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Greetings gang! Today, Entertainment Earth is offering up the Alive II convention exclusive, deluxe box set for $120 with free hipping! Plus it’s their 20 year Anniversary event so you get a free gift when you order anything from them all month long. I don’t have this one but may be considering how much I dig the individual figures. Take a look at the deal and then my review if your on the fence …. the figures really are cool, retro fun set 🙂


Bif Bang Pow KISS Love Gun 3&3/4 Look 2 Loose and Up Close


This second look at the Series 1 Love Gun era KISS retro action figures is pretty unflinching in some flaws, with the main one being that the Paul / Star Child I have has one leg that’s shorter than the other making it a bear to get him to stand without a stand. Otherwise the set is a lot of fun and I easily recommend them.

BBP29101ALTlgThe set now rests on the mantle at my house and have really grown on me. Also to note in between Look 1 and this post, Bif Bang Pow announced a variant, Blood Spitting Demon that you can add to the collection.Click the pic to get hum!

And remember, ordering in the month of April gets you a FREE GIFT from Entertainment Earth as part of their 20th Anniversary celebration! How incredibly cool is that! So get the full set or the deluxe Alive II stage set today and Rock N Roll all night and party everyday with my favorite online retailer Entertainment Earth!

One more thing…. be sure to check out my KISS tribute page on the extended, fresher designed extension of the Toy Box. I forgot how much KISS raving I’ve done over the years 😉

Now, Go Play! Jim 04/05/16

Bif Bang Pow KISS Love Gun 3&3/4 Look 1


Been a long time coming on this one KISS fans. But what can I say, I’ve become WONDERFULLY busy 🙂 There’s more coming in regards to the review but I was chomping at the bit to get this part out. Look 1 features the unboxing and diorama set ups.

These things are fantastic and you should totally grab a set NOW from Entertainment Earth using the following link. I do appreciate it! Also if your one of my Harrison peeps be sure to come by Total Collectables and let us know if you want to see more KISS on the shelves. We can totally pull the trigger of that Love Gun!

Now, Go Play!

– Jim 03/23/16