Out of the mouths of babes: file 121922

We can learn so much from our kids. My daughter proved this once again tonight.

Quick recap; we swung by a couple flea markets and thrift stores for our little night out. On the journey I came across a DVD holder for cheap. Inside it was packed with a ton of movies. Okay not a ton. More like 70-ish. Good stuff too; all 4 Lethal Weapon flicks, a few of the Jaws movies among other blockbusters from the past couple of decades. Tough to pass up for this old physical media guy.

When we got home, I started sorting them out and taking stock of the features. My daughter comes into observe and then asks; “How many movies are there?” I told her 70-ish with room for more in the case. She continued her query; “How many does that thing hold?” Being put on the spot and not wanting to be half hearted in my proper response, I counted all of the sleeves and slots. All total there are 28 sleeves, each with the capacity to hold 4 discs. Now it was my turn to quiz her; “How much is 28 times 4?”

This line of mathematical pondering led to a rabbit hole set of equations that eventually came to a final result that the case, filled to capacity would yield enough movies that would equate to a marathon of 7 straight days of non stop action and adventure. To this end she looked at me and said; “How do we ever get bored?”


Imagine. Believe. Action.

Now, go play!

Jim 12/19/2022

Author: Jim Bumgardner

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