“The Wall” Chapter 6- Cast-A-Way Toys Creepy Classics ‘Zombie’

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The best thing about hanging with a zombie? YOUR complextion looks great!

For this Chapter of “The Wall” we turn our attention to a person that your mother would tell you not to stare at. That would be rude. In this case however staring is actually a good thing. The “Zombie” from Cast-A-Way toys (CAT)  “Creepy Classic” assortment is actually a very cool looking figure despite the deformities. From the cool “Scooby Doo” color scheme to the highly detailed sculpt and dare I forget to mention the REALLY impressive artwork created for the card backs, I was chomping at the bit to pick these up after having seen pictures of them. So far I’ve scored two with two others lurking in the shadows just outside of my grasp. Perhaps one day I will track those two down and add them to “The Wall” but for now let’s look at why this guy helps me pacify the time yet leaves me wanting more.


Point #1. What it is.

The "Zombie" from Cast A Way Toys Creepy Classics assortment.


Point #2. Where it came from.

This specimen came from an ebay action I never believed I would win for only $25. Normally CAT figures sell much higher on the secondary market.

Point #3. The Good.

CAT's zombie maybe considered a "generic" monster but looking closer at his head and you'll see a world of personality.

This figure has a lot of really good things going for it. first and foremost to me is it’s simpleness. At first glance you see a monster that escaped from the “Scooby Doo” universe. The blue hair, light blue skin and jaundice yellow eye balls and teeth give this figure the look of a toy that very well could have been released back in the heyday of Saturday morning cartoon’s. But don’t that subtle glance full you. Upon closer inspection you’ll see that this guy is like an old cowboy… the details of his journey are etched into his face.


While the paint is simple, the sculpt is actually highly detailed.

When you look closely at this undead dude you’ll see that the amount of detail is remarkable. Line after line that simulates rotting flesh can be seen. The miss matched teeth jut out in such away that you know with only one bite he could easily tear through your skin, muscle and parts of bone as he feeds his need for human flesh. His mismatched eyes also add to the beautiful fact that this guy is indeed ugly to his core. No perfect symmetrical features here kids  This guy is bad. He wants to eat you. There is no room for discussion. Once you make eye contact with him, the one eyelid-less globe is penetrating your very soul as your gut screams that you are soon to be an entree for this cannibalistic carnivore. Oh yeah, “You. It’s what’s for dinner.”

The CAT body is hands down my favorite "Re-Mego" body that is on the market today. The swivel biceps allow for an incredible amount of playtime and posing possibilities.

The body on this guy is also to die for. Sorry couldn’t help the pun. The CAT body has become my favorite “Re-Mego” 8 inch body on the market today. The swivel biceps along with the easy to change out hands and feet also make for easy customizing. But that’s a whole other story that we’ll save for later.  Another aspect that really helps this figure “POP” is that the guys did an excellent job in matching the paint colors of the head to the body. In some other examples out there it’s a little bit of a pet peeve when you see that the tones of the body and head are not consistent. That’s not the case here and I really appreciate this subtle but important detail.

This up close side profile helps show you exactly how much detail is in his guys face. For the custiomizers out there a simple dry bush could make this guy almost grotesque. And that's not a bad thing.
















Point #4. The Bad.

Loose ankles leave a little to be desired.

While I just praised the CAT body I do have to pick on one part of it, the ankles. In freeing this guy from his shell and taking the pictures I realized that the wheels on this bus have some issues going round and round. More fittingly I should say staying steady.

Again I don’t like pointing too hard a light on one flaw when the rest of the toy impresses me so much. Still, the loose nature of the ankles does make posing this guy a bit of a trick. Without properly situating the rest of him, the angles seems to give way to the upper bodies weight. I do take into account that this figure is intended more for the adult collector than a kid, the looseness  still bothers me somewhat. Not nearly enough to turn me away from a CAT body. There is a very strong possibility that this particular figure is unique in this problem. I own a few other CAT figures and a couple of bodies and their ankles aren’t quite so loose.

Point #5. Why I like it.

"Zombie" under plastic? Anyone? Anyone? It comes with a salad.

This is one figure that was a true “score” for my collection. I had seen pictures of previous “Creepy Classics” that CAT had released and thought they were super cool. But in trying to track them down I also saw that they were fetching above top dollar on ebay and the budget just hasn’t allowed for too many of those “big buys” at the moment. I was pretty excited when CAT announced they were doing this second assortment but alas I missed the boat on that release too.

Originally you could only order these guys as a four figure set for $100 through the CAT website ( and I couldn’t justify dropping a Benjamin at the time. I do believe they were all very well worth $25 a piece however and if they would have been sold individually I would have acquired one of each over time.

In fairness to CAT though I must point out that only 20 of each character were produced so I can understand why the stipulations were made. Still it would be nice to round out the set.




The art stylings of Tim Baron really make this card something beautiful to behold.

Another big thing for me is the card art. Professional graphic artist Tim Baron was commissioned for this piece and boy, oh boy did he deliver! The style is very retro and similar to what you would have seen back in the 60’s and 70’s when it came to monster magazines and comics. I genuinely love the look and feel of old school Halloween stuff so Tim’s artwork touches me on that level deeply.

Here we see the full cast of characters from this assortmet of "Creepy Classics" as interpreted by Tim Baron.

You can see more of Tim’s art a his website

Don’t let these ghouls full you. Tim has some mighty impressive chops. If you visit his sight/ online portfolio you’ll see that his abilities can go from ghouls such as this to incredible renderings of real people. Check out his Snoop Dog and you’ll see what I mean. Okay so Snoop isn’t exactly “real” but you get my point.




Point #6. Why you should or shouldn’t get one.

Why you should:

This "cool ghoul" makes me smile even though he looks at me like I'm nothing more than a piece of meat.

If you can find ’em they are wonderful monster toys for your collection. The trick though is indeed finding them. Being a small company their runs are small and seem to be spaced out pretty wide. Still as an 8 inch action figure collector and Halloween decoration junkie I can’t recommend these enough. Plus being such a limited release it’s always fun as a collector to have such unique pieces that you can’t just run out and buy. Even though I do hope CAT as a company and the 8 inch action figure style becomes popular enough that you can actually find these in the big chain stores. Tell your friends, family and even your enemies! Spread the word and grow the market!


Why you shouldn’t:

To know him is to love him.

To the purest these figures may let you down. The only reason I say that is because the heads are made from resin and are not the hollow rubber, rotocasted type that was used by Mego and most of the other “Re-Mego” producers today. CAT does have these type of heads on some of their other figures such as the Phantom and Jessee James but the “Creepy Classics” simply haven’t reached that level of popularity to warrant the cost that comes in making heads of that nature.  Other than that though, I can’ give you any reason not to add these to your collection.Well, perhaps if your the really impatient type who can’t handle the hunt. But if that’s the case you should collect something else like, state logo quarters. Oh what fun.





In Conclusion

The Cast -A-Way Toys “Creepy Classic” Zombie is a very fun and fun looking toy. The company may be small but the heart that they put into their releases pounds loudly and can be seen in every release they offer the world. If you can track any of these down I say go for it! snatch it up and enojy. Or better yet send it to your old buddy Jimbo so i can add it to “The Wall.” Now, Go Play!

Jim 04-05-11

"Big head mean big BRAINS!!!!" "Dude, I'm in broadcasting" "Oh, yeah. Well... then I guess it's pizza again.{sigh}"

Jim Bumgardner is a 20 year veteran of the broadcast industry and currently serves as the news director for television station TKO 8 in Harrison, Arkansas. Jim is the father of two the husband of one and firm believer in the power of toys for both the mind, body and soul. You can contact Jim via email at or visit his website at

All images and products are the sole copyrighted property of it’s respective owners. Specialty photographs and graphic work used for this article were done by Jim at the TKO 8 Studios located at 500 N. Main St in Harrison, Arkansas. “Little Jim” was created by Dawn O’Connell of Little Buddies Action Figures. Learn more about getting your own Little Buddy at


“The Wall” Chapter 5- Flatt World Bela Lugosi as Dracula

"I loved you in Glen or Glenda. 'Pull the string! Pull the string!' Classic! Karloff could only dream to sell a scene like that.""

This Chapter of “The Wall” features the most pictures to date of any of my entries. And with very good reason. This figure is so detail loaded you can’t help but rave about every detail from the boat load of accessories (or should I say ‘coffin load’ all the way down to Dracula’s socks. This figure is incredible and was certainly way ahead of it’s time. While both Flatt World Toys and Bela Lugosi are both long gone this figure is a stunning legacy to behold. There would be even more pics if it weren’t for the fact that my camera’s Macro setting is a bit weak.

And the best thing in regards to this figure is that you can actually get one RIGHT NOW for the insanely low price of $17.50 plus shipping from my pals over at Cast-A-Way Toys.  Check out my take and then quickly get over to their site and get your Bela NOW. I don’t now how many they have but I promise you they won’t last long. And once you see this chapter of “The Wall” you’ll see why. You know what? Go ahead and order it now and then come back and enjoy this chapter. It’ll help kill the time while you wait for yours to arrive.

Mind you I’ve not getting any kickbacks on this but do me a solid and tell ’em you heard about this super deal here at “The Wall”.

Point #1. What it is.

Flatt World 8 inch Bela Lugosi as Dracula. Truly a highlight of the late 90's action figure explosion.

Point #2. Where it came from.

I picked this fella up off the Mego Museum's Marketplace. It was a great deal but for right now you can get an even better from Cast A Way Toys via this link:

Point #3. The Good.


The level of detail that went into this figure is stagerring.

Simply put, this figure ROCKS! It’s hard to find anyone in the collecting community who will blatantly bad mouth this toy. There really is no reason. The costume is incredible. The details that Charlie Flatt put into this simply amazing. Mind you the price tag of $60 dollars during it’s initial release was a bit lofty but the quality makes up for the price tag. Surprisingly however, these days you can get one for a third of that original MSRP. I honestly don’t know why that is.  While I don’t know the exact number of figures produced I can assume that considering the original price tag, that there were that many. But then again if we use the original price as our barometer it is possible that they simply didn’t sell back in the pre-dot com bust of the 90’s.







Pardon the fuzziness of this pic but honestly I'm not too upset with my camera. Normally you can't get a vampire to show up on film at all.

Another thing that is really cool about this figure from tip to top is the accessories. Sure it’s got a bat and a candelabra but this in scale coffin is too sweet. The figure fits perfectly and there is room for the bat and candelabra for the sake of storage. For me though I put the whole thing back together in it’s original unique trapezoid packaging.  Otherwise it wouldn’t be on “The Wall”.











The ability to pose a shot like this is a real deal maker for me.









Again the detail is so wonderful on this figure including the monogrammed ring on Drac's finger.
Here he comes kids! It's Dracula! Okay so that wasn't scary at all but then again he is only 8 inches tall.










Point #4. The Bad.

The incredible detail in the costume sadly can't cover up the fact that the likeness to Bela Lugosi is a bit weak.

Believe it or not I’m not going to be all wishy-washy on the bad points on this one. Simply put, the sculpt is a bit lacking. The funny thing here though is that by most standards its really not all that bad either. The trick I think with the scrutiny of the sculpt comes from the fact that everything else is so highly detailed that it makes this shortcoming stand out more. Still I have yet to see a better 8 inch mas produced version of Bela Lugosi. So in the end I still have to give it Charlie Flatt for an impressive figure.

The only other negative that came to light for me was the coffin.

Putting this box together gave me the creeps. Not because of the death symbolism but instead the fear of breakage.

As I’ve stated in previous chapters my biggest pet peeve is a toy that breaks with very minimal effort exerted on it. That’s how I felt about the coffin. As I was assembling it for this photo shoot I was very concerned about breaking the top hinge. Mind you it didn’t but it still seemed like it was going to snap at any moment if I didn’t press and push at just the right angle. That struck me as odd considering the lower hinge gave me no similar grief whatsoever. Also when I pulled it back apart it held up fine. I was extremely careful though and I’m not sure that less patient types would have the same wonderful results.

Another thing about the coffin that was a minor drag was the “D” crest that comes with it. This little icing on the cake is neat but the adhesive patch that came with it was oddly enough only one sided. Considering that Charlie Flatt was a customizer first and a toy company second I can see why he would leave the option for this cool looking coffin to remain generic but still something just seemed cheap when it cam to the decision to use an adhesive for the crest.

Point #5. Why I like it.

Outside of those very mild negatives I can’t rave about this toy enough. I dare say that it is the highest quality 8 inch figure I have ever owned. And even though the likeness is a bit weak as I stated, you still know that this figure is indeed supposed to be the one and only Bela Lugosi in his most famous role.

"Bela set the standard for Vampire charisma. Charlee Flatt re-set the standard for 8 inch action figures."
"Another awesome aspect of the figure is the "Everything you ever needed to know about Bela Lugosi" brochure.
The brochure (and outer box) features licensed photos from the Lugosi estate that make this for me much more than a toy.
Looking at the photo used on the inside of the banner it leads me to think that this was the refrence photo used for the figure.
Bela and his son Bela Jr. who agreed to an licensed Lugosi's image to Flatt. For me I like seeing this human side of the world's most recognizable vampire.
The costume is so highly detailed that Bela is even wearing socks! How cool is it to know that your vampire will not have to worry about having cold toes?
And like Bela, Dawn O'Connell made mini Jim super cool by making socks for me too. I'm telling you guys and gals, order your little buddy today for yourself or as a gift!

Point #6. Why you should or shouldn’t get one.

Why you should:

Please see all of the above pics, duh. Plus with the price that Cast-A-Way is currently selling these for, you really can’t go wrong. They would also make a perfect gift for the toy, horror, Hollywood or monster fan. Simply Excellent!

To not have one would be a sin.

Why you shouldn’t:

Considering the sale price at Cast A Way toys right now I can’t think of any reason what so ever to not pick this toy up. You really owe this one to yourself or your action figure or doll collecting friends collection. Even if they aren’t into the 8inch mego style figures (dork) they will truly appreciate this toy.

No need for a Vampire's hypnotizing glare to convince you to get this one. The reasons why are from head to toe, front and back and all the way around the box! Go look at all the pics again.

In Conclusion

Highly articulated. Insane costume detail. Perfect accessories. A fairly decent sculpt. A plethora of knowledge inside and out. I’m telling you this is a great action figure, toy, work of art, history lesson. Seriously go here… and get your today before they’re all gone at this incredibly low price! Seriously, do it so you can truly GO PLAY!

Jim 4-04-11

Jim Bumgardner is a 20 year veteran of the broadcast industry and currently serves as the news director for television station TKO 8 in Harrison, Arkansas. Jim is the father of two the husband of one and firm believer in the power of toys for both the mind, body and soul. You can contact Jim via email at or visit his website at

All images and products are the sole copyrighted property of it’s respective owners. Specialty photographs and graphic work used for this article were done by Jim at the TKO 8 Studios located at 500 N. Main St in Harrison, Arkansas. “Little Jim” was created by Dawn O’Connell of Little Buddies Action Figures. Learn more about getting your own Little Buddy at

President Obama’s NEW and IMPROVED cabinet!

Good morning all! Being that it’s the weekend I’m taking a break from “The Wall” to have a little fun. Plus all of my “The Wall” pics are on my PC at the office. So now without further ado I’d like to share with you some good ole’ fashioned Saturday Morning merriment at the expense of some of my favorite loose action figures that have been hanging out on my “Superman / super hero” themed DVD shelf.  Now, LET’s PLAY!

WASHINGTON- As the President’s popularity continues to diminish the White House announced today that changes were being made to reflect the President’s desire to reconnect with the American people. In a release from the White House Press Office, it was announced today several cabinet positions have been shook up by the Presidents new initiative. In a massive sweep, the President replaced a very large majority of his Cabinet.

In the release the White House issued the following press photo’s to the media to introduce America and the world  to what Preisdent Obama feels is the wisest move of his presidency so far.

Our NEW Secretary of Health and Fitness… 

"Mr. Karate Hulk is not only the picture of perfect health hes also a glowing example of how fit you can be by eatting your spinach and brushing your teeth."

Our NEW Interior Secretary

"Mr. Tuxedo Hulk is a dapper dresser and well versed in home design."
"Mr. Tuxedo Hulk is a dapper dresser and well versed in home design."

Director of Homeland Security

"Mr. Cowboy Hulk is the rootinest, tootinest, straight shootinest hombre to ever roam the American prairies. America will never be safer!"

Secretary of State

"Would you like to be the one to make Mr. Blue Tie Hulk angry. I think not."

The President’s NEW Foriegn Policy Advisor

“Captain James Tiberius Kirk has proven himself the smoothest talker in the known galaxies. His charisma may be the final piece of the world peace puzzle.”

And today’s final and perhaps most important new appointment, our new Secretary of Defense.

"I too pity the fool who wishes to bring unneeded jibber jabber against the United States and our allies now that Mr. T has assumed the role he was born for."
"I too pity the fool who wishes to bring unneeded jibber jabber against the United States and our allies now that Mr. T has assumed the role he was born for."

The new appointments assumed their full responsibilities immediately.

America. Safer, stronger and made better for you.

Have a great weekend everybody!

Jim, 4-2-11

“The Wall” Chapter 4 – Mattel’s Retro Action DC Super Heroes: Batman

03/06/14 UPDATE: Now you can get NEW Mego’s AND New 1966 Batman Mego’s!
Batman Retro Series 1 Batman Action FigureBatman Retro Series 1 Robin Action FigureBatman Classic 1966 TV Series 1 Batman 8-Inch Action FigureBatman Classic 1966 TV Series 1 Robin 8-Inch Action Figure

Bright and vibrant colors may not be enough to save everyone’s favorite Caped Crusader.

Na,na,na,na, na,na,na,na BATMAN! The “Caped Crusader” is perhaps one of the most popular characters to come from DC Comics and in some ways is even more popular than the original super hero Superman. And like his super friend counter part Bruce Wayne’s alter ego has seen numerous changes since his birth in 1939. Beginning as a dark and brooding character the Dark Knight’s personality has had more shifts than a 24 hour Wal-Mart. From the father figure of the 40’s and 50’s to the campy 60’s TV incarnation to Frank Miller’s return to the dark side in the 80’s the Batman has remained a fan favorite regardless of his demeanor. That’s why for this review I’m saddened by the facts that are about to unfold. In this installment of “The Wall” we look at this latest action figure rendering of Gothem’s Greatest Gladiator for Good.

Point #1. What it is.

Mattel’s Retro Action DC Super Heroes  Batman!

Point #2. Where it came from.

Another TJMaxx $9.99 find back at Christamas Time. Only the Wave 2 figures made it to these overstock stores.  Very few were ever spotted at  Toys R Us locations.

Point #3. The Good.

Vibrant “Classic Colors” Batman is a real eye catcher!

On a completely aesthetic level this Batman toy looks awesome! The Blue is brilliant, the Gray is smooth and the Yellow is so bright it almost burns your retinas. I mean that in a good way. And although his finned gloves look a bit awkward, When posed properly they actually look pretty good. In this pic however it is more the awkward that shines through.  Also the Removable cowl’s sculpt and paint is a perfect representation of the Super Friends cartoon Batman that I personally relate to the most.I also appreciate how the cowl snugs up to the cape. In the original Mego removable cowl Batman the opening at the bottom front of the mask made the cowl look far too clunky.

While the split in the back of the cowl is obvious, how often would a kid playing or an adult displaying, be looking at the backside view of Batman?

Also in regards to the removable cowl I am quite pleased with it’s design, durability and over all look. Again I use the Mego RC Batman has a point of comparison only because there is no other Batman toy of this type that I can compare it too. (For the record I don’t like to to make Mego comparisons, this toy is it’s own entity and should be judged by that alone in my opinion). With that said I have to give it to the designers on this one. With the split in the back of the cowl it makes for easy removal even though the rubber used is a bit stiff. So far I have noticed any pant rubs to Bruce Wayne’s noggin which hides underneath.

“Wayne, Bruce Wayne.”

The first time I unmasked the Bat I wasn’t sure what to think. “Was this a good likeness to Bruce Wayne?” “Can this guy with a slightly pointy nose be the greatest detective ever?” I still can’t really answer those questions. In saying that  I’m not knocking the toy at all. It’s just that I’ve never really been all that intrigued with “Bruce Wayne’s” look. It’s all about the costume in this Bat-Fan’s world. I do however like the simple haircut that was designed. Considering this guy was to wear a cowl that makes his head look as smooth as a cue ball I’d be hard pressed to believe that a Pompadour could fit under there.

Also the way the figures eyes and brows are sculpted and painted give even me the sense that this guy dos indeed mean business. He’s serious. Very matter of fact with a bit of a probing eye. I maybe over reaching with that description but I really do see that this “random” guy could indeed be the Dark Knight.

Point #4. The Bad.

In previous chapters of “The Wall” I’ve pointed out that I don’t like being negative. But like I said before, in this role as a reviewer sometimes you have no choice when certain flaws can’t be swept under the carpet.  Sadly for Batman here he has some serious issues that must be addressed…

The “slump” that plagued Wave 1     Retro Action Super Heroes returned in Wave 2. This time however it seemed to be much worse.

Although many in the collecting community voiced their displeasure to Mattel with the  “slump” issue, found that the problem had not been fixed and actually seemed to be worse for Wave 2. Speculation has it that the Wave ended up in TJ Maxx stores because of this reason, factory overstock because Toy’s R Us didn’t want them. Again that’s only speculation. The only thing that I do know is that it is quite sad to see such a poor quality body damage an otherwise fun looking toy.  However toys in general are meant to be played with and not looked at. But then again even in simply looking at this guy it’s a tough sell. The loose one that I have here was a bit of a bear to get to cooperate when it came time to shoot the pics in this chapter. He kept slumping forward, leaning very strangely to the back right or worse yet leaning so far forward that you might think he found a penny on the pavement.

“What exactly is that on my boot?”

Another thing i have to chalk up to the “Bad” category is the utility belt. While it looks great I’m scared to death to take it off. Mind you why would a grown man take the belt off of a toy? Shut up, some do. But seriously kids certainly will and do. My concern is that the feel of the plastic leads me to believe that with just the wrong amount of pressure applied the notch in the back could easily snap. Again I haven’t tried to take the belt off due to those concerns but then again I did bay $20 bucks plus shipping for this guy so I can work around the slump but I don’t want a busted belt for my display piece. If you would like to send me one I’ll be glad to man handle that one all day long.

Point #5. Why I like it.

Despite his flaws, he’s still a GREAT looking figure in the package.

Ah, back to the positive! this is one good looking toy! I mean that. I love the colors obviously, since I keep mentioning them. I also really love how this particular figure comes on the same color of cardback that Mego used way back. There I go again comparing the two but somethings I just can’t help. Seeing this carded figure on “The Wall” at a quick glance makes me think for just one brief moment that I actually have a carded Mego Batman is a funny feeling even though it’s only fleeting and totally B.S. on my imaginations part. Still the color scheme overall on this toy makes for a very nice display piece.

Point #6. Why you should or shouldn’t get one.

Why you should:

I love these colors! I can’t help stressing that. My apologies for being redundant.

Again this is a wonderful display piece carded, loose is also good with a little help. And of course being that as of this writing the line is up to 17 figures released it’s hard to not have this most important Super Friend in the mix even if he looks like Bane worked him over.

Why you shouldn’t:

“For a billionaire you don’t carry yourself so well.”

With this one I have to say that you shouldn’t not own it but be very tight with your bucks. Being that Batman IS Batman Mattel will surely be re-releasing him on the new improved bodies as part of future waves. While I can’t confirm that with 100% certainty I’d be shocked if they didn’t. Wave 1 Superman got the case filler treatment with Wave 2 so it’s in my opinion fair to think that Mattel would do this mainstay justice. In the end if you can’t wait for the fixed version to show up, go for it, but I would be VERY leery of most of the one’s on ebay. I’ll bet you those are the overstock runs that were sold at TJ Maxx stores and gobbled up by scalpers. $9.99 is a fair price considering the costume, head, and accessories but I can’t recommend that a $19.99 MSRP is worth the bucks.

In Conclusion

Overall I like this figure “okay”.  Again the colors and packaging look beautiful but the figure itself is a let down because of the body. To end this chapter on a higher note I will say this, the Retro Action Batman is one of the better looking classic style Batman;s that have come out in the past ten years. It’s simple retro style for me is a nice break from either the modern stylized animation art or the super duper, extreme detailed varieties that have been released. It looks like a toy should.FUN!

Now Go Play! – Jim 4-1-11

“NO! I will not give it back until you learn to stand up straight, mister! And don’t look at me like that! My momma don’t look at me like that!”

Jim Bumgardner is a 20 year veteran of the broadcast industry and currently serves as the news director for television station TKO 8 in Harrison, Arkansas. Jim is the father of two the husband of one and firm believer in the power of toys for both the mind, body and soul. You can contact Jim via email at or visit his website at

All images and products are the sole copyrighted property of it’s respective owners. Specialty photographs and graphic work used for this article were done by Jim at the TKO 8 Studios located at 500 N. Main St in Harrison, Arkansas. “Little Jim” was created by Dawn O’Connell of Little Buddies Action Figures. Learn more about getting your own Little Buddy at

“The Wall” Chapter 3: FX Exclusive Greatest American Hero

Here’s one available NOW!
A Very Rare Variant Can Be Found HERE!
If you’ve got the money to burn dig this one!

FX Exclusive: “Ralph: The Greatest American Hero”

For this look at “The Wall” I want to first and foremost say that I am not gloating that this mighty fine collectible is all mine.

I'm not gloating but I am pleased as punch to have this fellow hanging out in my collection.
I’m not gloating but I am pleased as punch to have this fellow hanging out in my collection.

Oh wait. Who am I kidding? I love the fact that I have one and you don’t! Nah, just kidding but with this figure being such a limited release I can’t help but to be excited as a collector. Plus this toy really was one of the top five on my letter to Santa in ’81.And now thanks to the efforts of some very serious Mego lovers, I (and you) can own this awesome figure that sadly never made it to stores (or Santa’s magic bag o’ toys). But then again one of the thrills of collecting is tracking down the illusive, hard to get, limited edition, “grails”.

Before we go too deep I want to note something very important to the details (or lack thereof) that you may find in this review. “The Wall” project was meant to be a blog learning tool for me and my intended entries were going to be a brief look at the 16 figures that are on my wall at home. I point this out on this particular review because I do not want anyone who made this figure happen to feel slighted in the least. As described on the back of the card, the list of people involved in this project is quite massive and I don’t feel at this moment in time I can complete my own little goal here and serve the history aspect of this figure properly. With all of that said I must again tip my hat to all of you who are credited on the cardback as well as those who are simply noted as the “entire Mego Community”.  You guys and gals did good! Now on to this chapter of “The Wall”.

Point#1. What it is.

Safe and sound inside of a Castaway Toys Superclam, this “Ralph” figure is a highly sought after collectible.

Point#2. Where it came from.

The compelte story of Mego’s plans as well as prototype pics are included on the back of the card. And was written by Mego Museum mastermind Brian “Brain” Heiler.

Point#3. The Good.

The likeness to actor William Katt is outstanding!
Stepping straight out of ABC’s 1981 Primetime line up.

The first thing fans will notice is that the head  sculpt on this toy is outstanding. When comparing this special edition figure to the pictures of Mego’s prototypes that can be found at the Mego Museum, this is by far a much better product. While some may speculate that Mego’s final result could have captured a better likeness I myself have doubts. Those doubts stem from the fact that at the time that this would have been produced, Mego was in a world of hurt and other lines seemed to have a lot of details cut out of the final product. The main examples being the sculpts on Bo and Daisy Duke as well as Jon from the CHiP’s line.

The costume that was created for this figure is also something to behold. For some strange reason I’m not too sure of, the cape impresses me the most. The way it was made of a light loose fabric, trimmed with a screen accurate red stripe and scaled to fit perfectly just seems to pull the figure together very nicely. Another aspect I find very clever is that using only simple string the costume designers really helped this outfit not only look dead on screen accurate but also much more complex than it’s actual design. Take a look at the walk around photo’s and I think you’ll see what I mean.

The lighter fabric used for the cape makes for a great “flowing” appearance.

Here’s one available NOW!
A Very Rare Variant Can Be Found HERE!
If you’ve got the money to burn dig this one!

Another aspect of the figure that really sings for me is the backdrop art work that was created. Collectors who may be too gun shy to actually open the figure (it’s a resealable Super Clam folks) they may have missed out on this incredible, dare I say, accessory.

Tucked away in the region of a card that normally doesn’t exist. In between.
Thanks to alll the talent Mego lovers who made this figure happen, you too can recreate the magic moment when a guy named “Ralph” became our greatest champion. My apologies to Donny Most.

Point#4. The Bad.

This part of the review is always the toughest considering I’m #1. Not a negative type by nature and #2. If it’s in my

Being limited to 500 pieces is the closest thing I can come up with for a negative. Mine is #21. And no, I’m not selling it.

personal collection I can’t see why I’d be all that quick to point out the flaws in the things I love so much. In the case of this figure the only thing that I can honestly say could even remotely be considered a negative is kind of an oxymoron, because it’s also it’s greatest asset as a collectible… It’s limited availability. So I don’t think you can really call this a negative but being a tenderhearted fellow I do feel for those that have been unsuccessful in claiming one for their collection without paying in some cases, crazy high prices. Recently one has been spotted on ebay with a $600 price tag. Good luck to that seller as the average aftermarket value ranges from $125 to $175.

Here’s one available NOW!
A Very Rare Variant Can Be Found HERE!
If you’ve got the money to burn dig this one!

Point#5. Why I like it.

As I’ve already mentioned, as a kid I always wanted a Greatest American Hero to join in the adventures of Superman, Batman & Robin and Bo & Luke Duke. As an adult collector who is now obsessed with the Mego legacy and the rebirth of the Mego style action figure returning to the market, the very creation of this toy is a glowing example of what exactly can be done if dedicated people with a dream stay focused and bring their dreams into the realm of reality. So in essence this toy for me signifies “hope” in the fact that through diligence dreams do come true.

And not only can “Little Buddies Jim” hang out with Ralph, I’m getting closer to being age appropriate to play “Bill Maxwell” if they ever do decide to do a movie. Ahhhh, dreams are fun!

Point#6. Why you should or shouldn’t get one.

Why you should…

A fun work of “heart” and art.

If your a fan of the show, the character (there have also been comic books written by William Katt btw) or Mego / 8inch toys in general this is a must have collectible. Plus the quality of the figure and packaging is something to behold as a true work of art.And from a collector’s stand point there is nothing more thrilling or rush inducing than setting your sights on a “grail” and going after it relentlessly. I would recommend getting involved with the Mego Museum community. There you will find the greatest group of fun loving collectors who in my experience, are always quick to lend advice, a lead or even the item of your dream collection.

Why you shouldn’t…

The only reason I can even remotely steer you away from this toy is perhaps the price tag. Being a limited edition with

“Spot me a couple Benjamins so I can take you home?”

a run of only 500 you can easily see why the laws of supply and demand are in full effect with the bottom line on this one. So I guess the only reason I can say you shouldn’t try to acquire this figure is that if your bank account is in the red you might want to save up first before plunking down the cash.

Here’s one available NOW!
A Very Rare Variant Can Be Found HERE!
If you’ve got the money to burn dig this one!

In Conclusion

This toy is awesome. This collectible is a must have. The effort that went in to making it is highly admirable. A  great toy overall.  Oh and I didn’t mention the even more limited run of “Ralph” in his alter ego suit.  But then again that one hasn’t made it to “The Wall”… yet.  Now, GO PLAY! – Jim 03/30/11

"Pardon me while Ralph and I go save the world from communist scum. Peace Out Hommies!
“Pardon me while Ralph and I go save the world from communist scum. Peace Out Hommies!”

Here’s one available NOW!
A Very Rare Variant Can Be Found HERE!
If you’ve got the money to burn dig this one! 

Jim Bumgardner is a 20 year veteran of the broadcast industry and currently serves as the news director for television station TKO 8 in Harrison, Arkansas. Jim is the father of two the husband of one and firm believer in the power of toys for both the mind, body and soul. You can contact Jim via email at 

All images and products are the sole copyrighted property of it’s respective owners. Specialty photographs and graphic work used for this article were done by Jim at the TKO 8 Studios located at 500 N. Main St in Harrison, Arkansas. “Little Jim” was created by Dawn O’Connell of Little Buddies Action Figures. Learn more about getting your own Little Buddy at

“The Wall” Chapter 2: 1950’s Commander X from Nemo Publishing

“Stand by for ADVENTURE!”

For this review I must warn you that this is going to be one of the toughest for me to stay focused on just the toy. This 8 inch rendering of one of Jay Piscopo’s creations has a very special place in my heart and imagination. The reason’s may sound corny or even cheesy to some but so be it. I’ve never once claimed to be non-corny or non-cheesy.

1950's style Commander X from Jay Piscopo and Nemo Publishing


This 1950’s Commander X is actually so much more than just a toy. He is to me, the embodiment of creative expression that embraces “branding” in an almost Disney style outreach that is if given the chance, a wonderful vehicle for today’s kids to get introduced into not only the fun that comes from playtime with action figures but also the adventures your mind can go on thanks to the pages of a comic book.

The mysterious, time traveling hero known as Commander X is actually a secondary character from Jay’s “Undersea Adventure’s of Capt’n Eli” graphic novels. In those books the Commander serves as a mentor of sorts to this remarkable young boy who spends his days under the sea fighting the good fight for both the sea dwellers and land lubbers alike. See it’s far too easy for me to get off track here because what this one action figure represents. Do yourself a favor and learn more about Capt’n Eli at Jay’s official website and also check out the interview I did with Jay discussing the many facets of this wonderful world at via these links

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Once you visit Jay’s site or watch the interview you’ll see why not only is this a cool comic book world but also the workings of an artist and creator that deserves applause for his outstanding efforts to create a comic for kids that is fun and exciting. Oh yeah, and you can also learn more about the Commander’s pal “Sea Ghost”. You’ll be glad you did.

Now back to “The Wall”

Point #1. What it is.

This my friends is a HERO!

This particular version of the Commander is definitely my favorite of all the versions that are available. With his Retro 50’s hero look along with his real world hero accessories (the gun and knife) are just too cool for school. And probably wouldn’t be allowed on the playground these days anyway. “A gun and a knife?!?! Call the ATF!”

Point #2. Where it came from.

All of the Commander X Limited Edition action figures are the product of “Dr. Mego” himself, Paul Clark. The good

The Commander is created with plastic, rubber bands, real cloth costume, and lots of LOVE!

Doctor actually puts these fellows together one by one using factory made Mego reproduction parts as created by himself. To those who don’t know Dr. Mego is also one half of the people that make up EMCE Toys which is indeed the 21st Century reincarnation of Mego. As for my figure he along with the Western Knight version (also a top ten favorite of mine) were sent to me as a review copy for the interviews that I mentioned above. So while I didn’t shell out the $19.99 for him this figure is truly priceless to me and Lord willing I hope to never have him leave my collection.

Point #3. The Good.

Being that Commander X here is made up of the most authentic Mego parts out there I dare to say that he is the first *NEW Mego produced on a large scale basis. Sure EMCE re- released both the Star Trek and Planet of the Apes lines wonderfully, Commander X however is to the best of my knowledge, the first original character to come from the Dr.’s lab.

*EDIT – I need to clarify a timeline goof on my part. The first actual NEW Mego’s produced by EMCE were the Night of the Living Dead Figures of Ben and the Zombie. Check those really cool 1st NEW Mego’s and a whole lot more New Mego Goodness at EMCE’s official site  via this link…

Dressed for ACTION! (and adventure)

Another very good point is the clothing. The jacket, pants, and shirt are all factory made and hold up very well under normal playtime conditions. Mego fans will note that the Jacket and Pants are actually a Clark Kent Alter Ego reproduction suit, but with the way the lapels have been flattened and the pants legs are tucked in, the novice may over look this point.

Ready to stomp a mudhole in all evil doers. And then "stick 'em" if need be.

The cache of accessories that Commander X comes with is also awe-inspiring. Not only do you get a gun and a knife, you also get really cool boots, a belt emblazoned with the “X” logo and a matching hat. All of this for only $19.99? Crazy I tell ya, Crazy!

And one final touch that can be easily overlooked is that the Commander (like most EMCE toys) comes in a resealable package that is perfect for display and storage as well as making the figure easily accessible for play. The card art is nothing to overlook either but that you can see for yourself when you order one..




Point #4. The Bad.

The only negative I could find and it occurred on picture day*.

In all fairness and as an unbiased reviewer I hate throwing out the negative but, it’s part of the gig. With that said my biggest concern came from the knife. The handy dandy dagger comes positioned in the Commander’s boot and looks super cool. The problem came when I pulled the knife out for the photo shoot. It came out fine, the Commander held it fine, but when I went to put it back… it snapped where the blade meets the hilt. Ouch! There’s nothing worse in my opinion then a toy that breaks easy. It appears the knife was cast in a resin where if had been done in a rubber this type of breakage wouldn’t be an issue. (*Edit- Nemo Publishing has offered to replace the knife. Mind you in this review I am not complaining in the least and I applaud them for their stand up customer service!)

The only other “Bad” point that I can find is the stiffness in the shoulders. Being a true Mego style Type 2 body overall poseability is excellent but the shoulders are just a smidge too tight to raise his arms up above his head. But then again Commander X is not one to surrender so how often would you need to do that anyway?

Point #5. Why I like it.

So smooth. So very smooth.

Commander X is a great comic book character. His look is so traditional when it comes to what my mind says a hero should look like. The squared jaw, the sharp features, the pupil less eyes… now that’s a hero!

It also doesn’t hurt that at his base his head is a re-purposed Mego Superman head with the eyes whited out and a black mask and mustache added. To me that is exactly what Mego would have done had they had the Commander X license back in the day.

"Superman you say? I get that a lot."

And while some may poo-poo this aspect, I say;” Read the books and check out the art. This sculpt looks more like Commander X than Superman anyway.” And for those who know me, know that I don’t say that lightly considering the Mego Superman is my favorite toy EVER.

Point #6. Why you should or shouldn’t get one.

Why you should:

"Bring it!"

Not wanting to sound redundant here but come on, he is simply a cool looking toy. This guy SCREAMS action and adventure! Add to that, with the web and comic book tie-in’s it is a great way to introduce kids into a total package concept that doesn’t involve a video game.

Why you shouldn’t:

With the exception of the knife issue I honestly can’t think of any real reason why you shouldn’t order this fellow or one of the other versions today. Simply put there is nothing that I can fault here. Not even the price. Considering all that you get, you will never find a better bang for

Not all versions have been released but of the one's that have you will not be disappointed in any of them.

your buck when it comes to an 8 inch action figure. If you disassembled the Commander down to his individual parts and priced them at Dr. Mego’s site ( )  and you’ll see that this effort is a true labor of love with playtime being the biggest winner.


In Conclusion:

Like I said at the start, this was a tough review to stay focused on for just the toy considering how much more is

He'll even let you wear his hat! What a guy!

involved with this heroes back story. I sincerely hope that each and everyone of you who read this will take the time to visit Jay Piscopo’s site, watch the interview, study up on all the great things that Commander X and his pals offer and allow yourself the chance to enjoy perhaps for the first time, how much fun a comic book character can be.

Now, Go Play!



Jim Bumgardner is a 20 year veteran of the broadcast industry and currently serves as the news director for television station TKO 8 in Harrison, Arkansas. Jim is the father of two the husband of one and firm believer in the power of toys for both the mind, body and soul. You can contact Jim via email at or visit his website at

All images and products are the sole copyrighted property of it’s respective owners. Specialty photographs and graphic work used for this article were done by Jim at the TKO 8 Studios located at 500 N. Main St in Harrison, Arkansas. “Little Jim” was created by Dawn O’Connell of Little Buddies Action Figures. Learn more about getting your own Little Buddy at

“The Wall” Chapter 1 – Mattel’s Retro Action DC Super Heroes: Superman.

How cool is this? Thanks to Dawn O'Connell I can stand side by side with my favorite super hero!

Mattel Toys Sucks. Period. They cancel lines blaming lack of fan base support while they themselves offer the products o market in the most piss poor manner possible. I went out on a limb with these reviews as a fan trying to push the product. In the end Mattel showed that they are not worthy of mine or your accolades or MONEY. I’m not editing the reviews however. At the time of their writing I meant what I said and in regards to the figures themselves I feel the same way, however the emotional connection is gone – Signed, Jim 01/14/12


Despite hundreds of artist’s and numerous actors’ degrees of difference, the Man of Steel is perhaps the most recognized icon on the planet. The Red, Blue and Yellow costume emblazoned with the big red “S” for me and millions of other fanboys that spans several generations including my father and grandfather, has been the definitive image of the term hero.

In this review I’d like to introduce you to this latest incarnation of the World’s Greatest Super Hero and share with you my take on this “throw back” to a simpler time that has led some purists to “throwing up”. With that said I want to address this matter first and foremost. This is NOT a Mego WGSH Superman, was never intended to be and never will be although a side by side comparison shows some wonderful similarities. The main one being the 8 inch scale.

So with that fact pointed out let’s move forward with this review looking at this modern toy from the fact that this is a NEW toy that will have to be judged on its own merit in today’s toy buying world which is flooded with competitors that Mego never had to contend with.

While these two "Supermen" share a lot of the same characteristics the fact remains that the nearly 40 year age gap between the two shows how the passing of time can both enhance and skew ones view through the nostalgic rearview mirror.

Point 1.) What it is; Retro Action Superman, produced by Mattel – Released 2010.

The Man of Tomorrow, based on THEN, living in the NOW.

Point 2.) Where it came from.

This particular carded figure came from T.J.Maxx for only $9.99 as part of the Wave 2 Assortment. The loose figure used for this review was actually purchased on ebay. While I can’t recall the exact price I paid I do know that it was a couple bucks more than the MSRP of $19.99 and I also had to pay shipping which was at least $9.00.

3. The Good.

The return of the 8 inch clothed action figure for me sparks a wonderful feeling of sentiment. I just wish I could get my son to care as much.

Despite what will seem like a laundry list of complaints this “toy” is still fun and does have real play value. In a world were playtime is dominated by the video game industry this throwback to an era long since passed is a great way to show young boys the fun that comes from action figures. So in that respect I see this as a great opportunity for fathers to play with their children in a way that is familiar to them.

Also the construction is overall pretty sturdy. Having seen what customizers have had to do to cannibalize the heads and hands of this figure, tearing the body a part is no easy task.

4. The Bad.

Loosey goosey body style… has since been fixed for Waves 3 and on.
Cracked emblem with very minimal play
The Red is a bit pale, almost pinkish. I only use the Mego Superman to show the contrast in the red's.

Limited Retail availability. Being a Toys R Us exclusive item isn’t as great as it once was. Mind you I live in an area where the nearest TRU location is over an hour away so  this definitely doesn’t help the situation. Add to that the TRU locations that I have visited (3 hours away in Little Rock) seem to have never updated their stock since the first wave.

5. Why I like it.

Outside of the obvious…
And the biggest deal maker for me is the Yellow "S" Shield on the back of the cape. Truly a wonderful finishing touch that adds to the Super Friends feel.

On the nostalgia scale I have to give this toy a “10”. It is so remarkably cool to see this version of the Man of Steel that I myself relate to best from my childhood.

6. Why you should or shouldn’t get one.

You should because…

It’s a very fun display piece. The retro card art along with the style itself is very fun from a nostalgic point of view.

You shouldn’t because….


With an M.S.R.P. of $19.99 it may be a bit of a tough impulse purchase.


Along with the “Bad” comments above… Price is a consideration. With an MSRP of $19.99 it could be considered a higher end price for a toy however if you browse the action figure isles you’ll see that the average prices of plastic figures are considerably higher all across the board. Considering over Toys R Us prices it is actually a bargain. At last check in a store new retro vintage carded Star Wars Figures were retailing for $9.99 and they are a lot smaller, with no cloth clothing. So in the end the budget minded parent may find it a tough “Try me” toy if a kid isn’t truly into Superman. And considering that there is no direct toy, movie or video game tie in, kids today don’t have such a strong connection to Clark’s alter ego.

In conclusion

Overall: As is the case of every review I write, I leave the final conclusion to you the individual consumer. For me however this was a must have toy. From the initial announcement of the line I had a strong feeling that I myself would get hooked. I was right. Of the four waves released so far I’ve picked up all but three of them (Shazam, Black Adam and Darkseid). But those last three will eventually make it into my collection but considering there non connection to the “Challenge of the Super Friends” I’m not as inclined as I was with the previous releases.

And to the purists, don’t hate, appreciate. While this fellow can never be a Mego, with the improvements that Mattel has been making to the bodies I do see these Re-Mego’s as a great addition to an action figure collection.

Play time is still fun time for me and my "Supermen"

Jim Bumgardner is a 20 year veteran of the broadcast industry and currently serves as the news director for television station TKO 8 in Harrison, Arkansas. Jim is the father of two the husband of one and firm believer in the power of toys for both the mind, body and soul. You can contact Jim via email at or visit his website at


All images and products are the sole copyrighted property of it’s respective owners. Specialty photographs and graphic work used for this article were done by Jim at the TKO 8 Studios located at 500 N. Main St in Harrison, Arkansas. “Little Jim” was created by Dawn O’Connell of Little Buddies Action Figures. Learn more about getting your own Little Buddy at

Intermission? But we just got started!

Good morning all. Taking a time away from “The Wall” to get a little more familiar with Word Press. The big thing me that I want to learn is adding links to text and pictures. Link any good web article should do, I want to be able to point you in the right direction for more info and other really cool spots on the web. So let’s play shall we?

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Okay it’s now 7:24 and the links have been created. Now to test ’em…

Cool. It’s now 7:26 AM and all checks out. I was going to do an “email me” link but that didn’t work out so well. That’s okay… it’ll give me something to learn tomorrow.



Day 1 of “The Wall” – The Overview

Our stars of the show.
These 16 action figures are so chock full of fun it’s amazing that they can fit in one small area!

And so it begins!

Welcome to Day 1 of “The Wall” blog where I will be giving you a rundown and review of the “Re-Mego’s” that adorn my wall at home and have earned a special place in my heart. As this is the very first day of this little goal of mine I’d like to stop and pause a moment to give a huge shout out to all my pals at the Mego Museum. This collection of fellow lovers of all things Mego has welcomed me in with open arms and has become like a second “cyber-family”. Plus without this wonderful community and it’s members I never would have scored most of these wonderful additions to my collection. It was also their encouragement that has boosted up my drive to do this blog and hone my skills as a marketer and reviewer. So to all of my “Mego Buddies” I say thank you! Now let’s get to “The Wall”

"The primary Suspects"
With a cast like this who needs TV? Oh wait.

This morning started out with a round of Photoshopping that finds me getting even more excited about this endeavor.  Seeing that in the end of everyday I get to work on this blog I’ll be taking a little time away from the “real world” I’ll actually be doing numerous things that I love. From writing to designing the layout of this blog I can see why so many people have flocked to this form of communication. It truly is a blast to write about the things that mean so much to you. Thank you Word Press!

Now without further ado may I introduce you to this blogs starting line up and the order in which they will be tackled.

#1. Mattel’s Retro Action DC  Super Heroes : Superman.

Retro Action Superman
The Man of Steel returns to 8 inch plastic form.

#2. 1950’s Version Commander X

1950's Commander X
While the Commander may look a little familiar to Mego collectors he is a hero in his own right.

#3. The Greatest American Hero

The Greatest American Hero
Oh, what could have been. However what is, is actually better!

#4. Mattel’s Retro Action DC Super Heroes : Batman


Retro Action Batman


#5. Flatt World’s Bela Lugosi as Dracula


Bela Lugosi Dracula


#6. Castaway Toys Creepy Classics : Zombie


Castaway Toys Zombie


#7. Classic TV Toys : Mego Mad Monsters Dracula Reissue


Mad Monsters Dracula


#8. Classic TV Toys : Mego Mad Monsters Frankenstein Reissue

Mad Monsters Frankenstein
He was only looking for a friend. Ignorance and intolerence is so so wrong.

#9. Castaway Toys Creepy Classics : Mr. Hyde


Castaway Toys Mr. Hyde


#10. Jim’s Mego’s Retro Action DC Super Heroes : Robin (sort of)


Custom Robin


#11. EMCE Toys, Mego Star Trek Reissue: Captain Kirk


Captain James T. Kirk


#12. EMCE Toys/ Specter Toys; Dark Shadows: Chris Jennings


Dark Shadows Chris Jennings


#13. Classic TV Toys; Mad Monsters Series 2: The Salem Witch


CTVT Salem Witch


#14. Classic TV Toys; Mad Monsters Series 2: The Gruesome Ghost


CTVT Ghost


#15. Classic TV Toys : Mego Mad Monsters Mummy Reissue


CTVT Mummy


#15. Classic TV Toys; Mad Monsters Series 2: The Demonic Devil


CTVT Devil


Okay fellow’s and girls there is the starting line up! I am looking so very forward to sharing with you my take on these wonderful figures. In a perfect world these reviews would come one day after another but sadly I do not get paid to do this (yet) and I do have a full time gig, loving wife, and a beautiful Toddler so it may take 16 weeks instead of 16 days to complete. But you know what? It’ll be worth it!

So until next time when Retro Action Superman say’s;


Now, Go Play!



Hello world!

To all I say, welcome to my world! I hope you find this blog interesting, entertaining and maybe even a little educational too.  I’ve never really blogged before so forgive me if things look a bit sloppy.

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