You do realize how incredible your desk is as a classroom? I sure do!

Greetings dear readers or perhaps I should say, fellow students!

Over all these years at Jim’s Toy Box, one of the bigger permeating ideas that keeps me engaged with the hobby of action figure collecting and appreciation is their incredible potential in teaching. This morning has certainly lived up to that idea. Let me get you up to speed…

When I woke up this morning, an idea that’d been stewing around in my head for many years really came together in regards to producing content that emphasizes how toys can teach. Not going into all the particulars in this writing but I will share this, my desk is chock full of incredible educators! Here’s the class schedule, teachers and subjects they are exploring in this semester of “Jim’s Toy Box University ”:

Superman: Responsibility and Leadership

As a superhero, Superman is responsible for protecting the people of Earth and serving as a leader in the superhero community. He teaches us the importance of being a responsible and effective leader.

Batman: Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

Batman is often faced with complex problems and challenges that require him to use his critical thinking skills to find solutions. He is a great teacher for the importance of problem-solving and critical thinking in our own lives. WWBD?

Robin: Mentorship and Teamwork

As Batman’s sidekick, Robin serves as a mentor to other young heroes and works closely with his fellow heroes as part of a team. Talk about a great student teacher for the importance of mentorship and teamwork in their own lives.

Han Solo: Responsibility and Accountability

Han is a responsible and accountable character, particularly when it comes to his role as a member of the Rebel Alliance and his relationships with his friends and allies. While he is always saying; “It’s not my fault!” In the end he owns up to his failings and deals with the consequences of his actions. A lesson much needed in today’s society for sure.

Mr. Spock: Psychology

Mr. Spock: Going beyond the obvious science and logic reasing that Mr. Spock offers, a bigger trait we can learn from him is Emotional intelligence: Despite his logical nature, Spock is also known for his ability to understand and control his emotions. To let those run wild truly is illogical.

Willie Wonka: Business

Nutty as he may seem, Willie Wonka is a successful businessman and entrepreneur, running his own chocolate factory and creating a promotion that was so engaging that he sold untold numbers of Wonka Bars with the most basic of prizes that cost him nothing: a tour of the factory?!? Now that is a powerful lesson in business and entrepreneurship.

The Phantom of the Opera: Music Appreciation

The Phantom of the Opera is a fine lecturer on creativity and art. A skilled composer and musician, his talent for creating beautiful music demonstrates the importance of creativity and art in our world despite unkind commentary and misunderstood expression.

Medusa: Mythology and Folklore

Medusa’s story is an interesting and educational look at the mythological and folklore traditions of Ancient Greece which we can most certainly learn from today. This appreciation of ancient history gives us an unflinching glimpse into the traits that make us who we are regardless of time.

Frankenstein: Science Theory

Scientific curiosity and experimentation is examined with the most unique perspective. The “monster” Frankenstein’s creator, Victor Frankenstein, is driven by scientific curiosity and the desire to experiment and push the boundaries of knowledge. And while Frankenstein can be used to teach students about the importance of scientific curiosity and the value of experimentation it also helps discuss ethical and moral debates in exploring the limits and boundaries of what man can or should do.

Nada: Social Justice and Activism

Nada is a working-class hero who, once his eyes are opened, fights against the corrupt and oppressive forces that control society. While the outcome is never certain, Nada teaches that the struggle is worth the effort and dedication to a cause.

The Jim’s Toy Box Funko Pop A-Team: Law and Order

The Jim’s Toy Box “A-Team” of Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, Zorro and Mr. T: Each of these pervayors of justice bring something unique to the desktop classroom.

Wyatt Earp was a lawman known for his role in the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, which has become a symbol of the importance of justice and the rule of law in society.

Doc Holliday was known for his wit and charm, but also for his tendency towards violence and gambling. He teaches about the complexities of ethics and morality and the importance of making responsible choices in their own lives.

Zorro is a heroic figure who is responsible for protecting the people of his community and serving as a leader in his own right.

Mr. T has been involved in anti-bullying campaigns and has spoken out about the importance of standing up to bullies and promoting kindness and respect.

The Pinocchio Family: Family Values

This perfect representation of a “non-traditional” family unit is chock full of lessons to study ever deeper.

Honesty:Pinocchio is known for his struggle to be truthful and honest, as demonstrated by his nose growing when he tells a lie. His tale is one that is a great lesson in the importance of honesty in out own lives.

Geppetto is the creator and father figure of Pinocchio, and is responsible for teaching him important life lessons and guiding him on his journey. Lessons all parents and guardians need to be mindful of in raising their children.

The Cricket is a loyal and supportive friend to Pinocchio and is always there to help and guide him. He is a great embodiment of the importance of friendship and loyalty in all our lives.

I know you’re thinking;” How can I enroll in this awesome school?!?” The answer: You already are! This classroom is limitless in its educational possibilities and I’ll bet if you look at the others around you that you share space with (spouse, kids, co workers) you could learn even more! Heck, even a field trip to random spots around your home or office, will find even more of these accidental educators! Why, you’re practically housing a repository of the greatest and inspiring minds of all time! Learn from ‘em all!

Now, Go Play (and learn a little something along the way)!



Author: Jim Bumgardner

Jim's Toy Box features programming that is inspirational, uplifting and motivational all the while offering encouragement to those who wish to make the most of this life in preparation for the next.

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