Organizing and enjoying your collection through journaling

This journal page is the ultimate tool for toy collectors! Designed specifically to help organize and document collections, it features a collection tracker, display planning, wish list, toy history & trivia, and toy maintenance & care. Perfect for both beginner and seasoned collectors, it allows you to keep track of your toys, plan displays, and learn more about your collection. With ample space for images, sketches, and notes, this journal page is the perfect way to document and enhance your toy collecting journey.

By Jim Bumgardner 02/05/2023

Greetings fellow overflowing collectors! Today I want to share with you an idea that will help you better enjoy your collection and perhaps help you get even more enjoyment out of what you have. Not only that, in following this method it can help you thin out the things you may not want, rediscover hidden gems that have slipped from mind and perhaps even land yourself a small fortune letting go of the things that don’t mean as much do you anymore. Funny how those “grail” pieces can equally become a dust collector just as well as those well meant gifts you received because you love Star Wars and everyone in your circle kept giving you any and everything related to the denizens of a galaxy far, far away as gifts over the years and decades. It’s the thought that counts but when you need a Death Star sized house to store them all, it can be a challenge to not want to drop a photon torpedo down the ventilation shaft.

With that in mind, I came up with an idea that can prevent that most extreme and radical solution mentioned above: Journaling. It actually serves many purposes. Along with all the aforementioned benefits, it can also help you create an inventory that you can use to get your collection insured with either a special insurance policy or for use in adding the most valuable pieces to your existing home owners policy. Plus, in creating this journal, along with the memories you will be revisiting, you’re also creating a scrapbook and record for future generations of your family to enjoy. More than a journal, you can create a historical document that helps inform, educated and entertain those who may want to get the rest of the story.

“But isn’t that “blogging”? Yes. Yes, it is. But this is meant for creating something in the physical world, at your own pace but also in a manner that gets you into a routine that will do all the above but also help you develop and maintain a healthy relationship with your hobby. It will force you to come face to face with the questions: “What is this? Why do I have it? Do I still want it? And why do I still want it?” Why is this important? To help break the habit of hoarding that we collectors find ourselves in if we’re honest with ourselves.

Caravaggio's Saint Jerome Writing (1606)
“Why oh why must I hold on forever to this plastic skull? It stares at me constantly in the most judgemental ways. Quite the rude one this skull. Off to the donation box for sure!”

Now that the lecture part is over let’s get back to the fun side of this project. Below you will find an outline for what I believe is a great way to do all of the above and at the end of the day have a collection of stories to share if only with yourself that will make every day you do it a little bit brighter and happier with your collection.

I. Cover Page:

A. Title of Series: “Toy Collection Organizer”

B. Subtitle: “Documenting Your Journey as a Collector”

C. Image: A colorful illustration of vintage and modern action figures

II. Introduction:

This journal page is designed specifically for toy collectors looking to organize and document their collection. With features such as a collection tracker, display planning, wish list, toy history & trivia, and toy maintenance & care, this journal page is the ultimate tool for collectors looking to take their passion to the next level. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned collector, this journal page will help you keep track of your collection, plan your displays, and learn more about your toys. With ample space for images, sketches, and notes, these journal pages are the perfect way to document and enhance your toy collecting journey.

A. Brief overview of the purpose of the journal

B. Explanation of how the journal can help collectors keep track of their collection

C. Explanation of how to use the tracker to keep track of your collection

D. Importance of documenting the journey of collecting toys

III. Collection Tracker:

A. Table with columns for:

  1. Toy Name
  2. Manufacturer
  3. Original Year of Release
  4. Date Acquired
  5. Condition
  6. Notes

B. Space for adding images of each toy

IV. Display Planning:

A. Space for sketching display ideas and planning the arrangement of toys

B. Explanation of the importance of displaying toys and how it can enhance the collecting experience

V. Wish List:

A. Space for listing toys that you would like to add to your collection

B. Explanation of how a wish list can help you focus your collection and plan your next purchase

VI. Toy History & Trivia:

A. Space for documenting the history and background of each toy in your collection

B. Trivia and interesting facts about the toys and the manufacturers

C. Explanation of how learning more about your toys can enhance the collecting experience

VII. Toy Maintenance & Care:

A. Space for documenting maintenance and care instructions for each toy

B. Explanation of how proper care and maintenance can protect the value of your collection

VIII. Conclusion:

A. Recap of the purpose of the journal and how it can help collectors organize and document their collection

B. Encouragement to continue documenting and sharing your collecting journey

And there you have it, a journal / scrapbook outline that if you take the time to make the time, your collection and space will be a far happier place. And yes, I totally meant for that to rhyme. Over the next little while we’ll be talking more about the individual points so be sure to subscribe to Jim’s Toy Box to get deeper into this discussion and who knows, if you need a little help I can build a page or even a book for you to print and use. I’m all about helping you help yourself in making this a truly great and enjoyable hobby.


Storing Your Toy Collection: How to Keep It Out of Sight, but Not Out of Mind

Do you have a collection of toys that’s growing faster than your living space? If you answered yes, then you’re not alone! Many parents and adult toy collectors struggle with finding enough storage space for their growing collections.

Do you have a collection of toys that’s growing faster than your living space? Are you tired of tripping over action figures, or stepping on legos every time you walk into the playroom? If you answered yes, then you’re not alone! Many parents and adult toy collectors struggle with finding enough storage space for their growing collections.

The Problem: Your toys are taking over your home and causing chaos! The Reaction: You’re starting to feel overwhelmed, stressed, and maybe even a little frustrated. The Solution: With the right storage solutions, you can keep your toys organized and out of the way.

Here are some product recommendations to help you get started:

  • Stackable storage bins: These bins are perfect for organizing smaller toys, like legos and action figures. Stack them up and tuck them away in a closet or under the bed.

  • Over-the-door organizers: If you’re short on closet space, consider using an over-the-door organizer to store your toys. This is a great solution for larger toys, like dolls and stuffed animals.
  • Bookshelf organizers: For even more storage, consider adding a bookshelf to your playroom. You can use it to store your toy collection, and even your books!

Remember, the key to keeping your toy collection organized is to find a storage solution that works for you and your space. With the right tools and a little creativity, you can keep your toys under control and out of the way. And the best part? You’ll be able to enjoy your collection without feeling overwhelmed and stressed. So go ahead and start organizing today!


Everything changes… including the content of this toy box.

Greetings dear readers, I wanna chat for a second. Things are changing around here and in a very quick way. Note, this isn’t a cryptic plea for attention or anything. It’s a life and vision change that I’m making that is quite profound and will be reflected in the coming days here at the Toy Box.

It’s been a wonderful run over this past decade of creating content that had a heavy focus on action figures and such. It was actually a lot of fun. That did however fade as things can tend to do. Especially when you see a wish come to fruition as mine has. In a nutshell, my main hope and goal in a large majority of my content was in the promotion of 8 inch action figures in the style of the vintage toys produced by the Mego Corporation.

I can say I did my fair share in creating internet spaces and outreaches for all of that, to my own detriment at times but totally worth it. But now, the phoenix has literally risen from the ashes as I and many others hoped that they would and not only did they come back in a massive way in regards to volume of toys produced, but they brought back the one thing I truly missed the most: The Mego World’s Greatest Super Heroes… but indeed better versions then the originals. TO that I say BRAVO! to all involved. I admire that effort and will continue to personally support the brand and it’s offerings personally but not here. “But why, Jim? WHY?!?!?!”

Because there comes a time when one must make some very important decisions in life if one is to reach a desired outcome. And that outcome can only come so long as the vision is clear. That vision has materialized this very evening in the most wonderful and profound ways. From this point forward, I am dedicating my time, effort, energy, talents and skills 100% to creating content with a mission that is rooted in the undertones shared here all these years but now better defined for its long term impact and potential. That vision? Content and creations that help children learn how important and powerful they truly are with programs that will reach out to them directly. Even more importantly, you will find content that can help parents, grandparents or anyone who plays a role in shaping the minds and lives of kids in the most positive and impactful ways.

The reason for this total commitment is that it is my belief through decades of observation, that what this world needs now more than ever are real super heroes. And who are they? The aforementioned parents, grandparents and caregivers whose priority should absolutely be to teach their children these lessons and skills every single day. I have also come to understand that most don’t even realize that they too have been severely short changed in the learning of these lessons and skills. You may fall into this category as well, dear reader… but don’t think for a second that I’m judging you. I’ve done it myself. As such, now that I am aware, to not move forward with this newly declared vision of a truth that I’ve always known and felt in my soul, would truly be a sin.

It is for that reason that I’m giving you a heads up about what you’re about to see in the coming days. The site as it is will be going offline for rebuilding and branding purposes. Once it returns you will see a new Jim’s Toy Box but one that is filled with tools and toys that are meant to do far more than stroll down memory lane but instead be a machine designed to construct brand new lanes and super highways for MAKING MEMORIES.

It’s been a pleasure all these years serving up the goodies I have and an even bigger one knowing that my “slice of the internet” has helped many connect with days gone by, learn about new products and things and of course the waxing forever poetic (even if at times cheesy) about the marvelous properties of 8 inch action figures. I hope that you continue to find join in those little doppelgangers, I know I sure will. However I know now that my energy and focus demands that I put away those playthings (at least in this space.They’ll still adorn my desk and various other places around the house that Alicia will tolerate 😉 ) and do something with all of that energy that has a value and meaning that transcends any of my previous offerings.

So in the end this basically a heartfelt sign off to those who are still listening but also an early invitation to those who were intended to read this message. With all that said, I say to you with all sincerity, one last time;

Now, Go Play!

Jim 07/28/2023


Freebie weekend! January 28th & 29th

In reflecting this week, I’m going all in on a new thing that stems from an old thing and very pleased with the results!

Greetings dear readers! I’ve been adding some new fear to the site and would appreciate your help in testing the functionality of it all. What I’ve done as you can see at the top of the page on your PC or from the drop down menu button on your phone, is a link to a new shop page. There you find the freebies teased in the title.

It’s a very rudimentary listing for a “Paranormal Party Pack” that I’m offering for free to thank you for your time. With your “purchase” you get a feee pdf copy of the “Uncovering the Secrets of the Supernatural “ guide book as well as a video download of one of the original “Case files of the Ozarks Ghost Research Society” programs from way back in 2008. From the testing I’ve done on my end it all goes pretty smooth with a note that the video file is kinda big so it may take you a few minutes to download it. The book however is super quick.

One from the archives for you to download via the new shop
Recently released via Amazons KDP platform, it’s available this weekend for free or if you are so inclined you can order a downloadable PDF for only $.99

I’ll be discussing my reasons for doing this in todays episode of the podcast if you care to listen. That episode should be at the top of the playlist found here on Jim’s Toy Box.

I truly appreciate you participating in this test and forever grateful for your ongoing interests in the machinations of my mind that will hopefully help expand yours!

So thanks again and I truly appreciate you all.

Now, Go (order the freebies) and Play!

Jim 01/28/2023


“Jim’s Toy Box 2.0: Helping you to reach your full potential in all aspects of your life.”

Greetings dear readers, old and new alike! Welcome to the newly revamped Jim’s Toy Box! I am so excited to share with you the new look and features of our website. Every week, we’ll be diving into a variety of content that I believe will make your life easier and more enjoyable because it has certainly done that for me.

On Monday’s, I’ll be sharing some personal self-help tips to kick off your week on the right foot. From Tuesday to Thursday each week, I’ll be introducing you to some amazing products that I personally use and love, that can make your daily routine a breeze and certainly more fun. Then on Friday’s, we’ll be diving into a topic that I have always found truly fascinating and have packaged it up under the umbrella of: “Uncovering the Secrets of the Supernatural”. Saturday’s, I’ll be continuing our self-help journey that will give you something to ponder over the weekend. Finally, on Sunday, the content will be focused on helping and encouraging you to take some time for yourself to relax, de-stress, and practice mindfulness.

It ain’t always easy to do but with practice you will and can just like I do, one hill and valley at a time. I can’t wait for you to explore our new content programming here on the website as well as the podcast, video streams and television channel. Life is for living and you have the power to do that every moment of every day through the powers of Imagination, Belief and Action!

Now, lets Live, Learn and of course PLAY!

Jim 01/15/2023


You do realize how incredible your desk is as a classroom? I sure do!

Greetings dear readers or perhaps I should say, fellow students!

Over all these years at Jim’s Toy Box, one of the bigger permeating ideas that keeps me engaged with the hobby of action figure collecting and appreciation is their incredible potential in teaching. This morning has certainly lived up to that idea. Let me get you up to speed…

When I woke up this morning, an idea that’d been stewing around in my head for many years really came together in regards to producing content that emphasizes how toys can teach. Not going into all the particulars in this writing but I will share this, my desk is chock full of incredible educators! Here’s the class schedule, teachers and subjects they are exploring in this semester of “Jim’s Toy Box University ”:

Superman: Responsibility and Leadership

As a superhero, Superman is responsible for protecting the people of Earth and serving as a leader in the superhero community. He teaches us the importance of being a responsible and effective leader.

Batman: Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

Batman is often faced with complex problems and challenges that require him to use his critical thinking skills to find solutions. He is a great teacher for the importance of problem-solving and critical thinking in our own lives. WWBD?

Robin: Mentorship and Teamwork

As Batman’s sidekick, Robin serves as a mentor to other young heroes and works closely with his fellow heroes as part of a team. Talk about a great student teacher for the importance of mentorship and teamwork in their own lives.

Han Solo: Responsibility and Accountability

Han is a responsible and accountable character, particularly when it comes to his role as a member of the Rebel Alliance and his relationships with his friends and allies. While he is always saying; “It’s not my fault!” In the end he owns up to his failings and deals with the consequences of his actions. A lesson much needed in today’s society for sure.

Mr. Spock: Psychology

Mr. Spock: Going beyond the obvious science and logic reasing that Mr. Spock offers, a bigger trait we can learn from him is Emotional intelligence: Despite his logical nature, Spock is also known for his ability to understand and control his emotions. To let those run wild truly is illogical.

Willie Wonka: Business

Nutty as he may seem, Willie Wonka is a successful businessman and entrepreneur, running his own chocolate factory and creating a promotion that was so engaging that he sold untold numbers of Wonka Bars with the most basic of prizes that cost him nothing: a tour of the factory?!? Now that is a powerful lesson in business and entrepreneurship.

The Phantom of the Opera: Music Appreciation

The Phantom of the Opera is a fine lecturer on creativity and art. A skilled composer and musician, his talent for creating beautiful music demonstrates the importance of creativity and art in our world despite unkind commentary and misunderstood expression.

Medusa: Mythology and Folklore

Medusa’s story is an interesting and educational look at the mythological and folklore traditions of Ancient Greece which we can most certainly learn from today. This appreciation of ancient history gives us an unflinching glimpse into the traits that make us who we are regardless of time.

Frankenstein: Science Theory

Scientific curiosity and experimentation is examined with the most unique perspective. The “monster” Frankenstein’s creator, Victor Frankenstein, is driven by scientific curiosity and the desire to experiment and push the boundaries of knowledge. And while Frankenstein can be used to teach students about the importance of scientific curiosity and the value of experimentation it also helps discuss ethical and moral debates in exploring the limits and boundaries of what man can or should do.

Nada: Social Justice and Activism

Nada is a working-class hero who, once his eyes are opened, fights against the corrupt and oppressive forces that control society. While the outcome is never certain, Nada teaches that the struggle is worth the effort and dedication to a cause.

The Jim’s Toy Box Funko Pop A-Team: Law and Order

The Jim’s Toy Box “A-Team” of Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, Zorro and Mr. T: Each of these pervayors of justice bring something unique to the desktop classroom.

Wyatt Earp was a lawman known for his role in the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, which has become a symbol of the importance of justice and the rule of law in society.

Doc Holliday was known for his wit and charm, but also for his tendency towards violence and gambling. He teaches about the complexities of ethics and morality and the importance of making responsible choices in their own lives.

Zorro is a heroic figure who is responsible for protecting the people of his community and serving as a leader in his own right.

Mr. T has been involved in anti-bullying campaigns and has spoken out about the importance of standing up to bullies and promoting kindness and respect.

The Pinocchio Family: Family Values

This perfect representation of a “non-traditional” family unit is chock full of lessons to study ever deeper.

Honesty:Pinocchio is known for his struggle to be truthful and honest, as demonstrated by his nose growing when he tells a lie. His tale is one that is a great lesson in the importance of honesty in out own lives.

Geppetto is the creator and father figure of Pinocchio, and is responsible for teaching him important life lessons and guiding him on his journey. Lessons all parents and guardians need to be mindful of in raising their children.

The Cricket is a loyal and supportive friend to Pinocchio and is always there to help and guide him. He is a great embodiment of the importance of friendship and loyalty in all our lives.

I know you’re thinking;” How can I enroll in this awesome school?!?” The answer: You already are! This classroom is limitless in its educational possibilities and I’ll bet if you look at the others around you that you share space with (spouse, kids, co workers) you could learn even more! Heck, even a field trip to random spots around your home or office, will find even more of these accidental educators! Why, you’re practically housing a repository of the greatest and inspiring minds of all time! Learn from ‘em all!

Now, Go Play (and learn a little something along the way)!




50th Anniversary MEGO World’s Greatest SUPERHEROES Shipping NOW!

Jim’s Toy Box isn’t getting any kickback on these links at all. I’m doing this shout out solely for the purpose of celebrating a small business that earned my business the old fashioned way: AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Late night heads up thanks to my brother from another mother, Tom. Movie Posters Etc has the new Mego reproduction figures of Superman, Batman, Robin, Aquaman and Shazam and the wish list figures they missed of Green Lantern and The Flash in hand and shipping now! Needless to say, I got my order in! Anyway, when you click on any of the picture links below you’ll see that their price is incredibly good even with shipping figured in and is better than a certain mega retailer that doesn’t need the free advertising.

To note, the Toy Box isn’t getting any kickback on these links at all. I’m doing this shout out solely for the purpose of spreading the Mego heads up and giving a shout out to a small business that earned my business the old fashioned way: AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE! I’ll share more about that story soon but for now, go Collect ’em All!

Jim 11/19/2022

All are officially-licensed, approximately 8″ Classic action figures released to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of MEGO’s release of the DC super hero characters. The figure is produced by MEGO and remains new and sealed in MEGO’s original NEAR MINT window box-style packaging.


Now THIS Scares me: Digital Ghosts.

Can we talk to the dead? Well of course! We’ve got A.I!

Shadowy figures in the corner of your eye. Bumps in the night. The feeling of a strange yet familiar presence watching you from behind. Those all were the elements of a good ghost story and a way to freak yourself out yet at the same time encourage you to go a little deeper into the darkness. But you know what? I’ve learned of something far more terrifying as far as I’m concerned: Digital Ghosts.

Photo by Ryan Miguel Capili on

Let me define that: A “Digital Ghost” is a new A.I. Powered chat-bot of sorts that takes, compiles and processes real conversations (text, recordings etc) thus creating an algorithm that will allow a person to carry on a conversation with someone that has long since shook loose the mortal coil. I truly wish I was making this up but I’m not. You can read the root article that introduced me to this EXISTING technology. Not hypothetical, not “in theory” but honest to goodness working models available to the public NOW. While I’m bringing attention to it, I am in NO WAY endorsing this for a trial run. If anything, I’d encourage you to run like hell from it. Here’s why.

For as long as I have been on this planet, I have enjoyed a good ghost story. Not the fictional ones but the ones that come from eyewitness accounts of paranormal activity experienced and or captured by real people, some I knew personally in the flesh, and others I watched on television or heard on the radio, I’ll classify all of these as “urban legends”. Some of the tales were quite convincing while others were obviously the haunted musings of people who were mentally / emotionally disturbed or flat out lying for the sake of attention. I speak to this with some “authority” having conducted numerous paranormal investigations as well as personal experiences and experiments. This isn’t the place where I want to go deep and wide into recounting those tales but merely to establish to you dear reader that I am not coming at this from a place of casual observation and hyperbole. I’ve literally been there, done that and have an old television show to prove it.

In regards to those those aforementioned experiences, I’d like ot break down my general observations from those categories I listed and as we go you’ll see why this “Digital Ghost” is a real problem:

First hand accounts: These are my favorites and this category is reserved exclusively for those that I have been in the same room with, looking eyeball to eyeball or experienced myself. Pretty rare on the whole and as a rarity, as good as gold.

Urban Legends: These are the second and third hand accounts of stories that have been passed down from generation to generation, shared around campfires and regurgitated endlessly on television and radio since those technologies have existed. I’m not saying that those tales aren’t true or at least based in some forms of truth. I am however saying that unless I experience something first hand, it will always be more suspect than anything else. Especially in this technological age.

Photo by Lennart Wittstock on

The mentally Ill: I’ll start this by emphasizing that this category is not one that is singling out those who have mental disorders on the whole. What I mean here are those that are however lacking certain cognitive and abilities of discernment that doesn’t allow them to add broader critical thinking to their observations. These are the folks who truly can’t go deeper and wider into their lines of thoughts and comprehensions. These are also the ones who refuse to do so, meaning; they believe what they believe and there is absolutely no changing their minds. That to me is perfectly fine too. It’s their imagination being used as they see fit. Whatever gets you through this human experience is nothing I care to lay judgement on. Plus, in most cases of these types, I have observed that in at the root motivation of their stories these tales are helping them come to terms with either the unfortunate passing of a loved one or same said scenario but they themselves were horrible to someone that they can never make amends with and this is a way for them to bring about some form of inner peace to that mental struggle. That point is where that line gets crossed and people can and do get hurt and that I have a MASSIVE problem with. That leads us to our next category…

The Liars: This category is full of a whole lot of people. Many of them you probably know their names in the popular culture space of the paranormal genre. I have no need nor desire to offer up a blanket list of those that I believe to be full of shit and intentionally misguiding people. Just remember this little point of discerning: Examine the motivations behind not the claims but instead the rewards for telling of the tales. Are they getting paid to do so? Are they charging you to tell you something? Are they screaming for attention in their efforts? What is the root motivation? If theirs a paycheck or a pat on the back, enjoy the show but know they are more than likely pulling your leg and at your wallet. Don’t invite ’em over for dinner.

Now before we get into why I see the Digital Ghosts software’s as a problem let me better define my perception on the purpose and point of ghost stories, experiences and the need to share them and why they either freak us out or encourage us with hope of more after this life fades away. Even more than religion, most of us NEED ghosts to help us deal with death.

No matter what your race, religion, sex, nationality etc is, the reality is that death is the absolute equalizer and one thing that everyone will experience. If you are or know of a living organism, you and it is eventually going to stop being one. And overall it is going to be a horrible experience to endure. Even if you have found your peace with death on the whole, there will still be those moments of sadness that stems from the loss of connecting with that unique spirit in the manners in which you had before. You can talk out loud at an empty chair over your lonely morning coffee and may even feel a connection as if the person you are addressing is there, but there is no denying that their physical presence isn’t. And that sucks. However, you do have the memories of those times and conversations. You may even have pictures and videos of those moments that take your mental reflections into 2 Dimensional space. You of course can share a problem with that memory and deduce a hypothetical answer and it help. Now it’s at this point where the Digital Ghosts become problematic.

Let’s say that someone you know used one of these A.I. powered services or someone they knew took all of that data and content and submitted it to the service providers and they did what they do in their 21st century Dr. Frankenstein meets Physic Gypsy caravan cart, laboratory and social platform. With the link you can start a conversation with “Good Ole Joe’s” chatbot. You know it’s a chat-bot so you’re cool. “It’s just a game, right?” Of course. Liek a Ouija board… but with an absolute vision and established personality that you not only know of but knew intimately for a good portion of your life. Here is where it starts to slide down the slope into the danger zone…

As you’re “playing” with the app, you’re simple statements of “I sure do miss you.” and “I could really use your thoughts on this matter.” shift from what your theater of the mind might cook up to actual words on the screen, presented in tone and stye exactly as “Good ole Joe” would have replied.

“They’re HERE!”


“I text dead people!”

Here’s the problem and I’ll prove it by how we live today thanks to social media. Going into the app you KNOW it’s an app. No doubt. Good Ole Joe is long gone. But the text replies seem so “right” to what he would say. That’s you’re mind accessing your brain to discern that, and as the conversation goes on (“One more question won’t hurt. Hell, this is therapeutic! I’m getting it out and letting go!”), the line begins to get thinner and thinner between reality and technologically powered perception thus a new reality. Your mind and brain are starting to process this as a real conversation because the more emotions that are drummed up the more real it truly becomes in the physical sensations. You also start receiving the satisfaction and treat that is the combination of dopamine and adrenaline. It’s really driving this experience out of the “Twilight Zone” and into the cache of messaging contacts on the phone in your pocket. “How awesome and convenient is this?!? Good Ole Joe will always be right here with me when I need his sage like advice that is actually getting wiser and more insightful all the time! Thank you A.I! You filled the void in my heart!”

Photo by Alex Knight on

No it didn’t. In fact, this outreach and interaction is doing what social media has established as a blurring of the lines of reality in human connections and interactions. Did you forget that the window into the lives of your “friends” are limited by what they themselves gate keep? There’s your reminder if you did. Those interactions have aspects of reality to them, but in the end ARE NOT REAL. NEVER forget that. They are 2 dimensional experiences that have a REAL impact on your emotional, mental and physical well being. Take a moment and reflect on any of the social media drama you found yourself in over the past decade+ that you’ve been on social media. The only thing that was truly impacted by that drama was how you lived your REAL LIFE in the REAL WORLD. That was a simulated distraction that created a real world burnt roast in the oven or missed meeting because time got away. I feel confident that you see my point so let’s examine how this reality of social medias impact on your everyday life will be further damaged by a more personal experience when you have the opportunity to have a fresh conversation with Good Ole but long dead Joe.

Social media feels real to you. Although its not. It does have real ramifications in some instances, but more often than not, it doesn’t… except of course to your mind. Your consciousness and sub conscious are being put through the paces of staying on top of discerning and judging what to do with all the info you are putting into it.

Photo by fauxels on

My mind is racing now with all the possibilities that could arise from this. With the right amount of data, you could feasibly have this A.I. crate a version of “grandma” that you could then introduce to your friends who are needing a little bit of grandmotherly guidance like she gave you. We can even go a little further and recreate historical figures, both real and fictional. Simply scan in writings or documents written by the likes of George Washington and Ben Franklin or Captain Ahab and Professor Moriarty from Sherlock Holmes infamy. Sweet lord we just transitioned into “Star Trek: The Next Generation” holo-deck territory. Well damn, didn’t see that coming but it does lead to my next points

So in first addressing only the text aspect of this technology when you add in the visual and audio options that are absolutely do-able now, and you have a real opportunity to create an “avatar” that is pretty damn life like in their appearance and sound. The list of psychosis that can develop from this point should be coming clearer to you now, dear reader. I’d be remiss not to mention the other sensory gadgets and gear that has been announced from folks like Zuckerburg and Google to where you will be able to physically FEEL things that aren’t there. I don’t think Rod Serling himself could have dreamed this reality up in his Twilight Zone Night Gallery. Then again, maybe he could have or could now. All we gotta do is load in some pics, video and data and find out.

Now tell me that ain’t spookier than a creak you heard on the stairs.

Back on point with my legitimate concerns in regards to the human mind and spirituality. Secularism is a real concern of mine these days. While I am all about “You do you, I’m not here to judge.” I am concerned with the ever growing acceptance of a one and done, we’re nothing more than a random accident in the universe that serves no purpose outside of living and dying and all along that journey adding our sweat equity of mental and physical labors for the sake of the rest and future society “just ‘cuz”. That’s ludicrous to me and as a matter of fact the older I get the more I realize not only how horrible that perspective is but also how incredibly EVIL it is as well. If we were only born to die than what is the purpose in putting up with so much bullshit and pain while living? I haven’t found a suitable answer to that and if you have, keep it to yourself.

A couple final links and thoughts about all of this for you yourself to check out to see where I’m coming from in all of this. The first is an A.I. created podcast between Joe Rogan and Steve Jobs. Admittedly it is weak to the educated ear HOWEVER it’s not so weak to an unsuspecting mind or one not aware of this technology which is in far greater numbers than you insightful one may realize. Click here for that. Next is the Pocket article I read this morning that inspired me to write this article. In it you ill find links and further notes and studies that are being done RIGHT NOW. Finally, at the bottom of the page is pretty interesting primer video that gives some good representations and examples of A.I, deep fakes and other such altered reality things that exist now and have been deployed on unsuspecting masses of people around the world. And for fun, I’ve also embedded a video from the ABBA experience show where the fabulous foursome have recreated and regenerated their younger selves to the thrills and chills of the modern audience. Entertaining and super scary when you take my words to heart. Then again, How cool could it be to see A.I. powered performances of Beethoven and Mozart?

Never mind. I ain’t giving in.

For the record, as of this writing (10/14/2022) I myself am still a living breathing human being cognitively jotting down these thoughts and considerations. You might want to double check that come 2073 if this is when you’ve come across this post. I may still be alive when you reach out but then again, I may not. Either way…

Now, Go Play!

Jim 10/14/2022

Not scary at all.

Problem/ Reaction/ Solution… but what was The Fuse?

I became aware of the thought and reality of “problem/ reaction/ solution (PRS)” from David Icke. This simple three word equation is quite profound really. I gauge it’s profundity by the fact it is so simple and obvious once you think about it. It is even easier once you take the time once you’ve addressed the PRS to look at it’s prequel. That prequel is where we discover the root of the matter I term as “The Fuse”.

“The Fuse: Spotlighting the Prequel to a Problem, Reaction, Solution Scenario”

What started the Problem/ Reaction/ Solution? A Fuse was necessary.

I became aware of the thought and reality of “problem/ reaction/ solution (PRS)” from David Icke. This simple three word equation is quite profound really. I gauge it’s profundity by the fact it is so simple and obvious once you think about it. It is even easier once you take the time once you’ve addressed the PRS to look at it’s prequel. That prequel is where we discover the root of the matter I term as “The Fuse”. Example:

Problem: “(Insert whichever ethnic, religious, sexual orientation of person), ruined/ attacked/ destroyed our way of life!”

Reaction: Become fearful, angry and hateful of (Insert whichever ethnic, religious, sexual orientation of person)

Solution: Shun (Insert whichever ethnic, religious, sexual orientation of person) and demonize them for “the greater good”.

The Prequel: Special interest lobbyists decided they needed to advance a particular thing to add to their wealth and power so they worked with easily manipulated and corrupted government officials to make changes to the existing system not for the greater good but instead for those personal ambitions. How is it done? Through writing, producing, directing and distributing a narrative that will get people emotionally charged over time that will in term lead both “sides” to be programmed to carry out and perform record-able actions that can then be used to “prove” how their solution is the ONLY one.

In thinking about all of this, I’ve dubbed this prequel step as “The Fuse” because without a fuse the “bomb” can’t go off. And to define and defuse that point where true progress, change and dare I say enlightenment can actually come to life. What I found even more profound in all of this line of thought is that when you examine pretty much any situation you will find at its start that the true solution is very simple, so long as you can address the reality that it stems from societal programming that is ingrained to the point that it seems to be a deep seeded belief based on a “right” when in fact it is a bastardization of a principle of natural law.

In this discussion I see natural law as a belief that is based in two factors: survival and love. Perhaps it would be best to swap those around as love and survival in its order of importance but the reality of perceived need places them in the aforementioned order.

As living, thinking, feeling organisms. we all have to survive. It’s a must if we are going to continue on our plights and journeys through this thing we call life. The problem there however is that the survival instinct can (and often does) reflect in a negative manner if LOVE is not placed first in the order. Without love in the drivers seat, we loose sight and connection with faith and hope. And without those two the experience of being human gets muddy and depressing and can be overcome by a negative energy. This is where my mind goes to a HUGE point that Jesus made in regards to his two commandments for the human race: Above all put God first and secondly, love your neighbor as yourself.

Side track thought: It just struck me how many of the modern “liberals” will take the second commandment and run with it as a tool to be used to instill guilt. That my friends is hypocrisy at its finest. But stepping back, once you realize that with the lack of the first commandment, and the programming of a narrative that says God’s dead or doesn’t exist, it’s easy to see how this happens in regards to the negative outcome of their actions.

With all that said I’d like to share my understanding and point of view on the first commandment aspect that is putting God above all.

Over the decades and years I have finally come to understand, believe and embrace the reality that in that commandment when truly accepted, embraced and applied, we learn the most important lesson of living a full life in this experience: There IS something far greater than ourselves. A “something” that has at its very core the ability to exist free from biased emotions. To see everything, and I mean EVERYTHING simply as “It is”. Completely free from good or bad but instead a perfect balance of what WE as humans perceive as “good or bad”. Perspective is everything and that perspective is the one thing that as humans we have a hard time getting past because by the very nature of this human experience, we can’t without lots of effort at the start, to comprehend and accept this completely neutral yet extremely powerful point of view.

With all of that said, I offer to you my perception to the PRS example and fuse that I started this article out with.

The Real Solution: Before you get enraged by this narrative of a particular (Insert whichever ethnic, religious, sexual orientation of person), seek out for yourself a PERSON that fits into that label. Have a cup of coffee with them or do anything for that matter that can allow for a conversation to come about. Ask them how they feel about that PRS. DO they believe it? Is it true? Why or Why not? Share your opinion and perception of said PRS. How do those two perspectives line up? While I wouldn’t be so arrogant to say that you will find an absolute answer, I will say that you will have invited a conversation and possible debate between two PEOPLE that can and will encourage free thought, debate and an EDUCATED ground for further growth, progress and potential resolution.

Applying this line of thought to my appreciation and dedication to PublicSq’s mission and platform.

With times as they are, and how we have arrived at this point, I would like to put myself to this test and standard. So here goes:

The Problem: Media and Government “suggestions”, protocols and narratives have led to businesses (both small and large) having to fall in line with methodologies that violate their core values

The Reaction: Many if not most fell in line dies to FEAR of being “cancelled” or shamed out of existence due to their “lack of compassion”.

The Solution: Accept said “Suggestions”, protocols and narratives as the “only way” they can survive this particular moment in time.

Now let’s take a look at “The Fuse” that led to that:

*Another note about the term “the fuse”. I chose the word fuse over trigger as a fuse works slower than a trigger. That’s not to discount that there are fast burning fuses, but at the same time, it still takes longer for a fuse to burn than a trigger and its reaction to action is far quicker. *

The Fuse of this scenario is one that was cultivated and nurtured over time. I’d say that at the start of this particular fuse would be the birth of “political correctness” which in itself gave birth to the “everybody’s a victim mentality that offered an excuse for a lack of personal responsibility. I’d pinpoint this start to the very early 90’s. It was from this point that the snowball started rolling faster and faster to where we are today. In it’s face, the arguments for complying with politically correct compliance was seen by most as little more than a general nuisance and not taken too seriously. There in lies the problem. Seeing the perceived gnat as just a little thing to wave away from your ear was actually a giant vulture in disguise and as time went on, the cloaking mechanism could no longer disguise its true nature.

Now, where does my affiliation to PublicSq come into play here?

It comes from the aforementioned understanding of things. With what the platform and its creators are offering is a platform that steps back to a time before the gnat got out of hand. I also fully understand that to take such a firm stand is far from easy to maintain. To succeed in their mission which I now embrace as my own, the vultures are waiting in these early days of the platforms growth, just waiting to strike. Before the strike however, there are constant giant swarms of gnats all around. Some of those giant swarms include the entities found in today’s existing social media landscape. To share the message on those platforms you can bet your bottom dollar that “shadow banning” is in place hard and the programmed trolls are out in full force to report, attack and attempt to discredit or “cancel” ones efforts in promoting this platform, it’s values and mission. In essence this a fight featuring an underdog and that has always been my favorite fight.

However, I firmly believe that this underdog has far more support than perceived because of what it offers the “silent majority”.

Silent only because the microphone is being controlled by the opposition. And they are Legion. However, the little engine that could, the tortoise that beat the hare and the handful of renegade colonists taking on an Empire prove that not only are the fights worth it, the outcomes can be better for all once the dust settles. And that’s where PublicSq comes in to play for me. They made the platform with the tech that is a functioning (and fashionable) answer to part of the problems for those who feel alone and thus afraid to speak up.

With all that said, and being mindful of the clock and my schedule, I have to conclude this writing. But rest assured, this thought on “The Fuse” will most certainly be continued in the days, weeks, months and years. But remember, regardless of the heaviness of your day and duties, take the time to enjoy living. After all, that’s what we’re here for.

Now, Go Play!

Jim – 09/06/2022

Please Like, Share, and most certainly COMMENT on this article if you found value in it. Also, seriously consider downloading the PublicSq app and recommend to local businesses in your area that can agree with and benefit from its mission and purpose. Also feel free to email me with any questions or comments that you don’t care to share publicly,


So it’s January 12, 2019. Why not? Stranger things have happened.

Authors Note: This post is the accompaniment to this PODCAST

I want you to think about this. Let’s say you woke up and it was January 12th, 2019. The events of the past two+ years, haven’t occurred. What would be different for you?

That’s the question I’m posing to myself and challenging you with on this episode of the podcast.

My “bucket list” universe and some of its merch.

Quick housekeeping notes: the name change and the theme song. Also, shop or drop a tip. It’s appreciated. If you’d like to hire me for consulting or production services reach me at

For me I was burned out but still searching for hope. But, I did get sick with a sinus infection that impacted the right side of my head. My ear and jaw were in excruciating pain for days. So much so the best I could do for it was sleep. So I did. Little did I realize I was getting rested up for what was to come for a new adventure and change of scenery where I ended up selling big boy clothes. More on that later….

  • For a decade I was screaming from the rooftops about the NEED to support your local media. In fairness, they needed to be supporting you too with useful information and entertainment.
  • I went down many a wrong paths not out of direct and intentional malice but worse: indifference. By 2019 I had done enough and seen enough that I allowed my cynicism to overtake my positivity and in many cases common sense.
  • So now what? For two years I’ve been in an endless circle of self doubt and intentionally searching for a way out of that but doing it all wrong. I was aware of myself and actions but not as clear in my purpose. I was overthinking and complicating it all.

Moral of the story: When things seem impossible and at their worst NOW go back in your mind to a time you feel things were “better, good, great “ etc, and ask yourself “What was different then?” “What did I do or not do since?” “What’s the regrets?” “How can I right the ship NOW?”

The biggest take away? Do not wait for anything on your “bucket list”… get on it NOW!

Now, Go Play!

Jim – 01/12/2019 —- excuse me 07/26/2022

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If you can’t laugh about Satanism, what can you laugh about?

“What a shocking header, Jim!?! Are you a Satanist? Pagan? Occultist? Harvester of Sorrows?” No. I have a sense of humor and made an animated show to prove it. Warner Brothers and YouTube however, didn’t. So sensitive.

“What a shocking header, Jim!?! Are you a Satanist? Pagan? Occultist? Harvester of Sorrows?” No. I have a sense of humor and made an animated show to prove it. Warner Brothers and YouTube however, didn’t. So sensitive.

The complete bits from the program Warner Brothers and YouTube said was needed to be banned. But have no fear, you can still watch the Satanic Rites of Dracula via Bobby Gammonster’s channel or rent / buy it from Warner Brothers. However I wouldn’t recommend those asshats for anything… ever. I truly have come despise the WB long before this by the way. They are IMO the most glaring example of what makes corporate entities truly horrible.

But seriously, Warner Brothers had a copyright strike placed on the full presentation that featured the old Hammer films production of “The Satanic Rites of Dracula” within seconds of the upload completed. Only between the time stamps of just after the 16 minute mark to just after the 44 minute mark. I found this odd as this particular film has been in the public domain for quite a long time but it is not worth the fight because 1. I’d never win and 2. My bits are not an issue. Well, not that I’m aware of yet.

I would like to request “Entertainment” be stricken from their moniker as it is fake news. Asshats.

I always do my best to keep any and all of my content “PG” with the hardest stretch being a “PG-13”. That’s not to be righteous or pious, it’s more a matter of respect for the audience. While one can never, ever, ever guarantee that someone, somewhere won’t be offended, I do make it a point to make sure that what I put out is something I don’t have issues with my own daughter watching. It’s just that simple for me.

All the cool ghouls in the test audience loved the show. 😉

I bring attention to that point as after I was notified that the full feature video was banned and blocked, that YouTube dubbed it as “Age Restricted to persons over 18”. In that claim I have no dispute. By general societies standards… sort of. The film does have a couple of scenes were the sacrifice is bare chested on the alter. I’m sure that must be the issue because the Satanic rituals being portrayed are surely fictional, right? Right! (insert wink, wink, nod, nod).

Again that part doesn’t really bother me. If I were to have aired it on traditional broadcast television, the tah tah scenes would have had to be edited in some way, by either blurring or stretching the frame, etc. What got me though was that they made the decision AFTER the video was blocked and banned and unavailable for ANYONE, ANYWHERE to view it. Not a big deal but just an annoyance brought about by the lords of the algorithms that make those decisions.

No matter, the animated bits are what matter to me and so far, the telescoped sizzle reel that features the complete joke hasn’t been deemed evil and or banned. I’ll let you know if that changes. You’ll actually know if it happens if you can’t see the video below.

This is the sizzle reel for “Conspiracy Cinema” an animated creature feature program that is intended for mature audiences. The bits however I would say are pretty standard late night family fair. Well, so long as you aren’t terrified by talking action figures and a cartoon zombie cowboy.

That rant aside, I do have much greater purposes and usage for the program as a whole as it will be a focal point for a new series I am launching now that will better allow for me to share and teach the steps to the content creation pipeline I’ve shared a couple posts back that has actually been very well received by new readers from around the world.

And to all of y’all I offer a sincere, “Thank you!” and look forward to adding to that method and strategy that could very well help you in your endeavors be they professional or personal. We’re all on this human journey together so I pledge to continue doing the best I can with my experiences to encourage, motivate and inspire you to do the same.

Now, Go Play!

Jim 07/25/2022

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“So seriously, Jim, why all this Mego love?”

If you’ve ever wanted to know why I’m so incredibly hung ho about the Mego style action figure then this blog post is for you. Otherwise, you may want to search for Star Wars keywords in the Toy Box.

But I bet he was a cute baby. 😉

The obvious answer is: I love the feelings from childhood these 8 inch figures bring back to me. It may just be me but the connection between these toys and my emotional triggers is super strong and they’re all very, very good feelings and memories. Even when the bands would break when I was a kid, it was heartbreak at the time, but the memory of my dad stringing them back together with the handiest piece of elastic he could find quickly and in a pinch (from the band of a pair of his “tighty whiteys” worked pretty well). Dark cloud meet silver lining. But that memory isn’t the primary reason I gush as I do.

Followers of the Toy Box are sure to note that I’ve gushed over pretty much every Mego style figure that’s came about since the Toy Box started in 2011. I did everything I possibly could with words, pictures and the occasional video to encourage folks to give the format and whatever particular maker was producing, a shot at the time. It’s that motivation that gets closer to the big reveal of my “why”. Before we get to that though, I’d like to point out another noticeable habit of mine in regards to these figures: I get all kinds of pissed off when one breaks due to poor quality. Why? (Here’s where we’re getting to the deep root). Succinctly put: I could sell the damn things.

That’s what it was always about in my adulthood. I wanted nothing more than to sell Mego product for a living. At the time of that desire emerging (2008), the only one layer on the field was Classic TV Toys. But as covered here to a tired end, the quality of those toys was crap. Actually worse than crap. At least crap can be flushed. Those damn things would bust up the sewage system and poison an already toxic landfill.

See? There I go again.

More to the point though, o was pissed because while I wanted so bad to serve as a business to business salesman of the figures, I simply couldn’t do it because of the completely inexcusable lack of quality. I’ve covered those reasons as to why they were the way they were (nutshell: don’t do manufacturing in India) and every time I think about that squashed goal it bugs me more than a little. Things got better with CTVT as they evolved into Figures Toy Company but the opportunity I had concocted in my head simply couldn’t come into existence. So I moaned and groaned. And then Mego, THE Mego came back. So what’d I do? Get pissy and fueled with social media rage, acted a fool worse than a spoiled child.

So embarrassing.

All that’s behind me now and to those I may have offended, pissed off or otherwise have cause to see me in a horrible light that I was most certainly earning, I truly, deeply and sincerely apologize for that. I assure you it will never happen again. Life is far too short and way too good to ever give into such idiocy again.

The moral of the story?

Enjoy what you enjoy. Love what you love. Hate what you hate. But in all those emotions be civil and respectful in your critiques and do so with an intent of positive, constructive criticism (my least favorite oxymoron btw. I’d much rather order the jumbo shrimp.). So will I ever see that dream goal accomplished? No. Most likely not. However I can continue to do this and point you to links to click to make one of my personal favorites your own. But who am I to say that instead of buying only one, you pull the trigger, get a wholesalers license and become a mass retailer of all things Mego. Maybe I’ll do that myself one day. Maybe. Just maybe. Hmmmm. Flights of fancy can be fun. Who am I kidding? Of course they are! Dream big, gang anything is possible in this implausible world.

Now, Go Play! (And click on one of the links to treat yourself to a Mego made toy today!)

Jim 2/09/2022


Kirk is going where no 90 year old man has gone before?!?!

In case you missed it the most epic announcement of the actions of a pop culture icon just dropped: William Shatner is going to space! How amazing is that? Captain Kirk going to space for real?!?! I’m not that big of a Trekkie but I sure do love me some William Shatner!

And while this is awesome in and of itself, this isn’t the first time that the influence of the fictional “Star Trek” has manifested in our real world. For those who may not have known or forgot, once upon a time ago the bridge crew of the Enterprise were the guests of honor when the REAL Enterprise was rolled out for all to see… well, everybody but the Captain…

I guess this is the Shat’s way of making up for that really stupid blunder on his part. As of this writing, I haven’t been able to find an official reason as to why he wasn’t there but ego’s were ego’s back then. Oh well, let the past be the past right? Right!

Being as fanboy as I can be, this announcement gets me stoked about Kirk Merch (plus that sounds kind of cool)… and on that note, I’m thinking to commemorate the moment I just may go aheaad and get my hands on the new 14″ Mego Kirk via my longtime pals at Entertainment Earth. Hmmm……

Hell, I think I may need to give in to more impulse buying and round out the whole old school crew via the Mego way. Also could be a really good time to give the folks at ZLC Collectibles a shot…. I see tribble size trouble on my hands if I give into all this madness.

But what a way to go! I think I’ll start right here…. I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

Precious memories… how they linger (and map the future)

How do you define “being authentic”? For me it is a matter of being as open an honest with yourself and your friends but also with your goals and ambitions. For Alicia, Kaitlynn and I those are being summed up under our website, magazine and travel guides dedicated to what we see as some of the happiest places on Earth: Comic and Specialty Conventions. In working “backstage” on the site, I came across this report I did way back in 2017 that was (unknowingly at the time) preparing us for the future that is now.

We do invite you all to connect with us via the website that will be chock full of info, tips, tricks, articles and interviews that can help you make the most of your convention going experience. This adventure of ours is one that we hope will encourage you to also consider living a life that makes the most of it that it can possibly be, collecting moments and memories just like the ones we did in this clip.

An incredible book from an incredible talent.

I hope you all have found or are seeking to find that type of path for yourselves sooner rather than later.

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” – Henry David Thoreau

Taking a “Mego Moment” break… I sincerely love these toys. Unapologetically. The only thing I do wish I could put my finger on is “Why so much?” But then again do I really need to be so analytical in my thoughts? No. (I’m finally learning how to say that to myself btw).

Sitting at the home office and staring around at these little articulated anchors of inspiration just makes me smile. Its in those moments that I like to reflect a bit on them. Observe them. Embrace and enjoy the bliss they bring and the memories that they float back to the top of my mind.

Todays stand outs are such an unlikely paring but a perfect one for me nonetheless. Side by side and in front of me is the 50th anniversary Superman and his predecessor, a vintage Type 2 Supes with a split boot, frayed cape and long gone emblem. It’s easy enough to restore him but I choose not to because I genuinely love the colors and essence that he exudes in this natural state. It also reminds me of the incredible detail that went into the 50th. This feat is one that is truly awe inspiring. And then I turn to my right and see my latest pick up that I can now be considered “neo-vintage Mego” IMO… Tootie.

I owe a debt of gratitude to this little lady.

Back in 2018, I must admit I thought it was nuts to do produce that figure and her counterparts. I still bought her though and made a silly little commercial featuring her, Drac and Action Jackson, so there was some magic happening from Ms. Ramsey’s appearance on the pegs. I parted with that original one years ago just because it’s my collector habit of moving things in and out of the hoard. Didn’t think much about it until the 50th were announced and Doc’s words in a post came back to me; “We’re starting with the C team and getting to the A-team,” (or something close to that effect). The man obviously knew and knows what he’s talking about. it is in that appreciation I had to snatch Tootie back up when I saw her in the wild a week or so ago. I can honestly say she truly means something to me in the way that so many other MegO’s of old have for decades now who would have thunk it?

The final observation I was taking a mental note on came from the behind me position where Geppeto, Pinocchio and the Cricket never cease to amaze me with the exceptional display quality of the total package. When I first discovered it at a Walmart, I didn’t know it was coming but that big Mego logo on the front snatched my attention right up. Candidly I must admit that dropping $50 on a toy that day was not part of my plan at all. I was actually in super saving mode for other things in life… but… I couldn’t not bring this set home. It was just too damn good. The colors, the look, and the concept hit me on every level. Mind you I didn’t have a clue about the flick even being a thing at that point. This purchase was 100% about the Mego toy. Why? Because to me the idea of Geppeto and his little wooden boy is perhaps the most Mego like toy that could be made by what has become a personal obsession for my own 50th anniversary.

Have a good day, gang.

Breaking through… (gulp)

Today is a good day. Everyday is really. But then there are those days you have to knuckle down a little harder and push forward.

And I am.

Personal Reminder: Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

Although it would be great if it was.

Apparently shirts weren’t a top priority either.

The toughest thing about entrepreneurship and authenticity that I’ve come to understand for myself in this leg of the journey? Breaking the old “programming” that I adhered to for the better part of three decades. The relief however is that I can identify it now.

Explaining myself a bit better, it’s not that the broadcast industry is geared to lying so much as “fluffing the truth”. So what does that mean? Simply put: in traditional lexicon nothing ever sucks if the client signed a check and even better, a twelve month contract. And it is to that truth that I was always conflicted. Why? Because I was an on air and production talent. Sales and sales people were something that were the necessary evil to allow for my career of screaming my lungs out for money.

Of course I came to respect “both sides of the building” as my career grew but in that I could never totally buy into many of the concessions I witnessed far too many acquiesce too. I myself am coming face to face with my own levels of acquiescence that I had thought I hadn’t done. Boy was I wrong… but I’m getting better. One Roman road at a time.

I can do it for you or show you…

Consistent, far reaching content creation as easy as 1-2-3…

Campaign creation made easy and organized.

Having seen so many changes in the information and entertainment space over the past 30 years of my professional life, I’ve had the opportunity to become a dinosaur of sorts. Well, that is bad I allowed myself to go “extinct”. Instead, it was always a priority of mine to take the bill by the horns and learn and appreciate the pros and cons of all of the latest tools, techs and tactics that had come to improve or replace the last. It’s in this that I’ve come to understand that one thing is a constant throughout them all: the need for consistent content.

It’s in this that I have been wrangling for years with developing a method that would help those I had helped for decades in the broadcast space with content creation. Until the last ten years, commercial and non commercial copywriting, audio and video production and distribution especially where ruled by the gatekeepers of the transmitters. Those days are certainly long gone thanks in one part to the internet and the other 99 parts to social media platforms. There in lies a double edged sword for both myself and my former clients.

Recollecting the time way back in 2010 when Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube were still in their infancy (of sorts), I was thrilled at the possibilities. At the time, I was working at a small, sub market television station that even by then, was struggling for viewership. Shortsighted as I was, I saw the social landscape as a way to grow the audience by reaching more people. That was true of course but it was also like picking your own switch as we would say in the old redneck south (that’s a living term btw).

What I mean by that is that in pushing the social media platforms I was in effect poisoning my own waters. As my social media engagement grew, the demands and limitations of “must see TV” time commitments on viewers was becoming far more of a burden then before. I was fortunate in that I got to have one more “big broadcast hoorah” with an American Idol piggy back I put together. Just like the big guys version, folks could vote on that weeks talent roster following the airing of the program. I made it as simple as possible for them to do so by allowing folks to call, email, snail mail and even fax in their votes. The response was fantastic. Especially with the mail in option. I got stacks of letters in every day satisfying my feelings of success for the program and adding quite a few bucks into the USPS’s coffers for postage. Dopamine hits for likes are great and all but for me nothing can replace the feelings that came when the mail came to the office everyday. Digital encouragement can never compare to the physical for me. But I digress

Keep in mind you this was 2009 so even the smartphone was in its infancy among the masses in my region. But then came 2010 and things started moving at a warp speed as the smartphone quickly and rightfully so, made television and radios all the more irrelevant in instant information, this is where I get back on point with the need to evolve with the tools and tech. And why I at the time saw the benefits of social media outweighing the negative impacts it would have in an even shorter amount of time. Boy was that switch I picked far bigger and full of more thorns than I could have ever realized.

The positives however were really good at the outset. The social landscape actually helped sales for the station as the clients could then take the commercials produced and share them on their personal streams and they did… but… they then discovered that their customers were telling them how they saw their commercial on Facebook and not the broadcast airwaves. Uh oh. Oops. However, the opportunity still remained in producing the videos for the clients. That is until people really embraced that the selfie could be used for more than just duck lips. Welcome to the world the beginnings of the influencer. Oops and oops again.

The next few years continued to where we are today with all of the micro messaging hitting you from all sides. Now everybody everywhere is an influencer. The tech has allowed for anyone with a message to DIY the production and distribution processes. I won’t say if that’s any more good or bad because the outcome is in general, the same. Except of course for those who still remain scared of the modern tech. On some cases that even includes the most basic of websites.

As I write in free flow here, and the reflections of the past 14 years slamming into my mind like a hurricane season from hell, I must stop myself from recollecting too many details and getting back to the reason I invited y’all here today: the 1-2-3 Content Creation Method I’m now offering as a service or course. It stems from talking to many businesses around the state (Arkansas) that have the fears I mentioned. They also shared numerous horror stories of how they were taken by those who sold them web and content creation services over the decade that left them either cold or ripped off. In many cases those experiences left them as seeing only one option: just don’t do it. Period. That I feel and know is a mistake just as much as cutting advertising budgets during lean economic times. It’s in all of that I took to creating this stream lined and organized method that anyone can do and learn. Proof? It all starts with a story and I’ll guarantee that you have a million to tell about your business, civic organization or charity.

I truly loved telling those stories. Not just for commercial sake but more so for the human interest side of them. The good news if you will. It was and is great to learn about and taste test the offerings of the new BBQ joint on the corner but even more satisfying and flavorful for me was learning the story of how the place came to be. That’s where this modern era of information and entertainment distribution brings me lots of happiness: people are sharing those stories every day all day and available on demand. Sadly though there are those that I mentioned before gave up on this highway. Well, this is my way of helping them shake the nerves and embrace what they too can benefit from todays methods and tech if only they believed they could. I for one know they can. But I also know a little help is in order. In that is where I also know I can help.

To be continued…

Scrubbing the headlines

Many a great mind have noted that it is wise to be aware of what is going on in the world about you. What they don’t stress, in my opinion, is how quickly you should do it and then get out of that cesspool of negativity, propaganda and in all too many cases, flat out lies. Sad state of affairs for those who get ate up in the arguments. I know because I myself was certainly guilty of that form of engagement. Never again.

The way in which I fight the urge to rant and rave about the latest “end of the world” , “it’s a conspiracy “ , “the sky os falling and it’s all XYZ politician / party/ ideologies fault is simple but admittedly tough. Here’s my personal thought process on it all that may help you with your own wrangling of perspective.

1. Spend your first waking moments revisiting your goals for the day and the bigger vision you have. Don’t have one? Well, here’s a great opportunity to start journaling and figuring it out. Seriously, even journaling, in private and not for social consumption, can help you break free of the spell that comes from the trappings of spoon fed programming of those who do have goals and visions that they are more dedicated to then you are to yours. The key to sales? Repetition. Pitch yourself what you want that makes for the ideal and dare I say perfect life for yourself, your family and your friends. Try it for a week.

2. Skim the headlines on the news websites that you feel have a sense of validity to them. I’ll add the caveat to also be mindful, even the ones you agree with have a spin and bias by design. One can easily note the same story told by two different “sides” have two different points of view. This is a normal thing in most matters but not to the point that it’s discussions should consume more time then it takes to skim.

3. As your blood boils, pull out the journal mentioned in point 1. above and ask yourself which of what your reading is more important: your goals or theirs? I’ve found my top pretty much every single headline from every single source skimmed far more often than not.

4. Once all 3 of the aforementioned steps are taken, move forward knowing that you are informed and knowledgeable as anyone would need to be on the topics of the day and then focus your attention back to point 1’s intentions and enjoy the rest of your day and life. Because you will.

See? Simple!

Now, go imagine, believe, take action and never forget to play!

Jim 03/07/23

Welcome to “Max’s Monster Burger”! Home of 2D and 3D delights :)

The Monster Meal from Max’s Monster Burger… the most fun you can have in this life or the next! For franchise information email Jim today!

Here’s something a little different. A dream of mine would be to have a themed fast food joint. To this end I took some characters I created years ago, mixed in some Showbiz Pizza with a splash of Space Ghost Coast to Coast and pack it all into a location similar to the house that Kroc built and I welcome you to “Max’s Monster Burger” where you can test the menu by trying our decedent and delicious “Monster Meal” with a burger, fries, drink, ghost shaped monster nuggets and of course a toy packed up in a cute box for easy eating on the go. This is of course a tie in to the TV show; “Conspiracy Cinema”. Welcome to the show, foolish mortals!

Let your imagination fly and watch what happens! Jim 03/06/2033

Working with Intent Part 2

Greetings dear readers and welcome to my ongoing journey of self actualization and adventure! Today I would like to share with you my plan of action that has in the past, always been a tried and true way to enjoy my day as an informer and entertainer: I am my own broadcast station. As such I am inviting you to tune in and enjoy the show and I feel pretty confident In saying that you will most certainly learn some new things because I know I sure have and can’t wait to share them with you so that hopefully they can do for you what they have done or me.

All of this stems from my words of previous writing. The post “Working with Intent” to which I shared my content creation pipeline, is one that at this time most certainly needs a bit of tweaking. Why? A better, more stream lined method has came to mind and as such, it forced me to take my own advice this not to be a hypocrite.

One such aspect of this is the “Learning from the Clock” series which is being worked on and set to be published soon. inside of that free course is a methodology that has on more times than I was even aware of, was a time management tool that I know will serve you well no matter what your vocation or hobby may be. So much so is my belief in it that I offer it here for free because it is one of those starting blocks that can help you become exactly who you want to be. I look so very forward to those reports by the way and the only type of “payment” I wish to request for the value gained.

“What spanned this post in particular?” you ask? Frankly put, this post is placing my own foot in my own posterior to embrace the things that I know to be true when it comes to doing what we ALL were intended to do and be. Ours are not lives to live begrudgingly day after day. Far from it. We are amazing creations that as far as I can tell, create amazing things that serve EACH OTHER in the most incredible and empowering ways. This effort is mine. For I am a writer, podcaster, video content creator and speaker by nature and with those skills I respectfully use them to add real value to your life though we may never meet in this 3D space we call reality. However I am most certain we will connect on a far higher and infinite level so long as we choose to.

My broadcast day is allotted as such:

1. Power Comics: This company is one that I have a massive amount for in its mission and it’s creator; Austin Hough. At the moment I must be a little hush hush on my particular role but will most certainly be sharing as soon as it’s appropriate. The few things I can tell you is you should certainly check out “The Masters” for a fun, clever and beautiful comic book adventure and also learn about all of the creators involved. It is truly an amazing collection of talent of the first, “A list” order.

2. A memoir project that while I can’t speak to its contents as of this time, I can share the process.

3. Jim’s Toy Box and the Quest for Super Powers: I have found so many incredible resources, teachings and philosophies that once discovered have launched this path that I’m now on. If you have struggled with confidence, commitment and completion, then this outreach is most certainly for you. Add to that it is also my playground for learning and sharing about some of the latest and greatest tools and tech that is rushing ever faster and reshaping society every day. Oh, and there will certainly be the occasional “toy talk” as a leopard doesn’t change its spots. 😉

4. The JAK Enertainment Road Trips to Happiness: This endeavor is one that came most directly from my quest for super powers in that the family and I are dedicated the time to enjoy the things that bring us happiness and may very well do the same for you. What’s that you say? Why comic con’s and all the joys that can come from the adventures before, during and after them.

5. Uncovering the Secrets of the Supernatural: The bumps in the night have always been a fascination of mine and in this pursuit I would most certainly like to share some of the research, findings and adventures that have come and continue to fascinate me in this study that goes beyond mere conjecture.

So in the end what does all this mean? It means I am so incredibly ready willing and able to be the best me that I can be to offer you tips, tricks and ideas that can do the same for you!

Welcome to the show!

Jim 03/06/2023

P.S. the links below come from this weekends listening. I can and will tell you more later but for now…. Just do some clicking would ya? 😉

Andrew Carnegie: What do you really know?

Audible –

Gift Audible

Audible Premium Plus

Proof positive of the law of attraction, vibration (etc) are 100% provable.

You create your day. It’s outcome comes directly from your choices and actions. Barring any genuinely forced methods (gun to oyur head) own it that you created it. Period.

So very proud to be a part of this project!

There are some projects that really make me proud to be a part of… this is certainly one of them. Come take a look at the incredible art and fun that is Power Comics! 🙂

You can learn all about “The Masters” and all of the great things coming from Power Comics Inc by clicking on that awesome alternate cover for issue 1.

Coming soon: my first free course on time management…

Time. The one thing everyone says they don’t have nearly enough of. In some ways that’s true but with the help of one of the greatest tools I’ve ever been exposed to, you can learn as I did how you can truly maximize every second. That tool? The “broadcast format clock” that has ruled radio and television stations and programs since 1922. And while those industries are pretty much passé in this modern era of on demand, whenever and whatever you want, when you want it, this foundational tool is still a valuable one that certainly has helped me in all things that go beyond the broadcast industry.

This course is totally free and for now only available through the website. I share this one as it is one that I’ve used successfully and feel it is my duty to share this insight and perspective to give you a very pragmatic way to achieve your goals, organize your life and spaces as well as many other uses in business and personal matters.

If this speaks to you then please follow Jim’s Toy Box and invite anyone you know to come along. The full course will be rolled out the week of March 6th.

This tool can help you in ways that go far beyond the broadcast airwaves.

Sincerely yours,

Jim 02/03/2023

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