The Mando Goes Retro!

As an affiliate partner with Entertainment Earth I just got an email about something that’s got me really excited! They are currently taking pre orders for “The Mandalorian” vintage Kenner style Retro Collection action figures. As a fan of all of the Retro Collection figures that have been released so far, I can’t wait to get them. Hasbro’s retro collection has been a wonderful throwback and reminder of what all made Star Wars great for me before the sequel trilogy muddied the waters. God bless if you loved ‘em but I like the adventures of Luke Skywalker far better than those of Jake Skywalker. The Mandalorian brought back that fire and passion for the galaxy far, far away and these figures are a perfect to my fanboy sensibilities.

A fun side note is that I’ve actually been eyeing some 3D models that are available of these characters that have been available for a while now on Cults 3D dot com and made by modeler Desert Octopus. I’ll probably still purchase those as well but the official releases are certainly at the top of my list. Especially since they aren’t set to be released until May of 2021.

Mind you, I’ve never been a big fan of pre orders but I’m pretty sure I’m going to take the plunge on these today. As mentioned at the start, Entertainment Earth is taking pre-orders now for a complete case that includes…

2x The Mandalorian
1x Cara Dune
1x IG-11
1x Kuiil
1x The Child
1x Moff Gideon
1x Greef Karga

I would truly appreciate you pre ordering using the link in the description as I do receive a store credit from Entertainment Earth with every order.

Hasbro’s Retro Collection The Mandalorian action figures are most certainly “the way” to get into my collecting cash stash!

But what say you? Do these retro figures have you excited like me or are they not your cup of blue milk? Comment below and let me know.

I have spoken…. Now, Go Play!

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