Everything changes… including the content of this toy box.

Greetings dear readers, I wanna chat for a second. Things are changing around here and in a very quick way. Note, this isn’t a cryptic plea for attention or anything. It’s a life and vision change that I’m making that is quite profound and will be reflected in the coming days here at the Toy Box.

It’s been a wonderful run over this past decade of creating content that had a heavy focus on action figures and such. It was actually a lot of fun. That did however fade as things can tend to do. Especially when you see a wish come to fruition as mine has. In a nutshell, my main hope and goal in a large majority of my content was in the promotion of 8 inch action figures in the style of the vintage toys produced by the Mego Corporation.

I can say I did my fair share in creating internet spaces and outreaches for all of that, to my own detriment at times but totally worth it. But now, the phoenix has literally risen from the ashes as I and many others hoped that they would and not only did they come back in a massive way in regards to volume of toys produced, but they brought back the one thing I truly missed the most: The Mego World’s Greatest Super Heroes… but indeed better versions then the originals. TO that I say BRAVO! to all involved. I admire that effort and will continue to personally support the brand and it’s offerings personally but not here. “But why, Jim? WHY?!?!?!”

Because there comes a time when one must make some very important decisions in life if one is to reach a desired outcome. And that outcome can only come so long as the vision is clear. That vision has materialized this very evening in the most wonderful and profound ways. From this point forward, I am dedicating my time, effort, energy, talents and skills 100% to creating content with a mission that is rooted in the undertones shared here all these years but now better defined for its long term impact and potential. That vision? Content and creations that help children learn how important and powerful they truly are with programs that will reach out to them directly. Even more importantly, you will find content that can help parents, grandparents or anyone who plays a role in shaping the minds and lives of kids in the most positive and impactful ways.

The reason for this total commitment is that it is my belief through decades of observation, that what this world needs now more than ever are real super heroes. And who are they? The aforementioned parents, grandparents and caregivers whose priority should absolutely be to teach their children these lessons and skills every single day. I have also come to understand that most don’t even realize that they too have been severely short changed in the learning of these lessons and skills. You may fall into this category as well, dear reader… but don’t think for a second that I’m judging you. I’ve done it myself. As such, now that I am aware, to not move forward with this newly declared vision of a truth that I’ve always known and felt in my soul, would truly be a sin.

It is for that reason that I’m giving you a heads up about what you’re about to see in the coming days. The site as it is will be going offline for rebuilding and branding purposes. Once it returns you will see a new Jim’s Toy Box but one that is filled with tools and toys that are meant to do far more than stroll down memory lane but instead be a machine designed to construct brand new lanes and super highways for MAKING MEMORIES.

It’s been a pleasure all these years serving up the goodies I have and an even bigger one knowing that my “slice of the internet” has helped many connect with days gone by, learn about new products and things and of course the waxing forever poetic (even if at times cheesy) about the marvelous properties of 8 inch action figures. I hope that you continue to find join in those little doppelgangers, I know I sure will. However I know now that my energy and focus demands that I put away those playthings (at least in this space.They’ll still adorn my desk and various other places around the house that Alicia will tolerate 😉 ) and do something with all of that energy that has a value and meaning that transcends any of my previous offerings.

So in the end this basically a heartfelt sign off to those who are still listening but also an early invitation to those who were intended to read this message. With all that said, I say to you with all sincerity, one last time;

Now, Go Play!

Jim 07/28/2023

Author: Jim Bumgardner

Jim's Toy Box features programming that is inspirational, uplifting and motivational all the while offering encouragement to those who wish to make the most of this life in preparation for the next.

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