Working with Intent Part 2

Greetings dear readers and welcome to my ongoing journey of self actualization and adventure! Today I would like to share with you my plan of action that has in the past, always been a tried and true way to enjoy my day as an informer and entertainer: I am my own broadcast station. As such I am inviting you to tune in and enjoy the show and I feel pretty confident In saying that you will most certainly learn some new things because I know I sure have and can’t wait to share them with you so that hopefully they can do for you what they have done or me.

All of this stems from my words of previous writing. The post “Working with Intent” to which I shared my content creation pipeline, is one that at this time most certainly needs a bit of tweaking. Why? A better, more stream lined method has came to mind and as such, it forced me to take my own advice this not to be a hypocrite.

One such aspect of this is the “Learning from the Clock” series which is being worked on and set to be published soon. inside of that free course is a methodology that has on more times than I was even aware of, was a time management tool that I know will serve you well no matter what your vocation or hobby may be. So much so is my belief in it that I offer it here for free because it is one of those starting blocks that can help you become exactly who you want to be. I look so very forward to those reports by the way and the only type of “payment” I wish to request for the value gained.

“What spanned this post in particular?” you ask? Frankly put, this post is placing my own foot in my own posterior to embrace the things that I know to be true when it comes to doing what we ALL were intended to do and be. Ours are not lives to live begrudgingly day after day. Far from it. We are amazing creations that as far as I can tell, create amazing things that serve EACH OTHER in the most incredible and empowering ways. This effort is mine. For I am a writer, podcaster, video content creator and speaker by nature and with those skills I respectfully use them to add real value to your life though we may never meet in this 3D space we call reality. However I am most certain we will connect on a far higher and infinite level so long as we choose to.

My broadcast day is allotted as such:

1. Power Comics: This company is one that I have a massive amount for in its mission and it’s creator; Austin Hough. At the moment I must be a little hush hush on my particular role but will most certainly be sharing as soon as it’s appropriate. The few things I can tell you is you should certainly check out “The Masters” for a fun, clever and beautiful comic book adventure and also learn about all of the creators involved. It is truly an amazing collection of talent of the first, “A list” order.

2. A memoir project that while I can’t speak to its contents as of this time, I can share the process.

3. Jim’s Toy Box and the Quest for Super Powers: I have found so many incredible resources, teachings and philosophies that once discovered have launched this path that I’m now on. If you have struggled with confidence, commitment and completion, then this outreach is most certainly for you. Add to that it is also my playground for learning and sharing about some of the latest and greatest tools and tech that is rushing ever faster and reshaping society every day. Oh, and there will certainly be the occasional “toy talk” as a leopard doesn’t change its spots. 😉

4. The JAK Enertainment Road Trips to Happiness: This endeavor is one that came most directly from my quest for super powers in that the family and I are dedicated the time to enjoy the things that bring us happiness and may very well do the same for you. What’s that you say? Why comic con’s and all the joys that can come from the adventures before, during and after them.

5. Uncovering the Secrets of the Supernatural: The bumps in the night have always been a fascination of mine and in this pursuit I would most certainly like to share some of the research, findings and adventures that have come and continue to fascinate me in this study that goes beyond mere conjecture.

So in the end what does all this mean? It means I am so incredibly ready willing and able to be the best me that I can be to offer you tips, tricks and ideas that can do the same for you!

Welcome to the show!

Jim 03/06/2023

P.S. the links below come from this weekends listening. I can and will tell you more later but for now…. Just do some clicking would ya? 😉

Andrew Carnegie: What do you really know?

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Proof positive of the law of attraction, vibration (etc) are 100% provable.

You create your day. It’s outcome comes directly from your choices and actions. Barring any genuinely forced methods (gun to oyur head) own it that you created it. Period.

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