The new and improved Jim’s Toy Box COMING SOON!

It’s a new decade and dawn for the Toy Box. I love this place and forgot how much so. Also, this “Toy Box” was always intended to be more metaphorical in its content. I wanted a place to stash all of my “stuff” be they blogs, reviews, articles, videos, silly funny pics and now the podcast. I’m dedicating to this because this toy Box means more than I truly realized until now.

Please note, the construction process is going to be sloppy, so to all of you my dear subscribers know that I appreciate your patience as I get the kinks worked out.

Jim 04/08/2022

Thank you.

Just a note to say thank you to all of you who have kept up with the site over all of these years. Lots of big, positive changes coming for it and myself, dear reader. I hope you enjoy what you’ll find here inside my Toy Box in the coming days and weeks.

Now, Go Play!

Jim, 4/7/2022

Turn off the headlines turn up the imagination.

Times they sure are strange. Two years since the beginning of flattening the curve we find ourselves now being bombarded with war, inflation, high gas prices and all kinds it horrible headlines. To that I have a solution:

Log off… tune out… unplug… digital detox… and PLAY!

Here’s a quick look at my Saturday escape into true reality vs the one they hope we will accept as the real one. I like mine much better.

Now, go play!

Jim 3/19/22

What if Mego had made Star Wars figures?

Saturday morning creativity from a galaxy far, far away.

Using modern 3D and 2D printing to take a guess.

I present to you a “What if?” Custom Mego piece. So long back in don’t remember when I originally printed this 8 inch scale Threepio, but now was the time to get him rounded out with packaging. … based the design off of the original trading card look…

He fits in quite nice with the modern Mego Corp offerings. Who knows? With all of the licenses Mego has, this could become a reality. Probably not and that’s okay thanks to modern tech, talent and of course; IMAGINATION.

Now, go play!

Jim – 3/19/2022

Thank you, Doc!

Many years have past since I made the video plea below…

Now, all these years later, I must give credit where it’s due: Thank you Dr.Mego and the Mego Corporation for making this one happen. I genuinely appreciate it and applaud the journey that was made to this point.

Biased but such is collecting. But I do really like the look of this Robin. And like his original intent, his bright colors brings a nice “lightness” to the Batman.

Riddler has always been one of my most favorite Bat-Villain, but he is still a smarmy jerk sometimes.

One thing is for certain in these 21st century DC characters from MEGO is the head sculpts are full of a fantasy amount of emotion. Bravo to the sculptors and paint masters.

One would be hard pressed to downplay the emotion in these sculpts.
Mischief without bounds!
Unapologetically heroic!

I was on the fence with picking up these new DC figures, only because of space constraints but I have an itching suspicion all that is about to change. In this effort, Mego is at the top of their game in what made them the best at what they did all those decades ago. Not to mention price point. No matter where you buy them, the MSRP is far and away better than comparable to other companies iterations of these iconic characters.

You’ve come a long way, MEGO. And I appreciate the whole journey.

Now, Go Play!

Jim 03/06/2022

“So seriously, Jim, why all this Mego love?”

If you’ve ever wanted to know why I’m so incredibly hung ho about the Mego style action figure then this blog post is for you. Otherwise, you may want to search for Star Wars keywords in the Toy Box.

But I bet he was a cute baby. 😉

The obvious answer is: I love the feelings from childhood these 8 inch figures bring back to me. It may just be me but the connection between these toys and my emotional triggers is super strong and they’re all very, very good feelings and memories. Even when the bands would break when I was a kid, it was heartbreak at the time, but the memory of my dad stringing them back together with the handiest piece of elastic he could find quickly and in a pinch (from the band of a pair of his “tighty whiteys” worked pretty well). Dark cloud meet silver lining. But that memory isn’t the primary reason I gush as I do.

Followers of the Toy Box are sure to note that I’ve gushed over pretty much every Mego style figure that’s came about since the Toy Box started in 2011. I did everything I possibly could with words, pictures and the occasional video to encourage folks to give the format and whatever particular maker was producing, a shot at the time. It’s that motivation that gets closer to the big reveal of my “why”. Before we get to that though, I’d like to point out another noticeable habit of mine in regards to these figures: I get all kinds of pissed off when one breaks due to poor quality. Why? (Here’s where we’re getting to the deep root). Succinctly put: I could sell the damn things.

That’s what it was always about in my adulthood. I wanted nothing more than to sell Mego product for a living. At the time of that desire emerging (2008), the only one layer on the field was Classic TV Toys. But as covered here to a tired end, the quality of those toys was crap. Actually worse than crap. At least crap can be flushed. Those damn things would bust up the sewage system and poison an already toxic landfill.

See? There I go again.

More to the point though, o was pissed because while I wanted so bad to serve as a business to business salesman of the figures, I simply couldn’t do it because of the completely inexcusable lack of quality. I’ve covered those reasons as to why they were the way they were (nutshell: don’t do manufacturing in India) and every time I think about that squashed goal it bugs me more than a little. Things got better with CTVT as they evolved into Figures Toy Company but the opportunity I had concocted in my head simply couldn’t come into existence. So I moaned and groaned. And then Mego, THE Mego came back. So what’d I do? Get pissy and fueled with social media rage, acted a fool worse than a spoiled child.

So embarrassing.

All that’s behind me now and to those I may have offended, pissed off or otherwise have cause to see me in a horrible light that I was most certainly earning, I truly, deeply and sincerely apologize for that. I assure you it will never happen again. Life is far too short and way too good to ever give into such idiocy again.

The moral of the story?

Enjoy what you enjoy. Love what you love. Hate what you hate. But in all those emotions be civil and respectful in your critiques and do so with an intent of positive, constructive criticism (my least favorite oxymoron btw. I’d much rather order the jumbo shrimp.). So will I ever see that dream goal accomplished? No. Most likely not. However I can continue to do this and point you to links to click to make one of my personal favorites your own. But who am I to say that instead of buying only one, you pull the trigger, get a wholesalers license and become a mass retailer of all things Mego. Maybe I’ll do that myself one day. Maybe. Just maybe. Hmmmm. Flights of fancy can be fun. Who am I kidding? Of course they are! Dream big, gang anything is possible in this implausible world.

Now, Go Play! (And click on one of the links to treat yourself to a Mego made toy today!)

Jim 2/09/2022

A great old school resource for the new Mego fans.

Greetings dear readers old and new alike. Had a flash just now and wanted to offer up a tip to the folks who are new to Mego collecting. This is one that shows another aspect of what made Mego figures great: customizing!

A quick recap for you newcomers. Once upon a time ago the Mego Corporation stopped making figures. Considering how many they’ve released in the past four years, I think it’s safe to say they’ve made up for lost time. I’m spades. Back to the point…

In those dark days between 1983 and 2018, fans of the format and style would result to customizing characters that hadn’t been mass produced. While many other lines from Kenner and Hasbro had similar niche groups pop up, I think it’s fair to say that non were as active or giving as the Mego fans.

The first custom super fan, I would say would be “Dr.Mego” Paul Clark. You probably recognize his name as a consultant on the back of pretty much all of the new Mego figures releases since 2018. Docs story is a fascinating one to me on the whole but for the sake of time and the point of this article, I’ll leave it pointed to the short summary that he was the first to produce factory made replacement and custom parts during those “dark times”. Truly a fans fan.

Moving on from Paul’s contributions from back in the day was the incredible costume patterns that were made available by way of Captain Mego via his Mego Madhouse which you can still visit and enjoy his offerings to the greater Mego customizing community. I did this recently myself.

Inspired by the new boxed figures found at Walmart, I took to designing my own box for a vintage, pant less Hulk. I’ve had this guy for years and he is still one of my all time favorite Mego figures. So much so because he’s funny looking and as such inspired this goofy “Action Jackson” spoof I did a decade ago… click here for that cheesy gold.

One of the things about that “Busy Banner” bit was that since then I had left the jade giant in a suit. Ten years later it still made me giggle but it was time to get him back in his trademark purple pants. While reproduction pants are available from a few eBay sellers, I was more inclined to get back to my customizing passion and make a pair thanks to the pattern available at the Madhouse site. That and my daughters far keener eye and steadier hand then ten year removed me. I couldn’t be happier with the finished, boxed product.

There’s something so satisfying about bringing an old toy back into its glorious, original state. Thanks again, Captain!
Re-panted and overseeing the box construction, Hulk is ready for a new place to chill.
I’ve actually been on quite the box kick. Before it’s all said and done, I’ll probably make a custom box x for every loose figure I have. Because I’m nuts. But you do you, m’kay? 😉

In seeing this effort, I hope this post encourages you new Mego fans to dive into what made and kept Mego great for all those empty years without Mego’s. I also hope that the Doc and the Captain know that all of their efforts all those moons ago aren’t lost on this old fanboy. Thanks again, guys.

Now, go play! – Jim 02/06/2022

Mego Ghostbusters for the win!

Form 1984 to your door in late 2022!

It’s never been a better time to be a fan of the offerings from the Mego Corporation. From their return in 2018 to now, Mego has been ramping up their offerings in pretty much breakneck speeds. I’ll same some have been better than others but there is no denying that this little toy company that can sure is.

Following the considerably large roll out of horror themed figures exclusive to Walmart, Mego is already back out in front with another exclusive offer via a partnership with Hasbro. The Ghostbusters 4 pack looks fantastic for fans of the OG Ghostbusters (to all the Filmation purists who want to get into that old argument, get over it. The show was fun but didn’t feature these four fighters of frights. Although i will conceded that Tracy the Gorilla does add a level of cool that surpasses Slimer, but I digress). I’ll be honest though, in hearing word of these I was a little underwhelmed.

The reason for said lack of excitement had little to do with what is a great looking set of figures and a very fair MSRP. Instead it was my own apathy towards all the rehashing of 80’s licensing that every company is doing now. I get that in business its a far better risk in going with the known vs the unknown, new stuff but for me, the new stuff is so refreshing as it does what the old originally did: Inspire imagination. With that said though, the dual Mego / Ghostbusters fanboy in me couldn’t hold out too long. Checking the clock, I think I made it about 16 hours from when Mego made the announcement via their YouTube channel. For the sake of ease I’ll embed that video at the bottom of this post. What can i say? I’m a giver 😉

In all seriousness though this is another impressive offering from the Mego Corporation. This Ghostbusters 4 Pack is very cool in their execution from figures to packaging and I salute the Mego team in the work they’re doing to make action figure collecting fun and affordable. That’s a big double win for me.

Another quick note. As mentioned this was the second offering from the Mego / Hasbro team up. The first one being the GI Joe two pack with Snake eyes and Storm Shadow set that is still available for pre order now with shipping expected to begin in March 2022.

For the record, I’m still not a fan of the pre-order method of any kind of sales but that’s because I’m damn near fifty and still like like my impulse purchases to be impulse. But through the power of Mego, I’m sucking it up. Still, Get Off My Virtual Lawn and Go Play!

Jim 02/4/2022