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The BIG Story tease

This one is a tease about a bigger over arching thing. To compare, Todays discussion is a daily thing… the latest series is a weekly with multiple parts shared over weeks …. While this one will be a “one shot” but more complex i it’s production value and story. And now…. Another random picture from my phone 🙂

Thank you, Doc!

Many years have past since I made the video plea below…

Now, all these years later, I must give credit where it’s due: Thank you Dr.Mego and the Mego Corporation for making this one happen. I genuinely appreciate it and applaud the journey that was made to this point.

Biased but such is collecting. But I do really like the look of this Robin. And like his original intent, his bright colors brings a nice “lightness” to the Batman.

Riddler has always been one of my most favorite Bat-Villain, but he is still a smarmy jerk sometimes.

One thing is for certain in these 21st century DC characters from MEGO is the head sculpts are full of a fantasy amount of emotion. Bravo to the sculptors and paint masters.

One would be hard pressed to downplay the emotion in these sculpts.
Mischief without bounds!
Unapologetically heroic!

I was on the fence with picking up these new DC figures, only because of space constraints but I have an itching suspicion all that is about to change. In this effort, Mego is at the top of their game in what made them the best at what they did all those decades ago. Not to mention price point. No matter where you buy them, the MSRP is far and away better than comparable to other companies iterations of these iconic characters.

You’ve come a long way, MEGO. And I appreciate the whole journey.

Now, Go Play!

Jim 03/06/2022