This is the toy line we needed and it’s cheap!

Final Faction Action Figures from Dollar Tree

The Little Known, Underappreciated Action Figure Line You Didn’t Know You Needed!

You ever find yourself drawn to something but refuse to give in but eventually you do and you’re glad you did but then get mad at yourself for not following your instinct sooner? Yeah, that was me with the Final Faction line of action figures found exclusively at Dollar Tree. I know, right? Dollar Tree. It’s that type of toy stereotyping I must say I’m ashamed of. However in fairness to myself, I’ve picked up all sorts of cheap rack toys there for my daughter because it looked cute or funny and I thought she might get a kick out of. She did but in the end it was crap. Fun for the moment though. That was not the case with these bad ass action figures that comprise Alpha Force 1.

Long story short, I had seen these figures on the pegs for about a year now and thought about snatching one or two up “just cuz”. They were only a buck so why not? “Because you have enough random crap already, Jim.” I would say to myself. That of course is a true statement but still. Anyway, last night while grabbing some stuff I spotted a new figure that made me giggle; the pair of Churro & FD-O. Funny and cute and more importantly, the giggle. In that I figured Kaitlynn would enjoy that giggle too so I grabbed it. Got home. She giggled. Mission accomplished. But then the burn and yearn of my curiosity wouldn’t let up. So… I grabbed one for myself today. And to use a phrase from days gone by: It’s off to the races!

After breaking the duo free from the blister bubble encasement, I quickly discovered that they were nowhere near as cheap as said bubble made them out to be. To note the card art is fun, but something about the blister bubble cheapens the presentation. Quite the opposite actually. Admittedly stunned I decided I needed to check out the others… so I did. A quick trip back while running another errand, I grabbed Torn and the brother / sister characters of Scope and Shift. Got ‘em home, freed ‘em and was absolutely blown away with the quality and coolness of the toys. Soon I’ll do a full on review of them but for now just trust me on it. The accessories WORK. They’re not cheap flimsy plastic. They intensified the spark of curiosity so much I scanned the QR code on the back of the card to check out their self serving hyped cartoon and was so very very pleased and surprised at what I was led to.

I’ll be honest my expectations were low so I guess the bar wasn’t all that high. Yet when I watched the video I found that I was smiling and completely drawn into what I was seeing. Took a second or 3,000 but it finally hit me what had just happened: what I had just experienced was the thrill that comes from a fresh idea, great overall concept and most importantly, property that touched and rekindled that aspect of the imagination that can only come from one thing: play! “Someone finally made a unique and fresh line of action figure toys that instill the spirit of creative, imaginative, PLAY!”

I’m going to stop right here because I know I’m rambling. I’m not ashamed of that either. This line has got me that hyped up! I’ll show you what my imagination is going to do with all that soon enough but for the time being I want to highly encourage you to give this line a shot for your self. Take $5 to $10 and run by your local Dollar Tree or visit their website and just order ‘em.

For the toy collector, you’ll appreciate them. As a gift for a kid, you’ll really be pleased for all the reasons I listed above. This line hits on so many fantastic levels to encourage play in kids that I can’t endorse it enough. I’ve got brainstorming to do so I’ll sign off as I normally do but this time with a bit more gusto and urgency when I say,

Now, Go Play!

Jim 01/11/2022

Author: Jim Bumgardner

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