AMP Multi Media’s Commerce Mall Monthly Destination Guide.

An exciting and engaging outreach for locals and visitors alike!

When we say multi media we mean just that! In this outreach we have created a cross platform product that embraces print, digital, video and augmented reality for smart phones. Scroll through and we hope you too will see the fun and excitement we’ve created to help you spread your message in this most unique way.

Our October Guide is chock full of fun and festive fall and Halloween happenings in Harrison Arkansas!
Page 2 of each guide will explain the bonus Augmented Reality (AR) features.
Each issue includes many fun, informative and entertaining features.
“Life Hacks for Every Holiday!”
Each page is dedicated to only one sponsored message.
Ours is a goal of giving locals and visitors alike a consistent source for the happenings in our area and region.
Partnering with the “We Love Harrison, AR” Facebook Group, we conduct polls to get the inside scoop on what locals enjoy the most about our town!
These resource pages are what we hope will continue to drive the growth and enjoyment of our town.
It’s this local color that really makes Harrison a fun, inviting and a unique place to live and getaway to. Our guide also strives to be that go to outreach that can help friends share their favorites with their friends.

And yes… there’s more!

Along with the page ad you also receive a promotional video to use on your social streams (as well as inclusion in our social outreaches and engagement activities.

This video for our sponsor, “Missing Piece Boutique “ is the type of professional videos we work with you to create to best capture an engaging snapshot of who you are and what you offer.

And yes… there’s EVEN MORE!

It is our mission at AMP Multi Media to shake things up a bit to get people talking. In this effort, we have incorporated Augmented Reality features into every page. Here is where the page, and your message meet to come to LIFE!

“How do I secure my spot?”

Glad you asked!

We have created a special introductory offer that we guarantee is the absolute best deal you will ever find for print, digital and video marketing tools. As such we humbly request contacting Jim today for pricing if you can see the value in our monthly Destination Guide.

Reach him by calling or texting him at (870) 754-8083.

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