You won’t see this on Twitter.

Today is a story I’d like to share about “A tale of two Twitters” and how it’s been a great learning experience as I’ve ventured back into the realm of social media. A lesson I think I learned any way.

Greetings dear readers! Glad your here for this perfect example of why I am of the mind that it’s a good idea to have a website “home” if you’re going to have an online presence. A digital “brick and mortar” if you will.

Long story short, having established why and what I want to experience in the modern cyber space: share happiness and in turn help you and me add value to our lives through authentic experience, insight and perspective. As such, I’ve also come to terms with the importance and necessity of being on the social channels to really grow my efforts as a successful podcaster, writer, video content creator and speaker. It actually feels kinda good doing it now that I’ve torn down that “terror barrier” because of past experiences that no longer exists. Thank you Bob Proctor for that perspective.

In my efforts to be organized and mindful and of course “working with intent”, I got all the accounts set up and plugged into this site and the Jetpack app that does some truly powerful things in that distribution effort. And then this happened…

Why? Honestly I’m not sure. I’d only made a handful of tweets. Mostly benign (so I thought). Apparently it as benign as I believed. The best I can deduce comes from the timing of the suspension. I thought I was making a silly joke about balloons after seeing a package of them on the stand behind me. That was inspiration gone afoul in the Twitter verse but it still makes me giggle.

Am I all mad and heartbroken to having been “censored”? Nope. It was actually a good and quick shake to get me back on target to my true intentions of being in any of these social spaces. So what’s the true lesson? Focus. Focus on staying dedicated to my why and when lions come to sleep in the road, just walk around it and move forward. That’s my take anyway. Hope that little nugget of a life lesson helps you if you find yourself feeling slapped down by “the man”. You’re not. Especially once you realize that the power is in you to control your mindset, perspective and purpose.

It is that simple despite any of the noise you may hear.

Now, Go Play, imagine, believe and take action!

Jim 02/20/2023

UPDATED: Funny little add on for my Twitter adventures… so my account is still locked but not so locked that I can’t be followed by some interesting and dare I say suspect accounts. Maybe this is Elon’s sense of humor. I’ll laugh with you Mr. Musk. Ha… Ha… Ha… such a silly boy. 😉

Author: Jim Bumgardner

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