Good ‘n cheap toys from Hasbro!

Twenty bucks later and the oddball drawer got just a little fuller.

In lieu of the current state of disposable income, it’s nice to find a deal or two (or four). It’s even sweeter when it gives you the opportunity to address some curiosities you may have had about a certain product. Thats where we’re playing today with 4 figures from Hasbro Toys.

For just over $20 and two stops (Walmart and Walgreens), I picked up these four fellows; Marvel Legends Morlun, the “Snake Eyes” movie version of Storm Shadow from the G.I.Joe Classified Series and Darth Maul and a Shock Trooper from the Star Wars Mission Fleet series.

While I was curious about the Star Wars “Mission Fleet” series for some time, I wasn’t $9.99 MSRP curious. But for $2.50? Yep. Time to bite. And I’m pretty impressed with them. The small scale is off for my nostalgic demands of 3.75” as a minimum but I can see how these little guys would be appealing for kids today. Stylized design coupled with a unique accessory for added play value and they easily fit in a little pocket.

Quality is also worth noting. Sturdy plastic and solid five point articulation and a weapon. That’s a win.

The other two are far more interesting to me but for separate reasons. The overall design of Morlun pops for the Halloween lover in me. He looks like an uppity vampire should; cool, suave and ready to rip out your jugular. The Hasbro team did a great job in translating this one from 2D page to 3D reality. The same can be said for Storm Shadow as far as the usual topical positives are concerned (sculpt, quality, design) but I had no interest in him outside of the opportunity to do this…

The multiverse Spider Men best to take head as they must now contend with the diabolical duo of the Brothers Morlun!!!!

On that note, I do appreciate the way in which Hasbro has created such a wide variety of licenses in the standard 6 inch scale. Like the Mego Corporation did in cross licensing, the ability to share a universe and accessories is a very fun way to expand play value. But still, the Brothers Morlun are damn cool looking having been reunited after being separated by continents and cultures for so long ( that’s a fan-fiction tease for those purists who have limited imagination).

As morbid as it may seem, to pop off interchangeable heads across universes is cool. Unless you’re Storm Shadow. Then it kind of sucks.

Get out there and search for the deals. The old is getting shuffled away to make room for the new so enjoy the savings and let that creativity soar!

Now, Go Play!

Jim 05/18/22

Author: Jim Bumgardner

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