A great old school resource for the new Mego fans.

Greetings dear readers old and new alike. Had a flash just now and wanted to offer up a tip to the folks who are new to Mego collecting. This is one that shows another aspect of what made Mego figures great: customizing!

A quick recap for you newcomers. Once upon a time ago the Mego Corporation stopped making figures. Considering how many they’ve released in the past four years, I think it’s safe to say they’ve made up for lost time. I’m spades. Back to the point…

In those dark days between 1983 and 2018, fans of the format and style would result to customizing characters that hadn’t been mass produced. While many other lines from Kenner and Hasbro had similar niche groups pop up, I think it’s fair to say that non were as active or giving as the Mego fans.

The first custom super fan, I would say would be “Dr.Mego” Paul Clark. You probably recognize his name as a consultant on the back of pretty much all of the new Mego figures releases since 2018. Docs story is a fascinating one to me on the whole but for the sake of time and the point of this article, I’ll leave it pointed to the short summary that he was the first to produce factory made replacement and custom parts during those “dark times”. Truly a fans fan.

Moving on from Paul’s contributions from back in the day was the incredible costume patterns that were made available by way of Captain Mego via his Mego Madhouse which you can still visit and enjoy his offerings to the greater Mego customizing community. I did this recently myself.

Inspired by the new boxed figures found at Walmart, I took to designing my own box for a vintage, pant less Hulk. I’ve had this guy for years and he is still one of my all time favorite Mego figures. So much so because he’s funny looking and as such inspired this goofy “Action Jackson” spoof I did a decade ago… click here for that cheesy gold.

One of the things about that “Busy Banner” bit was that since then I had left the jade giant in a suit. Ten years later it still made me giggle but it was time to get him back in his trademark purple pants. While reproduction pants are available from a few eBay sellers, I was more inclined to get back to my customizing passion and make a pair thanks to the pattern available at the Madhouse site. That and my daughters far keener eye and steadier hand then ten year removed me. I couldn’t be happier with the finished, boxed product.

There’s something so satisfying about bringing an old toy back into its glorious, original state. Thanks again, Captain!
Re-panted and overseeing the box construction, Hulk is ready for a new place to chill.
I’ve actually been on quite the box kick. Before it’s all said and done, I’ll probably make a custom box x for every loose figure I have. Because I’m nuts. But you do you, m’kay? 😉

In seeing this effort, I hope this post encourages you new Mego fans to dive into what made and kept Mego great for all those empty years without Mego’s. I also hope that the Doc and the Captain know that all of their efforts all those moons ago aren’t lost on this old fanboy. Thanks again, guys.

Now, go play! – Jim 02/06/2022

Author: Jim Bumgardner

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