Precious memories… how they linger (and map the future)

How do you define “being authentic”? For me it is a matter of being as open an honest with yourself and your friends but also with your goals and ambitions. For Alicia, Kaitlynn and I those are being summed up under our website, magazine and travel guides dedicated to what we see as some of the happiest places on Earth: Comic and Specialty Conventions. In working “backstage” on the site, I came across this report I did way back in 2017 that was (unknowingly at the time) preparing us for the future that is now.

We do invite you all to connect with us via the website that will be chock full of info, tips, tricks, articles and interviews that can help you make the most of your convention going experience. This adventure of ours is one that we hope will encourage you to also consider living a life that makes the most of it that it can possibly be, collecting moments and memories just like the ones we did in this clip.

An incredible book from an incredible talent.

I hope you all have found or are seeking to find that type of path for yourselves sooner rather than later.

Author: Jim Bumgardner

Jim's Toy Box features programming that is inspirational, uplifting and motivational all the while offering encouragement to those who wish to make the most of this life in preparation for the next.