuse of this scenario is one that was cultivated and nurtured over time. I’d say that at the start of this particular fuse would be the birth of “political correctness” which in itself gave birth to the “everybody’s a victim mentality that offered an excuse for a lack of personal responsibility. I’d pinpoint this start to the very early 90’s. It was from this point that the snowball started rolling faster and faster to where we are today. In it’s face, the arguments for complying with politically correct compliance was seen by most as little more than a general nuisance and not taken too seriously. There in lies the problem. Seeing the perceived gnat as just a little thing to wave away from your ear was actually a giant vulture in disguise and as time went on, the cloaking mechanism could no longer disguise its true nature.

Now, where does my affiliation to PublicSq come into play here?

It comes from the aforementioned understanding of things. With what the platform and its creators are offering is a platform that steps back to a time before the gnat got out of hand. I also fully understand that to take such a firm stand is far from easy to maintain. To succeed in their mission which I now embrace as my own, the vultures are waiting in these early days of the platforms growth, just waiting to strike. Before the strike however, there are constant giant swarms of gnats all around. Some of those giant swarms include the entities found in today’s existing social media landscape. To share the message on those platforms you can bet your bottom dollar that “shadow banning” is in place hard and the programmed trolls are out in full force to report, attack and attempt to discredit or “cancel” ones efforts in promoting this platform, it’s values and mission. In essence this a fight featuring an underdog and that has always been my favorite fight.

However, I firmly believe that this underdog has far more support than perceived because of what it offers the “silent majority”.

Silent only because the microphone is being controlled by the opposition. And they are Legion. However, the little engine that could, the tortoise that beat the hare and the handful of renegade colonists taking on an Empire prove that not only are the fights worth it, the outcomes can be better for all once the dust settles. And that’s where PublicSq comes in to play for me. They made the platform with the tech that is a functioning (and fashionable) answer to part of the problems for those who feel alone and thus afraid to speak up.

With all that said, and being mindful of the clock and my schedule, I have to conclude this writing. But rest assured, this thought on “The Fuse” will most certainly be continued in the days, weeks, months and years. But remember, regardless of the heaviness of your day and duties, take the time to enjoy living. After all, that’s what we’re here for.

Now, Go Play!

Jim – 09/06/2022

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So it’s January 12, 2019. Why not? Stranger things have happened.

Authors Note: This post is the accompaniment to this PODCAST

I want you to think about this. Let’s say you woke up and it was January 12th, 2019. The events of the past two+ years, haven’t occurred. What would be different for you?

That’s the question I’m posing to myself and challenging you with on this episode of the podcast.

My “bucket list” universe and some of its merch.

Quick housekeeping notes: the name change and the theme song. Also, shop or drop a tip. It’s appreciated. If you’d like to hire me for consulting or production services reach me at

For me I was burned out but still searching for hope. But, I did get sick with a sinus infection that impacted the right side of my head. My ear and jaw were in excruciating pain for days. So much so the best I could do for it was sleep. So I did. Little did I realize I was getting rested up for what was to come for a new adventure and change of scenery where I ended up selling big boy clothes. More on that later….

  • For a decade I was screaming from the rooftops about the NEED to support your local media. In fairness, they needed to be supporting you too with useful information and entertainment.
  • I went down many a wrong paths not out of direct and intentional malice but worse: indifference. By 2019 I had done enough and seen enough that I allowed my cynicism to overtake my positivity and in many cases common sense.
  • So now what? For two years I’ve been in an endless circle of self doubt and intentionally searching for a way out of that but doing it all wrong. I was aware of myself and actions but not as clear in my purpose. I was overthinking and complicating it all.

Moral of the story: When things seem impossible and at their worst NOW go back in your mind to a time you feel things were “better, good, great “ etc, and ask yourself “What was different then?” “What did I do or not do since?” “What’s the regrets?” “How can I right the ship NOW?”

The biggest take away? Do not wait for anything on your “bucket list”… get on it NOW!

Now, Go Play!

Jim – 01/12/2019 —- excuse me 07/26/2022

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If you can’t laugh about Satanism, what can you laugh about?

“What a shocking header, Jim!?! Are you a Satanist? Pagan? Occultist? Harvester of Sorrows?” No. I have a sense of humor and made an animated show to prove it. Warner Brothers and YouTube however, didn’t. So sensitive.

“What a shocking header, Jim!?! Are you a Satanist? Pagan? Occultist? Harvester of Sorrows?” No. I have a sense of humor and made an animated show to prove it. Warner Brothers and YouTube however, didn’t. So sensitive.

The complete bits from the program Warner Brothers and YouTube said was needed to be banned. But have no fear, you can still watch the Satanic Rites of Dracula via Bobby Gammonster’s channel or rent / buy it from Warner Brothers. However I wouldn’t recommend those asshats for anything… ever. I truly have come despise the WB long before this by the way. They are IMO the most glaring example of what makes corporate entities truly horrible.

But seriously, Warner Brothers had a copyright strike placed on the full presentation that featured the old Hammer films production of “The Satanic Rites of Dracula” within seconds of the upload completed. Only between the time stamps of just after the 16 minute mark to just after the 44 minute mark. I found this odd as this particular film has been in the public domain for quite a long time but it is not worth the fight because 1. I’d never win and 2. My bits are not an issue. Well, not that I’m aware of yet.

I would like to request “Entertainment” be stricken from their moniker as it is fake news. Asshats.

I always do my best to keep any and all of my content “PG” with the hardest stretch being a “PG-13”. That’s not to be righteous or pious, it’s more a matter of respect for the audience. While one can never, ever, ever guarantee that someone, somewhere won’t be offended, I do make it a point to make sure that what I put out is something I don’t have issues with my own daughter watching. It’s just that simple for me.

All the cool ghouls in the test audience loved the show. 😉

I bring attention to that point as after I was notified that the full feature video was banned and blocked, that YouTube dubbed it as “Age Restricted to persons over 18”. In that claim I have no dispute. By general societies standards… sort of. The film does have a couple of scenes were the sacrifice is bare chested on the alter. I’m sure that must be the issue because the Satanic rituals being portrayed are surely fictional, right? Right! (insert wink, wink, nod, nod).

Again that part doesn’t really bother me. If I were to have aired it on traditional broadcast television, the tah tah scenes would have had to be edited in some way, by either blurring or stretching the frame, etc. What got me though was that they made the decision AFTER the video was blocked and banned and unavailable for ANYONE, ANYWHERE to view it. Not a big deal but just an annoyance brought about by the lords of the algorithms that make those decisions.

No matter, the animated bits are what matter to me and so far, the telescoped sizzle reel that features the complete joke hasn’t been deemed evil and or banned. I’ll let you know if that changes. You’ll actually know if it happens if you can’t see the video below.

This is the sizzle reel for “Conspiracy Cinema” an animated creature feature program that is intended for mature audiences. The bits however I would say are pretty standard late night family fair. Well, so long as you aren’t terrified by talking action figures and a cartoon zombie cowboy.

That rant aside, I do have much greater purposes and usage for the program as a whole as it will be a focal point for a new series I am launching now that will better allow for me to share and teach the steps to the content creation pipeline I’ve shared a couple posts back that has actually been very well received by new readers from around the world.

And to all of y’all I offer a sincere, “Thank you!” and look forward to adding to that method and strategy that could very well help you in your endeavors be they professional or personal. We’re all on this human journey together so I pledge to continue doing the best I can with my experiences to encourage, motivate and inspire you to do the same.

Now, Go Play!

Jim 07/25/2022

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Preparing for the plausible is not paranoia.

Had our first unexplained power outage yesterday. It started at 6am and miraculously kicked back on at exactly 11 am. No useful information from the energy company via phone or app and no service trucks to be seen. In any case, it wasn’t a fun feeling. It did however inspire this post because preparedness is always crucial and critical.

Many industry analysts are saying people should expect to see more black and brown outs this summer season. There’s always the usual rounds of those due to regular usage issues but this year is appearing to be more problematic due to the various supply chain issues. Most energy companies simply don’t have the stockpile of replacement and spare parts as they’ve had and getting new stock is uncertain. So remember, it ain’t paranoia when its very plausible.

Below are some tips and tricks that we already had in place that made our short run far less frustrating. These of course are very short term fixes. List one are the easy peasy fixes we pretty much keep in place. The second list is far more involved and meant for the long term meaning most of those don’t happen overnight or magically appear by making a couple quick clicks on Amazon. We ourselves are buckling down to make most of them happen for us. And while it an seem to be a really daunting task and challenge, never forget that small steps lead to long impressive journeys and end results.

To note, the links provided take you to Amazon via our associate links so if you make a purchase, we get an appreciated kick back. We strongly suggest you shop around for the best prices for your budget but in full disclosure I’ve yet to find a better starting point than Amazon to begin the research.

  1. Portable power packs for cellphones and other chargeable devices. – Started doing this a few years ago after an ice storm hit us. I had a bunch of them laying around as I would keep a few in my camera bag for those just in case moments when I was on a shoot and away from a power source.
  2. Keep a jug of water in the freezer (or two) – Another trick picked up from the ice storm incident. There’s a lot of good reasons to do this one. Keeping one or two frozen jugs of water in your freezer will at first make it easier on your freezer in general. Like an old fashioned “ice box” the block of ice encased in plastic helps lower the load on your freezer. Also, in the event your pipes freeze up, its easy enough to allow them to thaw for fresh drinking water. Another great service this practical form of recycling provides is for those times when you may be gone for the day and return to find it not completely frozen thus indicating that a power outage occurred while you were away. I’ll admit that one’s a bit over anal retentive but a good tip nonetheless.
  3. Manual kitchen tools – You never know how much you value your electric can opener until you can’t use it. Same can be said for many other tools found in the kitchen. Make an inventory of what you use on a regular basis and then find its manual alternative. Also, be sure to be mindful of plastic versus metal. Metal is certainly your preferred type in a power outage situation. Why? Because it doesn’t melt over an open fire if it happens to come down to that.
  4. Flashlights – While most phones have a light of some sort it would be best to not tie up that tool when artificial light sources are affordable and plentiful. And of course, don’t forget the batteries.
  5. Portable Radio – No longer the staple of everyone’s homes, it’s easy to forget how incredibly important this inexpensive form of communication is. While a traditional AM/FM receiver is good, to have one that also picks up the weather band is crucial. Let’s be real, the top 40 is far less important than the latest weather and emergency reports.
  6. Disposable cups, utensils and containers. Washing dishes is not something anyone is a fan of that I’m aware of. Especially in an emergency situation.
  7. START STUDYING – Knowledge is power and readily available. The internet is chock full of sites to teach you so much and you should totally spend some of your surfing time checking them out. 15 minutes ar day could really save your life. Support the content creators you find if they have a hard copy book available.

Those are just a small sliver of things that you can do right now with little to no cost and can help in the event of the “when” and not the “if” comes to your neighborhood. Full disclosure: We are still needing to get stocked up with the following list but we are working towards it.

  1. Generators.
  2. Solar Powered Back ups
  3. Storable Food
  4. Gardening – Backyard and Window Sill
  5. Water Purification
  6. Chickens. They come before the egg and so long as they’re laying you’re in good shape and in an extreme situation, they can be turned into chicken nuggets.
  7. Learn to HUNT and FISH -I pray I don’t have to explain this.
  8. Satellite Phones – This one is an absolute “end of the world” type of suggestion. The possibility of downed cell towers is plausible in the event of wide spread, major power outages. I personally do not own one and most likely won’t invest in one any time soon. Still, not a bad idea.

And don’t forget the pets.

So there you have it. A starting point for preparedness in the coming “When” and not “if” power outage scenarios come.

PLEASE feel free to share any types and links you have in the comments.

Now, Go Play! (and sleep with one eye open 😉 )

Jim 07/05/2022

Celebrating our Constitutional Republic by way of Dead Ducks

“Wow, Jim! What a way to start a positive and uplifting post!” It is. From a certain point of view.

Over the span of the past week I’ve noticed a HUGE uptick in followers of the Toy Box with one most exceptional stand out. That being my article on “Working with intent“. That post has garnered more likes and brought more followers into the fold than anything I’ve ever written here. To all of you “Welcome to the party” and “Thank you for your show of support.” Like you, I’m carving out my slice of the digital landscape and encouragement of any kind is always appreciated.

In watching the notifications and numbers coming through, I’ve been revisiting that article and putting serious consideration into what about it that has caused such a “pop”. My conclusion? We are all still working diligently towards the American Dream. The stats are showing me that the majority of you new readers are of the mindset I share in still daring to move forward with the promises of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as declared in writing by Thomas Jefferson, despite the headlines and illogical talking points that the television and online talking heads and politicians are spewing.

It is my belief that it is that SPIRIT of the American Dream that moves us on and keeps us dedicated to the earnest of purpose no matter what the world may be showcasing. And yes I said “American” dream and do so with purposeful intent.

This American Dream is not merely an IDEA of HOPE but instead a REPRESENTATION of the pure determination shared by us who accept the challenge to make for ourselves and our families lives that leave behind a brighter world. And that most certainly isn’t an easy task. The power of positive thinking and “thoughts and prayers” only goes so far before the reality that blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice MUST come into play. I have yet to meet any “overnight success” that didn’t take years if not decades to arise nor have I found any truly successful people at their helms that didn’t suffer the pain that comes from hard life lessons learned physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If you can prove me wrong, please send me an email with links. I’d like to use them as reference and sources for my upcoming book; “The Bulls*hit people buy into for only $19.99 a month”

Now that the rant portion of this entry is out of the way, may I get back to the root of the headline that led you here: Dead Ducks

Over the past few years, my family and I have become quite the fan of the Robertson family, made world famous by way of the television program “Duck Dynasty.” The show is fun and does one thing that most forms of entertainment run away from now: remain true to its core values. That aspect is what made the program endearing to us. A commitment to conviction of action, thoughts and deeds. And now, even more so having learned more about the family themselves and the true dynasty that spawned the show: Duck Commander.

You can shop the official Duck Commander store via Amazon by clicking the pic above.

The story of the Robertson family and their company founded on “dead ducks” is one that I have come to truly appreciate. More than just faith in Phil’s idea of creating the perfect duck call, the dedication to the goal as well as the commitment of the family is one we can all learn a thing or two from. Their story is as much as ours no matter who you are, what your vision is and where you’re from.

This leads to a great book I picked up just yesterday from Duck Commander CEO Willie Robertson; “American Entrepreneur”. If you consider yourself an entrepreneur, small business owner or one that hopes to be either, I highly recommend this one. It’s entertaining, informative and empowering.

This book is a wonderful recounting of what it took to make us into the country we are today.

The book and story of the Robertson’s is just one of the many that have inspired myself to “go for it” in all of my pursuits of the “American Dream.” Sure there are shortcomings in this ideology but I dare pose the request for anyone to show me a better one to have and we can chat. The only caveat I will add however is that I am no where near delusional in my understanding of the mistakes that were made I will however stand very firm on the course corrections that I have seen personally in my lifetime. I have also seen the ones that were made that did in fact make things most certainly worse, all under the guise of “improvements”. The key in discerning the mistakes versus the fixes is actually quite simple if one can be honest in their observations. We can examine and discuss those later but for now I want to instead focus on a simple commonality that we all share: There is not one human being that is of greater or of more importance than the other at our core. Race, religion, sex and most certainly not politics will ever be an immediate pass to “the front of the line”. Our merit and worth excels as we excel individually in our usefulness and purposefulness to our fellow humans as well as all the other animals, minerals and vegetables that we share this little blue orb with.

I prefer to keep this blog and all of my outreaches as apolitical and non-dogmatic in its spiritual ideals as possible. Yet we are living in a time where the current state of the narrative that the world is being spoon fed to us all is refusing to let that be an option. Division seems to be the main commodity for continued discontent and without some serious creativity or acquiescence to their demands for an impossible utopia, a content creator can get swept up into a fray they had no intentions of being a part of. My solution to that modern manufactured problem is simple and it is this: In my efforts of entertainment, information and observational output, mine are not intentions of preaching or pontificating to be “right”. I will hold true to my core beliefs and am more than willing to let you have yours. That is how you celebrate the birth of a Constitutional Republic. No matter what type of “Dead Ducks” you build your American Dream upon, remember to be kind. You don’t have to like everyone and everyone doesn’t have to like you. You don’t have to “get” them or they “get” you.

Now, Go Play! (nicely)

Jim 07/04/2022

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JAK Entertainment’s Content Creation Pipeline Live Brainstorming Stream 06/01/2022

It’s incredibly easy to get caught up in the “forest for the trees” perspective. Today we’re going to discuss ways to break free of that rut as we start this “brainstorming with intent” process.

It’s all a part of the “Content Creation Pipeline” I’ve put together to help business owners as well as civic / non profit organizers get more content out and in turn, reach more potential customers and supporters with a focus less on engagement as it is to instill endearment.

The primary foundations of this series and more can be found in the blogs and videos found via the links below.

Working with intent and the Content Creation Pipeline blueprint:

Enhancing what you’ve already paid for:

Getting more out of your previous advertising, marketing and promotional efforts:

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Recommended Reading: Atomic Habits by James Clear.