When life gives you snow you make: “The Crimson Vicar”

January 15, 2022 found the North Central region of the Arkansas Ozarks blanketed in about 12 inches of snow. Not the Hallmark Channel “let’s build a snowman” snow but instead the wet and pack it into ice ball snow. Still pretty though…

The roads stayed passable for the most part but it was far more refreshing to stay home and enjoy some quiet time with my girls and then some creative time with my imagination. I talk it up a lot but like the roofer with the leaky roof, sometimes we neglect to utilize our own trade. I fixed that today.

As the girls were sleeping in, I was enjoying the pre dawn, witching hour of 3am because our snow bound dogs were needing to satisfy their urge to make yellow snow. To note, they’re really good at it.

Once they wrapped their duties and paraded back into the house to slip back into slumber, I found myself awake and grumbly. Realizing this short coming of my personality, I quickly went for the morning happiness elixir that is coffee and decided my imagination was in need of an early morning romp. Not to make yellow snow but instead to just loosen up and let it flow.

Contemplating my underutilized Toy Box, I dug into it and pulled out a bag of horror themed Mego figures. They’re great but the imagination decided it was time to freshen em up. So I did.

Taking a handful of figures that are honestly kind of boring to me, I let the imagination run. I also remembered an idea from a year or so ago for one that I wanted to make using a 3D plague doctor bust I had printed off for this purpose. He came out good but didn’t quite scratch the itch o was searching for.

Don’t you dare call him “Dr. Feelgood.”

The pile of parts kept reconfiguring in my head and I slapped a couple more together. Fresh but not inspired….

Barefoot aliens with a hook hand. Fun but not exactly what I was looking for either.
Candyman added Starfleet captain to his resume but this did little for my imagined goal and only confirmed this dude has a giant head.

But then the following happened. I can do a show and tell later but for now I’ll just cut straight from A to Z and all points in between can wait. Dear reader I bring you; “The Crimson Vicar”! Who? You know the guy of a legend I just cooked up…

“When a mother bows her head and prays for the soul of her wayward child, if misguided and in peril, there is only one who will answer the plea; The Crimson Vicar.”

“The Crimson Vicar”

I really liked what was happening with this kitbash and the imagination certainly did. Now I needed to add to the lore and then build a package…

Follow the clicks from his blood red boots and your way to safety of body, mind and spirit are only footsteps away.

The legend of the Crimson Vicar
The Crimson Vicar in box.
The chest logo was fun. Designed in photoshop and printed on a clear adhesive sticker paper.
Love those shoes!
Got about a 12 issue comic book arc already playing out in my head. May just do an ebook to tell the tales.
I would be remiss to have not made some add on merch for the brand.

And there you have it. What happens in the Toy Box when Jack Frost brings forth the motivation to have my dogs make yellow snow at 3am.

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Author: Jim Bumgardner

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