Scrubbing the headlines

Many a great mind have noted that it is wise to be aware of what is going on in the world about you. What they don’t stress, in my opinion, is how quickly you should do it and then get out of that cesspool of negativity, propaganda and in all too many cases, flat out lies. Sad state of affairs for those who get ate up in the arguments. I know because I myself was certainly guilty of that form of engagement. Never again.

The way in which I fight the urge to rant and rave about the latest “end of the world” , “it’s a conspiracy “ , “the sky os falling and it’s all XYZ politician / party/ ideologies fault is simple but admittedly tough. Here’s my personal thought process on it all that may help you with your own wrangling of perspective.

1. Spend your first waking moments revisiting your goals for the day and the bigger vision you have. Don’t have one? Well, here’s a great opportunity to start journaling and figuring it out. Seriously, even journaling, in private and not for social consumption, can help you break free of the spell that comes from the trappings of spoon fed programming of those who do have goals and visions that they are more dedicated to then you are to yours. The key to sales? Repetition. Pitch yourself what you want that makes for the ideal and dare I say perfect life for yourself, your family and your friends. Try it for a week.

2. Skim the headlines on the news websites that you feel have a sense of validity to them. I’ll add the caveat to also be mindful, even the ones you agree with have a spin and bias by design. One can easily note the same story told by two different “sides” have two different points of view. This is a normal thing in most matters but not to the point that it’s discussions should consume more time then it takes to skim.

3. As your blood boils, pull out the journal mentioned in point 1. above and ask yourself which of what your reading is more important: your goals or theirs? I’ve found my top pretty much every single headline from every single source skimmed far more often than not.

4. Once all 3 of the aforementioned steps are taken, move forward knowing that you are informed and knowledgeable as anyone would need to be on the topics of the day and then focus your attention back to point 1’s intentions and enjoy the rest of your day and life. Because you will.

See? Simple!

Now, go imagine, believe, take action and never forget to play!

Jim 03/07/23

Author: Jim Bumgardner

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